9 Best Fisher Price Little People Toys – Buyer Guide 2021

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Packs

Kids adore Little People play sets because they allow so much creativity and imagination. The Little People friends live in a sweet world which is packed with great friends and adventures, and if you want to buy some Fisher-Price Little People Disney Packs there are lots of choices, so keep reading and find out which you want to buy for your little girl.

All Kinds of Great Characters

With the Fisher-Price Little People Disney Packs, you get to choose which characters you like the most. That could be Rapunzel and Tiana, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Cinderella with Prince Charming, Ariel and Aurora, Belle and Beast, or even the whole Princess Songs Palace. All the sets are well thought out and well designed, and they are high quality too, which is what you would expect from Fisher-Price.

The Fisher-Price Little People Disney Packs are a fantastic Christmas or birthday gift idea, and they also make the recipient smile. Choose one of these fantastic Little People sets and watch your favorite little person’s face light up with glee.

Why Choose Fisher-Price Toys

Fisher-Price has created about 5,000 different toys in the past 80 years, and the Little People range is certainly one of the most popular lines. These sets include people and animal figures, as well as the house, school, vehicles, garage, and farms. The figures were simple wooden peg characters in the middle of the last century but today they are made of high-quality plastic, and their features are very detailed.

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Does Your Child Like Fisher Price Little People?

Fisher Price Little People Christmas StoryFisher-Price Little People A Christmas Story

This is lovely for Christmas. The set plays ‘Away in a Manger, ’ and the stars light up. You get a range of figures with this set, including Baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, the 3 Wise Men, an angel, a camel, sheep, cow, and pair of donkeys.

You also get the stable, donkey’s cart, hay bale and left and right stone walls with palm trees. This is the Little People version of the traditional Christmas story, and the angel can go on top of the table to turn on the light-up star and guide the 3 Wise Men to the stable so they can leave their gifts.

You will need 3 AA batteries with this set. This Little People Christmas set is festive and cute, and your child will have such fun with it. This is a very nice way to teach your child about the true meaning of Christmas.

Fisher-Price Little People Christmas Story

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace

The Disney Princess Songs Palace is a fantastic buy. Your little girl will not stop playing with this because there is so much to do. There are plenty of song clips from the Princess movies, as well as lots of phrases. Put the dolls in the middle of the dance floor, and each Princess will introduce herself, sing a song clip and say a few phrases.

This is magical to see and hear. The palace comes in various pieces, and you can screw and snap these pieces together easily enough. You will need a small Phillips head screwdriver for this, and it will only take about 10 minutes to do. This Fisher-Price toy is sturdily built, colorful and lots of fun for the little one to play with.

Each accessory or room has its stickers which correspond with the Disney Princess movies. For example, Cinderella’s bedroom has the 3 good fairies from the Sleeping Beauty. There are a baby Pascal chameleon and floating lantern in Rapunzel’s tower. This toy is wonderfully made, and your kids will love it.

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess

The first toys the company produced were based on the importance of offering good value for money

History of Fisher-Price

This company was founded by Herman Fisher and Irving Price in 1930, along with Price’s illustrator-artist wife and Helen Schelle. As you can see, the name came from joining 2 of the 3 surnames.

Herman Fisher worked in manufacturing, advertising, and selling games for a New York company previous to this, and Irving Price had retired from a variety chain store. Helen Schelle had operated a toy shop in New York.

Fisher-Price Values

The first toys the company produced were based on the importance of offering good value for money, ingenuity, action, and intrinsic play value. The first toys were made from ponderosa pine and steel.

Colorful lithographic labels were used to add charm and details. Early toys included push-pull toys and bright colored plastic ones. The Fisher-Price ‘Buzzy Bee’ was one of the first toys to be made from plastic.

The ‘Little People’ Line is Introduced

The Little People line was first known as the Play Family. These toys were popular from the start, more so than the earlier toys, and they have gone from strength to strength ever since.

Fisher-Price was bought by the Quaker Oats Company in 1969, and then it regained its independence in 1991. The company became a subsidiary of Mattel in 1993, and the new management began to focus on infant and preschool toys. Every Mattel product after 1997 was marketed under the Fisher-Price brand label.

More Fisher-Price Little People Disney Packs on Amazon

Fisher-Price Little People Disney 2 Pack: Rapunzel and Tiana

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Rapunzel & Tiana FiguresEach Fisher-Price Little People set comes with different characters, and this set contains Rapunzel and Tiana. The castle recognizes these princesses when you put them in the center of the palace dance floor and will respond with phrases from their movies as well as song clips from the movies.

These well-made toys are very durable and they ought to last for many years. Although you can use them without the Princess Songs Palace, they are more fun with the place because they are interactive and if you use them with it, you will get to hear special quotes and songs. These cute little princesses are perfect as a Christmas or birthday gift for your little girl.

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess

Fisher-Price Little People Disney 2 Pack: Belle and Beast

 Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess

The Fisher-Price Little People set is a special place which is easy to set up and comes with various features and rooms. You need to collect all the princesses that go with it, as well as their friends and partners. Collect Belle and Beast, and you will get another pair of figures which can be used interactively with the castle.

Place Belle or Beast in the center of the dance floor, and you will hear their phrases and songs from the Beauty and the Beast movie, which is truly magical.

Does your little girl collect Fisher-Price Little People? If so, she is going to fall in love with this Belle and Beast set, because it is the perfect complement to the castle.

 Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess

Fisher-Price Little People Disney 2 Pack: Ariel and Aurora

If your little girl has the Little People palace, she is going to be super-excited to get this Little People Disney 2 pack with Ariel and Aurora.

These beautiful and cute princesses work interactively with the castle, and if you set one of them in the middle of the ballroom, the castle will play their favorite phrases and also their songs, which is so magical to listen to.

Like the other Fisher-Price Little People characters, these are well designed and sturdily made so that they will last for a long time. Perhaps your little girl can even hand them down to her little girl one day.

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess, Ariel & Auroras

Fisher-Price Little People Disney 2 Pack: Cinderella and Prince CharmingFisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Prince Charming & Cinderella Figures

Who doesn’t love Cinderella and Prince Charming? These two characters are known all over the world. This set is cute, well made and work perfectly with the Fisher-Price Little People castle.

If your little girl already has the castle, then she is going to love Cinderella and Prince Charming, because they fit right in with the castle theme. When you put either of them in the middle of the dance floor, they say their catchphrases and they also sing their songs.

This is a lovely gift for any little girl who has a great imagination. These Fisher-Price characters will spur their creativity and imagination, and they will love playing with them.

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess, Cinderella & Prince Charming

Fisher Price Little People Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Snow White and The Seven DwarfsA lot of Fisher-Price princess sets come with 2 figures, for example, the Ariel and Aurora set or the Cinderella and Prince Charming set. This one is a bit different because you get Snow White and every single one of the seven dwarves, so this is something your daughter is going to go crazy over. What a fantastic gift! The Little People sets are collectible.

First, you get the castle and then you can collect the princes’ sets because the whole Little People set is interactive and you can put the characters in the middle of the dance floor and have them saying their famous phrases or singing songs out of their movies.

The Snow White and the Seven Dwarves are a fabulous addition to the Little People castle. They are also very robust and well-made.

The Educational Value of Little People

Kids love to play with Fisher Price Little People, but parents also love these toys. Not only are they fun but they are also educational and can help with your child’s development. Each of the Little People is special and unique, and they have their character traits and quirks, just like your child who will be able to identify with them. One of the Little People is Mia who is a thoughtful girl, and another, Eddie, is outgoing and active, so perhaps your child will be able to identify with one of those or at least have some Little People character to some extent. Kids like to play with toys they can identify with.

Your child will be able to play with these toys and explore and discover new things. Watch your child play with Little People and see what kind of play results, what kind of situations the Little People find themselves in and how imaginative your child can be. Imaginative play is so important when it comes to children. They are naturally creative anyway, and imagination is key to learning and making discoveries. A child will be happy to play with Little People for hours and hours, and they are capable of coming up with lots of different stories. Perhaps they will make the characters play together, argue, travel or have discussions. Listen in, and you will be intrigued.

Children rehearse roles for the future while they are playing and they learn to transform the everyday into something extraordinary. Watching a child play can be a magical experience. These play sets spark the creativity in every child by providing the materials for role play and imagining a brand new world full of fascinating characters and experiences. Your child will be able to develop new skills and use their reasoning and imagination skills too. They can develop language and thinking skills, solve problems, work out how things function and be in control of their imagined world.

Little People Products

Not only can you choose from different characters but you can also look at the themes, choosing from the farm, Disney princess, holiday, super heroes, Disney movie classics, animals, city, or home and neighborhood. Choose from vehicle play, stacking play, play sets with figures or figures only, or ride on its play. You can also get Little People books, DVDs, CDs, and puzzles. If your child loves Little People, they will also love collecting the different sets. Each new set offers plenty more scope for their play so that they can invent new scenarios and situations involving the Little People themselves. These products appeal to girls as well as boys.

Videos for Fisher Price Little People

YouTube Video “Fisher Price Little People Big Discoveries Vol 1 Full Video.”

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Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable (Discontinued by manufacturer)The Klip Klop Stable is from the Little People Disney Princess collection, and it comes with Maximus and Rapunzel, who can move down the ramp and around the corners by themselves.

The set features the stable and the tower, and the styling is all about the typical Little People charm of course. The horses make a Klip Klop sound when they go down the ramps, and they can also be put on a turntable and spun with music playing.

There are pictures of favorite princesses in the stable and castle, and you can also purchase other princesses to be used in the castle and stable. There are a vanity, kitchen, and library on the 3-tiered tower side, and there is also a balcony to overlook the grounds. This is a great gift for a little girl.

Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm

Fisher-Price Little People Fun Sounds Farm(Discontinued by manufacturer)This Little People farm is such fun. You can store all the pieces in the silo and hear the fun animal sounds and various songs. This can be played with either standing or sitting, and it offers a taller platform than the original Little People farm set. Your child will be able to have lots of fun with this and use his imagination.

Farmer Eddie and his animals offer plenty to do. Doors open and close with sing-along songs There is a drop-thru silo with funny noises and a baler which tips hay into the barn. The chicken makes clucking sounds, and you can arrange the fences to make a corral.

The barn doors will open with a neigh or a moo, and there are upbeat songs for the daytime or slower ones for the evening when you want your child to wind down. An on/off switch means mom or dad can decide when playtime is up.

Fisher-Price Little People Fun Sounds Farm

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