Top 10 Best Backpacking Stoves Review-Buyer Guide 2018

Backpacking stoves are designed to deliver an easy cooking experience while taking up the least amount of space and weight in a backpacker’s kit. These stoves provide a convenient and easy way to boil water for coffee and tea, as well as heat food while camping, hiking, ice fishing or during any outdoor activity. Mini-stoves can come in handy to boil water when you need clean drinking water, and there is no other source.

Backpacking stoves are also convenient to purchase for a home emergency kit, especially if you live in an area where a natural disaster or power outage could require an alternative cooking method. If you might lose power due to storms, earthquakes or other natural disasters, a stove to help you boil water and cook is important. Since many backpacking stoves are very affordable and easy to use, it’s not a bad idea to have one handy in case of an emergency. Some stoves to consider are the BioLite CampStove, EmberLit Original Stove, and MSR WhisperLite Universal.

Tips to choose the best backpacking stove

Whether you are camping with your family or friends or going on trekking, backpacking stoves would be of great use. You can find a wide range of backpacking stoves that are now available for you in the market, but you need to know what you are exactly looking for and then make sure to choose the best suitable one. It would be great fun to enjoy cooking with your entire group while having fun with the backpacking stove. These stoves are usually very light in weight so that anyone can carry them. These are very comfortable and easy to be used by anyone. Usually, when you go into the woods, the open fires are prohibited as it might be a dangerous experience as there are chances of forest catching fire. Though you might think of using the wood for cooking in the forest due to the scarcity of the wood and reduced trees, it is always better to go for a backpacking stove. Before choosing the stove, you need to look at the backpacking stove reviews and choose the best backpacking stove.

If you are interested to choose a good camping stove, you can have a look at the different varieties which are available in the market. The following are some of them.

1. Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System

The Jetboil flash cooking system would be great fun to use especially when you go for specified outdoor adventures. This camping stove is a single piece, which comes along with the vessel to cook your food and the burner as well. So you just need to carry your food that has to be cooked and nothing else. You can cook up to 1-liter food in the cap. By pressing the button, you can just light the system, and it’s very easy to be used even while you are traveling. When you are looking for the best and safest cooking systems for your trip, then flash cooking system a good choice for you. As the cooking mug clips on to the burner, it will prevent from any spilling around the cooking area. It comes with a changing color indicator when the food is ready. So it would be very easy for you to find out when the cooking is done. It comes with an adjustable burner to use the flame effect. This is one of the simplest and safest cooking systems which you can now find in the market.

  • – Accidental splatters are avoided by clipping cooking cup into the actual burner.
  • – Indicator signals the hotness of contents inside the container.
  • – The stove is made of stainless steel and is available with the auto igniter.
  • – Over sensible to controls
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    2. Solo Stove and Pot 900 Combo

    Solo Stove and Pot 900If you are planning for hiking or trekking then the solo stove would be the best option which you might need to look for. This stove is one of the best products which you can find in the market which has won number of awards as well. It doesn’t need any kind of fuel and it just works with the use of wood. It comes with a double wall and is designed to meet the varying needs of the customers. This gives you excellent flame with a very low amount of smoke. So you might not feel any kind of discomfort while cooking with woods. When you own any of such stoves you need not waste your hard earned money on buying fuels. Here, all you need is some twigs, leaves and some pinecones so that you can now get the right amount of flame that you need to perform cooking in the best way. This is one of the simplest backpacking stoves that would boil water within few minutes. It is very light in weight and small and hence you would get more space in your backpack when you on for any kind of trip.

    • – Ultralight and wood burning cooking system.
    • – No need to carry any fuel.
    • – Simple and easy to use.
    • – The pot turns to black color due to flame and smoke.
    • – Cannot be used in winter and rainy season as dry woods are not available.
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    3. Esbit CS985HA 5-piece

    The Esbit CS985HA 5 piece cooking set would best for trekking as it would be very light in weight and can be easily managed. This entire set comes with an alcohol beverage burner, a stand, a pot to cook along with a fuel base. The stove comes with adjustable flame and a foldable handle. It comes with a big pot and another small one which can be used as a lid as well. The burner can be sealed with a screw so that it can hold the fuel which it contains. Though the entire setup is strong, it is very light in weight with an integrated pot and stove. When you use a windscreen while cooking on this type of stove, you can cook it very fast. The cooking set is very simple and easy to be used even by those who are new to the use of backpacking stoves. The fuel consumption in this stove is very low, and hence you can save a lot of money. Though only a small amount of fuel is consumed while cooking, it would give the efficient amount of flame required to cook the food within a short period.

    • – Alcoholic fuel is readily available in the market.
    • – Fuel consumption is very low.
    • – Lightweight.
    • – Wind protection is insufficient.
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    4. MSR Reactor Stove

    The MSR reactor stove comes with a 1.7 L container which is large enough to cook good amount of food when you are out for trekking. When you look at the stove it comes in a wonderful design that anyone would love to have. The best part of this stove is that it can be used for varying purposes. This is because it comes with the pressure regulator with the help of which you can now manage to get the flame in different conditions. The heat exchanger covers the glowing burner with the help of which it can even work in freezing temperatures as well. You can even cook with this kind of stoves at extreme altitudes where there is low oxygen in the air. This is one of the best backpacking stoves that you can find. This is a revolutionized stove which comes with all the best features that anyone would expect to have in their stove keeping the weight of it low. So it would be very easy to carry on your trips and is the best fuel efficient stoves when you are looking for the backpacking stoves that are available in the market.

    • – High fuel efficiency.
    • – Strong wind protection.
    • – Supports high-temperature cooking.
    • – Big in size.
    • – Usage of propane gas may make it difficult to control.
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    5. Solo Stove Wood Burning

    If you are looking for a light weight, simple and easy to manage stove when you go for an adventure trip with your friends or family, then the solo wood burning backpacking stove is the right one. This is very compact and provides an eco-friendly usage. This will provide you with an efficient and complete burning. The best part of using this amazing stove is that it would provide you with the fire and reduced smoke and would use less gas when compared to the other stoves that you can see in the market. This stove is very affordable as you don’t need any petroleum gas and it just works on the twigs that you might collect during your trip. The stove will let you get the right amount of fire so that you can now cook your food within few minutes. This stove is best for any emergency situations where you need to cook without any fuel. So this is right stove for those who cannot afford the most expensive petroleum fuel while they cook in their adventurous trip. Another advantage of using this stove is that you can use and clean it easily.

    • – No need to carry any fuel.
    • – High efficiency.
    • – Eco-friendly, due to the use of wood or twigs as fuel.
    • – Heavier as compared to other alcohol-based stoves.
    • – Availability of dry woods or twigs will be difficult in winter or rainy season.
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    Backpacking Stoves: What to Look For

    Backpacking stoves range from very basic survival stoves to elaborate high-tech gadgets that serve as multi-purpose camping tools, so you want to purchase backpacking stoves that are right for the kind of camping you intend to do.

    Survival Stoves

    The most basic stoves are small, lightweight and very portable. Survival stoves can fold up for easy storage in your pack, and they allow you to burn fuel like twigs or fuel canisters as needed. There are also small stoves that burn fuel packs. Sometimes mini-stoves are designed to burn only one type of fuel, so be sure the stove you purchase burns a type of fuel that’s easy for you to obtain when you’re on the road.

    Some slightly larger stoves offer windscreens, larger cooking areas and come with helpful accessories, such as lidded bowls that double as measuring cups. This can help you cook and eat, and they offer a bit more convenience to you when you’re on the trail.

    Backpacking Stoves For Bad Weather

    There are also a few very high-tech backpacking stoves that work during low temperatures and inclement weather, so consider some advanced features if you’ll be cooking outdoors in below-freezing conditions. The added cost might be well worth it if you’re trying to light a stove and cook with your bare hands in the serious cold.

    Stoves With Gadgets

    You can also find backpacking stoves that will convert heat generated by burning twigs into energy to power up your phone, USB-enabled flashlights or GPS device. This can be very handy on a weekend trip, and keep you feeling safe and connected to the outside world and your other camping partners, particularly if you’ve got kids with you.

    There is a wide variety of stoves to choose from in a price range that can meet almost any budget. Decide on what type of stove you need and purchase stoves to suit your trip. Also, consider buying very affordable backup stoves as an essential addition to your home or car emergency kit. If you ever need it, you’ll be grateful it’s there.

    How to clean a backpacking stove?

    If you are a lover of adventure, you must always be ready to face challenges. But it is equally important to take care of your safety at the time of your journey because unless you ensure your safety, it will not be possible to enjoy your trip to its fullest. That’s why having sufficient and healthy food is quite important during your journey, and a backpacking stove is the best choice to serve the purpose in the best way. No matter wherever you go, you can be sure to have sufficient food with the backpacking stoves.

    Each of the backpacking stoves is well known for providing exclusive performance but to get long-term benefit from the stoves, you must accomplish a proper maintenance of the stoves.

    Important tools for cleaning up the backpacking stoves

    The tools that you would require for cleaning up the stoves are a screwdriver, some white gas, a handkerchief and the stove tool that you will get at the time of buying the stove. Now, start your cleaning process in the following way

    1. Clean up the fuel line first

    Start your cleaning process cleaning up with the fuel line. To clean up the fuel line and shaker jet properly is quite important as these parts play the biggest role in fuel supply. Sometimes cleaning these things only make the fuel supply regular and uninterrupted. The fuel line is located inside the sheath that is connected to the fuel bottle. You will be able to see the silver tip of the fuel line poking out at the edge of the sheath. Insert the end of the fuel line in any of the holes of the stove tool and twist it to get a grip on the line.

    Now, pull up the line so that it gets separated from the sheath, thus, separate it from the rest of the stove. Use some white gas to clean the line. While washing makes sure that the soot, dirt, sand, etc. are removed properly.

    2. Clear the sheath

    After cleaning the fuel line clean up the sheath. The process of cleaning this portion is quite easy; just insert the cleaned fuel line into by pressuring hard. You can use a bit elbow grease.

    3. Clean up the shaker jet and other parts

    Cleaning up this portion is the most of the whole process. Take the shaker jet out and make sure that you don’t damage the other parts of the stove.

    Then, remove the fuel cap located at the bottom of the stove and make it free from dirt. Put the white gas on it to clean properly.

    Once you remove the fuel cup, the area will be exposed through which the fuel enters into the stove itself. This part of the stove holds the fuel line.

    Pull the portion out, and you will be able to see the jet that consists flat sides and a small hole at its apex and the smooth and rounded part that connects the fuel line cable to the stove.

    You must have to clean these small parts quite skillfully otherwise there will be a possibility of damaging the stove.

    Advantages of liquid fuel backpacking stove

    A backpacking stove is a small, lightweight, portable stove that can be carried anywhere. Backpacking stoves are used for backpacking trips, camping, picnicking. So when you want to go for a trip, you can easily carry them with you wherever you want. From icy mountains or to wild forests backpacking stove serves the purpose of healthy and delicious food everywhere. You can get out of having tasteless canned food if you carry a backpacking stove with you. It is an amazing device which is fuel efficient, small in size and not at all costly. There are many types of backpacking stoves. For example, integrated canister stoves, liquid fuel backpacking stoves, solid fuel stove.We will discuss the liquid fuel backpacking stove in this article.

    Liquid fuel backpacking stoves are workhorses and are perfect for long trips. A liquid fuel backpacking stove is usually characterized by a fuel bottle with an integrated pump. With the help of a fuel line, a freestanding stove body is remotely connected to an integrated pump. They need occasional maintenance to give maximum performance. Liquid fuel backpacking stoves run on white gas, which is also known as naphtha or camp fuel. It is a highly refined fuel that burns exceptionally hot and leaves very few or almost no impurities behind. When we attach the fuel bottle, we pump it up to coerce the fuel inside. Because of this, the gas comes shooting out when we open the nozzle.

    Advantages of liquid fuel backpacking devices

    • Works great in the cold:-Liquid fuel backpacking stoves perform really well at low temperatures, unlike canister stoves which face a problem. This in because the integrated pump in the liquid fuel backpacking stove permits us to create our own pressure and thus compensates for lower temperatures. Also, as the amount of gas in the canister drops the performance of the canister stove also decreases. And because we create our own pressure in the liquid stove we can maintain its performance consistently throughout the entire fuel bottle.
    • Fuel is inexpensive: – The fuel used in a liquid stove is inexpensive for a group using a liquid fuel backpacking stove. Canister stove fuels, on the other hand, are expensive.
    • Better design: – Liquid fuel backpacking stoves have a low profile design for a stable base.
    • Refillable:- Liquid fuel backpacking stoves are easily refillable. We just have the open the lid and pour more fuel in.
    • Easy to gauge fuel level:-In liquid fuel backpacking stoves, it is easy to check the fuel level. We just need to open the lid, check the level of fuel and then put the lid back on. Whereas in canisters, there is no way we can see the level of the fuel. We just have to guess how much fuel is left.
    • Multi fuel liquid stoves:- Some liquid fuel systems have multi fuel stoves which act as a great advantage. They have an ability to run on a variety of liquid fuels. They can burn kerosene, diesel, white gas (or naphtha) aviation fuel and much more. Because of this versatility of multi fuel liquid stove, it is preferred for trips to extremely rural areas and international places where white gas and canister are hard to come by.
    • More eco-friendly: Liquid fuel backpacking stoves are by nature more eco-friendly in terms of fuel source. Liquid fuel vessels are recyclable. So instead of throwing away metal canisters we can simply refill the liquid fuel bottle and use it for the next backpacking trip.
    • Easy availability of fuel for liquid stoves: Liquid fuel backpacking stoves are good for traveling. They are beneficial to take on international trips. Liquid fuel is mostly available in all places, unlike canister fuels.
    • Exact fuel measurements:-If we use liquid fuel backpacking stoves, we can bring along exactly the amount of fuel we think we will need for a trip. We don’t have to bring along another full can of fuel when the canister is getting is getting low. We can just bring the exact amount of fuel that we need. So when we are returning from the trip we still have a little fuel left.

    Liquid fuel backpacking stoves offer us with so many advantages. So next time when you are going for a trip and want to buy a backpacking stove, do think of buying a liquid fuel backpacking stove.

    Backpacking stoves suitable for extreme cold weather

    Do you like the beauty of the frozen mountain? If the answer is yes, then you must always be ready to take challenges. But during the time of your adventure, it is equally important to take care of your safety as for every person safety comes first. And when the question is of your safety, food is the staple thing that ensures your well-being but most of the time, the situation goes just in the opposite way, and people have to face the biggest problem with their food. Now, make an easy solution for it using the backpacking stoves even when your destination is the frozen mountain.

    What is a backpacking stove?

    A backpacking stove means a portable stove that has been specially designed for picnicking, campaign and carrying anywhere where you need an easily transportable means for cooking. These stoves are also known as ‘portable stoves.’ And to fulfill its purpose in the right way, it has been designed in such a way that you can carry it so easily. And as a result of the modern technology, nowadays a wide variety of the portable stoves are available that serve a various purpose. Hence, now don’t compromise with having sufficient food even when you have to face the extreme cold weather.

    Backpacking stoves for using in the extreme cold weather

    The huge variety of backpacking stoves includes canister stoves, liquid fuel stoves, alcohol stoves, wood stoves, solid fuel stoves.

    Here is a short list of the advantages and disadvantages of the stoves above

    Canister stoves– The isobutene and propane fuel system make it ideal for short overnight uses.

    Advantage: compact and easy to use

    Disadvantage: hard to get plentiful fuel and the fuel is expensive too

    Liquid fuel stoves– When speaking about backpacking stoves for extremely cold weather, the name of this particular stove must be mentioned as the highly-refined white gas (aka naphtha) makes this one the most suitable one for cold temperature.

    Advantage: Best suit for extreme cold weather

    Disadvantage: the stoves are heavier than the other options

    Alcohol stoves– This particular type of stove is another superior option of backpacking stoves.

    Advantage: Alcohol is available even in the remote areas and not too much expensive. Try to use high ethanol content alcohol instead of methanol that is somewhat noxious.

    Disadvantage: using this fuel can produce heavy soot depending upon the purity of the alcohol

    Wood stoves– Wood stoves like the solo stove is the best option for the ultra-weight light system and long distance use.

    Advantage: This stove can be distinguished than the other ones for its availability of the fuel, the fuel costs so cheap or nothing sometimes.
    Disadvantage: Requires skill to burn it and needs constant attention for controlling the flame strength

    Solid fuel stoves- These stoves are perfect for emergency use. The fuel tablets that are made of hexamine are compact.

    Advantage: lightweight and easy-to-carry

    Disadvantage: the fuel is quite expensive and not easily available

    Fuels used in backpacking stoves

    According to the application of the stoves and their models, different types of fuels are used in the stoves. The fuel that is used in the portable stoves are Butane, Propane, Petroleum spirits (known as benzine, benzoline, gasoline, naphtha, white spirit), unleaded automobile fuel, Alcohol, Kerosene, wood and chafing fuel such as ethanol, methanol and diethylene glycol), each of the fuels have their advantages and disadvantages. That’s why before purchasing a portable stove; you must have better knowledge for that which purpose it would be the best fit.

    Cost of backpacking stoves

    The cost of the backpacking stoves differs according to the model and design of the stoves. From cheap to expensive, you can get various ranges of backpacking stoves according to your wish. Some particular stoves with better durability and much greater handiness may cost 100$ even. But this investment of yours will surely be a long-term investment as once you invest your money to buy the portable stoves; you will able to benefit from that for a long time, through proper maintenance of that is quite important.

    Some essential points to use portable stoves in the right way

    The weight of the stoves varies according to the types of the stoves. Big power burners that are used for snow melting may weight heavier but to make your journey more comfortable, it will better to choose the light-weight stoves. And to make the cooking process faster, it will be better to use smaller pots. There are stoves for group cooking also, so if you are traveling in a group, you can use those. Some particular stoves require priming before every use, that’s what to ensure your safety; you must have proper knowledge of priming. Hence, during the time of your journey from the next time, don’t forget to pack a portable stove in your bag to ensure your safety as sometimes it become difficult to get sufficient food in the extreme cold weather.

    Backpacking stove maintenance

    Who doesn’t love to go for a picnic with family or friends and enjoy cooking in the open environment? People of all age groups would love this wonderful idea when they are planning for some outing. It would be great fun to have your loved ones around you while cooking in your picnic. Carrying a stove is not less than carrying fire. So you need to be very careful while dealing with a stove. To make sure that everything is good with your stove you should make sure to get it checked up with a professional who can know even the tiny issues with the stove. Before you backpack the stove, you should make sure whether everything is right with the stove and then pack it. You should even make sure that you always maintain it well by following the manual’s guide that has been provided by the stove manufacturer. If you maintain the stove well the stove parts would last for a longer duration of time. Maintenance even includes the replacement of some of the small parts of your stove that wear off regularly based on your usage and cleaning process.

    Usually, the manufacturers of the stove ask you to go for the maintenance of the stove every year, and if you don’t use your stove much frequently, then it would be better to go for maintenance once in few years as well. When you are planning for maintenance of stove, you need to make sure to do it with the maintenance kit that has been provided by the stove manufacturing company itself.

    O- the ring is the part that would commonly wear off over a period. So you should always keep the o-ring clean and neat so that it could last for a longer duration of time. Usually, the manufacturer of the stove would provide you with a lubricant, and if you do not get it with the maintenance kit, then you can use the petroleum jelly to clean and wipe the o- ring. This way you can protect the ring from getting dried and from developing cracks and can increase its lifespan.

    The performance of the stove will improve if you can maintain it well and its duration will also increase a lot. So it would be better if you check for any leakage or damage to your stove before and after packing the stove for any trip. When you examine the stove, you should be able to understand whether you need to use the maintenance kit to keep the stove good in condition. And if you are going on a long trip you should even carry the maintenance kit of the stove to be on the safer side. Depending on your need you can even replace the fuel pump. This is a very important part of your oven, and hence if this is damaged, you might not be able to use the stove. So always keep an extra fuel pump.

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