10 Best Body Fat Scales Reviews-Buyer Guide 2021


When it comes to body fat monitoring, using a smart scale is of the best options for daily tracking. Some of the best body fat scales come with complete advanced technologies which cans also monitor muscle mass, bone density or heart rate.

Monitoring just your body fat is not enough in a society which finds us sitting at a desk, with different foods and different lifestyles.

Keeping a holistic perspective of health is now the norm and many scale manufacturers have seen this as they already offer various measuring technologies.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer, Black

Withings Smart Body Analyzer, Black

A complex scale for body health readings, the Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer is a top product for any professional or amateur user.

It comes packed with features which include: precise body weight, precise body fat, heart rate measuring and air quality measuring. These advanced features come with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and can be easily synchronized with your PC and smartphone.

You can also use the Smart Mate App when keeping track of your progress. Over the long term you can see trends and assess your fitness performance.

The app also comes with a calorie tracker which will make the difference when trying to reach any fitness goals.  Check out the rest of the best body fat analyzers.


  • Advanced features for heart rate monitoring and air quality control
  • Precise body fat and body weight measuring
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Great design
  • Weather forecast display
  • Customizable display


  • Limited color selection
Withings Smart Body Analyzer with App

GreaterGoods Bluetooth Connected Body Fat Bathroom Smart Scale


One of the cheapest intelligent scales, the Weight Gurus allows you to read muscles mass, bone density, total water, body fat and weight.

Although the scale doesn’t support WiFi connectivity you can still get the data to your phone by scanning the readings using your smartphone camera.

This technology is easy to use once you get used to it and it keep the overall price down so more users can afford the Weight Gurus scale.  Don’t miss our best body fat scale Top Picks.


  • App connectivity with smartphones
  • Large LCD with backlight
  • Modern design
  • Five years warranty
  • Slim design for easy storage


  • No WiFi connectivity

Omron HBF-306C Handheld Body Fat Loss Monitor

Body fat analyzers are a quick way to assess health levels and the Omron Body Fat Analyzer can provide accurate results.

It can show data for body fat weight and percentage. The reading is customized for athletes and amateurs.

It comes with a large LCD screen which can show up to 9 different profiles making it a good choice for families or fitness groups.

The technology behind it is called bioelectrical impendence which basically sends a low current through the body arms and legs to calculate water levels.

This current can vary according to the areas of the body which retain more water, as gravitation impacts the areas with larger water retention.


  • Large LCD display
  • 9 profiles
  • Only requires 2 AAA batteries


  • 1 year warranty


The body fat analyzer comes in a simple design which works through a modern system of grip electrodes which are located in the handles. The data interpretation is relatively straightforward as the analyzer comes with a manual which can assess your overall fitness level. This is done by marking the results and if you reach a FIT level which is above 60 you are advised to select the “athlete mode”. Before you start you need to complete your personal profile with data such as your height, age, weight and gender. This information completes your personal profile.


Once your profile has been imputed, you can start the measuring by standing with your feet slightly apart and your hands straight, just as with any other body fat analyzer. You need to make sure your hands are touching the electrodes in the handles. After pressing the “Start” button you will get your results in 7 seconds. The results are quite accurate as the analyzer has uses technologies which were programed for underwater weighing.

This data has been programed by measuring people from various age groups from as young as 10 to as high as 80. You could even find there are weekly changes into the results but this is not because of a malfunction but it rather is an indicator on the differences in you water retention. The analyzer will show your Body Mass Index and BMR which represents the total amount of energy given by calories required to maintain the body in over a 24 hours resting period. BMR is an important indicator on your total energy level need throughout the day as it represents more than half of your total caloric needs.


In terms of design, the body fat analyzer comes with simple mechanisms which make it one of the easiest analyzers on the market. Once you input your personal information, all it takes is the push of a button and 7 seconds to get the reading. The handles are angled for best gripping and the best contact with the electrodes.


The Omron Body Fat Analyzer is an easy to use fitness monitor which only requires to AAA batteries. It can indicate the BMI and BMR for up to 9 users in just 7 seconds and is a great tool for anyone looking to monitor or improve overall health.


Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale

The Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale is a complex health measuring tool with WiFi capabilities.

The scale can have up to 8 profiles which it can recognize automatically. Aria is one of the best bathroom scales as it is water resistant but the manufacturer recommends you keep it dry at all times to avoid any accidents.

Aria can track body fat percentage, lean mass, BMI and weight. The scale works using the bioelectrical impendence technology which allows for a low current to pass through your body to get an accurate reading.  See our top body fat scale list.


  • Looks great
  • It can save up to 8 profiles
  • It displays measurements in pounds, kilograms or stones
  • Water resistant
  • WiFi Connectivity with the FitBit account


  • No BMR reading


One of the greatest scales Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart can prove to be a good solution for any household with WiFi connectivity for instant data access. It can save data for up to 8 different users and it can instantly recognize them once they step-up on the scale using previous readings and data input. Weighing less than 2 kg the scale is very light and can be easily moved and stored around the house. It is also capable of running in high humidity environments such as bathrooms but best safety practices advice not to splash any water from the shower directly on the scale to avoid accidents.


Before starting to use the scale you need to input some personal information such as your age, height and gender. You can connect the scale to your PC using your home wireless system. This will help you to analyze trends, track your progress and compare your reading to the normal levels of your age and height.

Tracking results is important as your weight and water retention can vary from week to week. The long-term results are what matters in the end and you can see and interpret them through various graphs in the FitBit Dashboard from your user account on your PC. Measuring your body fat percentage is great for people looking to lose some weight and track their progress. The scale also allows for lean mass readings which is great for people looking to gain muscle mass and weight. Your BMI and weight can also be measured through what is practically a complex scale which will show you if your healthiness is improving, stagnant or regressing.


The scale is beautifully designed with polished glass look. It`s dimensions are 31.2 by 31.2 centimeters which makes it perfect for people of all ages. It looks great in any modern bathroom and it is built to last as it can work in high humidity environments. The LCD also comes with a future-proof design which comes with a backlight.


The Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale is a perfect home scale, especially for quick bathroom measuring. It comes with WiFi Connectivity which means you can easily transfer data to your PC or smartphone. With the help of the FitBit dashboard you can easily see this data into trends with the uses of charts.


EatSmart Digital Body Fat Scale with Auto Recognition

EatSmart Precision GetFit Body Fat Scale

The EatSmart Precision GetFit Body Fat Scale is a complex scale which reads the body fat percentage, the total water, muscle and bone mass.

It can save data for up to 8 users and can work in gyms and fitness centers as well as at home. It comes with “Step On” technology which allows for readings without pressing or tapping any buttons.

The readings are shown on a large backlit LDC monitor which is auto calibrated and it also automatically switches off as you step down from the scale.

The scale functions of 4 AAA batteries which makes it easy to carry around and cheap to run. we add it in our best body fat scale top 5 list as per our visitor feedback.


  • Complex reading for: body fat percentage, total water, muscle mass and bone mass
  • Saves data for up to 8 users
  • “Step On” technology
  • Auto-calibrated


  • No WiFi connectivity


The scale is not your ordinary bathroom appliance as it comes with complex readings. It can save data for up to 8 users and all you need to do is to input personal information for each user which includes: age, height, gender, activity level and weight. This is a good way to monitor your overall fitness levels. The scale works on the bioelectrical impendence analysis which basically sends a low current through your body to get the readings.


The scale is incredible when you take the price and the results into consideration. The technology allows any users to step up on the scale and it immediately recognizes which user it is just by comparing previous readings. It is a great tool to improve the health of the entire family. It will work well for people looking to increase muscle mass as it has this reading capability.

Bone mass is also important, especially for elderly people. Water retention is another problem modern people face and it can be difficult to assess if you are moving forwards or backwards without an accurate reading. Some of the most interesting measuring features are included in the scale and the best part is it can interpret these to you particular profile according to your age, activity level and gender.


The scale is on the best designed scales in the price range. It comes with a modern look which will fit any bathroom as it is not bulky and can be easily fitted behind furniture after usage. The scale has one of the best LCD monitors in the price range with easy reading and just two touch buttons for settings and personal data input.


If you have a limited budget and want a complex scale which can read the basic health indicators, the EatSmart Precision GetFit Body Fat Scale is one of the best options on the market. Not only does it look great but it also provides a complete reading to satisfy most users. It is easy to use and maintain with just 4 AAA batteries and can save data for up to 8 users which don`t need to press any button for reading due to the “Step On” technology.

best body fat scale top 5


Body Composition Monitor

The Tanita Ironman Body Composition Analyzer scale is a complex scale which uses bioelectric impedance technology to measure body composition.

This technology uses a low intensity current which passes through your body to measure: body fat, BMI, BMR, muscle mass, bone mass and visceral fat.

The scale will interpret the data against a rating system which will make it easier for you to reach your fitness goals.

The scale can work on just 4 AA batteries which makes it cheap to run and gives it enough mobility to be taken around the house or on trips.


  • Great design
  • Advanced functions for body fat, BMI, BMR, bone mass and visceral fat
  • Large LCD display
  • Results displayed within 20 seconds


  • Only support four users` data


There are not many scales allowing you to measure visceral fat. This is the fat which is situated in the stomach area and it is hardest to reduce. It is also associated with clinical conditions so having a dedicated reader is a major plus to the scale and will be highly appreciated by people looking to lose weight. The scale doesn`t come with WiFi connectivity but makes up with complex readings which were previously available just for medical professionals.


The bioelectrical impedance technology allows you to track a variety of physique indicators. One interesting reading is the water calculator which tells you the percentage of fluid in your body according to your weight.

This is great for people with water retention or people looking to lose weight or to monitor a healthy daily hydration. Having this reading, the scale can also determine your bones` weight. But maybe the best feature of the scale is the visceral fat calculator which with the increasing obesity problems will become a great tool for losing weigh in the abdominal area.

The technology can work great for most people but the manufacturer advises some groups not to use the machine, even if the electrical current is low intensity. These groups include pregnant women, or people who underwent surgery and have some kind of electrical device such as a pacemaker.


The scale comes with a modern design but unlike most similar products it includes many buttons on the center area and under the LCD. If you don`t like buttons and prefer a simpler design you may want to look elsewhere. But if you like the advanced feature of the scale which comes under the form of a glass surface with silver accents, this scale will fit well into your bathroom. The fact there is limited connectivity with the scale means the manufacturer can offer an extended warranty and with 3-years guarantee you will be well served by the product over the coming years.


Some of the best scales focus on WiFi to push products which are lacking solid or advanced features. The Tanita Ironman Body Composition Analyzer offers many features which are not available with any other product and is recommended for people with excess weight who are looking to get in shape.

Tanita BC-558 Ironman Segmental Body Composition Monitor


Body fast scales measure fat using the bioelectrical impedance technology. This technology sends a safe electrical signal through the body to measure the resistance of body tissues. So how does this technology differentiate between fat, bones and muscles?

The way the electric signal travels through the body is read is by calculating the “easiness” in which it travel in tissues which are mostly made of water. The denser the tissue (ie. bones, fat) the more it takes for the signal to travel through the body. For an exact reading, this is calculated against the personal profile of the user which includes variables such as height, weight and age.

Some of the drawbacks of the technology are highly impacted by some variables such as hydration levels of the user, time of day, temperature etc. This is why you need to do multiple measuring to get an accurate result.


Some features are unique, patented with the manufacturer. Others are common and you can find them in most scale, even if sometimes they come under different names.


This feature can come in different names, but measuring body fat is offered with all bioelectrical impedance scales. Most scales require you to input your personal data before using the scale to calculate the final result. It can take up to 10 seconds to get the reading with some scales. Advanced scales allow you to save data for multiple users.


Speaking of users, some of the scales can even recognize multiple profiles. The feature uses a simple recognition system which can estimate which users are on the scale by comparing previous results.

If your user profile is not saved with the scale then this feature can`t work. Some people don`t need this mode and don`t need to pay extra to get it while others like families, private practices or gyms would benefit for keeping track of multiple users` data.


High-end scale can offer WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. Some even offer a combination of both to get the most out of data synchronization. There are many connectivity variations for Android and IOS with some scales offering additional synchronization with some third party apps. This is a solid approach to any fitness regime and it can keep track on a complete set of indicators.

Some cheaper scales don`t offer any connectivity at all while some in-between scales offer the option to scan the results using the smartphone camera. But connectivity without any concrete action is a waste of money, if you don`t plan to track your progress using charts, statistics and trends, maybe you don`t need all the connectivity options.


One advanced feature scales can offer is an advanced heart rate monitor. It comes with only the top scales but it can provide a wider perspective on your health level.

If water retention monitoring can vary according to various variables like the time of day, the heart rate monitor should be more accurate and it should work even for healthy people who are looking to keep an eye on the circulatory system.


One of the features which should get more attention in a body fat scale is the bone mass density reading. It comes as a great tool for professional and amateur athletes but it also works great for elderly people looking to improve their bone health. The scale calculates the mass with the use of the bioelectrical impedance technology.


Some scales offer the advanced feature of air quality monitoring. However, you have to take the right approach to get the best results with the air reading.

Most scales arte kept in bathrooms thus the air quality is affected by the high humidity levels and the bacteria that come with it. If you spend most time in the living room then that is where you should keep the scale to get an accurate picture on the air quality in your house.


Most scales don`t offer screen customization options. Most don`t even need to. But if you consider the quality of the screens is constantly improving from the classic LCD to the backlit options and to LED`s, maybe it`s time to consider if this is a feature which would help you in the future.

Although screens may be great they also take a lot of energy and given most scales only use 2 to 4 regular batteries, it is worth considering if energy autonomy is worth the loss in energy efficiency.


any people assume body fat scales are inaccurate or they are not of any use if they provide different results. This is vastly due to the variations in the body which can retain different levels of water each day.

Even professional athletes use body fat scales and regular users can learn from them when it comes to body data. You need to measure yourself every day and keep a log of your results.

If you results differ it`s most likely not because the scale is unfit but because your body varies day in and day out. What causes this variation? Basically it can be anything from water retention due to eating salty foods or dehydration from not drinking enough water.

This is also true for athletes or people who exercise regularly who are on strict diets and can`t tell if they are gaining or losing weight. If you don`t make huge changes into your daily diet it could be difficult to understand you exact bodyweight direction.

This is why the best route to accurate tracking is to do it as often as possible and let the apps do the math for you. Your average weighing should show which is closer to what your natural body is.When you`re doing a weighing make sure your variables keep constant to keep accuracy high.

If you measure yourself in the morning then that should be your daily weighing time. If you do it after the gym when the body comes after and intense workout then you should always to a reading after a gym workout. Depending on the food you eat, you should adjust the reading accordingly.

There is no recommendation on whether you should be using a body fat scale before or after a meal, but you should try to keep things as constant as possible. The body fat scale can only be as accurate as the user want it to be, so if you`re not that serious about your exact health figures you could skip some of this advice but if you are trying to reach a fitness goal and are determined to do whatever it takes, there is no way around this.


Before we get to the types of scales needed for the best results we need to understand what body fat is and where it comes from.

Body fat has many causes but is also divided into healthy and unhealthy categoriesPopular belief would have you thinking all kinds of fats are bad. This is not the case as some fats are essential to the vital functions of our bodies.

The percentage of needed and healthy levels of body fat is between 2% and 5% in men and 10% to 13% in women. Because of childbearing, women need more fat to sustain a healthy level of the body and organs.

The percentage of body fat is measured in different ways. Traditional methods include the use of calipers while modern means include the use of bioelectrical impendence analysis.

In terms of the general fitness levels, body fat can be calculated without putting it against other readings such as age and height. This being said, the average levels of fat in humans are way above the lower acceptable limit.

Some studies show that men have a body fat percentage which ranges from 23% to 31% while women range from 32% to 42%.


Tracing the root of fat development is not as straightforward as many may think. Fat can be caused by one or by multiple issues which can include.


People which sleep less than 7 hours per night on a constant basis have a higher BMI mainly because of the disruption of natural patterns as sleep deprivation changes the way our metabolism works.


There are many drugs which can lead to weight gain through various causes. Some of these drugs have been known to be prescribed with diabetes, contraceptives etc.


No fat-causing list can be complete without unhealthy foods. There are so many reasons to cut unhealthy foods from our diets that researchers can fail to keep up with the new ingredients polluting our body day in and day out.


Many people can underestimate the role of genetics and fat gains or unhealthy levels of fat. There are many studies linking obese parents to obese kids, not only through DNA but through eating habits also. If parents have a poor diet it is highly unlikely the children`s diet will be any different.

Some More Body Fat Scales 

EatSmart Precision Digital Body Fat Scale

[amazon_link asins=’B004L6NTHU’ template=’withoudtnameProductAd’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’688d528e-355e-11e8-8164-9d8df34b2314′]

This is another popular digital body fat scale that has some benefits nowadays. This device is able to help you measure both body fat and body water. You can also look at this fat scale, in order to find some other body indicators, including muscle mass, bone mass, and many other details from your body. This device has user identification technology. This feature really differentiates this device with other popular scales on the market. It is able to store up to 8 user data profiles, so you should be able to share your experience of using this scale with other users. When you purchase this fat scale, you are going to receive additional AAA batteries for supporting your needs.[amazon_link asins=’B004L6NTHU’ template=’BuyButton’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’702793ca-355e-11e8-8709-1fc7ff1cdcc7′]

GoWise Body Fat Scale

[amazon_link asins=’B00CZPF5L2′ template=’withoudtnameProductAd’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’688d528e-355e-11e8-8164-9d8df34b2314′]

There are many benefits that you should be able to look at this body scale. It is easy for you to use this scale for monitoring your body fat percentage in your daily life. This scale is equipped with the latest bioimpedance analysis (BIA) technology, in order to help you estimate the total body fat, muscle mass, bone mass, and also body water accurately. This body fat scale has LCD display that comes with LED backlight system. This technology can provide the clear result for all customers. Its memory allows you to store any profiles from up to 8 users. Its touch switch is very useful to offer great and comfortable use for all customers nowadays.[amazon_link asins=’B00CZPF5L2′ template=’BuyButton’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’702793ca-355e-11e8-8709-1fc7ff1cdcc7′]

Etekcity Body Weight Scale

[amazon_link asins=’B00F3J9G1W’ template=’withoudtnameProductAd’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’688d528e-355e-11e8-8164-9d8df34b2314′]

This bathroom scale can bring some useful advantages for all customers. When you use this weight scale, you are able to use its step and read system. This technology can provide the immediate reading as soon as you use this bathroom scale. The measurement range of this weight scale is about 11 to 400 pounds. This bathroom scale is very well-known for its accuracy. There are about 4 high precision sensors that are available in this weight scale. You can use this body weight scale for monitoring your weight and also the fat percentage in your body easily. Its automatic power off function is very useful to ensure the durability of its battery.[amazon_link asins=’B00F3J9G1W’ template=’BuyButton’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’702793ca-355e-11e8-8709-1fc7ff1cdcc7′]


EatSmart Products Precision Getfit Digital Body Fat Scale

[amazon_link asins=’B004L6NTHU’ template=’withoudtnameProductAd’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’688d528e-355e-11e8-8164-9d8df34b2314′]

It is considered as one of the best fat scales on the market these days. This body fat scale is very comfortable for all users. You are able to enjoy its accurate result when you use this scale. This scale can deliver accurate result for all customers because it comes with the latest BIA technology. You are able to read all details about your body, including bone mass, muscle mass, body water, body fat percentage, and also BMI. This device comes with four powerful sensors, in order to deliver accurate readings. Its automatic calibration system is very useful to help you ensure faultless and also consistent readings for all customers. This scale has the beautiful modern design that can be very interesting and attractive to many customers these days. It is made from durable tempered glass that can last for a long time. Its maximum capacity can reach up to 440 pounds, in order to deliver powerful performance for all users.[amazon_link asins=’B004L6NTHU’ template=’BuyButton’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’702793ca-355e-11e8-8709-1fc7ff1cdcc7′]

Ozeri Touch Total Body Scale

[amazon_link asins=’B004NXUAXW’ template=’withoudtnameProductAd’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’688d528e-355e-11e8-8164-9d8df34b2314′]

This is another popular body scale that you should buy from the market these days. This body fat scale has some benefits that are good for all customers. You can measure your body weight, fat percentage, bone mass, muscle mass, and also hydration rate in your body easily when you use this body scale. It also comes with auto recognition system, so you can simply step on this scale to start using this body scale. This body scale has the beautiful white color that can be very interesting for most people. This scale can store up to 8 different profiles, so you can share the use of this body scale with your friends and families. It has 4 precision GX sensors for delivering the accurate result from this body fat scale.[amazon_link asins=’B004NXUAXW’ template=’BuyButton’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’702793ca-355e-11e8-8709-1fc7ff1cdcc7′]

Omron Body Composition Monitoring Scale

[amazon_link asins=’B0020MMCDE’ template=’withoudtnameProductAd’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’688d528e-355e-11e8-8164-9d8df34b2314′]

It is one of the most popular body scales that you can buy now. There are some useful features and functions that are provided by this scale. It is easy for you to monitor your body fat percentage when you use this device. It is able to measure up to 7 different indicators of your body, including BMI, fat percentage, skeletal muscle, visceral fat, weight, body age, and also resting metabolism. It is easy for you to read the result from this scale by looking at its digital screen. This scale is accurate for measuring your body weight for up to 330 pounds. You should be able to see the results immediately. This device is able to store up to 4 profile settings that are available in this body scale. This device also has the retractable cord that can be used by both adults and kids who are up to 6 – 7 feet tall.[amazon_link asins=’B0020MMCDE’ template=’BuyButton’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’702793ca-355e-11e8-8709-1fc7ff1cdcc7′]

Epica Precision Pro Body Fat Scale

[amazon_link asins=’B008L32GBO’ template=’withoudtnameProductAd’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’688d528e-355e-11e8-8164-9d8df34b2314′]

This body fat scale comes with some interesting benefits that are good for all customers. You should be able to calculate your body fat percentage, weight, bone mass, muscle mass, and also body water accurately. This device is able to store any profiles from up to 8 different users. Its storage space is very useful to help you save all important data from this body fat scale. It has about 400 pounds capacity that comes with up to 0.2 pounds accuracy. It has the instant readout, so you can feel comfortable when you use this body fat scale. It has touchscreen interface that is very attractive for most users. It is easy for you to start getting many benefits from this digital body fat scale.[amazon_link asins=’B008L32GBO’ template=’BuyButton’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’702793ca-355e-11e8-8709-1fc7ff1cdcc7′]

VonHaus Body Fat Scale

[amazon_link asins=’B00OJ5N46O’ template=’withoudtnameProductAd’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’688d528e-355e-11e8-8164-9d8df34b2314′]

If you want to monitor your body fat easily, you should also look at this device. This device can help you monitor your weight, body fat, and also body water easily. It is going to use the latest BIA technology. It is very easy for you to use this body fat scale. You can simply step on this scale before you can start monitoring your weight and body fat easily. This bathroom scale can also deliver calorie calculation for all people who want to have accurate diet program in their daily life. This device also has the automatic turn off function, so you can reserve the energy from its battery. You should be able to use this body fat scale for a long time, especially if you know how to take care of this body fat scale.[amazon_link asins=’B00OJ5N46O’ template=’BuyButton’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’702793ca-355e-11e8-8709-1fc7ff1cdcc7′]

Surpahs Dual-S Body Fat Scale

[amazon_link asins=’B00L0ZSAG0′ template=’withoudtnameProductAd’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’688d528e-355e-11e8-8164-9d8df34b2314′]

This is another popular body fat scale that you can buy from the market. This device has beautiful electrode design that can be very interesting for most users. It is made of high quality tempered glass that is very well-known for its durability. You should be able to use this body fat scale for a long time when you use this scale. It also has 4 G sensors that can deliver precise result for all customers. It is able to help you measure up to 330 pounds capacity. This capacity can be very interesting for most users nowadays. This body fat scale also comes with the latest Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology. This system is very useful to improve the accuracy of this body fat scale.[amazon_link asins=’B00L0ZSAG0′ template=’BuyButton’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’702793ca-355e-11e8-8709-1fc7ff1cdcc7′]

Taylor Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

[amazon_link asins=’B00RYI7MMU’ template=’withoudtnameProductAd’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’688d528e-355e-11e8-8164-9d8df34b2314′]

This fat scale can provide some great benefits for all customers. When you buy this body fat scale, you are able to measure your body fat easily. Its Bluetooth technology can ensure smooth and easy data transfer to your tablet or smartphone. You can also use this body fat scale, especially when you want to monitor your body fat with some popular apps on the market nowadays. This device is supported by its smart technology, in order to track body fat, weight, body water, muscle mass, and many other details from your body easily. It has easy to read display that is supported by its blue back light. This backlit display is very attractive for most users.[amazon_link asins=’B00RYI7MMU’ template=’BuyButton’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’702793ca-355e-11e8-8709-1fc7ff1cdcc7′]



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