9 Annoying Things About Ice Cream

You know that I consider ice cream to be the perfect dessert. I love it to death, but that doesn’t mean ice cream is 100% problem-free. Even though it’s one of my favorite foods of all time, there are also some annoying things about it. I feel almost guilty about criticizing this awesome dessert, but there’s nothing perfect in this world, so let’s take a look at some annoying things about ice cream.9 Annoying Things About Ice Cream

It’s Fattening

There are just no two ways around it, too much ice cream will pack on the pounds. I’ve experienced this myself since I had to amp-up my daily exercise to keep trim since starting this website. And since I’m a bit older now, my metabolism is slower, and that means ice cream’s fat-building potential is even higher.

High Cholesterol

Most dairy-based products aren’t all that good for you when it comes to cholesterol. And if you take a look at some basic recipes, you’ll see that high-fat milk and eggs are common. Both of these elements raise levels of bad cholesterol which can lead to clogging arteries in the future.

Diet Flavors Don’t Taste Good

Like with almost every other food in the world, diet versions just don’t taste good. I’ve tried a “light” vanilla and “low fat” chocolate, and flavors like these are disgusting. They taste like a bland mix of sorbet and yogurt, and that’s not what ice cream is all about. I consider these diet flavors to be abominations that I wouldn’t eat unless I had to.

It Melts

Yeah, it’s annoying that ice cream melts. There have been a few occasions where I had helped myself to a nice big bowl only to have half of it melt before I got to it. I have a bad habit of writing and reading while eating ice cream, so sometimes I’m easily distracted. And by the time I turn back to my ice cream, a good portion of it is gone.

It’s Addictive

For a long while, I had not had a McDonald’s chocolate milkshake for about two months. And then late one night, and I decided to get one along with a big Mac. I have no idea what goes into a McDonald’s chocolate milkshake, and I doubt any of it is ice cream. But when I tasted that chocolate goodness on my tongue, I was like “Holy Cow!”. After that night, I went back to McDonald’s for four nights in a row for a chocolate milkshake.

It can be Expensive

If you don’t make it yourself, with an ice cream machine, it can be quite pricey. This is especially true if you get it from your local ice cream shop or parlor. It can cost as much as five dollars for a scoop or two, and for that price, it better be really good.

It’s not as Good in the Winter

One of my favorite things is going down to the beach and buying ice cream from a local vendor. I’ve also got a favorite parlor that’s located near a great park that lights up with activity during the summer. So it’s not just about ice cream in June and July, it’s also about the people and atmosphere. Obviously, you don’t get the same effect when you’re eating ice cream in the middle of the winter, and the ground is covered in snow.

There’s Never Enough

I love ice cream in all shapes and sizes, and in every form, you can find it. But there are some types where it seems like there’s never enough. For example, I’ve got a favorite brand of ice cream sandwich that comes in packages of four. But if I buy one of these boxes, I’m lucky if I get to eat one out of four for myself. By the time my wife gets to the box, and then my kids find it, there’s usually only one left for me.

Too Many Weird Flavors

I’m a traditionalist when it comes to food and cooking. I like things like vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. I’ve tried some of the wacky flavors you can find these days. You know the ones I’m talking about, they’ve got the crazy names, and there’s usually based on a celebrity. Some of them can be quite tasty, but I don’t need something so complicated. I think it’s far better to concentrate on basic flavors and make them the best that you can.

Shahid Maqsood


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