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Angry Birds Star Wars Toys a most famous toy

Angry Birds Star Wars ToysHow do you guarantee a surefire toy range success? By marrying film histories best-loved franchise with one of the world’s most successful mobile phone Apps! Finnish software developer Rovio, following a deal with Lucasfilm, has announced that the new Angry Birds Star Wars App will be available and the related merchandise will be released by Hasbro around the same time, just in time for the Christmas/Holiday run-up.

To those unfamiliar with the Angry Birds game (I’m sure Star Wars needs no introduction!), it involves a 2D scrolling game in which an “angry” bird is launched on a catapult and knocks down structures, in an attempt to try to retrieve their stolen eggs from a group of Green Pigs. In the Angry Birds Star Wars App, the Birds adopt the guises of the familiar Star Wars Hero characters such as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, etc. while the Pigs become the evil empire and become stormtroopers, Darth Vader, etc.

Hasbro has acquired the licensing rights from Rovio/Lucasfilm to produce the accompanying toy range. nd the toy functions follow a similar format to Hasbro’s other toy brands such as Koosh or Jenga and are a “physical” version of the computer game in which the plastic SW Angry Birds are used to knock down Star Wars themed structures, in the fewest attempts possible.  The manufacturer recommends the toys for ages 8 and up. Some the sets will also include special “unlock” codes for unlocking exclusive App content.

I would bite a bit cynical about such a tie-in, but Hasbro has taken an interesting approach with the range which mixes Star Wars nostalgia with the novelty Angry Birds characters which I would imagine, will appeal to fans of both Star Wars and Angry Birds franchises. So what’s due to be released in the coming weeks?
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It’s worth mentioning that while there do not appear to be any supply problems in the US with most of the major online retailers offering discounts and good availability, here in the UK, there seems to be a supply issue to some of the larger retailers about, the bigger sets. While many of the more major supermarkets have, the smaller sets, the AT-AT & Death Star Jenga sets do not appear to be on the shelves. Argos look to have some in local stores, but the stock seems to be limited to 1 or 2 left (as of early December 2012); hopefully, they will be getting some more in the coming weeks, but who can tell?

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Angry Birds Star Wars Early Bird Package

It is a nostalgic nod to the original Kenner Star Wars 3.75″ Action Figure Early Bird Mail Away from 1977.  With an identical packaging to the great Kenner early bird package was simply a box and a coupon that was rushed out quickly after the massive surprise success of the film release, in time for Christmas 1977, that promised the bearer the actual physical figures in early 1978, when they were actually produced. Thankfully, this time the box actually contains something! This set includes the basic lightsaber bird launcher, two blocks and Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Chewbacca and R2D2 Egg characters. The current estimated retail is US$12.99/UK£11.99, this product should be now available in the US (Toys R US may have the initial exclusive) but judging on Amazon.Co.UK, probably won’t be available until late November/early December.

[amazon_link asins=’B01HEW0R9U,B00JM5GW10,B01C2KFVK4,B01KIIOD2E’ template=’ProductCarouselwithoutheader’ store=’sidrasa-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’2302ffa4-61a0-11e7-8d51-d3596cbee955′]

The Angry Birds Star Wars AT-AT is the largest in the range and the set follows Hasbro’s Angry Birds App and game format, in which the AT-AT Walker is built from components, and the included slingshot is used to knock down the AT-AT and Evil Piggies with the “Rebel” Angry Birds. The set includes a “Lightsaber” launcher, 21 blocks, 8x AT-AT Pieces, 12 Angry Birds Star Wars figures. It also including Luke Skywalker Angry Bird Hoth Pilot, Han Solo Angry Bird, Rebel Trooper Angry Bird in Hoth gear, R2D2 Egg, Darth Vader Pig, AT-AT Commander Pig, 2x Stormtrooper Pigs & 2x Snowtrooper Pigs. The set also includes exclusive AT-AT driver Pig and a Luke Skywalker Echo Base Angry Bird.

[amazon_link asins=’B008RWVE8A,B008RT6G7C,B01M0J9588′ template=’ProductCarouselwithoutheader’ store=’sidrasa-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’54507582-61a0-11e7-8e8c-c970a81bdb25′]

The Angry Birds Star Wars Death Star Jenga game follows the same format as the App and other sets in the series. As before, one or two players, using the launcher to launch the Angry Birds at the block-built Death Star, see who can knock down and destroy the infamous space station first. This set comes with an X-Wing launcher, Die, rules and sticker sheet, along with 31 plastic blocks (that from the Death Star), 1 lock block and base. The set comes with 8 figures – Luke Skywalker Bird, Han Solo Bird, Chewbacca Bird, Darth Vader Pig and 4x Stormtrooper Pigs.

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Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga Tatooine themed sets

There are three Tatooine themed sets on release, A smaller set is titled “Jabba’s Palace” which includes three figures – a Jabba the Hutt Pig, Rancor Pig and “Bush” disguised Angry Bird. The set comes with 6 Jenga blocks, a palace piece, green Lightsaber launcher and instructions.  A similar sized/priced set entitled “Tatooine Strike” contains a “block” Mos Eisley cantina and includes a Han Solo Angry Bird and Greedo and Ponda Baba Pigs.

A slightly larger set – “Tatooine Battle”, includes a Millennium Falcon launcher, 12 plastic Jenga blocks, Luke Skywalker Bird, Jabba the Hutt Pig and Rancor Pig, 2x dice, labels, and guide.

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Two additional themed Jenga sets are available – the Lightsaber Battle set. The Hoth Battle Set which includes a Luke Skywalker Hoth outfit Angry Bird and 2x Snowtrooper Pigs, along with translucent “Ice” blocks and snow speeder launcher.

Mystery Bags and Koosh Launcher Sets

Similar to Lego Minifigures, Hasbro is releasing a “mystery” bag range which includes one surprise individual figures. The bags offer 12 different figures with 2x “exclusive” figures – Han Solo AB in Carbonite and Wedge Antilles AB characters. These are set to retail in the US for $3.99 and around £5.80, and these should appeal to collectors. Finally, also being released are two “Koosh” sets – slightly different to the Jenga sets above, in that they comprise of either a Jedi slingshot (catapult) or a Han Solo Blaster Launcher. These games launch Angry Birds Star Wars printed character Balls to knock down either a Darth Vader Pig or a Greedo Pig Target. There are also separate Ball sets available. Although mostly a different game, they could be used in conjunction with the Jenga games above.


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