Best Paint Spray Guns Reviews 2019

Looking For Right Paint Spray Gun?

Using a paint spray gun can give much better finish than using a brush, and it’s faster too. If you’re looking for a good paint spray gun, you’re in luck. Here’s a list of top performing paint spray guns from Graco, Campbell Hausfeld, Tool Force. And other brands. I’m sure you will find one that suits your needs.

Graco TrueCoat Plus Paint Sprayer Review

* Fast
* Minimum over-spray
* Easy to clean
* Virtually clogging-free
* Automatically adjusts for the viscosity of the paint. There is no thinning of paint required.

* NOT cordless
* You need to use plastic liners on the thread that connects the cup with the paint gun otherwise cleaning the thread will be quite difficult
* Fairly heavy

Campbell Hausfeld Paint Spray Guns

» Gravity-feed pneumatic spray gun eliminates material waste in the cup
» Designed to provide optimal atomization and particle size
» Built with polished aluminum body for ease of clean up and durability; stainless steel fluid needle and nozzle
» Includes 1/4-inch male NPS air inlet
» 1-year limited warranty

Campbell Hausfeld DH650001AV Siphon-Feed Spray GunCampbell Hausfeld Spray Gun, General Purpose with 1-Quart Canister (DH420000AV)

» Great choice in an economical spray gun
» Produces a fine finish for most automotive and equipment painting.
» Produces a fine finish for most furniture painting
» Pattern control adjusts fan size
» Includes 1 qt anti drip canister

Campbell Hausfeld DH4200 General Purpose Spray Gun

» Changes from siphon to pressure feed for use with a variety of materials
» Convertible from no bleeder to bleeder style for use with standard or tankless air compressors
» Works with paint tanks and remote canisters

What is Paint Spray Gun

Spray painting is a method of using paint spray gun for scattering paint to cover the exterior of any tinted item. Different varieties of sprayers can be used for this purpose, and they are easily available in the market as well. What stands to be of utmost importance is the use of face mask, gloves and safety glasses so that you can avoid the effect of subsequent evaporation. The name given to the process of using a Paint Spray Gun is Atomization spraying where a specific paint is easily applied on different surfaces.

The Spray Painting Tool Set

The most common paint spraying tool set comprises of a condensed air structure, spar gun, supple tubes and pressurized paint vessel. The paint vessel remains under constant pressure while the paint is thoroughly poured from this vessel by way of pipes towards gun spray. The pressure inside the container reacts with the paint’s actions. The tip of the spray gun holds atomized air which divides the paint into tiny portions forcing it to be released by the gun towards painted surface.

Paint Spray GunDifferent Types of Spray Paint

Spray painting tools abound in their varieties. Aerosol or canned spray paint tops the list of spray painting equipment. It is simply obtainable in the marketplace. This is an aerosol metal can containing the strong pressurized form of paint. This paint contained in the metal can be atomized and is then pressed out from the flap. The airbrush spray paint is a process of asserting compacted air with smear which is virtually spread over the surface. The low-pressure, high volume spray guns also make for good tools, and they are very similar to airbrush equipment.

The Procedure of Using a Paint Spray Gun

Paint spray guns have turned out to be a very efficient and useful tool for different types of painters. These guns can not only save you from the hassle of trays and brush, but they can also help in cutting down the time consumed in completing a spray painting project. There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that these devices are very helpful, but at the same time, they require some practice and knowledge to use.

Get to Know the Type of Paint and the Kind of Surface

The very first thing that you should know when using a Paint Spray Gun is the type of paint you will be using and the kind of surface that you will be painting. To paint a particular area properly, you should have the knowledge of adjusting the angle of the gun from wide to narrow spraying and even of adjusting the spray volume and paint thickness. You should know the correct technique of using the gun, and this requires constant practice. Use running water in the gun to use it for practice. Your main focus should be on applying the paint evenly on the surface by not only using your arm but by moving your entire body for a level application.

Distance is an Important Factor to Consider

Distance also has an important role to play in the technique you use in spray painting with a paint spray gun. Ensure working within reach and try maintaining a distance that allows the paint to cover completely without running or dripping. Make sure to move the gun before pulling the trigger for spraying and instantly let off the trigger before ending the spray process. This helps in avoiding excessive paint from getting collected at the end and the beginning points. You should also try overlapping your paint spray halfway on every run, and you should always make sure that your gun is turned horizontally when you cover the corners.

Select Correct Pressure Setting

Choosing right and accurate pressure setting on the paint spray gun is also very important. It is necessary that you have the right quantity of pressure that will easily allow the paint spray to be solid and full without any incomplete areas or runs. These are some important points that you need to keep in mind to use the paint spray gun effectively.

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