10 Best Flashlights For Emergencies Reviews & Comparison 2021

Best Flashlights For Emergencies

Flashlights for emergencies is probably the number one item people look for when they need it. Flashlights are one of the most important items you’ll need for any emergency whether it’s at home or away.​

When disaster strikes, we may lose power for several days, so having a flashlight on hand along with plenty of batteries is always a good idea. Sure, candles will do the trick, but they’re not as convenient and pose several safety concerns especially if you have kids like me.

Best S1800 Powerful Waterproof Flashlight
Wsky LED Tactical Emergency Flashlight
Constant current circuit
Intelligent temperature control, overheat protection
Anti-reverse design
50% more brightness than a basic 
Made of aluminum alloy and rubber
Outstanding Waterproof Perform
Low Temperature Resistance
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GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight Best Camping, Outdoor, Emergency

GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000
LED Bulb – Brighter and More Efficient
Low Battery Consumption
Flash/Disruptor, SOS/Emergency
Adjustable Zoom
Weather, Water, and Shock Resistant
Anti-Roll and Versatile
Break Glass during Emergencies
Rechargeable Battery
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MECO Hand Cranking Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight Emergency

MECO Hand Cranking and Solar Rechargeable Flashlight
Hand Cranking and Solar Powered Rechargeable
Built-In Rechargeable battery
6 mins Cranking will give 1 hour light
Quick to Use Carabiner Clip
Size: 124x45x32mm
40-day Money Back Guarantee
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Cynergy Lifelight Cranking Emergency Flashlight All In One Survival Tool

Cynergy Lifelight Emergency Flashlight All In One
ynergy Lifelight Emergency Flashlight All In One
Safety, first! In any emergency self-powered
No batteries or electricity required
Waterproof flashlight
All-in-one cut seatbelts, break car windows, and charge cell
Built-in compass and red light flasher
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RunningSnail Solar Crank NOAA Weather Radio For Emergency with AM/FM, Flashlight

RunningSnail Solar Crank Weather Radio For Emergency with Flashlight
An AM/FM NOAA weather radio—with SOS alarm
Emergency solar charger for your cellT
able Lamp & 1W LED Flashlight
Solar, crank & battery-operated flashlight
2000mAh rechargeable battery
Multiple Ways to Charge
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ThorFire Hand Crank Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight

ThorFire Crank & Solar Rechargeable Flashlight
Solar & Hand crank powered flashlights
High Efficiency of Energy Conversion
1-minute cranking enough for 1 hour using
IPX6 Waterproof and Submersible up to 45 feet
Lighting models 1 LED – 3 LEDs – SOS Mode
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Chromo Inc Immedia-Light Hand Crank Flashlight

Chromo Inc Hand Crank Flashlight
Immediate Light for Emergency
Translucent Case with 3 LED
The lightweight design of only 2.4
Comes with On/Off switch
Crank Lock toggle and a Carry Strap
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Etekcity 4 Pack LED Lantern for Emergency
Etekcity 4 Pack Portable LED Lantern
Etekcity Camping Led Collapsible Lanterns
30 individual low powered LED bulbs
Carry 360° of luminous light and full brightness
Control the brightness by adjusting the height
Unfold the handles
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American Red Cross Blackout Buddy Emergency LED flashlight

American Red Cross Blackout Emergency flashlight
Blackout Alert and Night Light.
Lights up when there is a power failure
Bright emergency 3 LED light
Full charge battery work 4 hours
Can be used as a flashlight
On/off night light option
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Buy Energizer Weatheready LED Lights

Energizer Weatheready LED Lights
Energizer Weatheready LED Lights
Auto turns on when unplugged or power goes out
Stay prepared Every time with rechargeable handheld
Runtime of up to 3.5 hours
4X brighter than standard LED
Beam distance up to 30 meters
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Since I’m a husband and father, I am i interested in emergency preparedness and survival techniques. It’s only natural that I would want to be able to protect my family and be prepared for any emergency, and I’m sure you want to do the same thing as well.

Having a flashlight for emergencies will put you one step closer to ready for a disaster.

I want to share with you flashlights for emergencies, survival situations, camping, or just using around the house in a shed.

I’ve handpicked these based on my research. They range in price so you’re sure to find one in your budget.

Things To Consider Before Shopping:

  • What situations do you need a flashlight for?
  • Is size important?
  • Are they for an emergency bag?
  • Do the type of batteries matter to you?
  • Be sure to check customer reviews.
  • Basic Flashlights For Emergencies

MECO Hand Cranking Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight

Cranking Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight Emergency LED Flashlight

Why People Love it

  • Perfect for an emergency
  • Self-generating flashlight with hand crank or solar power
  • Durable


  • Never worry about non-working batteries, supports both hand-cranking or solar-powered, plus compact and easy to use.


  • Not as bright bright as other flashlights on our list 
  • Not a regular use flashlight. 

Purpose: This is definitely the kind of flashlight you’d want around in case of emergency. So it would be perfect in your car’s glovebox, in your bedside nightstand, or hanging from your pant loop while hiking. The carabiner clip makes it easy to attach to your belt or backpack, so you’ll always have it handy. Thanks to its dual charging options–cranking and solar power–you’ll never run out of light.

Performance: This video is a good one to check out as is this one if you’re interested to see just how the solar power and hand crank functionality work. Both seem equally reliable. In terms of how long each lasts, reviewers say that six minutes’ worth of cranking will give you an hour of light, while a minute of solar power will give you 15 minutes of light. The built-in rechargeable battery will story energy for a long time, and there’s no need for external power sources.

Price: It may seem pricey at first glance, but think about what you get in exchange for it (i.e. peace of mind and emergency preparedness). Well worth the investment if you ask us!

Cranking Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight Emergency LED Flashlight

Finware Mini LED Keychain Flashlight (5-pack)

Why People Love it

  • Fantastic price for a pack of 5
  • Small and doesn’t overcrowd your keychain
  • Bright, narrow beam


  • You wouldn’t think much of a 5-pack of tiny keychain flashlights, right? Well, these are perhaps the best LED flashlights to carry with you wherever you go—and they’re bright too!

 Finware 5 Pack Mini LED Keychain Flashlight


  • Locking mechanism that makes it easy to leave the light on without having to press the button the whole time.
  • Some people have accidentally left locking mechanism on and burnt out the flashlight quickly without knowing it.

Purpose: While these can’t be used for any tactical or policing purposes, they’re perfect for when you need to guide your way down a path or to a keyhole. A lot of people who have bought these have also done so for the purpose of giving them as a gift. 

Performance: Customers can’t help but get excited over these flashlights. Some have used them to light up an entire room in the case of a blackout while others use this flashlight for creating a brightly lit pathway at night. The LED lights have a 100,000 hour lifespan, and you’ll find the flashlights’ housing is surprisingly resistant to damage, wear, dust, and water. They’re small, light, and wonderfully handy to own.

Price: It can’t be beat! You get five miniature keychain lights at an amazing price, ensuring you’ve always got a way to light your path no matter where you are.

 Finware 5 Pack Mini LED Keychain Flashlight

Great for home use!

Basic flashlights for emergencies is what every person and every family need to have in place for when the power goes out. I would say just about everyone has experienced a power outage at one time or another, so we all know what it’s like to try and find a flashlight when we need it.

I would have several placed around your house, one in the car and one in your bug out bag. Don’t forget to check the batteries periodically, and make sure you have spares!

You will find a variety of flashlights including those that are LED and all of these use normal batteries.

I think crank flashlights are great to have even if you have other flashlights. Batteries may run out, and then what will you do?This is by far the most popular and best-LED crank flashlight available today. It’s got three really bright LED lights, and it doesn’t require batteries at all.All you do is crank it up and the light works! If you crank for one minute it will provide you up to three minutes of light.

Tactical Flashlights For Emergencies

Small flashlights with a lot of power.

Tactical flashlights aren’t just for military or law enforcement anymore. More and more people like you and I are buying them because they pack a big punch in a small package.

These aren’t just for shining light to be able to see. They are also used to potentially confuse and even stop an intruder or attacker because the light shined right in their face can blind them long enough for you to take the next course of action. These are also great for emergency bags because they’re compact.Some of us just need to get some flashlights in the house or car for occasional use. That’s where cheap flashlights for emergencies come into play. Having a cheaper flashlight is better than no flashlight, and we can always save money each month to afford a quality one later. Emergencies can happen at any time, so don’t be caught without one.

These are also great if you have kids like I do. These are fun for them to read with or just play with in a dark hall!Below I give you several options for the best emergency LED lantern. You can use these for emergencies like we’ve been talking about on this page or you can use them for camping.

They are battery powered, so you don’t need any fuel of any sort which is nice, and are more safe than traditional lanterns. This is especially true if you have kids like I do.

They really are reasonably priced and you’ll find trusted brand names such as Coleman.


  • Don’t forget the batteries!
  • Batteries so you don’t forget!
  • Do you need any?

The Reason Why Everyone Should Own a Flashlight.

Why is it that flashlights are always an afterthought and not part of a regular maintenance item in home, cars, and supplies? We regularly check out smoke detectors in our homes, make sure we have available standard tools such as screwdrivers and hammers, tire irons and jumper cables in our vehicles, so why is it that we do not think about having a flashlight handy and operating until it is needed and then too late?

Think about how many times you have come across a need for a flashlight and went searching for your home or supplies to find one. On occasion, you do find one, how many times are the batteries dead or the bulb blown? Some will say it is Murphys Law at play; others will admit that they have had crossing thoughts about replacing dead batteries or broken flashlights yet fail to do so.

It is bound to happen every time something goes wrong such as the lights go out in your home or RV just for a mere couple examples to start with, there isn’t a flashlight handy. Everyone knows the benefits of owning one or better yet, several, yet we fail to stock them in our supplies and regularly maintain them. Maybe by looking at a list of all the great reasons to have a flashlight handy we will make a point on out next shopping trip to fill up our supplies with this essential item.

Household Reasons:

  • The obvious, the electricity goes out
  • Resetting a fuse box when fuses blow
  • Safety plain and simple
  • Finding things in a poorly lit area
  • Searching spaces for items that have no lights
  • For kids to read under the covers when they are supposed to be sleeping
  • Have you ever tried to work in a crawl space without lights?
  • Running wring in poorly lit areas
  • Plumbing jobs under sinks or in walls where it is hard to see
  • Getting the mail after dark
  • So the kids can play laser war
  • Shadow puppets
  • Digging out Christmas decorations
  • Looking around the yard when you hear a strange noise
  • Nightcrawler hunting
  • Trying to find the cat or dog who wandered off in the yard
  • Trying to find the hamster or snake that is wandering in your home
  • Looking for that lost earring under the couch
  • Looking at a child’s tonsils or a sore throat
  • Searching an unlit shed for the toy your child left in there and has to have or thinks they will die without it
  • Finding anything in an unlit closet
  • Searching for that dead mouse that is stinking up the house
  • Getting the cat out of the crawl space

I am sure you can think of a thousand more


Finding lost keysCar breaks down at night looking under the hood, changing a tire, flagging down help, need I say more? Okay, kids being able to read a book while driving at night, annoy other drivers though not recommended, keychain flashlights to locate door keyhole quickly when entering a car at night, for walking to car in evening time, and how about finding that hubcap that went flying off the car in the ditch at night.


  • Scaring critters off when you are in a remote campground without lit bathrooms
  • Evening hikes
  • Setting up or taking down camp at night
  • Night fishing
  • Finding something in a dark tent
  • Lighting a dark tent for reading or what not
  • Finding the matches to lit a fire
  • Have you ever changed your clothes in the dark? Personally, I enjoy a little light on the subject 😉


If you’ve been searching for the best LED flashlight or LED bulbs made today, this guide will sort out some of the confusion in making an informed decision.

How to Choose the Best LED Flashlight

 In general, a good flashlight can delivers on its promises, offering enough functions you require at a reasonable price. Moreover, it is going to last for years, safe and user-friendly to use. There are eight aspects you need to consider when buying a LED flashlight.

  • What do you need it for?
  • How much brightness do you need
  • Weight, composition, waterproofing
  • Size
  • Type of batteries
  • Beam features & modes
  • Price
  • Brand

You can find all these parameters in GearBest LED flashlight product page. There is no the best, only the most appropriate. If you’re still confused with this and have no idea how to choose, just click the button below. Our beginner’s guide to LED flashlights will guide you to get the best flashlights.

How to Choose the Best LED Bulbs

 There are many LED varieties, choosing an LED is entirely different from picking up an incandescent. Before you head to the store, find out what you need to know about choosing the right LED bulbs.

  • Choose a light bulb with right Lumens, not watts
  • Choose a light bulb with right brightness and color
  • Choose a light bulb with right type and fitting
  • Choose a light bulb with appropriate CRI value
  • Rated Life
  • Others: smart (bluetooth/WiFi control, colorful, some might with music speaker function) or normal

How Many Lumens Do I Need?

 Lumen is a measure of a LED light output. If you have ever purchased an LED flashlight or light bulb, you will find the information about lumens of the flashlight or light bulb on their package or manuals. However, for many new buyers, it’s hard to understand this measure unit. Actually, in a simple explanation, lumens equate to a the brightness of light, and while that’s not entirely true. But remember, the bigger the number of lumens, the brighter the light will be. So, how many lumens do we need for a specific task?

  • 10-20 LumensClose up tasks: Searching for things up to 100 meters distance
  • 20-150 LumensBasic household and outdoor activities: Searching for things up to 120 meters distance
  • 160-200 LumensActivities like camping, hiking; Household use, Tactical tasks and Security: Cover distances up to 250 meters
  • 200-500 LumensSailing, Fishing, Climbing, Hiking, Hunting, Work Place, Tactical Tasks
  • 600-1000 LumensIndustrial Uses, Fishing, Caving, Hiking, Hunting, Camping, covers distance up to 300 meters.
  • >1000 LumensBest for recreational activities in large property, Outdoor lighting, Search & rescue, or Hunting
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