3-Piece Corner Desk Review-3-Piece Corner Desk from Walker Edison

For those who take their computer projects more seriously, a new working desk known as the Walker Edison Sonero 3-Piece Corner Desk has been designed to solve all your needs. This contemporary desk has been crafted with a modern design which features an L- Shaped durable steel which creates more space in the living area. A thick, high-quality safety glass lies at the top offering abundant surface able to host more than two monitors. The corner desk has been crafted with an autonomous CPU stand at the bottom as well as a sliding keyboard tray from underneath the desktop. This type of desktop is ideal for use in homes and offers a complementary outlook in any office.

 Walker Edison Furniture Company Modern Corner L Shaped Glass Computer

Features of the Walker Edison Sonero 3-Piece Corner Desk

The Walker Edison Sonero 3-Piece Corner Desk has some key features which make it ideal for use in offices and homes. The corner desk has currently received positive criticism from gaming enthusiasts since it provides a vast array of space for their gaming accessories. Among the key features which come along with the Walker Edison Sonero 3-Piece Corner Desk include:

  • Black 6mm safety glass– the corner desk from Walker Edison features a tempered safety glass which flashes with the steel frames providing a compact desktop ready for use.
  • Steel frame construction– the steel frames come with an X design shaped legs and coated with a black finish which makes the whole system lavish and professional.
  • Easy to assemble– the Walker Edison Sonero 3-Piece Corner Desk is packed with an easy to understand user manual which eases the assembling process. When it’s fully assembled, the whole system has dimensions of 51” Wide, 51” Deep and 29” Wide.[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B001FB5LE8″ locale=”US” src=”https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61Ohn%2BPAyCL.jpg” tag=”thewisy-20″ width=”500″]Buy From Amazon

3-Piece Corner Desk Advantages

  • The X- Shaped stainless steel frames are firm and extremely durable giving the Walker Edison Sonero 3-Piece Corner Desk a longer life.
  • The high-quality safety glass is durable and offers a grand design which is easy to clean.
  • The corner desk is sleek and straightforward thus saving space. It’s the most ideal for office and home use since excess drawers and cabinets do not overburden it.
  • The two 21” rectangular shaped glass desktops with a dedicated circular shaped desktop form an L shape which offers vast space for your office use.

3-Piece Corner Desk Disadvantages

One disadvantage with the Walker Edison Sonero 3-Piece Corner Desk is that it cannot be used with an ordinary dining room chair meaning users must have an adjustable office chair which is relatively expensive.
The corner desk offers a single space for a single keyboard. Although the amount of space on the desktop is abundant to host multiple computers, the keyboard area is relatively small.


Walker Edison Sonero 3-Piece Corner Desk has been crafted with a sophisticated design which is ideal for use by gaming enthusiasts and people working on long computer projects. With the three set of pieces joined to form an L- Shaped large desk, there will be more space to fit your computers as well as other accessories such as a jar of flowers or a desktop calendar.Buy From Amazon

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