Top 10 Best Lightning Cables in 2018 Reviews

By now, you must have heard about the lightning cables for Apple devices that help with fast charging and syncing of devices. It is actually true that you get to experience impressive charging rate and faster data transfer when using such a cable. These lightning cables all look the same from the outside, but things are always different inside. Their composition in the inside affects some things such as the durability, charging speed and many other factors. You will get to learn more about the cables from this review.

Benefits of Lightning Cables

Fast charging

Sometimes you might end up with a low charge, but chances are you cannot wait for an hour or so for a low charging rate. The use of a lightning port helps with charging faster than the conventional way. This calls for getting yourself a lightning cable today to experience such fast charging capability of your Apple device.

Easy syncing of devices

Maybe you want to transfer some photos, music or other files to a different device. Using the lightning cable to make the transfer will make you rethink why you had not used it before. The lightning cables always have impressive data transfer speeds.

Better cable durability

The lightning cables will always last for a long time because of the material used to make them. Most of them will have an additional protective cover that can handle continuous mishandling by a user. This could be dragging or bending.

Top 10 Best Lightning Cables Review

1. AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable Review

AmazonBasics Lightning to USB A Cable - MFi Certified iPhone Charger - White, 3-Foot

With this cable, you get to choose among many different cable lengths. The longest is six feet making it the best when you have to use a wall socket far from your seat. The cable is made to be compatible with a range of different Apple devices that you might have and even Beats Pill+. The compact design of the cables makes it so easy to use it in every situation. An additional layer of protection that further reduces fraying enhances the cable durability.Buy From Amazon

2. Anker Lightning to USB Cable Review

Anker Lightning to USB Cable (3ft) for iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR/X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus, iPad Pro Air 2, iPad Mini 4 3 2, iPod Touch 5th / 6th gen[Apple MFi Certified] (Black)

If you have not used the lightning to USB cable before, you get to enjoy a simple to read the manual that gets you understanding what it is all about. The best part of this brand is that millions of people rank it as the best even among its competitors. The reason is that it can offer durability and functionality better than most cables. It can also charge and sync with all the Apple mobile devices. Since it has 4000+ bend lifespan, it is not easy to break this cable anytime soon.Buy From Amazon

3. Trusted Cables Lightning Cable iPhone 6 Cord Charging Connector Review

People like this cable simply because it works. You can use it at home while driving on the road and it will always deliver. The cable still comes from a top brand that when you buy, it is a sure win for you. You are buying a peace of mind as you will not have to dread about it being incompatible or breaking in just a few weeks. It is built to last thanks to the use of high quality wires, rubbers and silicon that go into each cable.

4. Avolare 3 Pack Durable USB Nylon Braided Lightning Sync and Charging Cord Review

The lightning cable from Avolare is made to last long by using a high-quality nylon coating. The cables are made to withstand any mishandling such as heavy pulling and dragging. You can roll or bend after charging without worrying about it damaging anytime soon. The extra length of these cables will give you a chance to charge the phone even when you are at a distance from the wall socket. The cables are made to industry standards. Thus they can handle high speed charging and fast data transfers.Buy From Amazon

5. Anker Powerline and Lightning Cable Review

iPhone Charger, Anker Powerline Lightning (3 ft), Apple MFi Certified, High-Speed Durable Lightning Cable/Charger Cord, iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR/X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus/iPad, and More (White)

With an 18-month warranty on a cable, it is a sure way of knowing that the cable is durable. The adjustable pouch that comes with the cable helps you to adjust the cable length to suit your needs easily. It provides impressive protection when you are transporting your cable to different places. The cable is incredibly strong since it has a double braided nylon exterior with a toughened Kevlar fiber core. This makes it have a toughness that is more superior than other cables you have used before.Buy From Amazon

6. X-cords iPhone Lightning Cable Charging Cord Braided Apple USB Review

iPhone Charger Lightning Cable - [MFi Certified] Durable Braided Apple Lightning USB Cord for Latest iOS Including iPhone X/8/8Plus/ 7/7Plus/IPad Pro

If you have always wanted to sync or charge your iPhone in the car, then you have the answer with you right here. This cable is made to be highly compatible with many Apple products, making it easy to use them whenever you go. This USB cable will also give you high-speed data transmission rate that you need, especially when transmitting a lot of data to and from your device. The problem of bending is eliminated as you can simply wind the cable for storage once you are done using it. No damages are typically done to the core as its outer construction makes it withstand all the winding.Buy From Amazon

7. AmazonBasics Apple Certified Retractable Lightning to USB Cable Review

AmazonBasics Apple Certified Retractable Lightning to USB Cable - 2 Feet (0.6 Meters) - Black

The retracting part is quite a selling point for this cable. This means that the cable can easily be stored in its cover and then carried around in your backpack. This will help a lot in making the cable to last for long. You can expand this cable to a length of 2 feet when in use. That is a lot of cables right there that you would want. Since it is compatible with many Apple devices, expect that many people would get such a cable for themselves.

Buy From Amazon

8. Dison Apple MFi Certified Lightning with Smart LED Cable Review

Apple Lightning Cable, Dison (6.6FT) Smart LED Flashlight Apple MFi Certified Lightning Cable, Built- in LED in Lightning connector to Aluminum USB Charger Cable for iphone 7/ 7 plus and iOS (Black)

The sign that shows the product is Apple certified gives relief to most people. You would always want a certified product. The cable is known to help in data transfer at fast speeds without receiving any error message. The Smart LED indicator helps you to know if charging is complete or not. It glows red while charging and green when the charge is now complete. The cable can charge and transfer data fast at the same time making it more reliable.Buy From Amazon


9. Foxx Electronics Lightning USB Charge Sync Cable Review

Foxx Electronics Lightning USB Charge Sync Cable, 1m / 3.3 feet (Apple MFI Certified)

This lightning cable is highly compatible with many Apple devices, so you do not have to worry much about compatibility issues. You can now sync and charge your device with cable every time you need it. The product is currently backed by an impressive warranty that ensures you get to enjoy using the cable without fear of it breaking. The cable is designed to be a perfect fit for having a super slim connector. You can slot it into all case openings.Buy From Amazon

10. Charm Sonic Lightning Cable

Reliability best defines this cable according to many people who have used it before. You can expect a high-speed transmission and fast charging with this cable. Transferring your music, contacts and other files will be done fast and efficiently. The flexible and long cable makes it easy to use the device connected to the cable while in bed or any other soft place. The cable is nylon-braided to help improve the durability of the cable.

What to Look for in Lightning Cables


The durability is important for any product that you buy. You would always want a product to show the value of the money you paid for it. The durability of most cables is enhanced by having nylon braids and other materials added to the cover of the cables.

High speed charging and data transfer capability

The lightning cable is commonly used for speed charging and syncing devices for data transfer. You would want a cable with the high rating when it comes to these two functions. This means you will be able to charge faster and also transfer data faster.

The cable length

The cable length matters a lot when you always have a wall socket away from your couch. With a longer cable, you can still use the phone while it is charging from the comfort of your couch. You can always take the time to check out several cable lengths from a top brand and choose the one that will work with your needs.

Licensed cables

Not all the lightning cables that you see on the market have been licensed. The licensing is only offered if the cable can meet the industry quality standards. It is a sure way of knowing that you just bought a reliable cable or not. The unlicensed cables are likely to be incompatible with your Apple device.


If you have always wanted to experience fast charging and data transfer, it should not be a problem anymore. The lightning cables now can help you with charging your phone when you really need it or transfer files from one device to another with a lot of ease. Always make sure that you get the right cable that has positive reviews. Sometimes it is always better if you get to buy a product that many people like for its performance and other features.

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