5 Best Heavy Bag Reviews in 2020-Punching Bag Reviews

Many professionals are relying on the best heavy bags during their training and workouts as these pieces of equipment are great additions to achieving important fitness goals.

Among the sophisticated training devices, a heavy bag has been very common to boxers and kick boxers because this has been tested and legendary equipment that has shaped a lot of champions.

Heavy bags are stuffed bags that are usually constructed with either vinyl or leather. The majority of this equipment weigh between 40 pounds and 100 pounds.

This fitness gear is primarily used for the improvement of boxing techniques while building power punch at the same time.

Nonetheless, there is a wide array of very good punching bags on the market today that can certainly test and boost the strength and stamina of both the amateur and professionals in the fitness industry.

On that note, below are the top punching bags that guarantee high-grade quality, durability, and overall efficiency, just what they are made for.

Best Heavy Bag Reviews

1. Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit Review

Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag KitWith good rating on Amazon is the Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit. This is among the best punching bags today due to the custom filling combination of sifted sand, plus natural and synthetic fibers. The kit also includes heavy bag gloves and 180-inch hand wraps for added protection against abrasions from the bag.

This Everlast punching bag features an adjustable height customization chain, along with a bungee cord for a greater resistance towards the bag. Based on punching bag reviews, this equipment is a really good purchase due to the extra stuff that comes with the bag itself. The gloves are padded very nicely and feel perfect. Among its selling points is the adjustable chain that holds the bag, offering a very convenient adjustment to suit the best level of the user.

In fact, this could be the best punching bag for home use, considering its quality and reasonable price. It can be hung in the garage for nice kickoff training and punching practices. This bag can manage, despite the abuse, doing several workouts on a daily basis. There are no issues on tearing, ripping, or stretching when it comes to this heavy punching bag.

Everlast has become one of the trusted brands when it comes to such fitness and training equipment as evidenced by world champions. It is a top manufacturer of hand wraps, gloves, and the best boxing bags in the industry. Hence, quality and durability are always guaranteed. In all, the Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag is even a decent deal for the beginners, but will always satisfy the pros.Buy From Amazon

2. Boxing MMA 100lbs Heavy Bag Filled Review

Training Practice MMA Heavy Bag 100 Pound

With an amazing  Rating is the Boxing MMA 100lbs Heavy Bag Filled. As its name suggests, this is the best heavy punching bag because of the 100-pound filler, definitely a heavy-duty and professional quality bag. The package includes an incredible 10-year warranty certificate for the item’s protection against damage, except for damages caused by sharp objects and weather conditions.

The Boxing MMA is the best punching bag in the industry that is widely used by Mixed Martial Artists, including the professional boxers, and other fitness enthusiasts. It measures at 55 inches in height with an additional 6 inches of length of its straps. This item is shipped in a durable vinyl cover, which can be used as moving storage, thus, keeping it look brand new.

Outslayer, the manufacturer of the Boxing MMA, is among the top punching bag brands today. Though it’s a local company, it is capable of reaching hundreds of thousands of customers, so there are no issues when it comes to shipping. Furthermore, the filling of this good punching bag is cloth, instead of sand or sawdust; therefore, there are no issues about inconsistent density over time. Overall, the Boxing MMA 100lbs Heavy Bag Filled can be the best boxing bag for pros and beginners alike.Buy From Amazon

3. Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag Review

Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

The Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag is the best heavy bag for boxing and training and is widely used by many fitness enthusiasts, not only in gyms but also for home use. This extra large training bag offers a high-grade striking surface together with a durable vinyl cover. It also features a high-density foam fill, which is tough, yet forgiving.

As the best punching bag to date, it also features a low-profile base with very stable weight distribution. The fills are either water or sand, and could weigh at about 270 pounds once filled; hence, it could be the most reliable water punching bag on the market. This bag stands at 69 inches in height, while measuring at 18 inches in diameter.

The large kicking and punching surface allows ample space in practicing martial arts techniques. Thus, it features a tool-free assembly. All the more, quality is guaranteed with this water filled the heavy bag, considering Century as a top producer of martial arts products since 1976. Nowadays, Century is a renowned supplier of MMA gear in the world, expanding its product line ups that encompass fitness, Yoga, media, and boxing products.

With that said, the Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag is the best punching bag brand, which is useful for the improvement of the overall health with regular exercises. Fitness enthusiasts can maximize their workouts as this home punching bag is perfect for performing punching and kicking.

Over and above, the Wavemaster XXL is the perfect punching bag for home; combining high-density impact foam; portability, durability, and height, all packed in one to assist potential boxers, kick boxers, and MMA fighters.Buy Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

4. Outslayer 80lb Punching Bag for Boxing and MMA Review

 Outslayer 80 Pound Filled Punching Bag Boxing

Among the top brands of bags is the Outslayer 80lb Punching Bag for Boxing and MMA, offering top quality. The bag comes with a very sturdy vinyl cover for storage and easy transport. It measures at 44 inches in height, plus another 12 inches for the bag straps.

This Outslayer punching bag also comes with a 10-year warranty certificate. It is made of a special 300-pound capacity material that is filled with fabric, not sand or sawdust. The special fabric results in a perfect density, unlike sand that tends to become inconsistent over a certain period. Hence, there is no need to worry about hard or empty spots that usually occur in generic brands.

Workouts can become very enjoyable with this best MMA brand as it can last for years. The kit can also come with a free D-ring for added security while lessening the bag’s movement at the same time. According to heavy punching bag reviews, this gear has the best looks with its customization options.

The overall structure is very durable that it can last for a long time. It is perfectly constructed that it does not sway a lot with every impact, especially during hard punches. The bag’s hardness is perfect, even punching it with bare hands, although wearing punching gloves is highly recommended.

Overall, the Outslayer 80lb Punching Bag is a reliable heavy bag for beginners and the skilled alike. It is a great addition to learn more about boxing, kick boxing, and other Mixed Martial Arts techniques as users can perform their workouts with confidence. This Outslayer heavy bag is just the perfect gear for every fitness enthusiast.Buy From Amazon

5. Century BOB XL with Base Unit Review

 Century - BOB - Body Opponent Bag

With an good rating  on Amazon is the Century BOB XL with Base Unit. This is the best punch bag that helps in performing better striking on the head or the body. It is a freestanding bag with a life-like upper torso, which is made of high-strength plastisol and constructed with urethane foam.

It also has a polyethylene base that can hold a maximum of 270 pounds of sand or water. This heavy title bag rolls easily, allowing convenient transport. It also features multiple height settings to fit the requirement of every user.

This heavy weight bag is ideal for working the upper body, considering the realistic design of this bag; thereby, it acts as an opponent to challenge the user. It is the best home punching bag as it allows the user to punch the body, chin, face, and anywhere while learning about more techniques. The Body Opponent look of this bag can surely motivate any user for a sparring session, or a body shot training.

The overall construction of this best boxing heavy bag is durable enough to withstand the demands of intense workouts. In spite the weight of this gear, the user can still flip it to the side or roll the round base very easily. The BOB XL is likewise ideal for cardio fitness routines, not just limited to boxing and MMA, allowing the user to increase the heart rate through fast punches and combos.

While this leather punching bag is extremely heavy, users are highly recommended for wearing gloves or bag mitts while hitting poor BOB. This will prevent the acquisition of bruises on the knuckles. All in all, this decent gear can help fitness enthusiasts in developing their power punches.Buy From Amazon

6. Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag Review

 Everlast 2228 PowerCore Freestanding Heavy BagWith good rating  is the Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag. This Everlast heavy bag features a compact base, allowing increased accessibility. It boasts an improved design and strength, including an easy assembly.

This heavy duty punching bag is made of tri-disc foam structure that offers maximum energy dispersion. Among its selling points is the PowerTransferRing collar that provides superior impact, absorption, and re-coil at the same time. Aside from that, the Everlast c3 foam heavy bag has a PowerCore steel plate technology that is geared towards improving the overall strength.

After putting the parts all together, this c3 foam heavy bag is ready to suit your training needs. You can fill it with water or sand, but make sure to fill it up completely to prevent shifting or movement. It is also ideal to place the bag on a ‘nonskid’ surface. However, the instruction manual indicates that the bag is better filled with sand to achieve the best performance.

As a professional punching bag in its class, the Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag is worth the price. Many owners also recommend this item to potential buyers, considering the very good quality and reasonable price. Certainly, the Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag is a heavyweight punching bag and a combination of power and durability to assist fitness enthusiasts to achieve their goals, whether for boxing, sparring, and other MMA techniques.Buy  Everlast 2228 PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag

Heavy Bag Buying Guide

Before buying any of the heavy punching bags, there are more factors to consider, even after reading about the top-rated and the professional punching bags above. Below is a simplified, buying guideline for the potential buyers of this fitness equipment.

Types of Punching/Heavy Bags

Today, there are several types of heavy or leather punching bags that meet the customer’s requirements. These types are all available for varied training goals; hence, it is equally essential to identify the main purpose of training to choose the appropriate bag.

  • Heavy Bags – The heavy bags are the most common types, although there are lightweight counterparts. The lightweight bags, however, are not ideal for strength training, muscle toning, or boxing. Meanwhile, heavy punch bag reviews will indicate that these types are filled either with sand or water. Many fitness enthusiasts prefer to fill it with water, allowing the perfect kickback, while acquiring the least damage to the hand. A heavy leather bag with sand, on the other hand, is considered to be more durable and tougher, making it perfect for kicking workouts.
  • Standing Bags – These types of bags are designed to sit still on a stand. The stand has wheels, allowing the user to move it in different directions with ease. This makes the standing bag a very portable option during training. Besides the movable bags, this choice is ideal for small workout rooms and during kicking workouts. The best kickboxing bag can also provide the impact and necessary leverage.
  • Hanging Bags – On the other hand, hanging bags are mounted in different ways as these leather punching bags can be suspended from the ceiling, while others are mounted on the wall. This type is perfect for punching workouts, but not for kicking. It can also provide the best feedback for strength punching, speed punching, and the standard punching.
  • Uppercut Bags – Uppercut bags are varieties that are considered as the smaller version of heavy bags. These types are mounted horizontally, allowing the athlete to practice strikes, starting at the waist level through under the chin. This type requires a dedicated space, and could not be moved easily.
  • Speed Bags – These varieties are air-filled and are often associated with quick punching. They are usually mounted on a short spring, which snaps the bag back quickly once it is hit. Speed bags are designed to help in developing timing, instead of power and strength. Hand-eye coordination is likewise developed with this equipment, as well as speed and rhythm.
  • Double-Ended Bags – These boxing bags look like the size of a basketball and is strung between the ceiling and the floor via two tight coils. Similar to the speed bag, this one also snaps back very quickly but serving like an opponent that hits back. Hence, this equipment is ideal for learning about counter-striking skills. Double-ended bags are likewise perfect for developing coordination, including dodging and swerving.

Weight and Material

Other things to consider are the weight and materials used in the best punch bags. Keep in mind that these bags have different weights such as a 150 lb heavy bag, and made of different materials too. Thus, it is very important for the user to pick the proper weight and the preferred materials to maximize the entire experience.

  • Weight – The weight of any sand or water filled punching bag is based on the weight and height of the user. For instance, an average male, weighing at 190 pounds should use a punching bag weight of 50 to 70 pounds. A heavier weight is ideal for an average male who has enough experience with using punch bags. Meanwhile, a water core bag is the best option for those who need different weights. Keep in mind that most of the weight of punching bag for the different types is fairly standardized, although rare adjustments are still possible.
  • Material – The main materials used in manufacturing include leather and vinyl. A heavy leather bag has the most natural feel and is considered the most comfortable too, along with pain-free experience. But, the leather is also known to be more expensive than the vinyl counterpart. On the other hand, the vinyl can be produced to look like the leather variety, but without the same feel. It costs lower than leather for obvious reasons. A canvas punching bag may also be available on the market, although it is not very common.

Mounting and Storage

The location of a 150 lb punching bag, for instance, should also be considered. The user must determine and choose the best location for this equipment, ensuring stability. If there’s no stable area, a standing punch bag would be the best choice. Thus, the potential buyer should determine if a hanging heavy or banana punching bag has an ideal location in a certain room. If the bag is suspended from the ceiling, it is important to make sure that it will not fall, making use of the proper hardware or from a beam. By doing this, injuries will be avoided. The storage place should be secured as well, keeping the equipment away from children’s reach as it may cause further injuries.

Proper Preparation

Before hitting the bag, all safety aspects must be addressed, again, to offset injuries, while maximizing productive training.

  • Wraps – Before punching a canvas boxing bag, applying wraps to the wrist area and the knuckles should be done first. Wraps are specially designed in supporting the entire wrist area and the hands. Over time, training without wraps will result in wrist damage, thus, wearing them is an important step towards fitness goals.
  • Gloves – Wearing gloves is as essential as the wraps. However, the user must identify the specific workout or purpose to identify the perfect pair of gloves. Beginners usually make use of 10-ounce gloves, while heavier varieties are used by experienced athletes. Remember that not all cool punching bags include a pair of gloves. So, buying them separately might be required. It is equally crucial to rely on trusted brands when it comes to this accessory.
  • Shadow Boxing – Shadow boxing is a brief warm-up, before pushing through with a sparring session, boxing, kick boxing, martial arts, and other intense workouts. This technique involves punching into thin air as many athletes make use of the mirror as their opponent. Joint rotation exercises are also sensible, before hitting a water punch bag.


Over and above, a heavy punching bag workout requires a very reliable, heavy duty leather punch bag. This is tremendous equipment that helps in building stamina, power, and to practice a lot of techniques and combinations. However, different attributes are developed with varied styles, hence; it is not advisable to limit the bag workout to just one approach.

As mentioned above, hitting punch boxing bags build stamina, but there’s always a proper place and time for every style. In every case, different abilities are targeted, but power will always manifest in the middle of fatigue.

All in all, fitness enthusiasts and athletes should always rely on the best MMA bag gloves, a professional heavy bag stand, wraps, and other essential accessories to maximize every workout. The top MMA punch bags have been reviewed above, the only thing to do is to compare, choose, and buy the most suitable equipment to the user’s needs and requirements.

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