10 Best Lee Child Books Reviews and Buyer Guide 2021

Lee Child is a multi-award winning author and orator who has written several bestselling books over his lustrous career.

Gaining global attention in March 1997 with his debut title, Killing Floor, he has captivated readers with his famous Jack Reacher characters.

He has also written film-based novels that have featured in television programs and films. Finally, because of his experience in television, this English native honed the skill of storytelling, which most of his fans appreciate.

If you are a fan of Lee Child and want a collection of his bestsellers, this article is for you. We have reviewed 10 good titles that will captivate and entertain you during your trips.

Quality is impressive, while their interesting story lines that will leave you wanting more.

Visit Amazon today and purchase one or more books to have a memorable experience at home and or during your upcoming camping trips.

10. 61 Hours (Jack Reacher)

61 Hours (Jack Reacher)

Judging by the positive reviews that 61 Hours (Jack Reacher) has attracted over the years, there is no doubt that it currently ranked among the best in Lee Child’s arsenal. This paperback book is affordable and starts with a mix of ideas that will get you hooked instantly.

The catchy story line of 61 hours has captivated millions of readers all over the word. Its main character, Jack Reacher, crashes into a snowstorm and finds himself in a deadly confrontation that he never anticipated. Faced with the dilemma of moving on or protecting a female witness from a deadly assassin, Reacher is at a crossroads. Does he protect the enemy hell-bent on taking her life or ignore the situation? Unlike most individuals, Jack Reacher decides to put his life on the line by making the former decision.

The cascading events that follow his decisions are captivating. They have made 61 Hours one of the most enjoyable Lee Child novels to date. The flow is also sensational, while the series of risks that Jack Reacher takes are not only heart wrenching, but also entertaining at the same time. For just a few dollars, you get a quality Lee Child book that will keep you entertained during your free time.


  • Captivating story line
  • Sensational flow
  • Interesting characters
  • Portable paperback book
  • Quality paper and prints
  • Kindle and audio versions available


  • Repetitive descriptions
61 Hours (Jack Reacher)

9. Make Me: A Jack Reacher Novel

Make Me: A Jack Reacher Novel Hardcover

A recent edition of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher trilogy of novels, Make Me: A Jack Reacher Novel is an interesting hardcover book. Ranked among the best novels by Suspense Magazines and The Guardian, its quality of production is interesting. It has also attracted positive attention for the Los Angeles Time and featured in numerous online reviews because of the quality of the product that buyers get.

This thriller is entertaining. It also has an interesting crime-themed plot, setup in a small rural town called Mother’s Rest. As several other Lee Child books, Reacher has a dilemma to deal with. Will he walk away from Mother’s Rest? Will he stay and deal with the numerous ills facing the lovable characters in this interesting yet troubled town? Purchase your copy today to venture on a journey of a lifetime.

With Make Me: A Jack Reacher, you will like how Lee has combined clichés and strange elements into an original and compelling novel. You will also enjoy his storytelling skills and his cunningly constructed suspense, which most avid and occasional readers seek in novels and storybooks.


  • Cunningly constructed suspense
  • Captivating clichés and strange elements
  • Interesting crime-themed plot
  • Excellent storytelling
  • Original story line


  • Tiresome search for characters
A Jack Reacher Novel Hardcover

8. Gone Tomorrow (Jack Reacher)

Gone Tomorrow (Jack Reacher)

Considered one the best Lee Child books, Lee has combined suspense and storytelling in Gone Tomorrow (Jack Reacher). As a result, readers get a masterpiece, which has attracted global attention since its release in April 2009. This book is very interesting. With Jack Reacher as its main character, it also has an interesting plot. Setup in a chaotic shadow town with numerous lying inhabitants, it revolves around Jack reaper and a troubled woman, Susan Mark.

Being the loner that readers have known and liked Jack Reacher for, he finds a way to blend into this society. He also makes friends with a woman cop and shady federal agents and triggers a chain of electrifying events. Be ready for the hidden surprises in this unique book.

The suspense in Gone Tomorrow (Jack Reacher) is very engaging. The chronology of events in this book is also interesting. They make it easy and very entertaining to read. You will enjoy this one.


  • Interesting chronology of events
  • Fun and interesting to read
  • Captivating plot is a chaotic shadow town
  • Several interesting characters


  • Poor physical outlook
  • Faint prints
Gone Tomorrow (Jack Reacher)

7. Bad Luck and Trouble (Jack Reacher)

Expect and entertaining and exhilarating experience with the Bad Luck and Trouble (Jack Reacher) novel from Lee Child. It is engaging, well printed, and among the most sought-after books occasional and avid readers because of its suspense-rich plot. At home or outdoors, this book will keep you entertained.

In response to a murder in California desert, Jack Reacher is in the middle of a conspiracy involving his old friends. Alone and helpless, he reconnects with one of his old female comrades. After getting wind of the unexplained disappearances, Jack uses his brain and fighting skills to protect the people he loves.

In this book, Lee Child brings out the creative and intelligent sides of Jack that most readers never knew. It is also well organized and has a chronology of captivating events that create an interesting story line and therefore, book. In Amazon, Bad Luck and Trouble is available in paperback, kindle, and audio versions that appeal to most readers. Buy your preferred type to have the time of your life.


  • Paperback, Kindle, and audio editions
  • Captivating chronology of events
  • Interesting characters
  • Suspense-rich plot


  • Slower pace

6. The Hard Way (Jack Reacher)

Set up in New York City, The Hard Way is a classic Jack Reached book. It revolves around crime, money, and a man, Jack Reacher, hell-bent on bringing the guilty to book. When somebody kidnaps the family of Edward Lane and asks one million dollars as ransom, he seeks the help a soldier for hire – Jack Reaper.

An accomplished man hunter, Jack uses his military skills and intelligence to trail the vicious kidnappers. In his pursuit, he unearths a horrific drama involving money, deceit, and crime, which his employer did not tell him. Reacher digs in deep and eventually brings the situation to order.

If you enjoy crime and suspense-based story lines, The Hard Way (Jack Reacher) is one of the best. If you enjoy Lee Child’s writing or like his popular Jack Reacher character, expect an even better experience. This book is affordable, well curated, and specially crafted to quench your thirst for reading.


  • Interesting suspense-based plot
  • Fast moving and compelling story line
  • Vivid descriptions of cities
  • Paperback, audio, and Kindle versions


  • Poorly produced CD (Audio version)

5. Persuader (Jack Reacher)

A popular Jack Reacher classic, Persuader (Jack Reacher) is an entertaining Lee Child novel involving a troublesome ex-military cop – Jack Reacher. However, instead of giving up as most people, he delves into his challenging situations head on. He then uses his intelligence and military expertise to come on top.

If you enjoy crime-based story lines and read a lot during your free time, Persuader is an interesting title to consider. You will delve into Jack’s challenging world. You will also appreciate how he gathers evidence for his investigations, and watch him attain what he considered justice. In this book, Lee Child’s storytelling is top notch. His orating skill is also admirable for those shopping for quality novels.

Readily available on Amazon, Persuader (Jack Reacher) is affordable. Print quality is desirable, while the audio and kindle versions offered are just as good. Buy yours today to have an entertaining time.


  • Enjoyable crime-based story line
  • Excellent orating
  • Alluring storytelling
  • Paperback, audio, and Kindle versions
  • Available cheap online


  • No great moral teaching
  • Somewhat slow

4. Worth Dying For (Jack Reacher)

Worth Dying For (Jack Reacher) is a mass-market paperback book popular globally. In most top 10 best lee child books, for instance, it has earned a permanent spot for many reasons. Its plot, for example, is mature and interesting. It also has a cascade of captivating events that will leave you entertained. After reading this book, you will appreciate the contribution that Jack Reacher plays in most troubled cities.

Characters are many and interesting. In this book, for instance, Jack Reacher encounters the Duncan’s, a shrewd clan in the corn County of Nebraska. To stop the fear the clan has struck in the hearts of residents, Jack springs into action. Motivated by a decades-old case of a missing child, he uses his skill, and experience to subdue this otherwise threatening clan. You will enjoy this one of a kind book.

The vintage Reacher adventures covered in this book are exhilarating. Its complex yet neatly sewn plot is very easy to understand, while its characters are lovable. These and its quality of production make Worth Dying For (Jack Reacher) one of the best Lee Child books in stores.


  • Lovable characters
  • Complex yet neatly sewed plot
  • Cascade of captivating events
  • Easy to read


  • Repetitive lines

3. The Enemy (Jack Reacher)

As all other action sequences that Lee Child has written over the years, The Enemy (Jack Reacher) is an adventure-rich Jack Reacher based novel. Revolving around crime, an investigator, and a challenging crime scene, its interesting plot/story line appeals to readers of all skill levels.

In this book, Jack Reacher’s strong bond with his mother is evident. His skills, intelligence, and never dying resolve to solve cases are also evident. Expect a new and refreshed Jack Reacher in this book.

If you enjoy reading crime-themed books and looking for a new and or memorable experience, consider The Enemy (Jack Reacher). Apart from its interesting plot, Lee Child has written this book in a simple and easy to understand manner. The paperback, Kindle, and audio versions offered are professional-grade, while its affordability is desirable. During your free time, this book will leave you entertained.


  • Easy to read
  • Interesting crime-themed plot
  • Popular Jack Reacher character
  • Paperback, audio, and audio editions


  • Somewhat slow

2. The Affair (Jack Reacher)

A New York Times bestseller and one of the most sought-after Lee Child books, The Affair (Jack Reacher) is invaluable. Featuring and elite military cop, Jack Reacher, as its main character it has all the hallmarks of popular Lee Child books. To solve a crime scene, he gathers solid evidence that puts him at loggerheads with decorated military personnel with powerful friends.

The Affair (Jack Reacher) is set up in Washington USA. It has an adventurous fact-finding theme and explores many interesting environments and characters that most readers can identify with. Finally, because of its heart-wrenching conspiracies, you will never regret purchasing this Lee Child book.

Overall, the setup and execution of this book mirror Lee’s skill and vast experience. During your free time, the non-stop action that it has from start to finish will keep you glued longer, unlike some boring novels. You will have a memorable and enjoyable experience with this classic Lee Child masterpiece


  • Captivating crime theme
  • Heart-wrenching conspiracies
  • Excellent setup and execution


  • Abruptly ending scenes

1. Never Go Back (Jack Reacher)

Never Go Back (Jack Reacher) is current the best Lee Child book in the market. Ranked the number one bestseller by the New York Times, it has won many awards. It has also found its way in motion pictures because of its interesting plot and characters. You will have an enjoyable time during your free time.

Setup in North Eastern Virginia, Never Go Back (Jack Reacher) has a suspense-rich and action-packed plot that readers like. It also has interesting characters that will keep you entertained as you walk toe to toe with Jack Reacher during his adventures. Never Go Back (Jack Reacher) is adrenaline-packed, action-charged, and has a sharper and interactive dialogue than most popular novels.


  • Sharper and interactive dialogue
  • Interesting characters
  • Interesting plot in North Eastern Virginia


  • Unbelievable story line


Lee Child is a literary genius who has written numerous captivating books and novels. The 10 models that we have listed, for example, are bestsellers with lovable characters and charming storylines. Plots are interesting and neatly sewn, while their availability in paperback and Kindle versions is interesting.

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