7 Best Lug Ladies Fitness Bags Reviews – Buyer Guide 2021

Hottest Lug Life Ladies Fitness Bags

Here is a selection of the best Lug Life Ladies Fitness bags. This company makes the best overnight bags for teens and adults so that you can expect a range of cute designer fitness bags for women and girls.

Nobody wants to go to the gym with a smelly old bag. A classy lady takes her Lug Life ladies fitness bag to the gym, and it can double up as a handy, roomy overnight bag too.

These are great bags for toting around your sportswear, gym accessories, unmentionables and more, and the bag will not let you down.

Lug Tuk Tuk Carry-all

Lug Tuk Carry-All Bag

Measuring 17 by 12½ inches, this carryall comes with lots of features, such as padded straps, plenty of organizational compartments.

A ventilated compartment and drawstring bag for keeping your worn gym clothes or soiled garments apart from the clean ones, straps to attach the bag to a stroller, a couple of front pockets for bottles (either water bottles for you or bottles for your baby) and a removable padded baby changing mat.

This would make a great bag for someone with a baby, but whether or not you have one, this is a very useful bag with plenty of handy features and that typical trendy Lug Life look.

Lug Tuk Carry-All Bag

A Closer Look at the Lug Cartwheel Bag

If you want a great bag to take to the gym, then you ought to look at Lug ladies’ fitness bags. You can keep larger items such as your yoga or pilates mat in there, as well as other large items in the roomy cargo pockets. There are also soft-lined pockets for your iPod, cell phone or other gadgets, small ones for little items, and zippered ones for anything you don’t want to lose.

Pop your rings and other jewelry in the little ring holder to keep them safe while you are working out. The luggage strap is handy, the clear-coated bottom is easy to wipe clean, and the ventilated compartment means nothing will get stale or smelly in there. The removable key fob is another handy bonus you get with Lug ladies’ fitness bags.

This lightweight bag has a hidden exterior bottle holder and a front patch where you can keep your yoga mat. The fabric used to make this bag is water-repellent, so you don’t have to worry about it getting splashed or rained on either. Although a lot of ladies use the front for storing their yoga mat, you could keep anything you wanted in there, like a jacket or towel.

Use it as a carry on bag, a diaper bag, and stay organized by using the different compartments to keep your electronics away from any wet things. This is a versatile bag which you can use for a variety of tasks, but choosing it as a gym bag is an especially good idea.

Top Rated Lug Ladies Fitness Bags

Lug Ladies Fitness Bags

Lug Shuttle Bus Weekender Bag, Navy Blue

This big duffel bag makes a great weekend bag, overnight bag or carries on luggage. It offers plenty of pockets and storage space and comes in 10 different colors.

Fit your laptop on the side as well as all the necessary cords, shoes, clothing, hairdryer, water bottle, and whatever else you want to take with you.

There is a wipe-clean clear base, and the bag is also coated with water-repellent. This is a very big bag, which you might or might not be looking for.

There are smaller Lug ladies’ fitness bags to choose from if you are looking for a medium one, but if you did want something very big, then this one should suit you perfectly.

Lug Shuttle Bus Duffel Bag, Navy Blue, One Size

More about Lug Life

The company selling these bags has an interesting history. Ami and Jason were the couples responsible for setting up the company, and they met at a trade show in Las Vegas. The name ‘Lug’ came up as being clever, clean and associated with luggage. Ami and Jason wanted to offer bright, colorful, high-quality products.

In August 2005 they made luggage belts with coordinating bright colored luggage tags, to appeal to modern travelers. By January 2006 they were making bags too, specializing in bags with fantastic organizational features. These bags cover any situation from going to work to going to the gym or going for a hike.

Other Lug Life products include school backpacks, beach totes, wallets, lunch totes, laptop cases, and more. The team at Lug loves to think up brand new ideas and transform them from simple ideas into brand new creations which often sell like hot cakes to people who love the Lug Life brand. These smart and stylish solutions are well loved because not only are the bags functional and handy, but they also look good. A lot of bags which are so functional tend to be boring or even ugly, and the team at Lug Life wanted to offer bags which not only performed well but also looked good, and they have certainly succeeded.

So whether you are looking for a bag for going to school or college, for work, for carrying your laptop or lunch around, or even something versatile to act as a weekend bag when you need it to be, as in-flight luggage when you travel, or just whenever you need to lug something around, you can trust this brand to offer just the right shape and size of bag, offering the right organizational features. These bags are roomy so that they will hold plenty, they are comfortable to carry around, even when full, and of course, they offer a trendy look. There is nothing not to love about Lug Life bags.
Lug Shuttle Bus Weekender Bag with Wheels, Navy Blue

Wheels are something you want if you have a large bag, and the Shuttle Bus weekender bag is ideal when you are on the move. Use this bag for carrying your workout gear to the gym or use it to zip through the airport or across the city. The bag features an aluminum handle as well as separate storage for shoes or soiled clothing. Measuring 20 by 15 by 13 inches, there is plenty of room in here for everything you need. The bag is padded which means you can carry your laptop or camera equipment without worrying, so simply roll the Lug Shuttle Bus Weekender bag along and you can rest assured your valuables are protected. The color is very pretty too.

Lug Life Cartwheel Overnight/Gym Bag

This bag gets great reviews. It looks cool, and it has plenty of useful pockets, which are always what you need on a good fitness bag. The big one on the front will hold your yoga mat, and there are also soft-lined ones for your cell phone and iPod, zipped pockets, cargo pockets and more, as well as a ring holder for your jewelry to keep it safe while you are working out. Fans of this bag also like the ventilated compartment, removable key fob, luggage strap, and easy-clean clear-coated base.

This bag can be used for overnight trips, as well as a gym bag. Some people have an issue fitting their shoes in the shoe area if their shoes are larger than a size 9 because they will only just fit. This is a well-made bag and offers storage space for a towel, change of clothes, shoes, yoga mat, shampoo and conditioner mini-bottles and more. It is also comfortable to carry.

Lug Cartwheel Gym/Overnight Duffel Bag

Lug Ladies Fitness Bags for the Gym

Lug Fitness Gym Yoga Mat Carrier PILATES BAG

This gym bag is really handy. There is a front patch so you can store your yoga or pilates mat, a hidden bottle holder, a couple of large cargo pockets as well as smaller ones, a ring holder in the side pocket, removable key fob, luggage strap, and zippered pockets for gadgets with soft linings.

This lightweight bag is water repellant and also offers a ventilated compartment and a clear coated bottom which you will be able to wipe clean with ease. This is a very cool looking bag which can easily take you from home to the gym or from work to the gym. The bag has plenty of space for all your things inside, and it is modern and trendy looking as well.

A Closer Look at Lug Bags Video Guide

Watch this video and Learn Lug bags[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/4E0oF-dm8j0″ rel=”no” fs=”no”]

What to Take to the Gym

If you are new to the gym, you might be wondering what to take with you. After all, a lot of fitness bags are quite large, so you are going to need more than a pair of sneakers and a bottle of water. If you are going to the gym straight from home, you might like to wear your workout gear and take some clean clothes to change into after your session. If you plan to go from work, you will need to take your workout gear and perhaps something clean to wear after working out unless you want to put your work clothes back on again.

A hand towel is a good idea because it is gym etiquette to wipe down the equipment once you are done (wiping off any sweat) or have the towel between your sweaty body and the machine. You can also use it to wipe your face during the workout. Some hand gloves for lifting weights might be a good idea. Consider bringing an iPod or MP3 player.

If you are going to shower at the gym, take a larger towel and some shampoo and soap. You might find your gym provides some of these items (especially the soap and hand towels) but if it is your first visit then take your own just in case. If your gym provides lockers, you can keep your valuables in there while you work out. Something else to consider is an arm band or wrist band for your MP3 player since you do not want wires hindering your workout. Some workout clothing features built-in pockets for MP3 players.

Correct Gym Etiquette

If you are not sure how to do something, do not hesitate to ask, whether this is training on how to use one of the machines, queries about how to enroll in the classes or any other questions. That is what the gym employees are there for and they would much rather you ask how to use a machine than guessing how to use it and harm either yourself or the machine. Remember to wipe off a machine when you are done using your hand towel. Nobody else wants to lie or sit in a pool of your sweat. If you are not sure whether somebody has finished using a machine or not like. If they are standing next to it, ask if they are done or if you can ‘work in’ which means taking it in turns on that machine. The person might be taking a break but planning to go back on the machine in a minute or so, so it is best to ask.

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