8 Best Concealer for Dark Circles and Acne Scars in 2021

Hi girls.

You probably are wasting your time thinking about which thing can highlight your face and cover your dark circles or spots or any kind of blemishes at the same time.

We all do it.

So, here are some suggestions of the amazing concealers which can change your makeup look dramatically by hiding your acne scars, dark circles, dark spots, any kind of blemishes or age lines.

Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer

This concealer is a micro-corrector. It is available in 7 neutralizing shades such as Fair 110, Light-120, Medium-30/130, Honey-40/140, Neutralizer-150, Brightener-160.

Any on of the colors are amazingly blend-able on your skin. It can cover dark spots, dark circles, redness, blemishes and fine lines.

It can be used as a highlighter for an appropriate application.

It is so easily buildable and blendable.

It provides a crease free finishing. It works as an eraser for reducing your dark circles.

It reduces the puffiness as it contains Haloxyl and provides a more glamorous look instantly. It contains goji berry.

In a word, it will provide a smooth finish by hiding any of the imperfections. If you want a pinkish shade, you can use the shade Brightener-160.

This shade also adds a luminous touch. Apply the neutralizer shade for extreme dark circles.

For a better application, Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Primer Skin Transformer can be used. See details.

Buy Now: Fair 110, Light-120, Medium-30/130, Honey-40/140, Neutralizer-150, Brightener-160

Mineral Fusion Liquid Concealer

Mineral Fusion Liquid Concealer

It can correct skin because it contains camouflaging mineral pigments which helps to reduce redness, prevents hyper-pigmentation.

It contains Pomegranate which helps to make any dark circles invisible.

It contains vitamin C which prepares collagen boosting. this protects from skin aging. It has UV protection.

It has skin-soothing properties such as Licorice Root, Aloe Vera, and Lavender. It provides a flawless finish. It is great for all skin types.

It is pure because it is Gluten Free, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Artificial Color Free, Fragrance Free, Talc Free, Hypo-allergenic, Phthalate Free.

So, this is a great concealer for preventing dark spots and acne scars.

Mineral Fusion Makeup Liquid Warm Mineral Concealer

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, Vanilla

This is an amazing concealer for covering dark spots. This is long-lasting. And it is a crease proof concealer. This is the best concealer for highlighting.

If you want to contour and highlight your face then this is the perfect product for you. This concealer is paraben free, alcohol free, synthetic fragrance free and it is non-comedogenic. It has a tiny pinkish shade which is very suitable for fair complexion.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

MAC pro Longwear concealer

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NW20

This is a lightweight fluid concealer. Coverage range is from medium to full. But a tiny amount of application can provide a comfortable, natural matte finish.

It is very long lasting. It lasts upto 15 hours. It has well range of acne scar coverage.

It can cover any dark spots gently. Dry skin users can be very satisfied with this product as this is so less sensitive and smoothens the skin providing a glowing look.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NW20

CoverGirl Invisible Concealer

COVERGIRL Clean Invisible Lightweight Concealer, 1 Tube (0.32 oz), Light Tone, Liquid Concealer with Soft Tip Applicator

It is an awesome product which has sponge-tip wand. This kind of configuration is very friendly for the easy application of light cream formula.

It is so blendable and provides a nice finish if it is used with a setting spray. For a more radiant finishing pressed powder can be used. It is dermatologically tested.

It does not make your makeup look caked rather provides a spotless finish.

It can hide the dark spots and blemishes smoothly.

COVERGIRL Clean Invisible Lightweight Concealer Light

Revlon Photoready Concealer

Revlon PhotoReady Concealer, Light Medium, 0.11 Oz

It acts as an eraser for erasing any skin imperfections such as dark spots, blemishes and redness.

It can camouflage under eye dark circles. It has a medium to full coverage.

It contain Photo chromatic pigments which is able to bend, reflect and diffuse light. Professionally designed formula and shades developed and tested under the harshest lighting and high definition conditions.

It contains SPF 22 which can protect your skin from UV rays.

Medium Coverage Color Correcting Makeup

L’oreal True MatchSuper-blendable Concealer

L'Oréal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Concealer, Neutral/Fair Light, 0.17 fl. oz

This is an amazing concealer which can match any skin tone. It can hide blemishes. And it can remove any kind of imperfections.

It is great in covering under eye dark circles. It evens the skin tone.

It is easily blendable.For a better finish, apply L’Oreal Paris True Match Powder, Buff Beige. See details

L'Oreal Paris True Match Super

Bobbi Brown Corrector

Bobbi Brown Corrector Light Bisque

Alum of the Bobbi Brown family is their color corrector; this product can be used alone without having any extra product piled on top of it.

If you have dark pigmentation, this product is a must-have in your make up bag.

Sometimes if the pigmentation is too intense, then concealer on its own will not be enough to erase dark circles.

In this case, use the color corrector and then dot on some concealer for the perfect coverage; this is why its one of the best concealer for Asian skin.

This product is considered as a Holy Grail for many makeup artists, because of its undetectable finish,The above list has provided you with options on what concealer you can use as best concealer for Asian skin.

Best concealer for Asian skin

Maybelline Fit Me Liquid Concealer Makeup

Maybelline ‘Fit Me’ Concealer

The Fit Me Concealer is considered as an alternative or even a dupe for the Nars concealer range.

This product has similar packaging but also the same features of the Nars concealer; which makes this perfect for people who want quality products but don’t want to splurge on makeup.

The one drawback about this product is that the consistency is runny and may not provide enough coverage for dark circles.

However, the finish is excellent and leaves your skin looking fresh and dewy, which is a look that we all aspire to have.

The applicator wand allows you to build upon the product and it blends well too, this is why it has made it in our list of best concealer for Asian skin.

Best Maybelline concealer for Asian skin

Clinique beyond Perfecting Super ConcealerClinique Beyond Perfecting Super Concealer Camouflage

Clinique is very popular because of its skin-friendly formulas and the fact that their products are great for sensitive skin types, according to beauty experts; this is one of the best concealers in the Asian markets.

It’s perfect for all kinds of Asian skin types and skin tones.

The concealer is quite creamy and super bendable; it’s not heavy on the skin and lasts the entire day.

You don’t need constant touchups with this product as it remains intact the whole 24 hours, even though sweat and humidity.

The concealer is great for dry skin as it keeps the skin hydrated and soft and the coverage is close to flawless.

Clinique also has an apricot colored skin corrector which is excellent for people with dark circles and discoloration is something that most Asians suffer.

Best concealer for skin


So, these are the concealers which can change your makeup look dramatically and which is able to hide any of the dark spots, acne scars and blemishes. So don’t delay. Buy your favorite one.

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