8 Best Bed Sheets Reviews-Buyer Guide 2021

Complete Buyer’s Guide For The Best Bed Sheets

Buying bed sheets can be a somewhat overwhelming task to accomplish. There are so many differences in each kind of bed sheets that you’ll see for sale. Let us help you find what you’re looking for.

What is the best best Sheet brand?​

So how do you have a good choice when buying the new Bedsheet, Flatsheet, Pillowcase or Pilowinsert?Don’t let low-quality sheet and pillowcase ruin your sleep. Check out our top 10 most famous bed sheet brands right now to pick the right providers!After a long day at work, nothing is more relaxing than a tight sleep. Apart from chosen sleep positions, sleep issues and others reasons, a comfortable bed is an important aspect that should be considered if you want to have a good sleep. A great day can’t start if you were irritated by an uncomfortable bed and therefore couldn’t get enough sleep right?

There are many features to make up a perfect bed, and hard to believe as it might sound, sheet and pillowcase are one of them. Firstly, you are exposed directly to their material, and secondly, they are the “appearance” of your bed (nobody would want to sleep on an ugly bed obviously). This means the chosen set should have both high quality and beautiful design or color – 2 criteria depend mostly on the companies that create them.

After looking at wide variety of sheet on the market and using several, we have picked out the top most popular sheet and pillowcase brands. Here is our list of ten leaders in the industry.

4.9/5American Pillowcase 100% Egyptian Cotton

American Pillowcase

American Pillowcase wins the no.1 spot for their effort in creating high-quality products with a wide variety of color. They offer 4 most common bedding sizes, including twin, standard, queen, and king.

The company mainly provides 300 and 220 thread count sheets and pillowcases that are made with Egyptian cotton and brushed microfiber, two of the most famous fabric being used in the industry. Some of the features of American Pillowcase’s sheet and pillowcase include:

  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Easy care
  • No zipper to avoid scratching your face or feet
  • Sateen finish for a smooth surface and luminous sheen
  • Pay attention to details, from hems to double stitching

4.8/5Elegant Comfort sheets and Pillow cases

Elegant Comfort

Elegant Comfort is one of the leading sheet and pillowcase producers. They take pride inconsistent quality, innovative design, and reliability, which are the three factors help them to grow and flourish in a market that has gone through some significant changes.

The company’s products are not limited to sheet and pillowcase only. It also includes duvet cover sets, comforter sets, quilted coverlet sets, bed skirts, decorative pillows, memory foam products, throw & blankets, mattress pads, mattress protectors, furniture protectors, bed ensembles, Bed in a Bag, and shower curtains. Although the products are not made in the USA but imported from China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt and Portugal, Elegant Comfort guarantees that you will only have the best experience (and at a reasonable price). Other features of the company are:

  • High number of thread count – up to 1500
  • Easy care
  • Extremely breathable weave and soft

Nestl Bedding Queen Bed Sheet Bedding Set with Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet

Nestl Luxury Queen Sheet Set

Buy From Amazon

California king sheets

 1500 Supreme Collection Extra Soft California King Sheets Set

Have you ever been wondering what are California king sheets and where can you buy them? All this and many other things will be revealed in this article, but if you want to understand what are California sheets, you first need to know what are California king beds.

You probably all know that king beds are beds that are bigger than normal beds and that there are different types of king beds – we know Standard and California king beds. California king bed isn’t as wide as a standard king bed, but it is approximately 4 inches longer, which makes it very interesting for taller people. Standard king bed measures 80×76 inches, whereas California king measures are 84×72 inches. They are named California king beds because they are mostly used on West coast of United States.

And California king sheets?

California king sheets are simply sheets that can be used on California king beds. Because California beds are becoming extremely popular, more and more people are searching for California sheets as well.

Choosing the best one

When it comes to choosing the best California king sheets, there are no special rules – you should follow the standard rules for buying the best sheets for your bed, which means that you need to decide about fabrics, pattern, color, quality and the price you are willing to pay for it. The only thing you won’t need to worry about is size – if you buy California king sheet, it will most definitely be suitable for your California king bed.

Where to buy it?

If you don’t live on West coast, you will probably have troubles finding them in local stores. I can give you a little hint – outside of West Coast, people may call California sheets with different names, usually “not standard king sheets.” All you need to do is make sure that the size of the sheet is 84×72 inches and you are on the safe side. If you don’t find it in local stores, you can still look at many online stores – you will get them there, maybe even for a lower price.Buy From Amazon

Divatex Home Fashions Royal Opulence Satin Sheet Set

Royal Opulence Divatex Home Fashions Satin Queen Sheet Set, Red

Satin sheets are a popular choice for the bedroom to create a sense of luxury in the sleeping space – but satin sheets aren’t always in the budget.

Are you searching for a sheet set that is going to add elegance to the bedroom space without breaking the bank? To create style and function throughout the space more and more customers are choosing sheets that have a sateen-like finish, increasing the luxury that comes with getting into bed.

The Divatex Home Fashions Royal Opulence Satin Sheet Set is an affordable way to get this luxury at home. Polyester satin creates a smooth surface throughout the sheets that create the lustrous appearance that increases the style factor of the bed linens.

Colors through the luxurious line of sheets include black, silver, gold, and red. Choose colors that can be paired with the coordinating duvet and comforter set to create a stylish and trendy design in the bedroom.

Some of the features of the Divatex Fashions Royal Opulence Sheets include:

  • Sets include a fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillowcases to coordinate easily with duvets and comforter sets and create style and function in the bedroom
  • Classically designed four-inch hem woven on the pillow cases and flat sheet
  • Trendy sheets can be easily tossed in the washer dryer to create luxury that is easy to wash
  • Lustrous sheen is added to the surface of the sheets to create a silky appearance on top of the sheets
  • Sheets are created from 100% woven polyester satin

Choosing a satin sheet set has never been easier – and more wallet-friendly. The popular designs can be placed on the bed to create a sense of high style, on a budget. The sheets can be purchased through popular marketplaces online for as low as thirty dollars, for customers searching for a deal, and can even include offers like free shipping to reduce the cost of sheets delivered to the home.

This budget-friendly price makes it simple to purchase a couple of sets of the sheets to increase the durability and alternate the sheets, increasing the lifespan of the popular bed linens.Buy From Amazon

Pinzon Flannel Bed Sheets Review

100% Cotton Heavyweight Velvet Flannel Bed Sheet Set

For high-quality sheets, customers need not look any further than the popular sheets that are available from the Pinzon brand. Pinzon bed sheets are crafted in Portugal from high quality textiles and manufacturing that ensure for high-end sheets, which are going to last.

Where can you buy Pinzon Flannel sheets? Pinzon Flannel sheets are readily available through Amazon.com. With prices that range from one hundred dollars, discounted Amazon prices can be a great way for the customer to get high quality flannel sheets, on a budget.

The high quality Pinzon Flannel sheets are created through a unique process that reduces the pilling that occurs through traditional flannel sheets. The washing process creates a soft surface of the sheets, reducing the harshness of the traditional flannel sheets available from discount department stores and other brands of sheets.

The unique process used to craft the flannel sheets ensures the optimum durability for the sheet set. The high level of durability ensures that the sheets are going to wash well, and remain in great condition even after being washed multiple times.

Pinzon flannel sheet sets are available in double, queen and king sizes and sheet sets that include the fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillow cases. The sets are a cost-effective way to get high quality, breathable and available in a wide range of colors or prints that can be used as part of the bedroom décor.Buy From Amazon

Renaissance 600 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set

Renaissance 600-Thread-Count Cotton Sateen Queen Sheet SetWhen picking out bed sheets, most people like to feel relaxed and comfortable in quality sheets that you can wrap around yourself. That feeling of being enveloped within 600 thread-count 100% cotton sheets is a feeling no woman or man can deny. Renaissance Sateen Sheet sets are not only unbelievably comfortable, but they provide the softness and smooth feeling that comes along with your comforter.Available in a variety of sizes and fashionable colors, this sheet set is sure not to disappoint! Don’t you hate when you can’t find a nice, clean, soft sheet to lay on that is easy to clean? Machine washable – this luxurious 600 thread-count sheet is easy to pop right into your washing machine whenever needed, so it always smells as good as it feels! Luckily these come in neutral, beautiful, solid colors. So, no matter what color comforter you have, you will always have a sheet set to match it! The hardest choice you’ll have is choosing between colors – the rich chocolate or the classic, clean ivory white!

These Renaissance sheets feature a stunning sateen weave. Most threads are placed on the surface to provide a silky, glossy shine that will take your breath away. Not to mention how delicate they feel is incomparable to how durable they are. Comparable to a high-end hotel, these sheets will knock you off your feet!

The Renaissance 600 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set comes with:

  • One Fitted Sheet
  • One Flat Sheet
  • Two Pillowcases

This premium-quality sheet will provide beauty and comfort to your bed without breaking the bank! With over seven hundred fifty reviews Amazon customers are loving this product giving it a high rating of four out of five! Try it at the lowest price we’ve found yet, Amazon! Customers are raving how “unbelievably soft, luxurious, and overall wonderful” they are!Buy From Amazon

High Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets

Luxurious 1200-Thread-Count Queen Sheet Set

Egyptian cotton is one of the most popular types of high-quality thread count sheets that are available. The leaders in linens and high-end brands use Egyptian cotton because of the soft and luxurious feel of the sheets, and because of the quality that can be seen through each set of sheets that has been crafted.

High-quality sheets are difficult to find in many other fabrics, even though there are many other choices that are available.

Polyester, satin, silk – all of these other fabrics can still be considered luxurious, but the quality of the sheets is not often in line with the level of comfort developed through the sheets. Sheets that are created from silk, satin, and polyester can make the bed quite uncomfortable in warm or cool temperatures, because these fabrics do not allow the body to breathe while sleeping, and therefore can become quite uncomfortable while in bed.

Egyptian cotton sheets are available from many retailers and even trusted online retail sites such as Amazon.com. It’s important to shop through a trusted retailer, as a trusted retailer is going to ensure that authentic Egyptian cotton sheets are being purchased. There are many other sheets that are available, many just plain cotton, which is marked and sold as Egyptian cotton – and customers that are not aware of the differences may lose their money on a set of sheets that are not Egyptian cotton.

Egyptian cotton sheets are a great option for people that have reactions to other types of fabrics. Since the all natural fabric comes in a variety of types – including organic, there are many options that are available for the customer while they are shopping for sheets.

Whether comparing styles for king size sheets, double sheets, and even crib sheets, the options are available and out there for Egyptian cotton sheets.Buy From Amazon

Bed Sheet Sizes

The sleep environment is a very important aspect of ones rests at night. Sleep plays a big role in one’s health and performance during the day hence making it important to ensure that sufficient and comfortable sleep is obtained. While this may be so, the quality of bed sheets also brings out some sense of beauty and class to the bed while serving their purpose of keeping us warm on cold nights or lightly covered on those very hot nights. While choosing quality bed linen, the element of lasting long should be coupled with tenderness, comfort as well as easy of care and the preferences of the user. This is why bed linens are made of different fabrics giving maximum comfort. The most common being, cotton, polyester, silk and flannel sheets.

Cotton is the most commonly used fabric for making of bed sheets. This is usually defined by the number of thread counts that are used in sewing the fabric. The cotton is divided into two categories, the percale cotton which is made of a minimum of 200 threads and has a tight weaving in comparison to the regular cotton fabric. This makes it easier to take care of since it requires less ironing and dries considerably faster.

Also used in the making of bed linen is polyester. Being a synthetic fiber makes is a cheap and easy to clean fabric for making bed sheets. It is also affordable and accommodating to low-income earners. Though easy to care for, the bed sheets made of this fabric may not be suitable for individuals with allergies as they may cause allergic reactions.

Among the luxurious and lavish bedspreads are those made of satin and silk, bed sheets made of this two fabrics are soft and gentle which offers comfort because of their lightness. Bed sheets made of silk are comfortable to use both in cold weather as well as hot weather. Another advantage of using this kind of bed sheets is that they are naturally hypoallergenic and do not give off fluff making them suitable for people with allergies. Silk and satin bed sheets are more expensive, but the most recommended form of the bed spread.

Another material used to make bed sheets and mostly used for the very cold months is flannel. Flannel sheets are made of a blend of wool and cotton. The type of flannel is usually determined by the total weight of the bed sheets with the heavy ones having a higher grade. Flannel sheets are mainly suitable for cold areas or the cold seasons as they are very warm. Due to their blend of fibers, the flannel bed sheets are not suitable for people with allergies, especially to wool.

You will need to buy bed sheets based on the size of your bed for an ideal fit. Here are some of the sizes that bed sheets come available in:

  • Twin
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King
  • Twin Extra-Long
  • Standard
  • European

Bed Sheets By Thread Count

The thread count of your sheet set has a lot to do with its comfort level and overall quality. Some people are specifically interested in certain sheets with the following thread counts.

  • 400 Thread Count
  • 600 Thread Count
  • 1000 Thread Count
  • 1200 Thread Count
  • 1500 Thread Count

What are the Best Bed Sheets You Can Buy?

Bed sheets come in many varieties, styles, and brands. Since there are many choices available while shopping, it can easily become confusing for customers searching for the right brand of sheets, the right thread count and the right type of textiles that the sheets are created from. Learning about these aspects can help the customer to navigate their way through the many choices of sheets, styles and thread counts found in department and linen stores and warehouse.

To determine the best bed sheets you can buy, you must first learn about the features of bed sheets. Some of the features of bed sheets to consider include:

Thread Count

The thread count of the sheets refers to some threads that are woven per inch throughout the fabric. The higher the thread counts of the sheets, the higher the quality and therefore the higher the price of the sheets. Traditional department stores sell affordable bed sheets at thread count rates between 180 and 320. Higher thread count sheets are available through high-end department stores and specialty linen shops.Supima Cotton 4-Piece Flannel Sheet Set


Common textiles for sheets are created to be durable. Cotton blends are a popular choice, but more and more consumers are choosing organic textiles to reduce some toxins that we are exposed to. Silk, Satin and other uncommon materials are often higher in price, as they are considered to be luxurious options for bed sheets.


Shopping around for bed sheets means that luxurious bed sheets for less – and getting higher quality bed sheets for affordable department store prices. Using online sales and in-store promotions can help to stretch the budget while shopping for bed sheets.

The best bed sheets will combine a medium to high thread count for softness, but also be created from durable fabric that is going to wash well, and wear well while on the bed. These features should be considered with the cost of the sheets to ensure that they suit the budget.

Choosing a trusted and quality brand of the bed sheet is essential. Using personal experience, recommendations for brands of bed sheets from friends and family members and reviews while shopping online can be the best way to ensure that the right choice is being made.

Once the best bed sheets have been discovered, customers should buy two sets of the sheets to interchange with one another to extend the length of the time the sheets are going to be used.

Bed Sheet Size Measurements

Shopping for bed linens leaves the customer with many choices. There are several textiles, combinations of textiles, price points and features of bed sheets that need to consider before the final choice has been made.

This can make navigating the sheet section of the local linens store customer quite confusing, but there is one standard when shopping for bed sheets – the measurements of the sheets that are being purchased. Most standard sized beds can accommodate sheets of the standard size and therefore rather than requiring the measurements of the bed, the customer can simply determine whether the bed is a twin, twin XL, full, queen or king and shop for the coordinating size of sheets for the bed.

What are the standard sizes of bed sheets for each size?

  • The dimensions of twin sized sheets are 39 x 76 inches. The twin bed is the smallest size of standard beds that are available and has a wide range of sheets from brands and stores.
  • The dimensions of twin XL sized sheets are 39 x 80 inches. The twin XL sheet set is four inches longer than a regular twin bed, increasing the length of the bed without increasing the width.
  • The dimensions of Full sized sheets are 54 x 75 inches. Full sized bed sheets are available through standard sets that include two pillowcases, a flat sheet, and fitted sheet.
  • The dimensions of Queen sized sheets are 60 x 80 inches. Queen sized bed sheets are one of the most popular types of sheet sets that include both the fitted and flat sheet, as well as two standard pillowcases.

The dimensions of King sized sheets are 78 x 80 inches. Sheet sets for the King size bed include the standard flat and fitted sheets and are available in traditional and deep pocket sheets, as well as including larger pillow cases.

The dimensions of California King sized sheets are 72 x 84 inches. The California King size sheets sets are shorter than the traditional king size sheets, but wider, creating more space in the bed and larger sized pillowcases.

How Much Does a Good Set of Bed Sheets Cost?

Bed sheets vary in price depending on the types of sheets that are being purchased, the brand of the sheets and factors like the thread count or type of textiles that the sheets are being created from.

While shopping for bed sheets, many customers are unsure of the factors that they should look for and the features that are necessary for a high quality of a set of sheets. so it can be helpful to learn the features of a good set of bed sheets before determining just how much a good set of bed sheets is going to impact the wallet.

First, the customer should consider the thread count. The thread count refers to some threads that are woven per square inch of the bed sheets and the higher the number, the higher the cost of the bed sheets in most cases. While shopping, customers will likely encounter thread counts of as low as one 180, up to 320 for standard sheets – which are considered the low range of bed sheets.

These types of sheet sets with this range of thread counts can be purchased for between twenty and forty dollars from leading discount department and warehouse stores. Higher thread counts, ranging between four to six hundred are considered good bed sheets and can be purchased for between sixty to one hundred dollars through leading retailers including linen stores and high-end department stores.

How much should you spend on a good set of bed sheets? When buying bed sheets it’s important to consider the budget, but the customer should also realize that high-quality sheets with a higher than average thread count are going to result in softer sheets, and therefore a better sleeping experience.

Also, the higher thread count is often associated with higher durability for the sheets, meaning that the sheets are going to wash better and have less wear after many nights of sleep – and therefore require replacement less often.

When buying sheets, the customer should anticipate spending between sixty and one hundred dollars on a quality set of sheets that include a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two standard pillowcases. Having more than one set of sheets can help to extend the life of the sheets, and can be a great way to reduce the budget and replace the sheets less often by alternating the styles.

What Kind of Bed Sheets Should I Buy?

Are you furnishing a home for the first time and wondering what types of sheets are going to suit your needs? Are you one of the many people that are lost as they enter a home store, or a bath and body store, unsure of the style, type and thread count of sheets that they should be chosen for the bed? Not to worry, there are a couple of pointers that can guide you through the process of shopping for sheets.


This is the most basic aspect of the sheets that are being considered. What is the size of the bed that the sheets are being purchased for? When considering the size of the bed, consider the traditional size, but also consider the depth of the mattress to determine whether sheets with deep pockets are required to fit the bed correctly.

Thread count

Thread counts vary in the sheet sets that are available between two hundred and fifty and as high as five thousand. Depending on the budget, there are many options that are available. Seven hundred thread count sheets are often available for less than one hundred dollars, while sheets with a thread count of twelve hundred to fifteen hundred may range higher in price, upwards of one to three hundred dollars depending on the brand. Remember, the price tag may be higher for a higher thread count sheet, but so will the quality of the sheets. Sheets with a higher thread count will require replacement less often than sheets that are of a lower quality.


Lastly, consider the material of the sheets. Natural fibers like Egyptian cotton are going to breathe well and are associated with the highest quality sheet. Avoid fabrics like silk or polyester that do not breathe, to ensure a high level of comfort in the bedroom.

Types of Fabric Used in Bed Sheets – Cotton, Satin, Flannel, or Jersey

So you have decided that it is time to have your extreme makeover of your bed. Before setting out to purchase any bed sheet sets, it is good to get acquainted with the different varieties of bed sheets that there are. These types of bed sheets vary with what type of fabric they are manufactured from and some – the region that they are manufactured from, and whether they have been woven or knitted. Different bed sheets are best suited for different weather conditions; hence as you change your bed sheets have the following in mind.

Cotton Bed Sheets

These are made from pure cotton fiber often referred to as 100% cotton and as a result highly valued for their softness and durability. For example, the luxurious Egyptian cotton is popularly known for its long soft fiber of 1 3/8” length. Due to its classy nature, it was initially sold in expensive stores, but today it is widely available even in linen shops. The Pima cotton sheet is made from a variety of fiber found in the western part of U.S and is as a result of breeding of the cotton grown in Egypt. It is also a long fiber with an average length of 1 ½”.[amazon_link asins=’B01IK2DKEC,B00NKKW2GM,B06XS23RKY’ template=’ProductCarouselwithoutheader’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’8a2b9d5e-b637-11e7-9dcf-cfad13d378ea’]

Satin Bed Sheets

These are a type of woven or knit sheets that can be amazingly luxurious. Caution must be applied so that you do not purchase the wrong ones. Knitting satin sheets make them look smooth and shiny but do not let looks deceive you since they are not soft to sleep on. Therefore, woven is the way to go with satin sheets since they are warm and comfy.[amazon_link asins=’B00KCJY7X0,B071F8V79B,B01NAPW0OX’ template=’ProductCarouselwithoutheader’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’79d1852b-b637-11e7-9af1-2be72aa8081a’]

Flannel Bed Sheets

When winter sets in it are time to change your bed sheets to beat the cold with the flannel bed sheets. These are a little different since they are not regarded based on thread count rather they rely on weight per square yard. The heavier the flannel, the warmer and softer the bed sheet will be with an average weight being at least 4 oz per square yard.[amazon_link asins=’B007M6G568,B01GLOYD3S,B0182R1T98′ template=’ProductCarouselwithoutheader’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’70233003-b637-11e7-9bba-596ecf93b503′]

Jersey Bed Sheets

These are the latest development in the linen industry. They have taken the market by storm for their t-shirt feeling while sleeping. Since they are made of knitted cotton, they stretch and tightly fit your mattress but may not be as warm as the flannel sheet. However, they are not as cold as ordinary cotton but are quite durable.[amazon_link asins=’B01BTBRWZE,B00ZETJNCI,B01LZAYZ5M’ template=’ProductCarouselwithoutheader’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’61d86ecb-b637-11e7-bcda-1d0242b4b1fe’]

Simple As they Sound, Check Out Three Tips For Buying The Best Sheets

So you’ve spent heaps of money on buying a great bed, and now you need some great sheets to make the ultimate sleeping experience. Who doesn’t like to go to bed right? Well, let’s just make that time the best it can be with the best sheets you can get.

Back in the good old days, all the sheets were white or white. Nowadays it’s a bit different. Shoppers have a huge amount of colors and styles to choose from. In fact, sometimes there is just too much choice and it’s hard to know what will give you the best product or the best sheets for your budget.

Here are just a few things to consider when choosing your XL twin sheets, or those extra-long twin sheets or the king bed sheets. Just deciding on these three things will make your shopping experience that much easier.

Measure the Size of Your Bed

OK, so this is totally basic, right? Well, not many people do this, and as a result of the sheets just don’t fit right. So, basic as it sounds, get out the tape measure and measure! To get the right size of sheets, you have to measure the size of your bed. Don’t just go and look for king or queen-sized sheets because you may not get the perfect fit for your bed. For example, you may need deep pocket sheets, rather than the traditional king bed sheets. While there is ‘standard’ sizing, it’s a bit like ‘standard’ sizing for clothes. ‘Standard’ to one manufacturer may not be ‘standard’ for the next. So, measure the width and the length of the bed as well as the thickness of the mattress and take those measurements shopping with you.

Decide the Thread Count You Want

Next thing to do is to determine the thread count. The thread count indicates the quality of sheets. Sheets with higher thread count have greater quality as well as being softer and more durable. However, they are quite expensive compared to other sheets, but in the long run, they are likely to pay off because more excellent quality or the best sheets mean a longer lasting product.

Where to Buy The Best Sheets

Now, the next thing to do is to learn where you can shop for these best sheets. First is to decide on buying online, going to the department stores or searching out the discount stores.

Department stores are more expensive (unless it’s Sale time) but they will have a wider range of product not matter what time of year. It’s also sometimes easier to see in person what you are buying.

Discount stores are perfect for those who like to hunt for bargains. Discount stores are sometimes limited in stock so you may have to visit many stores before you can choose something that you like. If you have the time, discount stores can be the best value and the most fun.

Shopping online is becoming an increasingly popular way to buy anything, including the best sheets. You can browse through different sites and learn various brands right away. The great thing about the internet is that you can, of course, find out all about the best sheets first (such as on this website) and then go and buy, fully armed with all the information you need. Personally, online shopping is a great option for me, saving me time and make buying a hassle-free shopping experience.

Cheap bed sheets

When we are buying sheets for our beds, the price is often one of the most important factors that influence out decision. That is why we often buy cheap bed sheets without considering other factors of our decision. In this article, I would like to help you choose the best bed sheets for the lowest possible price.

The first thing you need to know is that price varies from store to store. The same sheet can cost 50% more in store B in comparison with store A. To make sure I don’t pay too much; I follow some simple rules – first of all, I consider other factors in my purchase decision. How quality I want my sheets to be, which size is appropriate for my bed(s), which material is used in sheets and ultimately which sheets look better.

After that, I have about 5 different sheets that would be appropriate for me in my mind. And then I start searching for the best offers – I visit some bigger stores, I check online offers, and I also ask my friends and family members where they bought their sheets. This has paid off several times because they told me for some smaller specialized stores with some great offers.

When I have all the offers from different stores, all I need to do is select the best one (not only according to price but also according to other factors) and buy it. Because I always buy at least 5 sheets at the same time (the process is too hard for just one sheet), I try to get some extra discount (quantity discount).

What I want to stress in this article is that although we all want to buy cheap bed sheets, buying the cheapest ones out, there isn’t the best choice. You will lay on the 6 to 8 hours a night, and you want them to be at least of medium quality. That is why I suggest that you search for the best compromise between the price and the quality.

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