Top 10 Best Breast Pump Reviews- Buyer Guide 2020

Find The Best Breast Pump Reviews on Top Brands!

Are you struggling to try to find a resource on the best breast pump for your needs? Given how many options you have in the marketplace, this guide was created to compare and review many of the most popular breast pumps. All of the major manufacturers are covered along with extensive breast pump reviews. Trust us when we say that needing a reliable pump is a must for any new mother. Having one break down while you’re on vacation or at work is a situation to avoid!

The interactive chart of breast pumps below and the analysis that follows will help you determine what the best breast pump is for you.

We all have our personal opinions on what makes a great breast pump to travel with, but depending on your various needs you want the absolute best breast pump possible, and so we are here to help.

1# Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bustier Bra

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The Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bustier Bra is a soft pink bra featuring an adjustable band for a custom fit throughout the breast feeding period, the bra provides mothers greater freedom during pumping by holding the bottle firmly and securely with the bra’s secure bottle holding design. The bra is machine washable and is designed to be used with all electric pumps, and both breasts can be pumped at the same time.

This Simple Wish Hands-Free Breast Pump Bustier Bra features an adjustable band for a comfortable fit throughout your breast feeding period and with XS/S/M sizes it fits a large range of bra sizes from 30AA to 34J. The bra’s back panel is also adjustable by up to 10 inches, and the front zipper panels allow for 2 inches of additional adjustment between the breasts.

Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bustier Bra Features:

  • Adjustable in size
  • Provides a tight seal
  • 4-way layering support system
  • Designed to work with all major breast pump manufacturers

Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bustier Bra Reviews:

The Breast Pump Reviews team undertook a big project with the reviews for the Simple Wishes Hands Free Breastpump Bustier Bra, we found an awful lot of them.

The vast majority of reviewers, nearly 90%, gave this product their highest rating. A high number of reviewers stated that they were glad they bought this bra as the adjustable fit makes it very comfortable and it is convenient and functional, the reviewers found they could get on with other things without having to continually adjust, fiddle with the bra or sit still express milk.

Used with a quality electric pump the Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breast Pump Bustier Bra is an excellent product which we simply cannot fault. The number of extremely positive reviews we researched was overwhelming. We, therefore, feel very comfortable recommending the Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bustier Bra for any mother looking for a great hands free breast pump solution.

2# Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

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The Medela Freestyle Breast Pump is a double electric pump and Medela’s first hands-free pump. It has been uniquely designed for moms on the go and provides the freedom and flexibility to do other things while you are pumping. The electric pump is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and while weighing less than one pound is convenient enough to take with you wherever you go.

The Medela Freestyle Breast Pump has two expression modes to mimic a baby’s natural feeding pattern; these two modes are stimulation and expression to express your breast milk gently yet efficiently. It is easy to use with a light up LCD screen that’s handy for late night feeds that can also be used as a night light. It also features a rechargeable battery fit for 3 hours pumping per charge and comes with a good number of accessories, being all you need for easy and efficient breast pumping.

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump Reviews Features:

  • Hands-free operation
  • 2 expression modes to mimic natural rhythm
  • Rechargeable batteries providing 3 hours use
  • Clear end easy to read LCD screen
  • Memory button storage of favorite pumping patterns
  • 4 five-ounce storage containers
  • 2 Softfit breast shields, replacement adaptors, spare parts and much more included
  • 1-year motor warranty

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump Reviews:

After conducting extensive research, we were able to find a lot of reviews for the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump online. The vast majority of reviewers, nearly 70%, awarded this product very high ratings. A high number of the positive reviewers stated they liked the 3 hours pumping time, with the timer feature being really handy so you don’t lose track of time and is great for working moms. They also liked the convenience to use this breast pump anywhere and with the handy belt attachment you are not be tied to one spot.

However, there are some negatives which we cannot ignore. Some reviewers have stated the soft cups are either not comfortable, or the rubber shields make a mess when pulled away from the breasts, while this can be inconvenient if at work it is obviously not a big deal if you are at home. They can also be replaced with plastic one if required. The other negatives we found, such as the noise it makes were contradicted by other reviewers who said it was quiet enough to use at work.
According to the reviews we researched, this breast pump is a pretty handy device for working moms and for expressing while traveling. While this product did receive over 50% top ratings and had some great extra features and accessories. Our team at breast pump reviews recommends this product for work at home moms although you may want to do some more in depth research if you intend to use the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump at work or on your travels.

3# Avent Manual Breast Pump

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The Avent Manual Breast Pump is easy to use and very affordable.

This manual Breast Pump makes pumping one breast while your baby is nursing on the other easy, and the Avent Manual Pump has a natural motion that mimics a baby’s sucking motion for an easy letdown and smooth flow.

Simple to Use Avent Manual Breast Pump

The simplicity of this Avent breast pump makes it a very simple device to use. There are few parts, and they are easy to sterilize and put together quickly.

Using the Avent Breast Pump takes no time to adjust to. Since it is a manual pump, there are no electrical outlets needed to use the Avent manual breast pump.

Easy to Carry and Store

The “Isis” is the Avent breast pump model that is very popular with its compact size that makes it easy to carry and store. The entire unit weighs less than 15 ounces and comes with everything you need to get started.

The Isis Avent Manual Breast Pump comes with 1 BPA-free 4 oz. Bottle (125 ml), one seal so that you can store the freshly pumped milk right in the bottle, 1 newborn nipple, an extra nipple travel pack, bottle stand, 1 cap, instruction book and of course, the pump.

The breast pump fits easily into a small purse, carry-on bag or even briefcase. You can store it in a nightstand drawer, and the Avent manual breast pump won’t take up a lot of corner space when set up and waiting for your next expression.

Avent Manual Pump with BPA-Free Plastic

The Avent breast pumps use only BPA-free plastic so that your baby gets all of the advantages of fresh breast milk, and none of the potentially harmful plastic residue that can come from other plastic products.

Each bottle in the Avent breast pump kit is made of polyether sulphone (PES), a honey colored material that is naturally BPA-free.

Quiet and Serene Operation

When you are nursing your baby, and pumping milk for later, you don’t want some noisy machine disturbing the beauty of the moment.

The Avent breast pump is silent and soothing. That’s an added plus for pumping in public restrooms or anywhere you want to be undisturbed while you are using your Avent manual breast pump.

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Here is what one customer had to say about the Avent Breast Pump

“The Avent Isis works better for me. It is a lot easier to carry around. With this pump, I was able to get a double let down several times. You are in more control with this pump since you can express with 1 hand and pump with the other. I highly recommend this pump.” (Christina S)[/su_pullquote]

Massage Cushion for Comfortable and Natural Pumping

You will relax and enjoy your pumping experience more with the Avent manual breast pump because it is so soft and easy on your breast.

The initial pumping motion is fast and short to simulate a baby’s hurried sucking to bring down the milk.

Once your milk is flowing, the Avent pump allows you to pulse the suction slower with longer draws as your baby does.

You can use this breast pump with or without the cushion. Without the cushion, you will get stronger suction for maximum expression when you are in a hurry.

Benefits of Simultaneous Pumping with Nursing

When expressing your milk on one side while your baby nurses on the other. You can use the Avent breast pump’s self-propelled pumping action to accurately mirror the speed and strength of your own baby’s. That makes nature take its course much easier, and you get the most flow with less friction.


The valve at the top of the pump can get sucked into the diaphragm if you use too much pressure while pumping. It can take new moms a while to get used to the method of pumping. These problems are easy to solve and common with manual breast pumps. Because you can create the strength of the expression yourself, it is common to over press and causes too much suction at first.


The low cost and ease of operation of the Avent manual breast pump make it one of the best manual breast pump for new moms.

 4# The First Years mi Pump

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Anyone looking for a great deal in a starter breast pump to find out if breastfeeding is right for them, or just needs a carry along breast pump on occasional outings will love the First Years mi Pump.

This The First Years Breast Pump comes with an attractive bag so you can carry the breast pump and everything you need for your babies like diapers, bottles, toys, wipes, and lotions.

You can even carry your identification and other items in the pump’s tote instead of lugging around an extra purse.

What’s In The First Years pump Kit

  • Comes with its stylish tote for discreet carrying ease
  • LED display for cycles and suction levels
  • Pumping unit and milk containers
  • Easy fit breast shield
  • Power unit

LED Readout For Easy Operation

This breast pump has an easy to read LED screen so you can adjust the pressure and know what cycle it is on at all times during the pumping.

Comfortable Breast Shields

The super soft and comfortable breast shields that come with the breast pump, either single or double, make it easy on your sensitive breasts, and fit almost everyone perfectly.

Super Compact Style

The First Years miPump is very easy to handle and store. It is compact and won’t take up a lot of room when in use, or in the convenient tote bag.

Free Hand Pumping

One of the biggest complaints of many breast pumps is that they have to use both hands. The First Years miPump has a patented handle so that you always have one hand free while you are getting the job done.

No Complicated Operations

Unlike some breast pumps, this breast pump is a very simple unit that isn’t hard to assemble and prepare for pumping. You can use this pump to pump out your milk quickly and quietly and get back to what you were doing without any hassle.

Quiet Action

Compared to many electric style breast pumps, the First Years miPump is amazingly quiet. You can pump in a bathroom stall, or even in a quiet corner and no one will know what you’re doing but you. That’s great for those that don’t want to draw attention to what they’re doing.

Here is one person had to say about The First Years Breast Pump:

“I can not believe how great this pump is, especially for the price. The shields are comfortable, it is quiet, and it delivers more milk. It has a vibration to it that provides more stimulation and is quite comfortable. I highly recommend this pump!” (K Peters)
Compare the First Years miPump to these other great breast pumps:

  • Avent Manual Breast Pump
  • Medela Swing Breast Pump
  • Philips Avent BPA Free Twin Electric Breast Pump
  • Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump
  • Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breastpump Bra
  • Medela Pump In Style Advanced Backpack


While large and roomy, the carry tote that comes with this First Years breast pump kit is a tote bag that has no closing top and is a little cheap looking.

For the price, you can’t beat it though, and it gives you lots of extra room for all those necessities you have to have for your baby when you’re out.

Negative reviews center around the time it takes to pump with the First Years miPump, and that it doesn’t hold up to long-term milk acquisition. That’s fair for a very low-cost pumping kit.

It comes with all you need to try out using a breast pump, but unless you are just using it for occasional outings it probably won’t be what you want to use for the entire time, you will be breastfeeding your child.

However, if you stay at home, or do all your pumping at home, and only need a carry along breast pump for the occasional trip, it makes sense to save money and use this high-quality pump.


The First Years miPump, both single and double are extremely affordable, and a great option for first time breastfeeding mom’s who want to try out using breast pumps before investing in more expensive units.

5# Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump

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The Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump has been designed for long-term everyday use it is very quiet and efficient, and with very few parts cleaning and assembly are very easy. It is flexible and can be operated by battery or adaptor and is quite simple to use with separate dials for speed and suction. This breast pump also has a patented system that prevents any milk build up in the tubing which also makes sanitization a breeze.

This breast pump (like the Ameda Purely Yours) is FDA approved meaning that Lansinoh applied for approval from the Food and Drug Administration and it was approved, for more information go to Although this breast pump does not come with a bag, it is compact enough to easily fit into any regular sized handy bag or small travel bag.

Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump Features:

  • Patented system prevents milk backing up in the tubing or motor
  • Easy to assemble and clean (no need to clean the tubing)
  • Double electric breast pump
  • Main or battery operated
  • 1-year warranty

Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump Reviews:

After extensive research we found a lot of reviews for the Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump, nearly all the reviewers, well over 100 gave this product their top ratings. The reviewers stated that they were so glad that they bought this breast pump as it works great, is very easy to assemble and maintain due to not having to clean the tubing and current owners found that they can pump enough milk, equivalent to manual or other electric breast pumps in just 15-20 minutes. One reviewer even said “I have never written a review on an item before, but I felt this product warranted one!” and promptly gave the Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump the highest rating possible.
Many reviewers found this FDA approved pump quiet enough to pump on one side while nursing a baby on the other and liked how easy it is to maintain full control over the suction strength and speed helping to find a setting you’re comfortable with easily. With an overwhelming number of reviewers awarding the Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump top ratings we feel very comfortable recommending this product.


6# Medela Swing Breast Pump Review

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Medela is the industry standard and has supplied hospitals and homes with some of the best breast pumps for over 60 years, and the Medela Swing Breast Pump is no exception.

In fact, this Medela Swing Pump is the gold standard for single breast, electric pump style devices for mom’s on the go.

Busy moms have trusted the Medela name for decades, and now you can have the latest technology, and most reliable portable breast pump available.

With the Medela Swing Breastpump, you get the same technology that Medela has provided to hospitals.

It was first developed for hospitals so that new mothers could have the best devices when learning to care for their newborns in their rooms.

And this breast pump is small, portable and easy to use, and incorporates some of the most modern technology you will find in breastfeeding devices.

Medela Swing Breast Pump Two-Phase Expression Technology

This is where the Medela Swing Breast Pump shows its most amazing qualities. There is few electric breast pumps out there with this advanced feature.

The Two-Phase Expression created by Medela creates the most natural suction available next to your baby’s own.

This breast pump has two unique phases. The first is a pumping pattern similar to that of an actual baby. When babies first latch on, they suck rapidly to bring the flow down, then relax and get into a slow, easy rhythm that is deeper and stronger, while slower.

By mimicking your baby’s actual sucking patterns, the Medela Swing Pump creates a soothing, natural and pain-free milk expression experience for you.

The natural movements also make your body respond better, and expressing milk goes much faster with the Medela Swing Breastpump.

Compact to Go Anywhere

The Medela Swing pump is so compact it fits easily into an average purse, so you can take it anywhere without drawing attention to the fact that you have it with you. Many breast pumps come with carrying bags that are large and cumbersome, and take up a lot of space when in use.

Chemical Free

This breast pump is chemical free and has no BPA (Bisphenol-A) that can be released from plastics, so your baby gets the very best quality, natural, clean milk.

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Here is what one user had to say about the Medela Swing Breast Pump:

This little pump is SO great! The pump works wonderfully and is very quiet, comfortable, and affordable! It allows you to discreetly pump because it’s so small and straightforward to hide. It’s great to take on trips too as it works very well on batteries! (Dudes)[/su_pullquote]

What’s Inside The Box

The Medela Swing Pump comes complete with everything you need. There are two collection units with lids, a stand to hold the containers while pumping, the valve, membranes and patented SoftFit breast shield for comfortable suction.

The Medela Swing Breast Pump comes with its carrying bag, or you can use your purse or briefcase.

It also comes complete with a guide to Breastfeeding, and information guide, AC adapter, battery option, neck and shoulder strap and an instruction manual.

Compare and Choose

You can compare the Medela Swing to some of the other great breast pumps we have on our site to see how it stacks up.

Check out the:

  • Medela Pump In Style,
  • The First Years mipump
  • Avent Manual Breast Pump
  • Philips Avent BPA Free Twin Electric Breast Pump
  • Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breastpump Bra.


Surprisingly, for all the great advantages of the Medela Swing Breast Pump, it is one of the mid-priced units. That makes it a very affordable option for busy, active moms who need a reliable breast pump that is easy to use, and compact for travel.


It’s really hard to find fault with this little beauty. Some users find that it isn’t as powerful as the larger, complete kits like the Medela Pump In Style kits. However, those kits have a lot more included, and also come with a far higher price tag. For an affordable and still truly unique breast pump, the Medela Swing Breast Pump is a great buy.


Medela is one of the top names in breast pumps, and the Medela Swing Pump gives you everything that Medela is known for at a fair price. The Medela Swing Breast Pump a great buy for moms who need reliable milking away from home.

7# Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump Review

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For more Ameda advantages, the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra breast pump is the top of the line and great for nursing moms who need to pump in a variety of places and get the most out of their collection time.

The Ameda Purely Yours Ultra breast pump comes with everything you get with the Ameda Purely Yours plus a beautiful carry tote that is stylish and utilitarian.

And you get an extra insulated milk transportation cooler to keep your milk safe while you are running your errands or working.

The Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump Features

Carrying in Style

Nursing moms do not have to look like nursing moms. Instead of carrying around clunky bags, or stuffing your purse or diaper bag with a breast pump so you can collect your milk when you’re away from your baby, the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra provides a beautiful tote bag that looks like a stylish bag you’d carry anytime.

In fact, the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra breast pump tote makes a great addition to your wardrobe when you’re done breast feeding, and converts beautifully for the job.

Many breast pumps with totes or bags, are an intrinsic part of the bag, meaning once you are done breast feeding so is the bag, and it goes into storage with the rest of the pump.

The Ameda Purely Yours Ultra breast pump bag is versatile and great for all purpose use.

Precious Cargo Milk Storage

Ameda knows that expressing your milk when away from home is only a good thing if you can get it back safely. The Ameda Purely Yours Ultra breast pump kit comes with a perfectly sized insulated cooler to store your milk collection bottles, and keep them at the perfect temperature until you get back home.

The Ameda Purely Yours Ultra breast pump cooler fits neatly into the tote, so it remains discreetly hidden, and looks like you are just on the run doing errands, not carrying around the precious milk for your baby.[su_pullquote align=”right”]

Here Is An Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump Review From One Satisfied Customer:

“I purchased this pump after reading reviews because I like the closed system. I bought this Ameda Purely Yours Ultra and loved it right away. The motor is not loud, and I can hear it, but there is no annoying beep. All in all, it is great. It gets the job done, and that is most important!” (Stine)[/su_pullquote]

High-Quality Features in a Mid-Priced Pump

Everything about the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra breast pump is the same as the Ameda Purely Yours breast pump, so you get the same comfortable fit, and excellent adjustable pumping action to make it easier on your sensitive breast.

The Ameda Purely Yours Ultra breast pump also has the same custom flange system so that no air can get into your milk as it flows. That means longer lasting quality that is easier to keep until you are ready to feed it.

Milk that gets exposed to air gets rancid fast, so the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra breast pump is an excellent way to prevent waste and a shortened storage life.

CustomControl™ Speeds

The CustomControl™ of the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra breast pump keeps everything running at your perfect speed and strength. Everybody is different, and using a breast pump that treats everyone’s milk let down and flow the same just doesn’t make sense.

Ameda gives you the ability to manually control the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra breast pump, or select one of 32 settings that adjust automatically for you, in the best speed and timing possible.

Dual Pumping Efficiency

Getting the job done on the go is important, getting it done fast is even better. With the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra breast pump, you can do both sides at once, so you don’t waste any time.

Both sides work equally well with the complete control and soft, comfortable breast shields for superb comfort.

Check out these other great breast pump reviews for pumps with bags that make carrying easily to see which one works best for you: Medela Pump In Style (3 different bag styles available), Philips Avent BPA Free Twin Electric Breast Pump.

Or use the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump with the Simple Wishes Hands-free Breastpump Bra that lets you use both of your Ameda Purely Yours Ultra breast pump sides while leaving your hands free for other jobs or to relax.

Cons of the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump

Like the Ameda Purely Yours breast pump that comes without a tote, the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra breast pump can be a little noisy. Pumping in a separate room, or several feet away from a sleeping baby or your partner makes it quieter for them, although it can be hard to listen to music or watch TV while you pump with the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra breast pump.


The Ameda Purely Yours Ultra breast pump gives you everything you could want for in a very affordable pump. It is an excellent choice for mothers no matter what their collection needs and offers great storage life of the milk, and the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra breast pump won’t break your budget.

8# The Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump Basics

[amazon_link asins=’B00GY1SCW2′ template=’withoudtnameProductAd’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’2b7da82a-fb75-11e7-86d9-85d1d5d5d384′]

The Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump is a light weight manual breast pump featuring a unique ComfortSeal Cushion to create a secure seal. And provide a more comfortable experience and more efficient pumping, even though it is a manual pump it is easy to adjust the suction level to suit your needs by applying more or less pressure to the handle. And all the pressure you apply is directed towards the breast meaning you don’t have to squeeze very hard. The handle is itself quite neat and well placed making it a breeze to use and avoid any hand discomfort.

This pump is easy to assemble and clean, and there are no dials or settings to fix before you start. It is durable and readily portable and can be used at the same time as nursing your baby on one side. You’ll find that many breast pump reviews make mention of the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump.

Breast Pump Reviews: Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump Features:

  • Single manual breast pump
  • Cushion comfort
  • Unique secure seal
  • Simple yet effective handle to adjust suction
  • Easy to clean
  • Travel and fatigue friendly

Breast Pump Reviews: Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump:

Our in depth research of the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump uncovered a few simple truths as stated by the reviewers, nearly 87% of reviewers like this product, in fact, 80% gave this pump their highest ratings.

Many of the reviews for the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump stated they liked. This pump because they felt no hand discomfort from the pumping action which also makes it easy to adjust the suction level, it is very easy to assemble and clean and that it works much better than similar models used and even better than some electric pumps. The large majority of reviewers found that they were able to produce a sufficient volume of milk and quite easily too.

There were, however, a few negative reviews, although 1 or 2 were personal and less of an issue with the pump itself a couple of reviewers did state that this pump has become occasionally squeaky. If you buy this pump (or any manual breast pump) and it does develop a squeak just apply a very small amount of petroleum jelly to the squeaky area, and you should find it fixes the problem.

Breast Pump Reviews: Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump Recommendation:

Due to a large number of good reviews for this product we have no problem recommending it, especially when you couple durability with an affordable price. The Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump is a very good pump, efficient, effective and comfortable.


9# Medela Symphony Breast Pump

[amazon_link asins=’B001JA85K2′ template=’withoudtnameProductAd’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’3c8e8dbf-fb75-11e7-b421-dbf57a1e2b03′]

The Medela Symphony Breast Pump is a hospital grade double electric pump with 2 phase expression pumping, let-down stimulation, and expression, and with a one knob intuitive operating system, it is easy to switch between the two. The pump is quite intuitive too, it starts at quite a rapid sucking pace to mimick a babies rhythm and when you let-down it adjusts to a longer slower sucking natural pace.

This breast pump is designed to not only establish the milk supply but also help you express more milk without any extra effort and time. It is the result of extensive research on electrical breast pumps conducted by internationally renowned lactation researcher Peter Hartmann, Ph.D. It is rated for use with premature babies, and all parts that come into contact with breastmilk are BPA/DEHP Free, the pump is quiet to use and easy to clean.

Medela Symphony Breast Pump Features:

  • Double or single pumping
  • LCD display to indicate mode and suction level
  • One knob single control system
  • BPA/DEHP free
  • Electric
  • Portable

Medela Symphony Breast Pump Reviews:

The media Symphony is quite an extraordinary breast pump, we conducted extensive research and could not find a bad word said about this breast pump. This is a far superior pump to most of its competition, but then it should be for the price, it is certainly not inexpensive, but if you plan to express for a long time or plan on having another child or two, then this pump is definitely worth the investment.

Of the reviewers we researched, this breast pump has a near 100% top rating with mothers stating that this pump helped them express more, milk, more quickly or painlessly. Some mothers that have used other models also stated that they wished they had bought this pump 1st off.
Do we recommend this pump? Of course, we do, it is a great breast pump however if you don’t intend to use it for long then we do also recommend that you rent the pump instead of buying it. Rental costs for the Medela Symphony Breast Pump are a little less than $$ per month but you may need some additional kit/accessories depending on where you rent it from.

10# Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump Review

[amazon_link asins=’B0006HBS1M’ template=’withoudtnameProductAd’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’54c0dbce-fb75-11e7-885f-931e4eb187dc’]

The Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump is a basic, affordable manual breast pump by the most recognized name in the world of breast pumps. If you’re looking for a manual breast pump, be sure to read this review, because this is probably the one for you.

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump Product Overview

Includes two 5-oz containers with lids
Includes one bottle stand
Includes one SoftFit breast shield
All BPA-free for your baby’s safety
Fully manual operation – no batteries needed!
The Harmony Breast Pump from Madela is the best selling and most popular manual breast pump available on the market. While electric breast pumps are usually more fully-featured, a manual breast pump is great for those who simply wish to have an inexpensive breast pump to use once in a while. Another great perk of manual breast pumps is that unlike electric breast pumps, they are completely silent, and the Harmony is no exception.

The Medela Harmony is much easier to clean when compared to other manual breast pumps, such as the Avent Isis, as it has fewer parts. Cleanliness is extremely important when it comes to breast pumps, so this makes it a lot more convenient and simple to use.

Perfect for trips and camping

If you’re going on a short trip where you won’t have any electricity, such as a camping trip, the Medela Harmony manual breast pump is a huge boon. Obviously, an electric breast pump won’t be of much use if you don’t have any electricity, which isn’t a problem with a manual breast pump. Keep in mind that you will still need a cool place to store the pumped milk, like a cooler pack. Even if you’ll be somewhere with electricity, a manual breast pump like the Medela Harmony is much simpler to clean and carry, as there’s no need to mess with cleaning tubing or anything like that.

Can be used with only one hand

Also unlike the Avent Isis, the Medela Harmony can be used with only one hand. If you’re a mother, I don’t have to tell you how much of a benefit this is. You can even nurse your baby with one arm while pumping with the other; very convenient. If you have existing bottles from another breast pump, there is a good chance they will work with this one as well. There’s no guarantee, but I’ve read reports that this is the case.

You may be wondering if a manual breast pump gets hard on the hand after a while. The trust is that they can, but we found that the Harmony is much easier than most other manual pumps.

What’s the Final Say on the Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump?

If you need a simple, effective manual breast pump that’s very easy on the bank account, you really can’t go wrong with the Medela Harmony manual breast pump. Although electric breast pumps are much more efficient and fully-featured, the Harmony gets the job done at a fraction of the price. Not only this, but Medela has great customer service, so if you happen to have a problem with the pump, they will likely be able to help you or replace any parts if necessary.

We recommend this breast pump to anyone looking for a manual breast pump!


  • Very affordable at under $30
  • Small and convenient, fits in almost any purse
  • No need for batteries, completely manual
  • Can be used with one hand, freeing the other


  • Slower than an electric breast pump
  • Manual breast pumps can be tiring on the hand, although the Medela Harmony better than most

How to Choose the Best Breast Pump for You

Like most things, no one breast pump is right for everyone. However, the main consideration when choosing the best breast pump is deciding on whether an electric or manual pump is best.

There are unique reasons for different people. In some cases, both are a good option for different times or reasons.

The best electric style breast pump is great for getting the most milk produced in the shortest amount of time with little effort. However, even the best breast pump that is electric tends to be bulky and hard to carry about. So for portability and fast use, non-electric styles of breast pumps can’t be beaten.

Once you have decided on the best type, it is time to look at the many different styles and configurations of each breast pump model and select them based on personal choice and desires. We hope this website reviewing the best breast pump styles on the market today helps you get your babies off to a great start in life.

If you are looking for excellent customer service, more breast pump reviews from actual customers and a hassle free experience when looking for a breast pump, just go to this site here.
There are so many manufacturers and models out there it would be impossible to list everything. However, many high breast pumps are included in every price range and from a wide array of quality makers.

Most of the breast pumps included are electric which many feel is essential criteria for choosing a proper breast pump. However, you will also notice a couple of manual breast pumps that make good options.

Which breast pump to buy?

As a new mother, you should probably know that experts recommend breastfeeding for the first six months after your baby is born. If you want to express milk efficiently, you will need the help of a breast pump. There are many types of breast pumps, but we will go into a bit of detail about the various types:

Hospital Grade Pumps

This style of a breast pump is hands down the most heavy duty available to breastfeeding mothers. Your breasts will be stimulated in a fashion which will raise hormone levels increasing breast milk production from your body.

A hospital pump is a so heavy duty it is approved by the FDA for multiple people to use! More than one mother can use a hospital grade breast pump safely because they are designed with sanitary barriers preventing any contamination. In the scenario where multiple mothers are sharing the same pump, each will have their bottling kit.

This style pump has strong motors providing high suction levels and efficient pumping. Hospital grade breast pumps are also bigger and weigh more, which makes it less convenient to travel with than personal breast pumps. Along with the size comes durability and most are covered by strong manufacturer’ s warranties which may range from 3 to 5 years vs. the standard 1-year warranty personal pumps have.

Electric Pumps

These pumps are for mothers who plan on expressing milk daily. For those planning on going back to work after the baby is born then an electric pump makes plenty of sense.

Mothers who are working lean towards using electric pumps because they can express ample amounts of milk in a short time span. If you need to increase your milk supply, an electric pump will help you do that. Models that have a double pump can further help reduce the time it takes to pump.

Downsides of an electric pump include heft and noise. However, recent makers of breast pumps are investing in new technology which makes pumps lighter and quieter. Also, some models are battery operated making them that much easier for mothers on the go.

An electric breast pump generally will be more expensive than its manual counterpart. For mothers who plan on feeding their babies breast milk all the time the price paid will justify the convenience. The majority of electric pumps will also come with a backpack or tote with room to store milk bottles and accessories.

Manual Pumps

If you are only going to be pumping on an occasional basis than this style of a breast pump can meet your demands. Most manual pumps are compact and weigh little so you can easily pack them for travel.

Another reason to consider manual breast pumps is the price, which is often low. A lot of new mothers will go with a manual breast pump until they decide how long they plan to breastfeed as an electric pump costs quite a deal more.

An additional benefit of a manual pump is that it gives the mother control over the speed and suction while pumping. The downside to this is I have heard of mothers getting tired while expressing milk and not being able to get enough for a feeding.

Decision Time

After looking at all the different options and reviewing our top picks for the best breast pump on the market, it’s up to you as the consumer to select what meets your needs. You can easily look at what is in your desired price range, and what features will help make expressing breast milk a comfortable experience.

New breast pumps are being created every year, and for this reason, we will update the comparison chart above as often as possible. If you feel we have missed putting up a great breast pump let us know in the comments below.

Using the Best Breast Pump to Beat Mother Nature at her Own Game

Best Breast Pump Welcome to our site that focuses, on what we feel, is the Best Breast Pump selection in today’s market.

We have developed this site with Breast Pump reviews to help moms find the best and most natural way to feed their precious babies.

Breastfeeding has been the natural method of feeding newborns since the beginning of humankind. The best breast pumps were only in hospitals and still a very new idea in child care when emergencies required them.

However, there was a period in the 50’s, and 60’s when convenience and modern medicine seemed to think it was possible to outwit Mother Nature and processed infant formulas would provide better nutrients for our precious babies.

It didn’t take long to find out that while it was indeed more convenient, it was not better.
In the mid-70’s breastfeeding came back into the public mind, and more and more mothers were going back to natural. However, the switch from formula to the breastfeeding wasn’t without some losses.

During the formula hey-day, moms were also entering the workplace in record numbers, and breastfeeding was an uncomfortable fit. Now with the new realization that the breast is best, other problems came to the forefront that meant doctors and scientists needed to come together and create the best breast pump for home use.

Some women found it embarrassing to breastfeed in public, and most significant of all, fathers were no longer as intimately connected to the care of their babies as they were when they could help with feedings.

Suddenly there was a whole new market for breast pumps, and they were making their way into homes across the country.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When looking for a product online, no matter what it is, you need to be sure the site is safe, has excellent customer service and competitive prices. The third is least important as you will always find a discount online and many sites have similar prices.

But if the site is not secure or there is poor customer service, everything else becomes irrelevant. After a lot of research, we found the best site online to buy your breast pump and to read more breast pump reviews is right here. You can shop at ease here, as I found them to be very efficient and reliable.

How the Best Breast Pump Revolutionized the Women’s Revolution

Thanks to more modern technology and a better understanding of what is best for babies, today’s best breast pump allowed women to provide the very best for their infants and still be active, work and it had great advantages for daddy too.

Fathers could still enjoy the closeness and connection of feeding their infants while giving mom’s milk after she used the best breast pumps of the time.

Thanks to modern technology, a better understanding of infant nutrition and the value of breastfeeding, the best breast pump were beating Mother Nature at her own game.

We take pride in providing the latest information on today’s best breast pump models for you to help you give your baby the very best while living an active life and sharing the joys of infant care with the family.

Does Pacifier Affect Breastfeeding?

For most mothers, pacifier becomes a major tool used in dealing with their infants. Pacifier is used to comfort crying babies. But how does this thing affect the breastfeeding of the infant?

The primary concerns against the use of pacifiers include less milk production due to reduced time of an infant at the breast and the development of a cracked nipples and mastitis due to shallow sucking habits developed by an infant from using a pacifier. These factors might lead to early termination of breastfeeding.
There are studies that show pacifier use is associated with the early termination of breastfeeding. But these studies were not very clear whether pacifiers contribute breastfeeding problems to the child. It is not clear whether pacifier creates problem to breastfeeding or if it is the mother who has trouble in breastfeeding thus, the use pacifier to resolve it. A common example of a mother’s apprehension to breastfeeding is because of pain that is caused by breast engorgement and also by mastitis. But for most working mothers, early weaning from breastfeeding is necessary for relation to going back to work.

Another study shows using pacifier does not give significant effect to the breastfeeding of a child. Whether the child was introduced to pacifiers before breastfeeding, or breastfeed the child first before introducing a pacifier. But this study is talking about the long term effect only. There could be a different result if the study focuses on the effects over the first few weeks.
While studies above have somewhat different results, and while further studies are still being developed, World Health Organization (WHO) recommends not to immediately use pacifiers to infants immediately after birth. It is better to use other ways to deal with fussing and crying babies. It is still the motivation of the mother that is the key ingredient for a successful breastfeeding.

When To Use Breast Pump?

Women have mixed emotions towards having a baby and returning to work. Sometimes they become excited because they are going back to their beloved work and others will feel the opposite because they will realize that they will have no time breastfeeding their babies.
However, you can still work and breastfeed your baby at the same time. You can achieve this and still nourish your baby with the right nutritional benefit, by using a breast pump.

With breast pump, you can save your breast milk for later use. You don’t have to worry on when or where you feed your baby. Another benefit is that you can leave your baby in the care of your trusted neighbor or nanny while your breast milk is refrigerated.
Using breast pump can stimulate the production of a woman’s breast milk. It is recommended by experts that if a woman intends to resume work, she should start using breast pump one or two weeks before.
If you think breastfeeding is easy? It is not actually. You still have to practice on how to use it properly. Women have different milk capacity compared to others. One can fill the whole bottle in just one breast pump usage, while the other will have to pump 4 times to fill the bottle.

Is Breastfeeding Easy?

Everyone thought that breastfeeding is easy. Well, that is not the case when you ask all the breastfeeding mothers. The goal of mothers is to breastfeed their baby for six months at least. Others, who take a breastfeeding class, will realize that it is hard to breastfeed during the first week before her birth. Below are some of the suggestions you may consider when breastfeeding for the first time:
1. Capitalize in some nursing bras. It is advised that you should wear a nursing bra 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. A good nursing bra must be comfortable and no underwire.
2. Never give up. I know that breastfeeding is not easy, but you have nowhere to go but forward. You will soon get used to it.
3. Join a support group for breastfeeding. Find a local group of nursing mothers and join them to get some ideas and also share your ideas.
4. Before you give birth, take a class in breastfeeding. During the class, you will be using a doll baby. The doll baby will mimic a new born child.

Pregnant Women Can Breastfeed

A woman had posted her experience in breastfeeding while pregnant. According to some myths, breastfeeding while pregnant is dangerous and may even cause a miscarriage, or the breast will stop producing milk. This woman would like to prove that those are myths. According to her, she breastfed her 10-18-month-old daughter while she was pregnant with her son. Even at 3 years old, her daughter was still breastfeeding but will soon stop it to wean the child as soon as the child is ready. It means, this woman is feeding two kids and topping it all, she is again pregnant. According to her, she can do it without risking her babies. She claims she had read about breastfeeding and done lots of research thus; she believes she also knows a lot about breastfeeding.

This woman would like to clear some of these myths. Below are her experiences and ideas:
1) Miscarriage
If you are not advised to have bed rest, or your body is not that sensitive during pregnancy, then miscarriage is unlikely. The oxytocin that is being produced while breastfeeding is also the hormone that causes the contractions during labor but its amount produced during breastfeeding does not cause premature labor.
2) Painful to breastfeed while pregnant
It may be painful to breastfeed if your breast becomes sensitive during pregnancy. But to her experience, she can tolerate the hurt and soreness of her breast while breastfeeding. She just taught her kids the proper way to suck and not to unlatch suddenly. But some women decided to wean their child early because they cannot tolerate the pain.
3) Breast will stop producing milk
According to this woman, this could be true or could be false. She had known that 30% of breastfeeding women had produced milk all through out and she had twice. Her child could prove that there is milk coming from her breast and she had even felt the fullness sometimes. Some people said that milk starts to stop between 8 to 16 weeks. But when you are pregnant, the cycle of having milk starts again. Therefore, your child will have milk. But you should supplement your body by eating healthy fats.
4) Nutrients was robbed from the baby in the womb
The body will give nutrients to the baby inside first. Unless you are not supplementing your body with proper food and nutrients, your breast will not produce milk since it reserves its nutrients to the baby inside. But if you have supplemented your body with proper nutrition, continued breastfeeding does not affect the child inside you. In her experience, her second baby is more healthy and more strong than the first, even if she breastfeed during the second baby’s pregnancy.

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