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Best Leaf Blower For The Money

You simply know that leaf blower can help to clear anything from your yards, home, gutters or driveway from dust and debris to leaves.

You might be aware that many leaf blower have the power to handle either large stretches of grassy land or small backyard.

Whether you’re a landscaping professional or homeowner looking for the best backpack models on the market or just someone seeking an affordable option to help rid your driveway of leaves, there are hundreds of best and most powerful leaf blower to choose from.

BLACK+DECKER Electric Leaf Blower, 7-Amp

Which leaf blower should I buy? : Good option is BLACK+DECKER LB700 for garden vacuums. This is one type of leaf blower. Depends upon its function you can divide several types of leaf blowers. After use of leaf blower, you can simply collect your leaf with the best wheelbarrow that make your job easy.

Types of Leaf Blowers

Simple Garden Vacuums:

As we discuss this is one type of leaf blower that are useful for small yards for small jobs. This type of garden vacuums are good for picking up general litter as well as leaves. You can not use this type of vacuums for large jobs, though as it will generally take longer to run around sucking everything up than it will to blow everything into tone big pile.

Simple Leaf Blowers:

This is the best option for small garden if you are dealing with a large number of leaves that can not be easily vacuumed up. This type of leaf blowers can only blow, but they are ideal for moving lots of detritus in one big pile that you can collect up easily.

Leaf blower and garden vacs Combined:

This can be best option for every people. Main reason of the best reason of this type of leaf blower is their versatility. You will get both functionality of leaf blower and garden vacuums. The main problem of this type of leaf blower is they can be fiddly to setup and often have extra attachment that you need to store.

There are lots of leaf blowers on the market like gas, corded electric, and battery powered or you can say cordless. Not only this but you will find that there are many variety available in styles like from handheld units, wheeled models and to backpack. So you have to take care while choose best leaf blower for you.

Important Tips For Picking Right Leaf Blower:

  • Corded electric leaf blower are powerful enough to perform many big jobs, as long as they are within 100 feet of the power outlet.
  • When looking at gas handheld models, it can go anywhere, but they add weight, noise, and cost along with fueling and some maintenance responsibilities.
  • When you are getting lots of leaves and a level property, wheeled blowers pack the most power by far, and also take up the most storage space as well push control.
  • You can find that some handheld models have a second-hand grip for better control and weight distribution.

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Hitachi RB24EAP 23.9cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered 170 MPH Handheld Leaf Blower (CARB Compliant)

Hitachi RB24EAP hand held blower is one of the lightest and most powerful blower you can consider.

This leaf blower is best for for homeowner and professionals.

It has very quick and simple start, low emission purefire engine and large two finger throttle for easier operation.

This leaf blower is lightweight and also exceptional balance that make it ideal for small clean up.

You are getting high air volume and velocity for quick debris movement.

You will get 170 miles per hour volume when used with the included taper nozzle.


  • Strong air flow.
  • Easy to start and very easy to use
  • Strong consumer warranty.


  • No vacuuming abilities
  • No mulching abilities

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