7 Innovative Ways to Lose Weight by Walking

Overweight can seriously lead to a lot of health disorders and can also affect mental health if you are being bullied because of your obesity. If this problem prevails, it can prove to be a very harmful affair for you. Measures must be taken to ensure you lose weight. Apart from maintaining a balanced diet, not resorting to unhealthy food habits, fitness exercises and herbal ways, walking is the best way to burn those extra calories you have been accumulating in your body for a while now. In a competent world like this, you might not really find enough time to take the walks but worry not! The very purpose of this article is to tell you that the morning walks are not the only ones successful, but there are other ways through which you could walk off the weight. We provide you with new ideas of walking through which you could lose weight.

How to Lose Weight By Walking?

The Walk for a Meet UpThe Walk for a Meet Up

We all have this bad habit of riding or driving to meet up some friend of ours who stays close by. This is only making us lazier. Well, it is the time that we break the practice and start taking a walk to do the same. Well, it is fun to make a plan for this. Know your walking limits and plan accordingly. Suppose if you feel you can walk up to three kilometers, make an imaginary radius of three kilometers around the locality you live in and always prefer walking whenever you need to meet someone or buy something from the supermarket.

The Walk in The Opposite

This might seem weird to you in the beginning but wait till I tell you the fun part. We are a species of habits and always prefer walking the short distance. Well, break this practice and walk on your usual route, but in the other direction. It will not only keep you entertained but also will open you up to see things on a different horizon. To begin with, take the left direction if you have to go to the right. Take a few steps before you get to the main course. This might sound crazy, but it will help you burn the extra calories.

The Boss WalkThe Boss Walk

Imagine you have something important to discuss with your boss. If you had to do the conversation in the cabin, a lot of things would distract your boss, like the emails and telephone calls. It might also intimidate you and make you nervous. Suggest your boss that you take a walk. Convince the boss is telling it is also healthy and the conversation will also be lively. The way you present it will interest your boss as to how much more out of the box ideas you might have gotten. You are also walking, which is the whole purpose of doing it, and you might just impress your boss too!

The Walk in the Rain

If there’s a hint of drizzle, people choose to lock themselves behind four walls. Well, you could be different you know! Leave the Umbrella back home and take a walk in the drizzle. This will also refresh you, and you are also walking (but don’t walk if it’s heavily raining)

The Walk of Frustration

Walk with the Spouse

It is quite usual that we all get frustrated. Some of us choose to sit at a place and sulk about how things are not going right with us. Instead, take a walk. Walk until your frustration subsides and you are back to normal. This will inadvertently reduce your calories and will also help you in getting out of frustration real soon!

The Walk with the Spouse

If you are back at home and have been staying at home for a very long time with your spouse without actually doing anything, you can talk your spouse to take a walk in the evening. This will increase the intimacy between you and your partner. Nothing better than a walk with your love of life I tell you! Talk about things you get to see on the road while you walk and laugh out loud with each other. You might also use this as a means to resolve issues if there’s any among you and your spouse.

The Walk of Solution

You are constantly troubled with an unsolved problem in your mind. It might be a personal problem or a problem related to work. Do not stay at one place and crack your head over it. Prefer to take a walk out in the open. This will calm your mind and might be very helpful for you to think of a solution for the problem. Moreover, you are burning calories!

You needn’t only walk consciously to burn calories. Try walking in every situation possible, and that will just do the job for you. You put off the weight!

Shahid Maqsood


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