10 Best Milk Frother Reviews – Buyer Guide2021

I am sure you are bored of flat, boring drinks? In terms of morning coffee, we all want to have the coffee worthy taste at home.

In this guide, we will explain how you can make it possible.

What’s your favorite coffee? Macchiato, Cappuccino or Latte? With a milk frother, you can enjoy the delicious and refreshing cups of coffee without having to step out of your home.

So, let’s discuss how to choose the best milk frother and our top picks for you.

Best Milk Frother – Buying Guide – What to Look For it?

Being a buyer to grab the best milk frother to enjoy the delicious milk beverages at home, you need to consider your needs. Have a look on the buying guide to get started:

Milk Frother Types

Generally, milk frothers are of two types – Electric and Handheld.

Handheld frothers should be held by hand and let the whisk spin. Usually, they are relatively cheap and they don’t have a container. They have a whip to wipe clean when you rinse it with detergent or soap. Don’t put it in dishwasher and immerse it.

To clean stainless steel attachment and whip, use moistened, soft cloth. Users should rinse frothers quickly after use in warm water.

On the other side, electric frothers simulate the pitchers that have electric motor to whisk automatically. In comparison to handheld devices, they are very simple to use rather handheld devices as external pitcher is not required. They need soap and warm water to clean. If you put it in dishwasher, it will lose durability. So, wash and rinse with your hands instead.

Jug style milk frothers are just opposite of handheld devices. They are available with a whisk and container/whisk. Most of them come with cooling and heating elements so you don’t have to cool or heat the milk. Handheld milk frothers are very affordable and they are lighter in weight and portable.


Coffee toppings are not all about cow’s milk. You can use different types of milk, from coconut to almond milk, soy milk, and hemp. Though all milk frothers are used to froth cow’s milk, some have problems with fat, thickness and weight of different types of milk. Be sure that the appliance can froth the milk you like.


On a cold day, you may add a warm layer of topping. But would you still like to have that hot coffee in summer days?

Obviously it depends and some milk frothers are available with in-built temperature control to meet your needs.

They can both heat up and cool down milk and you just have to command it with the press of button. Usually, handheld milk frothers are not available with this feature because of minimalistic design and low cost. But it is still easy to froth cold or hot milk with temperature control.

Froth Speed

You can texture your milk within just 15 seconds with a manual frother. However, the battery-operated and cheapest model takes around 90 seconds for frothing only.

In contrast, the fully electric machines heat and froth milk within just 90 seconds. It’s up to you on how much time do you have.

Best Buy Milk Frother Reviews 2021

1. PowerLix Milk Pro Professional Milk Frother

PowerLix Milk Pro is a battery operated handheld electric milk foam maker to prepare delicious Cappuccino, Latte, Hot Chocolate and other types of coffee. Under the box, it includes stainless steel stand and whisk.

If you want lots of foam and froth in your morning coffee, you will definitely love to have PowerLix Milk Pro to make your café worthy cappuccino. It can be stored on counter top.

PowerLix Milk Frother (Black)

It is battery operated mixer and there is nothing to worry about finding sockets and cords. Immerse the maker in the cup and heat up the milk.


  • Enjoy the delicious froth
  • Affordable
  • Spins smoothly and fast
  • Portable
  • Great design
  • Comes with stainless steel stand


  • Power button should be held down
  • Wand is a bit shorter
Battery Operated Electric Whisk Foam Maker

2. Bean Envy Electric Milk Frother

Bean Envy Electric Milk Frother is best for the delicious latte coffee. The milk foamer comes with different features to make the creamy, rich froth like professional baristas. Whether you are going to froth foam to make your favorite drink, serving family or friends, or gifting it to your loved one, this milk frother will definitely deliver thick, creamy, and velvety froth every time.

It has got powerful 19000 rpm motor to froth the foam you love within just 15 seconds. Along with creamy and rich froth, you can also blend cold and hot drinks, whip eggs and blend your loved cocktail.

Bean Envy Milk Frother Handheld


  • Built to last
  • Fast frothing with powerful motor
  • Made of robust stainless steel
  • Comfortable design


  • Instructions not so user friendly
  • Needs a lot of care
Bean Envy Milk Frother Handheld

3. Chef’s Star MF-2 Premium Automatic Milk Heater, Frother and Cappuccino Maker

Chef's Star Stainless Steel Electric Milk Frother

Create long-lasting, creamy and rich froth with Chef’s Star MF-2 milk frother at just one touch. Pour the milk to the right capacity, press start and you will enjoy the creamy, delicious froth.

Each unit has two small whisks – one for heating and other for frothing milk. Heating is the default configuration in this appliance which comes out of the box. The whisk is stored in it, which will froth hot or cold milk.

It comes with heavy-duty motor which is used to make creamy and thick froth with whole milk. It will front non-dairy and low-fat dairy milks, including soy milk or almond milk. The frother is able to heat up to 1 cup of milk at a time.


  • Varied froth density features
  • Easy to create delicious froth
  • Built to last


  • Good enough only for one person
  • Froth is not as even as it seems
 Chef's Star Stainless Steel Electric Milk Frother

4. Vivreal Milk Frother

VIVREAL Steamer Electric Milk Frother

VIVREAL milk steamer and frother are perfect for macchiato and cappuccino. It brings the best foam and bubbles to you at your home. This stainless steel Nespresso milk frother is on trend these days with unique matte black finish.

You can easily use this high quality electric milk frother to froth around 115ml of cold or hot milk and heat around 250ml of milk to make the perfect latte. It has got the durable metal body as well as non-stick interior.


  • Get the best creamy foam quickly
  • Made of top quality double wall stainless steel
  • Easy to use
  • Non-slip silicone feet
  • Multi-use with three settings


  • Doesn’t hold much milk
  • Frothing overflows too frequently
VIVREAL Steamer Electric Milk Frother

5. Elementi Milk Frother with Stand

Handheld Milk Frother Electric Stirre

Make delicious lattes, cappuccino, and bulletproof coffee with Elementi milk frother with powerful high torque motor. For any coffee lover, it is the best gift. The high torque, powerful motor has a lot of power to froth foamed milk within 45 seconds.

It looks great in your kitchen and stainless steel whisk is very rust-proof, durable, and built to last. Create velvety smooth micro foam to make café worthy cappuccino, latte, etc. at home or office. It has ergonomic, soft touch which is handheld and it measures 4” in diameter and 11” tall.


  • Great for lattes, cappuccino and bulletproof coffee
  • Money back guarantee on rust-free stainless steel whisk
  • Ergonomic design


  • Wand is shorter
  • Button doesn’t stay on when pressed
 Elementi Milk Frother

6. MatchaDNA Handheld Electric Milk Frother

MatchaDNA Milk Frother - Handheld Battery Operated

MatchaDNA milk frother is the best choice to get the “coffee house” style frothed milk in seconds at your home. It instantly turns your cream or milk into smooth foam to create aerated and fluffy milk based beverages. You can easily make foamy warm milk or with honey and little cinnamon added to make comforting treat. This battery operated, handheld milk frother creates delicate foam to make homemade cappuccinos, lattes, and hot chocolates.


  • Easy to clean and use
  • Suited to all kinds of milk
  • Creates dense, creamy foam in seconds


  • Rotates too fast for a cup
  • Doesn’t work on almond milk and creamer
Handheld Electric Milk Frother

7. 1Easylife H422 Stainless Steel Handheld Electric Milk Frother

Handheld Electric Milk Frother

Now you no longer have to wait in queue at Starbucks because you can enjoy the delicious gourme latte, cappuccino or hot chocolate anytime.

So, you can save your time and money at Starbucks.

This high quality and small magic wand is truly very travel-friendly. You can whisk up quickly and easily warm milk and create foam just the way you get on your cappuccino or latte.

1Easylife milk frothing want gives froth full of bubble and air which is more than just delicious and enjoyable as foam with electric milk frother.


  • Easy to operate with one button
  • Super easy to clean
  • Built to last and powerful


  • It eats battery when it is used frequently
Handheld Electric Milk Frother

8. Capresso 202.04 frothPRO Automatic Milk Frother

Capresso froth Pro Milk Frother for Cappuccino

Capresso 202.04 frothPRO milk frother is designed to make rich and thick froth for steamed milk, cappuccino, lattes and hot chocolate. It is an automatic frother to give professional quality outcomes with one touch.

It has hot, cold and warm settings and it can open up different options to enjoy delicious drinks with creative touch. It is truly stand-alone appliance which is the best complement to any espresso machine, coffee maker, or hot chocolate lover.

The unit has black pitcher apart from black base with illuminated touch pad buttons and stainless steel accents. It has smart design which consists of storage compartment and safety in the bottom to hold one heating disc and two frothing discs.


  • Frothing disc to deliver maximum milk
  • Scratch resistant milk pitcher
  • Comes with three temperature settings


  • Hot and warm settings give same results
  • Froth doesn’t last long
 Capresso froth Pro Milk Frother for Cappuccino

9. Kuissential Electric Milk Frother

Electric Milk Frother

Are you a coffee drinker who loves the barista quality milk at your home?

Kuissential SlickFroth 2 will turn your cream or milk into delicious and fluffy foam which will give you delicious lattes and cappuccinos.

Cleanup is as simple as running SlickFroth in soapy warm water and rinsing properly.

If you are looking for a frother that can make your specialty coffees, milk, milk shakes and hot chocolates which are very delicious and fun, SlickFroth 2.0 is your best choice.


  • Frother is very fast
  • Torque is strong and better than others
  • Makes delicious froth
  • Value for money


  • Comes only in one color

10. Aerolatte Original Handheld Milk Frother

The Original Steam-Free Frother

Aerolatte has focused completely on handheld devices for years to provide ultimate frothing. It is known for meticulous approach which gave top quality product which is hottest-favorite among both professional chefs and coffee lovers. The components and materials are important to ensure great longevity and performance.

It contains motor which operates at dry speed and torque which is specific to foaming milk function. If motor spins either too quickly or slowly, quality of froth will be lower. Both spiral and shaft whisking heads are made of food grade 18/8 stainless steel.


  • Produces frothy milk within 20 seconds
  • Easy to froth all kinds of milk
  • Creates huge range of best quality cold and hot drinks
  • Sleek, attractive finish


  • A bit overpriced
The Original Steam-Free Frother,

Milk Frother Cleaning Instructions

-} Don’t let water to be accumulated into connectors beneath the milk pitcher and in the power base. You should always keep them dry, away from drinks, milk, or water. Wipe any liquids with a dry, soft cloth before use.

-} Don’t use alkaline solutions, scouring pads, or harsh liquids like acetate, petrol, or very potent acids, sharp scrubbing materials, aggressive cleaning detergents, metal or nylon objects for cleaning. Abrasive cleaning agents are used to scratch the sleek S.S. steel polish on the delicate inner lining or the exterior which leave the indelible marks.

-} To avoid the sticky traces of milk, simply spray the detergent in the nozzle, jug, and anti-calcium soap to avoid buildup of scale. There are detergents and cleaning agents that can clean up the frother system.

-} It is very vital to clean up the frothing machines for great performance and to preserve the original taste of drinks. Failing to clean steam valve, choked nozzles, and remove drink or milk leftovers will affect the taste of your milk shakes or coffee later.

-} We recommend you to read manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean and use appliances and follow safety guidelines to clean up. Ask an expert in case of technical issues. Most frothing machines can be cleaned up well with soapy detergent and warm water.

Care Instructions

  • In most milk frothers, any kind of milk is used, such as nondairy varieties. Milk with more fat can producer, richer, thicker froth as compared to low-fat milk.
  • Always use fresh, cold milk to get the best texture with your milk frother.
  • Don’t re-froth milk which has been heated or frothed already. It won’t give much foam.
  • When milk is frothed, it increases in volume. So, don’t fill the frother till the fill line. Fill the container to around half full when it comes to use handheld wand milk frother.


Frothing at home is really the fun and affordable option to brew your favorite coffee. Seeing the slim milk turning into soothing and creamy foam within seconds is really a great experience. Instead choosing the wrong milk frother, take your time and read this review to pick the best frother for your needs.

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