Top 10 Best Nail Polish Sets For Teen Girls Reviews

Every girl love Nail polish sets and always looking for best of the best trending nail colors set to meet latest fashion trend. 

A perfect gift for a teen girl, the Best Nail Polish Sets For Teen Girls are any affordable gifts for anyone.

 Whether you are someone who changes your polish all the time or you own a salon, these are the perfect polishes for you. These Nail Polish Sets best For Teen Girls are sure to make any teen girl happy.


Best High-End
Lacquer LISBON 2018 Collection 0.5fl.oz Set of 12 Color

Lacquer LISBON 12 Color Collection

Best Inexpensive
Gellen Pick Any 6 Colors Soak Off Gel Nail Polish 300 Colors

Gellen Pick Any 6 Colors from 300 Colors

Ok, let’s jump in and review top ten set of 2019

Best Nail Polish Sets For Teen Girls

If you’re in a hurry

Top Rated Nail Polish Sets For Teen Girls

Choose this set if you want lots of different brands and colors to play around with. This is one of the best nail polish sets for teen girls because you get so many different polishes.

You get 24 premium quality polishes with this set, in all the most sought after colors.

The wide brushes mean the color is easy to apply, and you will get a range of matte colors, pearl, neon, pastel and more.

Check More Pictures and Current Price Rather than buying your colors individually and paying $ per color, it might be smarter to invest in a cool set like this one,

SHANY Nail Art Set (24 Famous Colors Nail Art Polish, Nail Art Decoration)

in this picture :
SHANY Nail Art Set 24 Colors
Get More Info

 because you get a lot of great quality nail polishes in full-size bottles, and you can give away any which are not your style, or swap them with friends.

This set is a must for anyone who is into nail polishes or nail art. You will get so many colors you will not know which to try out first.

✅ BUYING TIP: The prices below update regularly so keep your eyes open for sales prices and deals.

For example, if you can get this SHANY  Nail Polish Set for under $30, you’re getting a GREAT deal (and I see it on sale all the time – you can check today’s price here)

50 Piece Color Nail Lacquer


The perfect nail set for all your artistic need.

This Nail Art polish set contains 50 colors each presents long wearing and chip-resistant nail lacquers.

​The folks at Amazon also have their own list of best nail polish below – many are on sale.

Teen Girls Love Makeup

Makeup is fun for teen girls. They do not really need to wear it because they already have youthful, dewy complexions, but discovering the world of makeup gives them something new to play with when they have progressed beyond dolls and other toys. However, makeup for teenagers is very different to the makeup mom uses.

A teenager is not going to need cover-up products to hide wrinkles or dark under-eye circles because they do not have any, and very bright, harsh makeup does not suit a youthful face either. When buying makeup for teen girls, go for natural shades and neutral colors, to enhance the beautiful skin and features instead of hiding anything away.

The exception to this makeup rule would be nail polish for teen girls. While lipstick and blusher are best kept subtle, nails can be wild and wacky, and that is part of the appeal. The best nail polish sets for teen girls would not be complete without a few bright shades in there.

✅ This Nail Polish Set, our readers vote as BEST

Pale pink can be very lovely but painting the nails in lime green, or glittery purple can also be a lot of fun, and most teenagers love experimenting with different shades, as well as different nail painting techniques. Wearing too much makeup on the face can look clown-like or amateur, but wearing brightly colored nails in funky shades and with cool designs just looks fabulous and creative!

So instead of spending a fortune buying each nail color individually, look at some of the best nail polish sets for teen girls and let your teenage daughter play and experiment to her heart’s content. She will have all kinds of fantastic colors to try out.

Photo Credit: All images are credited to Amazon or eBay

“Some Smart Ideas for Nail Polish Kits for Your Teenage Girls”

Don't Miss Out our  guide about  Professional Nail Polish Dryer.

✅ Girl’s Love This! Nail and Pedicure Combo Set

Girls Ultimate Nail Polish Set and Nail Art Kits!

Our Visitor Rate 4.3/5 by 88 

Nail Polish Kits for Teenage Girls

The ideal gift for a fashion-conscious young Miss, this is one of the best nail polish sets for teen girls or even tweens.

Creativity for Kids Ultimate Nail Studio Manicure Play Set

You will get 40 Piece set! in this Kit, Every thing you need

  • Battery operated nail dryer
  • 3 sets of stylish press-on nails
  • 4 sets of nail art stickers
  • 3 water-based nail polish (non-toxic)
  • A nail file
  • Enough nail art stickers
  • Spa storage bag
  • Stick-on nail art
  • A satin eye mask
  • Inflatable pedicure pool
  • Nail adhesive
  • French tip stick-on guides
  • Toe separators
  • Nail Buffers
  • Nail stand

With this, any teenage girl can have a relaxing spa experience and end up with the most gorgeous and enviable nails.

This set is perfect for manicures and pedicures, and you can store everything in the pretty satin spa bag.​

<img class=” />  Compare ONLY the 3 Best gel polish kit above on One Page Here

buying tip: watch that page above for deals on the Sensationail gel polish starter kit – if it’s under $20, it’s a GREAT deal.

How to Fix Nail Polish Chips & Bubbles

How to Fix Nail Polish Chips & Bubbles

✅ Best Nail Polish Colors WINNER

Which nail polish set is BEST? If we had to only pick ONE nail color set we agree with the results below:

<img class=” /> Amazon chooses this nail polish set as their ‘Amazon’s Choice‘ 2019 Winner. Its one of best selling product amazon so shipping is free and you’ll get it FAST, the color is awesome, and it’s an all-around great counter top Nail Polish.

Shany Cosmetics The Cosmopolitan Nail Polish Set

24 Colors Premium Quality and Quick Dry

Our Visitor Rating

This set offers 24 nail polish colors, which is all you need to create the most wonderful and imaginative nail designs.

Paint your nails whichever color you are in the mood for, then use the thin brush to make designs on the nails, such as flowers, feather strokes or dots. Add some glitter for a sparkle or finish with a layer of clear top coat for a glossy shine.

This is one of the best nail polish sets for teen girls who love to experiment with different nail fashions and try new looks.

You get every color of the rainbow in this nail polish set, plus a few more besides.

Check Current Price

How to Apply a Nail Polish Top Coat

How to Apply a Nail Polish Top Coat

Buy the Best Selling Deco Nail Polish For Girls

L.A. 22 pc Art Deco Nail Polish

Our Visitor Rating

best nail polish gift set

In Pitcher L.A. Colors Nail Art Read More Detail at

Nail art polish is a fantastic gift for girls, and having 22 colors means endless possibilities.

The nail polish goes on smoothly, not too thickly or thinly, and it lasts for a few days, just like any other brand. Use this collection to draw flowers, animals, letters or abstract designs on the nails, and make your nails as classy or as wacky as you like.

You will get all the main colors, as well as a few neons, pastels and brushes. The brushes are small enough for detailing your nails, or you can use them for French manicure tips. Trim one of the brushes down if you like, to make a thinner one, then you can get even more precise detailing.

Click to Check Current Price

glitter nail polish set

48 Piece Rainbow Colors Glitter Nail Polish Lacquer Set

glitter nail polish set

In Image Kleancolor 48 Piece Colors Glitter Nail Polish Check More Images at

Our Visitor Rating

With 48 colors this is such a great bargain because the colors work out at less than a dollar each.


  • 48 Piece Rainbow Colors
  • 3 scented nail polish removers
  • Nice colors
  • Full size bottles.

The quality of the polishes is impressive, and you can expect a wide range of finishes and colors, such as neutrals, metallic, glitter shapes, grays, neons, and more. If you do not like some of the colors, you can share them with your friends, or you can even split this whole set into lots of smaller packs, tie them up with a ribbon and give them as Christmas gifts. Have fun with these nail polishes.

You can get any results from a classic French polish to wacky neon designs or a funky futuristic metallic look. If you are a fan of nail polish, then this is a great deal for you.

Check Current Price and Pictures 

☑ Tip: If you want a Pink Glitter Colors Soak Off UV LED Gel Polish Kit with 8 Pcs..

==>> Glitter Gel Nail Polish Set Galaxy Effect

Easy To Use

1st Step : Coat of regular black gel
2nd Step : Coat of Pinkzio Aurora Gel
3rd Step : Top Coat
Final Step : Cure under UV or LED Lamp.

You will get 6 6 Marvelous Galaxy Effect Gel Nail Polish each 10 ML. These Aurora Gel Polish Kit will give your nails an interstellar glow. Multi shade-shifting holographic hues will take you to astronomical heights.

I’ve also seen it on Amazon Choice list (check current price here)

Klutz Nail Style Studio Book Kit

Klutz Nail Style Studio Book Kit Check More Images

Make every manicure a masterpiece with this complete nail art tool kit.

What You Get

  • Klutz custom dotting tool
  • 6 colors of practice peel-off polish.
  • 250+ stick-on stencils.

Now you can make 25 beautiful designs with few steps. You will get 60 pages of instructions book about how to use those 6 colors; two sided custom dotting tool, and stock-on stencils make stunning designs. Choose from 25 designs to create your favorite nail style.

The salon-style design tool and stick-on stencils make even the most intricate-looking designs achievable.

Check Current Price and Pictures 


Fantasea Nail Polish Kit (FSC-12)

Any teen girl is going to love the Fantasea Nail Polish Kit. It comes with 4 different nail polish colors which will look great on the fingernails and toenails, as well as a base/top coat.

You also get an emery board, manicure stick, ridge filler, polish remover and cuticle remover to finish off any manicure or pedicure in style and to get the nails looking professionally done at a fraction of the price. The pieces are all high quality, and everything comes in an attractive cosmetics case.

This makes a fantastic gift for a teenage girl who loves to paint her nails.

KLEANCOLOR French Bijou Mini Collection (NPC596)


In Picture
Check More Pictures

Our Rating

KLEACOLOR is famous due to their French Manicure Nail Lacquer Collection.

Every adores natural beauty lover like to use their products are Very long Wearing Chip-resistance. Its size makes it travel-friendly.

Check Current Price

How to Get Long Lasting Nail Polish

How to Make Your Manicure Last

Nails that Last

Creating a set of beautiful nails is not difficult, but a lot of girls get frustrated when their polish begins to chip or peel a day or two after creating the look.

To get a beautiful and long-lasting manicure, apply a little witch hazel to clean, filed nails, using a cotton wall to apply it. Next, add a thin layer of base coat. Then apply 2 or 3 coats of nail polish, letting each one dry before adding the next. Finish off with top coat and let that dry. Apply a new layer of top coat every 2 days to keep your manicure looking fresh.

To prevent your nail polish getting thick, ensure the lids are on tight and keep it in the refrigerator. If it does thicken, you can add a couple of drops of nail polish remover. This takes some of the sheens away but finishing off your nails with a layer of top coat will put the sheen back.

Magnetic Nails Are All The Crazy – See Why”

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