11 Best Cardio Machines Reviews – Buyer Guide 2021

Cardio machines have the potential to help people who are looking to lose weight and maintain the ideal shape of the body.

A wide range of cardio machines can be found out there on the market. They include treadmills, stationary bikes, rowing machines, stair steppers, elliptical bikes and more.

So which one do you choose?

If you are looking for answers to the above question, you have come to the right place.

We will let you know about the best cardio machines that are available in the market at the most through our best cardio machines reviews.

You just need to go through the reviews on our website and select the best cardio machine that matches your specific needs and requirements.

What are the facts that you need to consider about before choosing a cardio machine? The cardio machine that you purchase should have the ability to get you the fittest.

Also, it should have the least impact on your joints while helping you to burn the maximum number of calories.

For example, if your major concern is to burn the maximum amount of calories within a short period, you are recommended to go for an elliptical trainer instead of a treadmill.

Schwinn Airdyne Bike Series

Schwinn Airdyne Bike Series

If you are looking for a smart home cardio machine then the Schwinn AD6 Exercise Bike is best for you. 

The wind resistance offered by this cardio machine is simply great as the more you pedal, the more resistance you get.  The console of this cardio machine is very smartly designed which shows the entire key data all at one go. It also has a Rev Meter RPM gauge which is simply ideal for interval training.

Undoubtedly, this cardio machine is one of the favorite fitness equipment for any home gym as it provides better comfort, performance and durability. It contains a smooth fan which helps you to get a smooth workout. It also contains resistance –free braking which develops zero friction. It also comes with a BioSynch linkage system that ensures that you get safer workouts.


  • Suitable for the whole body workout.
  • Perfect style for modern home environment.
  • Better motion control


  • No backlit console.
  • It can get pretty noisy if you workout hard
Schwinn Airdyne Bike Series

Here is a list of the most popular cardio machines that are available for you out there on the market:

  • The treadmill – This can be considered as the most popular cardio machine out of all. People who live in every corner of the world seek the assistance of treadmills to burn calories. It has the potential to deliver efficient results to the users as well. For example, you will be able to burn about 100 calories by walking for about one mile. The treadmill can easily be adapted to suit your fitness level as well.
  • Stationary bikes – Stationary bikes can offer efficient workout to the users while creating the least impact on your joints. If you are a person who is suffering from knee pain, a stationary bike would be the best cardio machine available out there for you. That is because stationary bikes keep the weight of your body away from your joints.
  • Elliptical trainers – Elliptical trainers are the most efficient cardio machines you can find out there. They create a very little impact on the joints as well. Elliptical trainers are also known as the best alternative available for treadmills. If you can purchase an elliptical trainer with arm components, you will be able to burn a higher amount of calories through the workouts. However, such machines are not recommended for beginners.
  • Rowing machines – Many people think that rowing machines can only deliver an upper body workout to them. When it comes to reality, the above-mentioned fact is not true. Rowing machines can be defined as advanced cardio machines because you will be asked to push your legs while pulling your arms. A perfect coordination between your arms and legs are required.

If you want to get more details about these best cardio machines, please feel free to go through our website.

Sunny Health and Fitness Pink Magnetic Elliptical Trainer review

Sunny Health & Fitness P8300 Pink Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Elliptical Machine w/LCD Monitor

Sunny Health and Fitness are one of the leading companies in the Health and Fitness industry. This manufacturer is well-known for affordable but comfortable, durable and safe fitness equipment. If you are looking for a low-priced, cute and efficient machine in your home gym, your answer is nothing but Sunny Health and Fitness Pink Magnetic Elliptical Trainer.

The specifications:

Performance Features:

  • Large anti-slip platforms
  • Striking pink hue
  • Low-impact workout
  • Tone upper and lower body
  • Flywheel weight: 11 lbs (5 kg)
  • Resistance Type: Magnetic
  • 8 levels of Resistance
  • Anti-Slip Footplates
  • Footplate size: 10” long x 5” wide
  • Power: batteries for meter display
  • 11.5-inch stride length
  • Two-Way Striding Capability

Display and Console Features:

  • A large LCD
  • Moving handlebars – backward and forward motion
  • 8-level tension controller
  • Meter function: Scan, Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Total Distance

Specs and Warranty:

  • Product Dimensions 51″ L x 26″ W x 62″ H (129.6 x 66.1 x 157.6 cm)
  • Maximum User Weight 220 lbs (99.7 kg)
  • Warranty: Frame: 1yr/ Parts: 90 days

Sunny Health and Fitness Pink Magnetic Elliptical Trainer is designed to serve moderate use and is extremely easy to use.

Having a compact size and lightweight, the machine is very easy to move in case that you do not have much space or you want to change the position of some things in your home. Besides, it is easy to use, making it ideal equipment for beginners or those who do not like the complication of higher technology machines. Also, the machine has a special anti-slip function and oversized removable pedals, giving users comfortable and safe feeling while exercising at high-intensity levels. Apart from this, adjustable flywheel would also put them at ease.

The Sunny Health and Fitness Pink machine come up with 8 levels of magnetic resistance. Hence, customers can challenge themselves by choosing the resistance level, and the trainer will keep them busy gyming. Moreover, elliptical trainers always give users chance to work both their upper and lower body together. Therefore, with this machine, it is feasible that the users can lose from 500 up to 1000 calories per hour training.

On the other hand, the Sunny Health trainer offers a large LCD, providing much information to help users keep track of their progress, including calories, burned, number of strokes, time elapsed, heart rate, speed, distance and some other things. In spite of the display’s small size, users can follow their workout data easily thanks to the clear font. Furthermore, the machine will require customers to put the different parts together. However, this process is very easy that they can assemble it in a short time.

Obviously, a low-priced equipment like Sunny Health and Fitness Pink Magnetic Elliptical Trainer cannot meet all of the users’ need.

Designed for beginners, the machine does not offer complicated workout programs for people who want to diversify their exercises. Besides, with a very low price, the equipment can not integrate some useful things such as fan, water holder, speaker or reading rack. As a result, this is not a suitable choice for those loving modernity and innovated technology.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to control your work
  • Quite a solid frame
  • Very affordable
  • Comfortable experience


  • Limited programs
  • Lack of useful features like fan, speaker, reading rack, etc
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Simple and budget, Sunny Health and Fitness Pink Magnetic Elliptical Trainer is the best selection for inexperienced athletes aiming to improve their body strength, stamina, and muscles.

Precor EFX 5.25 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer Review

General info-Overview

Exercising to reduce the overall weight of your body is a very important task that is to be done on a daily basis. However, making time to visit the gym can prove to be an impossibility for most people with a busy life. However, if the purchase of gym equipment like EFX 5.25 Precor is done, then the customer need not worry. The elliptical machine is equipped to the brim with a variety of features, and excellent performance is evident in the machine.


The EFX 5.25 Precor elliptical trainer offers a lot of variety on the workouts that have been preloaded. Most of these include the calorie burning workout, or help you in assisting with your goal of a healthy weight loss, or improving the overall fitness of your body. The incline is extremely powerful and adds a new layer of challenge in the workout.


  • Resistance Level: 16
  • Workout Programs: 8
  • Weight Capacity: 250 pounds
  • Machine Weight: 184 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 76”L x 29”W x 62”H
  • 23 lb Flywheel
  • 4” LCD console Display
  • Adjustable Stride 18.5-20”
  • Locking pin for foot pedal misuse
  • Touch and Telemetry heart and pulse monitoring
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty
  • 5 Year Parts Warranty

Ease of Use

The use of this machine is relatively very simple. However, since it is a professional grade machine, you should not have to worry yourself about a variety of features. You can just choose a preset workout schedule, and simply enter your weight and your age, and then take hold of the handles, while the ramp will be automatically adjusting to your desired program level.

Safety Features

  • SmartRate Heart Monitoring
  • Locking Pin
  • Extensive Warranty


  • Warranty. The presence of a wonderful warranty on the product is what seems to be the best factor for this machine.
  • Workouts. There are a lot of workout programs, and most of them include the assistance towards your weight loss goals, as well as improving your overall fitness. Interval workouts are also provided in addition to the standard manual mode.
  • Incline. The powerful incline is also provided, that can add an extra layer of challenge for the people in the workout.
  • Multi-User. More than one user will be able to save their profile as a personal workout preference on the elliptical machine.
  • Safety. When the pedals are not in use, the locking pin feature will ensure that children do not injure themselves.


  • Price. The expense of purchasing the EFX 5.25 Precor is going to create a hole in your pocket.
  • Sound. There are no basic audio ports or speakers, and hence the entertainment features of this particular elliptical machine are missing.
  • Weight. The weight limit is only restricted to about 250 pounds.
  • Metrics. Some valid display features like your overall speed or the projected speed to gain per mile are missing.


If you need a product sans any entertainment and would like to work out seriously, then the EFX 5.25 Precor is the ideal choice for you.

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Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Machine Review

Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Machine

General info-Overview For people willing to reduce their weight, or stay in shape, the membership to a gym is necessary. Getting to the gym and gives access to a variety of exercise equipment. However, making time to visit the gym can prove to be a big hindrance for many. Which is why home equipment is the ideal option for such people. With E 25 Sole Fitness installed in your house, fitness should never be an issue.

The machine comes with a lot of promise, and you would be hard-pressed to find a professional machine of this kind. Performance There is a generous dose of resistance level as well as a variety of workout schedules provided by the E 25 Sole Fitness. It also has a very good high gear ratio that most of the contemporary machines do not have.

It can give you the ability to target a variety of core muscle groups, and with just a simple push of the button, the ramp will be able to move to a completely new level of about 30° incline. The natural movement is fluidic, so people don’t face problems with the noise emanated from the system. Features

  • Workout Programs: 10
  • Weight Capacity: 350 pounds
  • Machine Weight: 189 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 58”L x 27”W x 71”H
  • 25 lb Flywheel
  • 6.25’ LCD console Display
  • Adjustable Stride 20-22”
  • ECB Resistance
  • Chest strap heart and pulse monitoring
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty
  • 3 Year Parts Warranty

Price One of the best at the top of the budget price point of $  Ease of Use Extremely user-friendly options is to be found in the E 25 Sole Fitness. All you need to do is to simply get on the machine, and mention your parameters. If you need a customized workout session, then you can take the workout programs, and it will be fine-tuned to your needs. According to the warranty, the frame contains a lifetime warranty, three years warranty is provided for the electronics and the parts, and there is only one year warranty for the labor. Safety Features

  • Strap on Heart Monitoring
  • Pedal Adjustments
  • Solid Framework

Pros Motion. The heavy-duty flywheel and the high gear ratio to provide a very smooth experience for the user of the Sole Fitness E25 elliptical machine. Cooling. The built-in cooling fan to take care of overheating experiences by the user during exercises. A water bottle holder to provide for ready hydration in emergency circumstances. Sound. The built-in speakers to ensure no boredom while exercising. Cons Assembly.

The instructions included in the Sole Fitness E25 elliptical machine manual are not as intuitive as we would like and can be extremely difficult to understand. The timeframe for a full assembly of the E25 elliptical machine takes most users about 1.5 to 2 hours. Fan. Many users express dissatisfaction with the speed of the fan.

Slow fan speeds combined with a high consumption of electricity is a lackluster feature without providing any cooling effect. Verdict The E 25 Sole Fitness has received a lot of quality reviews, and it has widely been considered as the best elliptical machine to purchase under $ 1000. With a lot of features, this particular machine can help you in your workout.

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Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer Review

General info-overview

Horizon Fitness provides a budget-friendly option for those who are not ready to spend over $1000 on their home gym equipment. With a smaller size, the Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 elliptical machine can fit into less space than is required for some other models. For a good, basic elliptical trainer on a budget, Horizon Fitness is a quality choice.


A standard 18” stride is smooth and comfortable on the Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 elliptical machine. The average natural stride is mimicked in fluid motion by this elliptical trainer. Low profile makes it easy to get on and off, and comfort is a top priority in the design of this elliptical machine.


  • Resistance Levels: 10
  • Workout Programs: 10
  • Weight Capacity: 275 pounds
  • Machine Dimensions: 68″L x 25″W x 64″H
  • Machine Weight: 169 lbs.
  • Heart Monitoring
  • MP3 Speakers
  • Zero Gap Natural Stride
  • 5” LCD Console
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty

Ease of use

Easy step on and step off. Smooth movement for basic elliptical use.

Safety Features

  • Zero Gap Pedals
  • Heart Monitor


Price. This basic machine fits into most budgets and fits average needs.


  • Weight Capacity. 275-pound capacity may not be sufficient for all consumers.
  • No power incline.
  • No adjustable stride.


If you are an average sized person looking for a basic elliptical workout, this machine is a sturdy budget-priced option.Buy From Amazon

Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill Review

Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill

You will obviously be taken aback when you compare the new Sole F80 treadmill from the previous one. The newly updated treadmill provides for more room and is more powerful than when it was first launched. It however still retains some of the great features found on the previous one including quiet operation, built-in workout programs and perfect cushioning. Sole’s trademark horseshoe design is also still very evident on the new machine.


This treadmill is certainly one of the best when it comes to performance. It comes with a powerful 3.5 CHP motor that supports a maximum capacity of 375 pounds. At a maximum speed of 12 mph, this treadmill is suitable for running and walking workouts. The good thing about the motor is that it remains quiet during operation.

Sole is known to make use of high-quality commercial-grade parts, something that leads to long-lasting treadmill machines of which Sole F80 treadmill is just one of them. This treadmill’s track is 2-ply and measures 60 inches long and 22 inches wide, providing you with ample workout space. The machine has a maximum incline of 15%, which no doubt makes it possible for you to burn as many calories as you wish or to stimulate different muscles of your body. The machine’s track is also designed with CushionFlex technology, which reduces training impact on your joints by as much as 40%. This huge impact reduction is no doubt the best that you can find.


Sole F80 treadmill features a 7.5-inch LCD screen that is illuminated by soft-blue lighting from the background. This makes it possible for you to have a crisp view of all your workout data in addition to viewing other vital information contained in the user’s manual. It also features built-in speakers through which you can listen to your favorite music from your MP3 files or your iPod. Also, it also features wireless heart rate monitor, a built-in fan for the console and incline speed controls that are strategically located in the armrests.


Sole F80is a solidly built treadmill machine. It is of the best quality and is available at around $. Buying this treadmill also entitles you to a lifetime warranty on both frame and motor, a five-year warranty on parts and its electronics and a two-year warranty for service.

Ease of use

This is one of the easiest treadmills to set up and use. You indeed do not need to have an extra hand when setting it up unless you wish to. Operating is also as simple as pushing buttons here and there.

Safety Features

The sole F80 treadmill is a very safe treadmill to train with. Use of CushionFlex technology no doubt goes a long way in protecting your joints from possible adverse training impact.

Pros and Cons

The sole F80 treadmill is no doubt one of the most popular treadmills around. This is attributed to its high level of performance and the fact that it is very durable. The machine’s only downside lies in the fact that it has limited built-in workout programs. This treadmill only has six standard workout programs, two workout programs that you can personalize and two heart rate programs.


Sole F80 treadmill no doubt occupies a position between state-of-the-art and less expensive treadmills. It, therefore, turns out to be a reasonable machine in all respects and that is why its popularity continues to grow.Buy From Amazon

Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine Review

Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

General info-overview

The Sole Fitness E35 elliptical machine model combines the size and feel of gym-style equipment with a price that fits into many home gym budgets. Stationary handles complement Smooth, stable motion with heart rate monitor pads. For the price point of the Sole Fitness E35 elliptical machine, you get a very solid, quiet, and comfortable home elliptical machine. Forming a middle ground between clunky home equipment and expensive commercial equipment, Sole Fitness gives users top quality that people can afford.


Performance is the key strength of the Sole Fitness E35 elliptical machine model. Highly durable and reliable equipment is paired with the basic features that one would expect on a home elliptical trainer. If you value smooth, quiet movement over bells and whistles, this is the machine for you.



  • Resistance Levels: 20
  • Workout Programs: 6 standards, 2 custom
  • Power Incline: 0-30 degrees
  • Weight Capacity: 375 pounds
  • Machine Dimensions: 83″L x 27″W x 58″H
  • Machine Weight: 215 lbs.
  • Heart Monitoring
  • Adjustable Pedals and Stride
  • Sound System
  • LCD Console
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty

Ease of use

Operating the Sole Fitness E35 elliptical machine is intuitive through the LCD console. Stride is adjustable up to 22” to accommodate taller users, who will also appreciate the oversized pedals and higher than normal weight capacity.

Safety Features

  • Angled Foot Pads
  • Heart Monitor
  • Secure Stability


Smooth Motion. A 29-pound flywheel gives the Sole Fitness E35 the kind of fluid motion that you would get from a commercial quality machine.

Stability. This machine feels substantial and secure. Also, the slightly tilted pedals make balance more safe and natural.


Features. The emphasis in on the optimal operation of this machine, so you are not going to get a top of the line sound system or 30 workout programs.

Service. Purchasers who have required service indicate problems getting issues resolved promptly, even after paying for professional Sole Fitness assembly.


For a smooth ride without a large budget, the Sole Fitness E35 is a great choice.Buy From Amazon

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Review

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill


This is no doubt one of the best creations by ProForm. This treadmill brings together latest technology and training space, resulting in an efficient machine anyone would like to own for optimum training. Interestingly, this treadmill turns out to be ProForm’s most affordable machine in its PRO line of treadmill machines despite the fact that it rivals other treadmills regarding quality and performance.


ProForm PRO 2000 is a folding treadmill that comes with a modest 3.25 CHP commercial grade motor that has a guaranteed lifetime warranty and support. This treadmill suits you in case you weigh 350 pounds, which is its maximum capacity. It is designed with a 2-ply track that measures 60 inches long and 22 inches wide, which will accommodate you in case you are not all that tall. Its incline/decline is in the range of -3% to 15%, meaning that it provides you with the best running experience, allowing you to challenge different muscles of your body in the best way you can. The incline/decline changes automatically depending on a workout program you have chosen. You can, however, change the slant by simply pressing a button.



This treadmill features an 8-inch display that you can view from different angles, something that makes it very easy for you to choose any of the 24 built-in programs. You can alternatively use the iFit feature. The good thing about the built-in workout programs is the fact that you can personalize them to suit your training needs. You can indeed personalize them to provide you with calorie burning, speed or high intensity training.

With a maximum speed of 12 mph coupled with the fact that the programs can be personalized, you do not have any excuse for not settling for this machine. You are however not restricted to the built-in programs; you have the option of using the iFit feature to connect to the Internet to access more workout programs, to access a personal trainer or to get in touch with your friends on social media sites, friends you can compete with.

One great feature of this machine is its 3.0 Intermix Acoustic speakers through which you can listen to your favorite MP3 music files or from your iPod.


As earlier indicated, ProForm PRO 2000 is ProForm’s cheapest treadmill in the PRO line of treadmills. This treadmill retails at between $, depending on where you buy it from. You receive a lifetime warranty on both its frame and motor. Also, you also receive a five-year warranty on parts and two years service for service.

Ease of Use

One thing that stands out about this treadmill is the ease of setting it up. You also find it very easy to use the console that features well laid out buttons for quick operation.

Safety Features

This treadmill is generally a safe treadmill that anyone able to use the console can train with. Indeed no reports have emerged touching on the treadmill’s level of safety.

Pros and Cons

This is no doubt one of the simplest yet performing treadmills you can find. Its Space-saving design also makes it one of the treadmills that you easily fold vertically to create more space in a room or when you need to travel with it. However, ProForm should have thought of using a 4-ply belt instead of the two-ply belt. Furthermore, it lacks color screen that most into training have become accustomed to.


Simple in almost every way, ProForm PRO 2000 is a quality treadmill that provides for optimum training. Its well-cushioned track, simple entertainment, and a powerful motor are no doubt the basic things that anyone intent on training looks forward to in a treadmill.Buy From Amazon

Bowflex TreadClimber TC10

Bowflex TreadClimber Series

General Information

BowFlex TC 10 is a Treadclimber by BowFlex. It is the company’s medium incline trainer that combines a treadmill, stair climber and elliptical trainer all in one fitness machine. Other models in this series include BowFlex TC 5 and the top model, BowFlex TC 20.


Like with any treadclimber, BowFlex TC 10 provides for very efficient workouts. Its treadles can be inclined to a maximum of 40%, to provide one with the same level of workout fitness as a runner. Furthermore, use of the machines eliminates the risk of training stress on both knees and ankle joints. More beneficial is the fact that using this machine allows one to burn body fat twice as quickly as one would burn using a standard treadmill to train.

This machine comes with a 50.6 inches long and 30.3 inches wide footprint with attached wheels for ease of moving the machine around when necessary. Weighing at 185 pounds, the machine has a maximum capacity of 300 pounds. Unlike BowFlex TC 20 that has a maximum aped of 4.5 mph, BowFlex TC 10 has a top speed of only 4 mph.



Like with BowFlex TC 20, BowFlex TC 20 has Goal Oriented Coach technology, a feature that sets one’s weekly goals for 90 minutes of training in addition to tracking one’s training progress. The machine also features a Climb indicator that notifies a user when he/she attains 100 ft climb. It also features ergonomic console designed to hold water bottles and any reading materials. It simply does not have such extra features as iPod port or Internet connection.


BowFlex TC 10 is a very simple trainer. It retails at $ even though it lacks a lot of vital features. It has a limited two-year warranty with unsatisfied buyers having the option of returning the machine for a refund. Returning the machine must be within six weeks of purchase.

Ease of Use

Using this machine is very easy considering that there is really very little one needs to do to operate it. The user manual is also helpful since it is well laid out with all the necessary information and instruction, including instructions on how to set it up.

Safety Features

This does not feature any safety features. It is however well constructed and remains very stable during operation.

Individuals used to treadmills for their training will quickly find this machine lacking workout programs. This machine simply does not come with any built-in workout programs. Its console is also very simply and only serves to serves to calories burnt, distance covered, speed and time.

Pros & Cons

BowFlex TC 10 is a simple trainer that best suits those who need light exercises to keep fit. It, however, lacks many features that make exercising fun and enjoyable.


Although a simple trainer, Bowflex TC 10 delivers challenging workouts that benefit both beginners and elite trainers alike. The fact that it lacks almost all multimedia features makes the machine very appropriate for those who do want any distraction when training.Buy From Amazon

Cardio Machines are the ideal choice if you want to get fit and stay in great shape in the comfort of your own home. They are specially designed to be set up in any room in your home without taking up a lot of space so you can use them daily to achieve your desired level of fitness.

There are various kinds of cardio machines available that are made to give you the ideal workout anytime you want in your own home. You can also choose from several fold-up models that you can easily set up anywhere and then simply fold them away and store them in the wardrobe when not in use. The top choices in cardio machines are elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, and step machines.

  • The cardio machines are specially made to give you a full and effective workout thanks to their comfortable and easy to use designs.
  • All of the models are made from strong and robust high-quality materials and are fully adjustable to guarantee you a comfortable workout whenever you use them.
  • Cardio machines are the ideal choice if you want to lose weight as they provide you with an effective calorie burning daily workout. That you can slowly build on day by day to enable you to lose weight and get in shape, you can start off slowly and gradually increase the amount of daily exercise easily by having one of the great cardio machines right in your own home.

Many of the modern cardio machines also incorporate the latest technology to ensure you can keep track of your progress while you are exercising. The LCDs give you all the necessary information that you need during your workout to ensure that you get the best workout for the correct length of time. Thanks to the lightweight and portable designs you can easily set the cardio machines up anywhere in your home like the living room, bedroom or even in the garden, and you can enjoy exercising while watching the TV indoors or outside in the sunshine and fresh air during the summer.

Some of the most popular types of cardio machines are:

  • Elliptical trainers; the elliptical trainers offer you a great calorie burning exercise because you can move your arms and legs at the same time while exercising. These cardio machines provide you with a great work out that will enable you to lose weight and get in shape quickly, and they are designed so you can comfortably use them every day. You can easily adjust the level of resistance for the leg and arm movements depending on how easy or difficult you want the work out to be, and you can also easily follow your progress with the built in LCD display that gives you all the information you need for a fully effective work out. You can monitor your heart rate while exercising and the on board computer also has preset workouts for different lengths of time and with varying amounts of resistance.
  • Exercise bike; the exercise bike is probably one of the most popular cardio machines available because it offers you a fun and easy way to exercise daily. The range of exercise bikes currently available offer you a strong, lightweight and fully adjustable frame that doesn’t require a lot of space when set up in your room. The bikes also feature ergonomically designed seats that are also fully adjustable to provide you with the right amount of comfort and support. You can choose from an upright design or a recumbent model depending on the style of exercise you prefer. The bikes are also available with LCD displays to give you all the information you need clarification on the screen.
  • Step machine; a stepper offers you a small and compact solution for daily exercise that can be easily stored away when not in use. The small portable designs make them ideal for using anywhere around the home or in the garden. The step machines are probably the most simple cardio machines available, but they still can provide you with a good calorie burning work out. Many of the steppers also feature adjustable resistance to increase the intensity of the workout, and they are great for a daily exercise routine.

Types of elliptical machines

The elliptical machine is a household name for all stationary exercise machines made to simulate certain activities such as running, walking, stair climbing, biking, skiing and others that give workout benefits. These machines feature rotary motion devices for working out both the upper and lower body (there are some that do not come with upper body rotary motion device). If you are looking to buy an elliptical, it is an import for you to know the various types of exercise machines that are categorized as elliptical machines. Below are the various types of elliptical machine.

Elliptical trainer

The elliptical trainer is a type of elliptical machine that works out only the lower body. It comes with stationery handlebar where you hold onto as you push on the foot pedals to make a circular movement. Your glues, quads, and hamstrings are worked on as you push the pedal.

Elliptical cross trainer

This is another type of elliptical machine used to work out both the lower body and upper body. The major difference between an elliptical cross trainer and elliptical trainer is that the former comes with a movable handle for working out the upper body. You will be pushing the pedals and moving the handles at the same time, and by so doing, your upper and lower bodies are worked out. In other words, with an elliptical cross trainer, you will work out your legs, hip extension, knee, shoulders and elbows’ joints, chest and upper back.

Elliptical glider

This type of elliptical machine is very much similar to the elliptical trainer. The major difference lies in the working of the pedals. The pedals of elliptical glider maintain upward and downward movement at a backward angle and not in the circular manner of the pedals of the above two mentioned types of elliptical machines. With the machine, you will be able to work out only the knee and hip extension. It does not work out the upper body.

Besides the above classifications, elliptical machines can also be classified according to their motor or drive location. Under this classification, there are still three types of elliptical machine namely, front-drive, rear drive and the center drive. You can still obtain cardiovascular benefits with any of these types of elliptical machines.

How to choose the best elliptical machine?

As you can see from the above, there are different types and brands of elliptical machines. None of these models or brand can be referred to as the best elliptical machines. It all depends on what you want. There are some factors that you should take into consideration when you are out there in the market to pick the best elliptical machine. Here are tips to help you to choose the best exercise machine for your gym.

Consider the brand/models

As it is mentioned above, some brands are more popular than others. If you want to gain value for your money and also get a good workout, you should buy from a reliable brand such as ProForm, Horizon Fitness, Schwinn Fitness and others. Each of these brands has various models. The models reviewed above are rated high, and you should consider buying any of them.

Consider the design or type and your fitness goal

You have known the various types of elliptical and their differences. Each has its advantages and drawbacks. You should choose a type that will help you to achieve your fitness goal. For example, if you want to work out your upper and lower body, you should go for the elliptical cross trainer.

Consider your comfort

Riding on the elliptical does not have to be painful or inconveniencing even though you are training. So, you have to go for an elliptical machine that offers you maximum comfort as you use it. One of the features of an elliptical machine that determine the level of comfort it offers is its stride length. So, check the stride length of the elliptical you want to buy and make sure that you are comfortable with it before you make any payment. The foot pedal distance is another feature that you should consider if you want to be comfortable when riding your machine. If you are short, go for a machine with foot pedals that are close together.


You will like to buy an elliptical machine that provides smooth and natural elliptical motion. To obtain this, you should check the flywheel of the machine because it is the major part of an elliptical machine responsible for ease of motion. The braking system is another important part to consider as far as motion is a concern.

Check the features available in the machine

Some elliptical machines have more improved features than others. Go for a type with better features and other additional features like music and entertainment features. Machines with numerous features are more functional and enjoyable than those that have few features.

Buy from a reliable source

There are numerous stores both online, and offline selling elliptical machines but they differ in their reliability and reputation. So, make sure you buy from a reliable and reputable source. You are such of getting quality products at affordable prices from such sources.

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