6 Best Long Board Reviewsb & Buyer Guide Update 2021

In the 1950’s, skateboard and longboard brands emerged, just as the same with the explosion of the surfing scene within southern California. The surfers used to hit the streets with their homemade boards when the waves didn’t break. These often-homemade boards were made of wood planks and roller skating wheels, almost mimicking the style of surfing, although on the streets.Best Long Board Reviews

Soon enough, ‘sidewalk surfing’ was born and the emergence of the skateboarding sport eventually. Skateboarding also gave birth to longboarding, which is a blend of disciplines and styles. Over the years, manufacturers have become committed to creating high-performance and well-designed longboards for beginners and pros, and all types of riders.

The diversity of this sport also urged manufacturers to design a wide diversity of products just to meet and define the riders’ requirements. Hence, the emergence of the different, good longboard brands on the market today. Below are just some of the best longboard brands for beginners and pros alike.

Best Long Board Reviews

1. Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard (44-Inch) Review

Original Artisan Bamboo and Maple 44" Longboard Skateboard

With an average of 4.5-Star Rating on Amazon is the Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard, made of multi-ply hardwood maple and an awesome Artisan bamboo deck. It features rugged, 7-inch aluminum trucks, kicks tail, and sturdy 70-mm PU wheels.

It is among the best longboards on the market, considered as classic and stylish at the same time. The Cruiser Artisan is ideal for around town errands, cruising along the boardwalk, or getting to class on time. The top-rated components of this item ensure optimum durability and maximum performance simultaneously.

Thus, Quest also ensures that this longboard will give everyone an enjoyable ride, designing and creating products with the consumer’s budget in mind. Aside from offering the traditionally-designed longboards, the company works hand-in-hand with skateboard pioneers, snowboard, and surf professionals across the globe just to reinvent the best components available. With the Super Cruiser, the user is assured of a fresh art as well as the recent technologies, considering the brand’s unwavering devotion.

The Super Cruiser is a perfect longboard for beginners, those without or little knowledge when it comes to longboards and skateboards. It can greatly help in molding a decent longboard rider with a couple of hours of practicing. Moreover, the Cruiser can hold up through falls and wrecks and a steal for its affordable price.

Long-time owners of the product rate the Cruiser that way due to its durability as it does not show many signs of wear-and-tear. However, the absence of flex on the board does not make it ideal for long rides; instead, it is highly recommended to all beginners, and the Cruiser is a worth-keeping item that can last a lifetime.Buy From Amazon

2. Atom Drop-Through Longboard (41-Inch) Review

Atom Drop Through – 41 Inch

The Atom Drop-Through Longboard (41-Inch) also receives an average rating of 4.5 Stars on Amazon. This longboard offers maximum stability due to its ultra-low-riding design. Thus, it is perfect for downhill carving. Among the best longboards, the Atom Drop-Through provides ease of pushing, taking out the wear-and-tear for around-town commutes.

It also features a unique perimeter shape, giving a 9.6-inch of leverage into every turn, while eliminating wheel-bite at the same time. It has a full maple laminated deck, along with the Reverse King Pin (RKP) longboard trucks with 245mm axles.

While it is considered as the best cruising longboard, users can become more ‘down to earth,’ as it is the best choice for down hilling and ideal for long distance riding and kicking around town or the school premises.

The Atom Drop-Through is a drop style longboard, boasting its wide-lip Super High Rebound (SHR) urethane wheels. It has ABEC 9 bearings with high-speed lubricant and 80S grip tape. Based on Atom longboard review, the buyer can enjoy a limited one-year warranty from the manufacturer, certainly a guaranteed protection against defects in workmanship and materials.

With this item, potential buyers are rest assured of high-grade quality and performance as Atom is among MBS’s world-class product line-ups. MBS has been a pioneer in the mountain boarding sport since 1993 and one of the most original and top industries that can develop high performance and innovative mountain board products. All year-round, the company has been producing top-of-the-line boards, both for the beginners and professionals in the boarding arena.

Hence, the company and its products are committed to the advancement of the sport, along with the riders, expanding its line-up to additionally include the best long boards, skateboards, and carve boards in town. All in all, the Atom Drop-ThroughAtom Drop-Through, as one of MBS’s top 10 longboards, is perfect for down hilling, campus cruising, and free riding.Buy From Amazon

3. Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Downhill/Cruiser Freeride Complete Longboard 36″ Review

Sector 9 Fractal Complete Skateboard

Measuring at 36 inches in length and 9 inches in width is the Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Longboard. This longboard has garnered a 4.5-Star Rating due to its Sector 9 Aperture drop-through deck, ABEC 5 bearings, and gullwing sidewinder trucks.

Potential buyers of the Sector 9 Aperture can choose from varied colors, depending on their personal preferences. This longboard is said to put everything into perspective, considering its Sidewinder truck setup that keeps the rider turn on a dime, while wrapping around corners with so much ease.

This 36-inch Fractal longboard makes use of its length as an advantage point because it keeps the rider stable throughout fast downhill runs. It has the best bearings for longboards that every rider could ever ask for. The combination of the board’s Gullwing Sidewinder trucks and the double-Kingpin on its Fractal creates camera-worthy slides and turns as the rider can respond directly underneath his feet.

These features also allow the rider to make a full U-turn in less than a 10-foot arc. Because the board is springy, it soaks up the bumps on the roads. Furthermore, this cruiser is beautifully-designed as its flat aerodynamic style allows nice speed and carving, and a totally fast longboard.

The double-edged sword trucks are perfect for carving, but dangerous for the bombing. The speed wobbles tend to show up easily, although a little tightening of the wheels and wheel size upgrade can resolve this issue. The Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder deserves a top rating and certainly a must-have longboarding for beginners, intermediate, and the advanced riders.

While there are cheaper setups, the Sector 9 Aperture offers solid components that every rider will be happy to ride with. The drop-through setup, along with its side cutouts also allow for the crazy actuation of its trucks, while carving hard. Riders can definitely enjoy a fast and comfortable ride with these conditions offered by the Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Downhill/Cruiser Freeride.Buy From Amazon

4. Atom Pintail Longboard Review

Atom Pin-Tail Longboard (39-Inch)

The Atom Pintail Longboard’s classic deck shape makes it as one of the best longboard for beginners. It is ideal for beginners because it is not only great for cruising, but also its classic deck shape helps in avoiding wheel bite. This is perfect not only for beginners but also seasoned riders because of its concaved cross section. A real treat for those who love to carve the tightest street turns hard.

Many longboard reviews will reveal how awesome this board really is. Its 4.5 Amazon rating is due to its great trucks, amazing wheels and bearings, and high quality deck. It is recommended for beginners who just started trying out the sport or even advanced longboard riders.

The board itself measures 39 inches in length and 9.4 inches in width and 6 inches in height and weighs 7.3 pounds in total. The deck alone only weighs 4 pounds and is stiff maple laminated, fully covered 80 grit aluminum oxide grip tape top, and features a very colorful bottom design.

Added with ABEC 5 bearings, 8.5-inch polished aluminum trucks that feature die-cast aluminum hangers and bases along with 90A-HR suspensions, and 65 millimeter 78A urethane wheels, makes the Atom Pintail Longboard the ideal entry-level choice not only because of its amazing features but also because of its affordable price.

Some individuals who are interested in trying longboarding consider using boards that are made from scratch. Such individuals think this is the better option because it is cheaper, especially so that they are only beginners. This is not advisable because of one major reason, which is safety. Rather than risking it, it is better to grab hold of an affordable, cool looking, and reliable equipment. Thus, the Atom Pintail Longboard is perfect for both beginners and pros because it is an inexpensive speedster and cruiser, good-looking, and affordable.Buy From Amazon

5. Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard Review

Yocaher Professional Speed Longboard Skateboard

Among the best longboard brands is the Yocaher, offering its Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard for riders who want to enjoy both short and long rides. It is ideal mainly for the professional riders in the industry.

The Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down features Q-Ball, 70x52mm wheels with 78A hardness, 180mm hanger, HD7 heavy-duty trucks, and an overall aluminum alloy design. This long board also features Abec 7 chrome bearings, plus Black Widow premium-grade 80A black grip tape.

This is the best longboard for cruising, considering a fully-assembled item upon arrival with 33-inch wheel-base, 9-ply maple, and high concave construction. Its unique design is attributed to the lower deck at the center, compared to where the trucks are mounted. Hence, this design tends to lower the center of gravity, giving the rider more stability, while allowing greater speed, resulting in an unmatched speed-boarding experience.

Longboard companies have been trying to design top-rated items to meet every rider’s requirements. But this Yocaher longboard has already done that. It is an epitome of the high-grade long board combined with sweetness and a good price. With this, riders can enjoy smooth and easy turns, plus a good balance all at the same time.

Considering its reasonable price tag, the Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down works very well, handling very high speeds without wobbles of any kind, even clocking in at 35 mph. In real life, the design looks great without defects or bubbles. Many longboard reviews also reveal that this long board could last for a long time and requires just minimal care and maintenance.

The longboard dimensions of this item make it perfect for riding in the rain and snow while eliminating the issues of rust at the same time. The stock bearings work just fine, although replacement is always possible with this board. Overall, the Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down is not only perfect for the high-skilled riders, but also a good starter kit for potential longboard riders.Buy From Amazon

6. Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch) Review

Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch)

Included in the top longboard brands is Atom, now boasting its Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch) longboard. Similar to its brothers, this one also garners an average rating of 4.5 Stars on Amazon. It also offers an ultra-low riding style, ensuring maximum stability and is very ideal for downhill carving.

The same with the Atom Drop Through, the Drop Deck Longboard provides a very easy pushing motion, while reducing, if not eliminating the wear-and-tear due to consistent commutes. It also has a unique perimeter shape, giving 9.6 inches of leverage in every turn. The design of this Atom is equivalent to riding a longboard without the wheel-bite. Similarly, this longboard is also made of full maple laminated deck, including RKP longboard trucks with 245-mm axles.

Dropping low and feeling the flow is made possible by the Atom Drop Deck Longboard. Certainly, this is the best choice for down hilling, while enjoying stability at the same time. The ease of pushing it is ideal for just kicking around the campus or for long distance riding.

Atom also offers a limited 1-year warranty with the Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch), protecting the buyer from any defects. Hence, the buyer is guaranteed with a top-of-the-line longboard with Atom as the company has been committed to creating and designing innovative sports products since 1993. Through the years, Atom’s umbrella company, the MBS has extended has extended the snowboard season all year-round through its lineup of carve boards, skateboards, and the best longboards.

In a nutshell, the Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch) is among the best longboard brands that offer stability, premium-grade materials, and warranty that every rider would ask for. Atom provides only the best products to all types of riders, ranging from the beginners to the intermediate and the advanced. There is no need to look further with the stability and high-performance of this awesome Longboard.Buy From Amazon

Long Board Buying Guide

While longboard companies are offering a wide array of products, it is still important to consider many factors that contribute to the performance of every longboard on the market. Below are the most important considerations to keep in mind throughout the search for the best item possible.

Cruising Board Styles

  • Flexible Drop-Through – This style has a lower centre of gravity, making it more stable than other varieties. This type is also easier to push because the flex serves as a dampening system, while avoiding discomfort on longer rides.
  • Traditional Cruiser Shape – On the other hand, this style is medium-length. It is the most popular of all types because of its smaller size, along with a kicktail that allows an easy navigation throughout crowds and sidewalks.
  • Commuter Style – This is usually a top-mounted cruising board, having a lot of leverage over its trucks, thus, it is great for carving. With the wheels placed at the end of the deck, this board has an increased sense of stability compared to traditional cruisers.

Cruising Deck

The cruising deck factor is greatly based on the purpose of the long board, ranging from going to class to going to work, hitting the shopping mall, going up some hills, and so on. The foot traffic should be considered as well.

Long boards with 28 inches to 46 inches in length are the best for a cruising deck. It is safe to stay within this range until comfort is secured. Thus, simply relying on the product description is sensible to determine which deck length will be the most comfortable for you.

  • Shorter Cruising Deck – Good longboards in the range of 28” to 32” length are perfect for young and small riders. While taller riders can still use these types, provided that they are confident enough in their riding ability.
  • Mid-sized Cruising Deck – Within the 32” to 42” range is the mid-sized longboards, which are considered as the “just right” riding types. Perhaps, these are the most commonly seen on the streets, used by different types of riders.
  • Longer Cruising Deck – This type is perfect for longer and a more relaxed ride on the sidewalk. It is also perfect as the rider practices his board walking skills when the surf is flat. But, this type could be pretty heavy.

Flexy Versus Stiff Deck

The flex is undoubtedly a major factor to consider. Keep in mind that the best cruising longboard could have this feature because it can help throughout long rides. The flex tends to absorb some of the rough terrain that is encountered, while allowing a bit lower ride to the ground, compared to its non-flexible counterparts.

Generally, this shock-absorption feature also relieves some of the stress felt in the knees and ankles. On that note, riding lower to the ground results in the adjustment of the center of gravity, hence, making it easier to push and balance. While some riders prefer flexy boards, others opt for an increased stability that is offered by a stiffer deck. Therefore, the choice largely depends on the personal preference of every rider, although most riders find the flexy varieties more fun.

  • Small Amount of Flex – Longboard companies are now offering products with a small amount of flex. This particular design allows the rider to have some extra leverage throughout turns, including shock-dampening effects on rough surfaces.
  • Different Flex Levels – There are also companies that design long boards with different flex levels in their models. Getting the proper flex, in accordance with the body weight will result in a dampening system, allowing the ride to get a bit closer to the ground, unlike non-flexy boards.
  • Stiff Longboard Deck – A stiff longboard deck is very common within the downhill longboarding scene. This is referred to by many riders as the “real longboard” and is very easy to come by.Kicktail or Without Kicktail
  • Deck with a Kicktail – For many riders, deck with a kicktail could be very convenient when doing a quick turn, doing the trick, or popping up and curbing down. Deck with a kicktail is the best longboard for beginners but should be used properly.
  • Deck Without a Kicktail – Riders who do not want kicktail-assisted maneuvers can always opt for a deck without a kicktail. The majority of these boards can optimize the effective wheelbase, which is the distance between the axles. Therefore, it is also ideal for beginners who are looking for a more stable ride.

Cruising Trucks

The selection of trucks is equally an essential factor throughout a longboard shopping. This section allows the rider to make turns while keeping the wheels properly anchored to the board. Based on longboard dimensions, the easiest way to identifying the best trucks is choosing the one closest to the width of the deck. There two widths to choose from – the 150mm and the 180mm.

  • Truck for Skinnier Decks – The best cruiser boards usually have 8.5 inches or less width that need 150mm trucks.
  • Trucks for Wider Decks – The best carve boards have between 8.5 inches and 10.5 inches in width that require 180mm trucks.

Standard Versus Reverse-Kingpin Truck

The bureaucratic style of longboard trucks, most especially for cruising is the Reverse King Pin or popularly known as RKP. This design is geared towards a higher range of maneuverability, which is desired by riders. Meanwhile, the standard style truck is very rare, although it still equates to enough turns. A few upgrades such as adjustments and getting some nice bushings will result in smoother and more effortless turns. The “textbook” types of riders would always prefer the RKP trucks to obtain the finest ride possible.

  • Reverse-King Pin Trucks – These are often seen on longboard skateboards on the downhill race tracks and the boardwalk. This allows more turning ability and carving.
  • Standard-Kingpin Trucks – These are usually noticed on street skateboards and in a half pipe at a skate park. This type is highly recommended for cruising board with a kicktail because it allows a sharper response from the use of the tail.

Construction Type

The construction type of the longboard is also a major consideration for any potential buyer. Different longboard reviews would testify about the benefits of each construction type, helping probable longboard riders to pick the most suitable one.

  • Maple – This is the most common material used by manufacturers, considering the maple’s durable and reliable characteristics. Longboards that are constructed with maple results in an excellent and thick set up that can surpass wear-and-tear possibilities, thereby, it can last for a long time.
  • Bamboo – Bamboo-constructed longboards are gaining more popularity at present. This material is known to have more flex than its counterparts. Thus, bamboo-constructed longboards are ideal for carving and cruising the streets due to its lightweight nature. It is also preferred by some riders because it is thinner and provides easy transport.
  • Carbon Fiber – Longboards that are constructed with carbon fiber are the most expensive varieties. The use of this material is mainly to allow the rider in pushing off the start line faster with less effort around turns and slides. The advanced riders are usually seen with these types of longboards.


Certainly, there are more things about longboards than what meets the eye. Keep in mind that these sports products come in a wide array of constructions, features, shapes, designs, and technologies. But, the rider should identify his styles and abilities to determine what is the best longboard brand.

The longboard mentioned above reviews and buying guide is equally essential throughout the search for the best longboard brands for beginners, intermediate, and advanced, eliminating the guesswork as much as possible.

Nevertheless, the rider’s ability level and riding style should be the top factors, while in search of the most suitable product. The most reliable companies would always create these sports items, according to the rider’s individual abilities with setups, styles, and shapes in mind. Thereby, as a rider, it is essential to assess your ability level to select the best longboard that will give you the best riding experience and progress at the same time.

Overall, different longboard brands can make commuting easier than before, while providing a sense of recreation and a serious sport to longboard aficionados. Cruising the school campus, going up or down a hill, or hitting the skate park with friends is all made possible with a reliable longboard made by trusted longboard companies.

Find the Best Longboard

The feeling of the wind gently blowing on your face as you glide through the streets is easily one of the best you could ever experience. Of course, not everyone can glide easily through the streets and the crowds, but it can be done with the use of a longboard. Longboards are skateboards, only longer.

The idea for longboards came about around the year 1959 when commercial skateboards were first introduced to the market. These skateboards were marketed as toys for kids, but surfers in Hawaii realized that the feeling of being on a skateboard was very similar to that of being on a surfboard and riding waves. Surfers realized that the rolling motion brought about by the wheels was very much like the rolling motion brought about by the waves.

As such, when waves were low or perhaps too rough to ride, surfers would turn to skateboards and would roll through the sidewalks instead of riding the waves. It was not long before longboarding came to be known as sidewalk surfing, and since then, boards were developed to accommodate greater speeds and awesome tricks.

Background on Longboards

As skateboards were initially marketed as toys for kids, surfers who wanted to use the skateboarding concept designed their boards with their own set of wheels and a simple plank of wood. Some of the first longboards were homemade from wheels of old-fashioned roller skates fastened on to long planks or boards. The added length allowed the bigger boys to use the boards for faster riding and for a greater array of tricks. Longboards are also typically larger in width than regular skateboards, and they are designed with special geometric parameters that allow them to be more suitable for street cruising than the regular skateboard.

The sport of longboarding rose in popularity alongside skateboarding by the 1970’s. During this time, urethane wheels were developed and these provided for stronger and faster boards. Commercial boards were also developed to be more versatile, allowing skateboarders and longboarders to be more creative with their tricks.

It was also around this time that longboarding expanded to include what is known as pool surfing, or the act in which surfers used empty pools to practice their skateboarding on. The smooth slopes and angles of the empty pools allowed surfers to liken their skateboarding experiences more to surfing, and these also became the forerunners for what would be known as skate parks.

Skate parks appeared at roughly the same time the skateboarding culture appeared. Unfortunately, the number of accidents resulting from the use of these skate parks also brought a temporary halt to the sport as insurance cost and lawsuits caused many of the parks to close down. It wasn’t until the 1990’s that the sport began to become popular again, thanks to renowned celebrity boarders such as Tony Hawk who showed a whole new world of skateboarding alongside a different range of awesome skateboarding tricks.

Best Longboard for BeginnersBest Long board Review

If you are one of those people who are interested in the sport of longboarding, there are some basic things you need to know. One of which is what type of longboard you should first go with. Those who are interested in longboarding should know that it is quite different from skateboarding. First of all, as the name suggests, longboards are typically longer than skateboards and are also bigger regarding width.

The wheels of longboards are also typically larger, but the board itself is also often thinner than a regular skateboard. The effect is somewhat of a springy board which is easy to turn and maneuver with just a few movements from your feet. The flexibility of the board allows riders to accomplish a wider range of moves and tricks, but this also makes the boards that much harder to control.

Choosing your first longboard can be a difficult task to do. Ideally, you should know what you want to use your longboard for, be it cruising, freeriding and technical moves, or go downhill at high speeds. Cruising is typically something that a beginner should go for as this is all about learning to ride your board as a means of transportation and weaving around and about the streets. However, you may also want to consider a more versatile board when you decide to do some tricks.

If you are unsure of what you want, the best thing for you to do would be to go to a local store and ask someone who looks to know about the sport. Keep in mind that someone who knows about the sport should not suggest a board to you outright, but instead will try to explain the different types of boards to see which one is best suited for you. Of course, never buy a board without getting on it first and trying it out for yourself. As funny as it may sound, the right board will simply feel right. At the very least, you should choose a board that you feel comfortable with.

The best longboard for beginners may also depend on personal factors such as the height and weight of the person, as well as budget constraints. You should never buy a board that stands higher than you as this will be very hard to balance. If you plan on using your board as a main mode of transportation, you should also consider one that is small enough for you to carry around comfortably.

Longboards that beginners should also consider are those that have larger wheels for easier balance, and wider decks for a higher center of gravity. Beginners should always try to go for the basic boards first and not anything too fancy as they may be too challenging. The bearings should also be smooth, and overall, the board should be durable and of decent quality.

The Sector 9 Fiji is a complete board that comes with a biothane wheel and PDP Adec 5 bearings. It is made of a 5-ply vertically laminated bamboo and is stylishly designed with bamboo grains and he Fiji waters graphics. Simple but highly efficient, this board is ideal for beginners as it is great for cruising, carving, or even doing simple tricks on. In other words, this board is great for longboarding of any style. The ride on this board can only be described as smooth, and you can expect this board to last for years to come. This is available at Amazon.com for $189 and comes with free shipping.

For a slightly more affordable board, beginners can search for the Globe Kaguya. It has a deck size of 9.5 inches by 43.125 inches and is also made from the durable yet flexible material of bamboo. This board comes complete with quality wheels and bearings, and an awesome design that makes longboarding even cooler. Well-built but straightforward, riders can expect easy riding on this longboard.

A board will typically set you back at least a hundred dollars. If you do find great deals on boards for sale, just make sure that the quality and can be trusted. A board that is affordable but will break after just a few rides is worse than an expensive board that will last for years.

Most longboards come already set up and ready for use, but if you know what you are looking for, you can customize the parts to suit your needs and preferences better. As a beginner, do as much research as you can and ask for advice from experts. Be sure to buy a helmet along with knee and elbow pads as well when you purchase your beginner’s longboard.

Best Longboard for Carvers

Once you have gotten the hang of riding your longboard, you will become familiar with certain terms and moves such as carving. Carving refers to the act of turning back and forth on your board so that you can carve out continuous ‘S’ shapes as you ride your board. This is typically done on a downhill slope and is carried out by leaning the body to the left then right. While this is a normal move that is used to control speed especially on downward slopes, it is very fun to do as well.

Carving allows you to ride your board in a fashion very similar to the way you would ride a surfboard or a snowboard. The twists and turns require a more flexible board, as well as wheels with clearance, so they do not brush against the board whenever you do your twists. For flexibility, you can look at deck materials other than wood such as carbon fiber or fiberglass.

One of the parts that you should look into if you are selecting the best longboard for carving is the truck. The trucks are the T-shaped connectors that attach the deck, or the board, to the wheels. These trucks come in sizes of degree baseplates and the larger the degree baseplate, the more clearance there is between the wheel and the deck. Trucks with 50-degree baseplates are decent for carving, but those with 42-degree baseplates or less will be too restrictive for making those twists and turns.

You might also want to look for boards that have a camber and rocker built in if you are looking for the best longboards for carving. The camber is the slight curve that runs across the deck, and the rocker is a slight curve that runs towards the ends of the board. Having built-in camber and rocker will allow your board to have more spring and maneuverability.

When carving, that extra spring and maneuverability will allow you to move more freely and make better turns. You should also feel an added release of tension at the end of every curve, making for a smoother ride. Of course, even boards without camber and rocker already have tension springs built in with the board so having these parts is not totally a necessity for carving.

Some of the boards that you can look into when considering what boards to use for carving are the Section 9 Fraction, the Globe Pinner, Arbor Zeppelin, and Surf One. These boards will bring you back a couple of hundred dollars or so, but they will last for a long time and will give you endless amounts of carving fun. Find the best one here.

Best Longboard for Freestyle

Freestyle brings longboarding to a whole new level. This is where technical skills, as well as the more creative tricks of the sport, are introduced. The term freestyle is also often interchanged with ‘dancing’ regarding longboarding, and it can refer to many numbers of tricks such as boardwalking, sliding, or simply riding on your board in the goofiest way possible. It is said that this quirkiness began as early as the 1960’s when surfers would carry on their tricks on the surfboards to tricks on the longboards. Much like how surfers would walk up and down their surfboards to adjust speed and also to make turns, this move on the longboard also allows the same adjustments.

If you are looking for the best longboard for freestyle, you should consider boards with a longer deck. More deck space means more space to move around or even dance around in. A good 45 inches should be long enough for anyone who wants to try out freestyle on their boards, with a suitable width that will allow you to walk up and down the deck easily.

Wheels that are not too small are also ideal for dancing or for riding your longboard freestyle. You will need much stability, so good sized wheels, along with proper bearing are a must. Remember to try out any board before buying them, and if you want one for freestyle riding, choose a board that you feel most stable and comfortable on to help get you balanced and dancing on that board.

Some boards recommended for freestyle riding are the Loaded Bhangra, The Plank, and the Pakala III. The Loaded Bhangra costs about $$$$, but the Pakala III can be bought for about $$$. See if you can try these boards first before buying to know if you should make a big investment on a freestyle board or if a simple but trusted board will do.

Best Longboard for Racers

Anything with wheels is made to be raced with, and the same is true with longboards and skateboards. As early as the 1950’s, longboard racing has been a popular sport among those who enjoy the pumping adrenaline and the chance for bragging rights. The sport of longboard racing takes riders downhill where speeds are at the top, and it was not long before innovators came up with specialty boards made for racing.

Longboards may vary depending on the purpose or the style of riding they were made for. With longboards for racers, it was found that the best are those with longer decks, soft wheels, and wider trucks. The goal is for the board to support and handle the accelerations that come with downhill riding, as well as for it to be able to turn and twist properly even given the high speeds. A beginner racer’s board will still be different from an advanced level rider’s, but there are basic considerations that any racer should look out for.

One type of board that longboard racers should consider is what is known as the drop-through. Ideal for those new to the sport, these boards sit close to the ground and thus provide easier balance and greater stability. It also helps to overcome the fear of going too fast and too high and helps to lessen the impact of crashing if necessary.

If you have had a bit of experience with longboard racing and are raring to go faster, a top mount should be a good choice for you. Top mounts have the trucks attached directly below the longboard deck. The effect is a tighter grip that gives extra stability even when turns are executed. This is ideal for the more technical hills where corners and other obstacles will require the rider to slow down or change course. Of course, the ability to control such a board also comes with experience, and it will take a lot of falls before a racer understands the advantages of top mounts over drop-through boards.

As for the size of the deck, racers are better off with mid-sized boards than those that are too short or too long. A deck that is 37 inches to about 43 inches long is just right as shorter decks will make it easy to lose stability, while longer decks will be harder to twist and maneuver. The width of the deck is usually just suited to the length, but a simple tip is to choose a deck that can comfortably fit your shoe size.

As always, choose boards of good quality and make. Make sure that the wheels have a tight grip, the bearings should be thick and frictionless, and all parts should be durable for all the pressure that fast downhill riding comes with.

The Arbor Catalyst Skateboard comes complete and ready for downhill racing. It has a 42-inch by 9.25-inch dimension and is made with a mix of wood and fiberglass for easier maneuverability. The rucks, bearings, and wheels are all of the good quality, giving you superior grip and smoother twists and turns. This drop-through board is very stable and is one of the best first longboards anyone can have. It is safe even for downhill racing and is even more of a polished ride for leisure longboarding. Although this board comes at quite the price of $$$, it is sure to last many years, and you can expect to get the best rides of your life on this board.

For a top mount board, riders can take a look at the Original Arbiter Downhill Top Mount Longboard. Measuring 10 inches by 36.5 inches, the board comes with speed and stability that is ideal for downhill racing. Its ProRide kingpin trucks make it easier to twist and turn, and the prothane wheels give the board the grip that any racing board needs. Of course, it is stylish with a simple black and white graphic design and purple wheels, and it also comes pre-gripped with black grip tape for that maximum control. This board can be bought for $$, still a good price for a board of its quality.

Ride the Board

You can never stress how difficult it is to choose one longboard above all the rest. Like looking for a soul mate, choosing your longboard is all about compatibility and agreeing with your style. Buying a longboard requires you to look at your level of skill and even the additional features that you may want your board to possess. Let us not forget the style and design of the board which has to fit the rider’s personality.

This guide only tells about some and the most basic of boards available. Once you become truly interested in the sport, you will find that building your board can be your preferred option. This means that you have to understand every part that comes into your board and find out which options are good for what purposes.

As a tip, you should always remember to ride the board. You have to get on the board and ride it in your style to see it is truly the one that you want and the one that you are looking for. You may start searching for boards and building it with tips and advice from other riders, but the ultimate choice is up to you and what you feel is right.

Listen to the advice of the experts but ride the board to know if what is right for them is also ideal for you. Of course, ride your board anywhere; from riding to school or going to the skate park, even to racing down the hills and doing tricks where no one expects you to be able to carry them out. Longboarding is an exciting and fantastic sport, and it is made even more enjoyable with the right type of board.

Things to Avoid While Longboarding

We all know that longboarding is adventurous and exciting. People love it instinctively, and they revered the game without any qualms. With that in mind, this game brings a certain level of risk to the people associated with it. This is why you should consider a handful of issues to avoid any kind adversity during a skating. If someone avoids these risky issues, he or she will enjoy the game like no one else. So, let us have a quick look at what you should consider while longboarding.

Things to avoid while longboarding

Always remain safe

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional long-boarder, you always need to be on your toes to remain safe. To be safe, you have to wear safety gears before stepping on a longboard. Ideally, a rider should wear pads, gloves, helmet along with other types of safety gears. These gears will keep the rider safe from any hazardous events. In fact, they will save the rider from being injured badly. Besides, the safety gears will bring a positive level of confidence to the riders as well.

Don’t think about riding backwards

The rule of thumb for longboarding is not to ride backward. In truth, riding backward is not safe, and it can cause serious accidents. Most of the riders enjoy riding backward as it is always fun and entertaining. But, they should not do it because when you catch speed, it will be difficult to control the board, especially during downhill longboarding. As a result, you can face terrible mishaps. So, the best advice here would be to avoid riding backward.

Avoid using phone while riding

Some riders use a phone during longboard ride. Well! It is extremely dangerous to use a phone when you are longboarding. The reason is if the rider will lose sight and focus because of using a phone. Therefore, if you have to make an emergency call, just step out of the board and make your call.

Don’t longboard on a rainy day

In rainy conditions, the longboarding tracks become wet. This wet track makes longboarding a tougher call to attend because you will have difficulty to control the board. So, when there is rain or if the track is wet due to some reasons, don’t listen to your lust. Always avoid riding on wet tracks, as it will keep you safe from accidents.

Buy appropriate shoes

Before going to a longboard ride, wearing proper shoe would do wonders. It means you not just wearing the shiny and well-designed ones. It indicates that you must wear the shoes that will help you to have a tight grip on the board. Besides, It will allow you to control the board effectively. So, do not wear slippers or any formal shoes. These types of shoes will make your life difficult while longboarding. So, avoid funky shoes and wear proper shoes for better control and grip.

Control your temptation

Usually, the riders show off their skills by jumping up and down on the board. But, it can be dangerous for them as well. With that said, this jumping up and down might break the board into two pieces. As a result, you can face the worst possible accidents of your life. So, to remain safe, you should avoid showing off.

Useful Tips for Longboarding

Before you start longboarding seriously, it will be good if you buy a board for practice. The thing is it might feel awkward to you once you step foot on the board for the first time. This is why you can borrow a friend’s board. Then practice with it to remove awkwardness and get to know what it feels to use a longboard.
You will find that many people are making the same mistake by buying the cheap longboarding gears. This is in truth, a bad practice because good equipment always charges a higher price (though, we are not suggesting you to buy the expensive items). So, make some research and read the reviews carefully. It will help you find the appropriate longboard gears such as decks, bushings, bearings, wheels, etc.

Aside from the above things, you should buy safety equipment properly. It is essential for the beginners because longboarding includes concretely mastering the fast speeds. This is why you should check before buy. With that said, mastering the fast speed factor is another point that you must acknowledge. You can use some tactics (such as carving, jumping off, rolling off the road, etc.) to learn about it. Finally, you should know the basics of longboard mechanics. It will allow you to face mechanical problems (such as problems with wheels, bearings, etc.) easily. You can learn about it from YouTube videos.


You should keep in mind that longboarding is more than a game. You can’t just learn about it overnight and become a pro! You must have patience and calmness towards this game. Besides, you have to practice it repeatedly to be successful! So, do not take any shortcut or you will fail miserably.

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