5 Best Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair Reviews & Consumer Reports 2021

Robot vacuums are a great option for those who want an alternative to the hassle of manually vacuuming up pet hair and debris.

 Though these vacuums can’t compete with the power of upright vacuums, they offer advanced suction capabilities, minimal maintenance, and longer run times. 

A few generations ago, vacuum cleaners would have seemed as strange to us as robot vac seems to us now.

They were a newfangled device that people were uncertain about until they tried them and saw how well they worked.

With their growing popularity, you may be wondering if it is time to get one for your own home. These new devices are making an impact on many households and are changing the very nature of housework.

With so many products on the market, you may find that it is difficult to pick which one is right for you.

Keep reading our review of the best robot vacuum cleaners for pet hair to determine which one is right for you.


Instance 1

Best Value

 Neato Robotics D7

Neato Robotics D7 Connected

Best Of The Best

 bObsweep PetHair Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

bObsweep PetHair Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Also Consider

 iRobot Roomba e5

iRobot Roomba e5

This D-shaped robot is able to clean corners with ease and offers two settings for eco or turbo cleaning.

A robot vacuum for pet hair that sweeps and mops your floors. As a bonus, it sterilizes carpets and hard floors with UV light.

With a premium 3-stage Cleaning System, this vacuum is ideal for homes with pets.

This robot vacuum for pet hair provides precise cleaning with LaserSmart technology and has a long battery life for extended cleaning. It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Neato Chatbot for Facebook.

It comes with a 2-year warranty and 4x boosted suction power to really lift fur off of floors. It also comes with a blOck Plus that keeps Bob out of areas by creating up to two 10-foot invisible barriers. Another pro: it updates you on robot functionality by displaying trouble messages whenever necessary.

It comes with a high-efficiency filter that captures 99% of cat and dog allergens and dual multi-surface rubber brushes that capture pet hair and other debris. It runs for about 90 minutes before needing a recharge.

It’s a bit heavier than other robotic vacuums.

It can’t connect to WiFi, so you won’t be able to control it with your phone or smart assistant.

The dust cup requires emptying after each clean.


Toprated 10 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner for 2020

bObsweep Pet Hair Plus

The bObsweep Pet Hair Plus is bObsweep’s strongest floor cleaner and provides the best relief for pet owners.

Not only does it sweep your floors of debris, it also mops up stubborn dirt with a wet/dry mop that dispenses water throughout a cleaning cycle.

 bObsweep PetHair Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


Coming in five different colors (cobalt, charcoal, rouge, midnight, and champagne), this circular robot vacuum has an LCD screen that shows its cleaning status and any cleaning issues that may arise.

Taller than most robot vacuums (it has a height of 4.2 inches), it has a harder time moving under low-set furniture.

However, it’s one of the lighter vacuums on the market, weighing in at eight pounds.

How this vacuum cleans

This robot vacuum has a run time of 65 minutes and an average charge time of four hours. It sweeps, vacuums, mops, sterilizes, and filtrates simultaneously.

A rotating side brush and main brush work in synchrony to clear up dirt and dust and an 1100-mL dust bin provides ample space to collect pet hair and other debris.

A network of sensors set the Pet Hair Plus on the right course and keep it away from stairs. This vacuum also automatically returns to its charging station when its battery is low.


This robot vacuum can’t connect to WiFi, so you won’t be able to control it through a smartphone or smart assistant.​

However, it does come with a remote control that allows you to manually program a week’s worth of cleaning ahead of time.


This robot vacuum comes with a blOck Plus that allows you to create two invisible walls around your house, a FullCommand Remote that enables navigation and other cleaning functions, and an attachable microfiber mop.

Our recommendation

If you want a robot vacuum that can sweep and mop, we recommend going for the bObsweep Pet Hair Plus.

 bObsweep PetHair Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Neato Robotics Botvac D7 Connected

Unlike other robot vacuums that clean with sensors, the Neato Botvac D7 navigates with lasers.

Its LaserSmart technology is one of the most advanced navigational systems available and allows the robot to create a floor plan that it consistently follows.

Neato Robotics Botvac D7 Connected


The Neato Botvac D7 has a brushed-metal plate that gives it a more modern look and LED indicator lights on top of the vacuum.

On the underside of the Botvac is a rotating combo brush bar designed to loosen dirt. The brush bar has stiff bristles for capturing pet hair and a rubber blade for cleaning over hard floors.

The robot’s unique, D-shaped design and CornerClever technology enable it to cover more ground than other robot vacuums and remove fine debris from corners and wall edges.

How it cleans

It has an impressive battery life, easily maneuvers around furniture, and can fit into corners unlike the circular design of Roombas.

As mentioned previously, the Neato uses LaserSmart technology that scans and maps your entire house, creating a floor plan for your robot to follow.

Its multiple floor plan feature allows the Botvac D7 to remember up to three different floor plans, so you can set no-go lines on every floor of your house. This vacuum also features a spot cleaning mode that targets individual messes.


Using this vacuum is simple and easy. Schedule your robot vacuum to clean through the Neato app or start and stop your robot from your phone, Apple Watch, Amazon Echo, or Google Home.


The Neato Botvac comes with a charging dock, batteries, additional filters, spare brushes, boundary markers, and a cleaning tool. It also comes with magnetic strips that act as physical boundary markers, but you might not need to use them since you can set boundaries in the app.

Our recommendation

This is the best vacuum cleaner for those who want to personalize cleaning paths and schedule the robot to clean multiple days a week.

 bObsweep PetHair Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

iRobot Roomba e5

Robot Vacuum - Wi-Fi Connected,

Specifically made with pets in mind, the iRobot Roomba e5 supposedly picks up more pet hair than other robotic vacuums.


This circular robot vacuum looks incredibly similar to other Roomba models, but it has a matte black aesthetic.

 It features dual multi-surface rubber brushes that hug different floor surfaces, staying in close contact with hard floors and carpet for a more thorough clean.

How it cleans

This robot vacuum uses a patented three-stage cleaning system to pick up everything from small particles to large debris.

Some other cleaning features worth noting are one-click cleaning, which encourages the robot to actively drive around your home in search of debris with the push of a button, and Dirt Detection technology that provides additional suction to areas that are a bit dirtier.

It also automatically recharges after cleaning (it runs for up to 90 minutes).


You can control and schedule cleanings on the iRobot HOME App (where you can monitor cleaning activity, view cleaning history, and watch maintenance videos), or tell the robot to clean with Alexa-enabled devices and Google Assistant.

 You also have the option to push the “CLEAN” button located on the top of the vacuum to start a cleaning job.


This Roomba comes with a flat cleaning tool, a charging dock, an extra filter, and a virtual wall barrier.

Our recommendation

If you want an iRobot vacuum that can clean up pet hair at a sliver of the price of the Roomba 980, we recommend the Roomba e5.

Robot Vacuum - Wi-Fi Connected,

Best robot vacuum for pet hair on each type of floor

Your floors are perhaps the most crucial factor when determining which robot vacuum is best for you and your pets. For example, you’re not going to want a vacuum that exceeds at cleaning hard floors if your entire home is covered in carpet. Check out some of our top picks below.

Best robot vacuum for pet hair on hard floors

The best robot vacuum for pet hair on hard floors is the bObsweep Pet Hair Plus. Not only does this vacuum pick up fur and other debris from hard floors, it mops and sterilizes to provide a more thorough clean.

Best robot vacuum for pet hair on low-pile carpet

The Neato Botvac D7 did exceptionally well on low-pile carpet. The only substance that required an additional pass was the kitty litter—aside from this, the Neato picked up the Cheerios, coffee grounds, and pet hair with ease.

Best robot vacuum for pet hair on high-pile carpet

When it comes to suctioning on high-pile carpet, the Roomba 980 performed best. Designed with a self-adjusting cleaning head, this iRobot vacuum can seal in suction across any surface it’s on. It’s also built with an AeroForce cleaning system which loosens, lifts, and suctions dirt with up to 10 times the air power of the 600 and 700 series models.

How much are replacement parts for your model?

As reliable as they may be, all vacs eventually need replacements such as rotary brushes. Some models have more expensive replacement parts than others.

How important are additional accessories?

Some models are stacked with additional accessories that improve their effectiveness, but other brands are content with providing very little (other than perhaps HEPA filters) preferring to let their product stand on its own.

How autonomous do you want the system to be?

Some models are more autonomous, programmed to zip around your floor randomly even when you are not there, while others require more human intervention and setting up to function properly.

Do you want a vacuum-only or do you want it to do kitchen floors too?

Some models are equipped to scrub floors as well as vacuum, although this can affect the price tag quite a bit.

How important is it for your model to be pet-friendly?

Some bots have gotten publicity for chasing pets and aggravating cats. Remember to mind the reviews to see how pet friendly your model is.

There are ten top models that you should consider based on the criteria above. These models all have their strengths and their weak points, but by considering what you want most out of the product, you can decide for yourself which one is right for you. For your consideration, here are the top ten models of robot vacuum on the market:

Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Automatic robot

Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Much like the Signature Pro, the XV-21 is designed to prevent collisions with furniture and valuables, with the additional payoff that it scans your room for movement to avoid similar collisions with pets. It had an intuitive design that prevents annoying occurrences common to other robots, such as getting stuck or running out of power. It does suffer from the same drawbacks as the Signature Pro, but in addition it is a high-energy user and needs to recharge much more often and take much more time to complete its tasks. Despite this, the XV-21 is one of the best models for pet owners.

When I first saw that the brand name of this vacuum was Neato, I have to admit I was a little skeptical. Still, I have pets and kids with allergies, and have also been wanting to try a better automatic vacuum cleaner for a long time.

The idea of setting the vacuum, leaving for work or errands, and returning to a clean house really appealed to me as it does to many business parents. I have purchased less expensive brands and models, but they were never really up to the task of handling pet hair, food debris, and tracked in dirt.

Because this model was particularly designed with pet owners in mind, it was equipped with a special cleaning brush, allergy air filter, and the most powerful automatic vacuum motor on the market. This is not the least expensive automatic cleaner on the market, but I wanted to pay for functionality and quality. In the end, I believe that a few extra dollars will actually help me save money and time if I am happy with the product.

Neato XV-21 Pros

This powerful little machine can actually scan your rooms so it knows where to go and what to avoid. When it is finished or needs to charge, it simply returns to the charging base all by itself.

It the unit needs a charge before the job is completed, it actually remembers where it left off. In my opinion, these efficiency features are really beneficial.

If you have pets, you probably suffer from a couple of problems. Hairballs and just plain shedding end up everywhere, especially along the walls.

 This is true if your floors are carpeted, wooden, tile, or laminated. Most pets tend to shed up their fuzzy toys too, so this leaves extra debris around.

This simply overwhelms less powerful automatic vacuums. To might great delight, the Neato XV-21 handles all of this.

The Neato also navigates pretty well. It gets really close to objects, including my pets, without running into them. It is not constantly bumping into the walls or cupboards either.

Yes, it does get clogged sometimes. Also, the unit needs to be cleaned when it gets full just like any other vacuum cleaner. However, the unit makes a little chirping noise when you have to attend to it. This takes the guesswork out of wondering why it has stopped.

Neato XV-21 Cons

I have tried some cheaper automatic vacuums over the years, and as far as i am concerned, this model has them beat.

So when I come up with criticisms, these are really lists of my wish lists for a perfect automatic vacuum.

Here is one problem though. I have an end table that is higher than the base, but lower than the back vent. A couple of times, the machine got stuck there.

If I know I am going to let it run when I’m not home, I usually move that table out of the room to avoid the problem. In order to really correct it, you can purchase additional boundary markers from the company.

The battery life is not great, but this is true of every automatic vac I have tried. It really does not hold a charge that long, but since it goes back to base and recharges this is not a huge problem for me.

 However, I have been told that batteries do not tend to last long past the warranty and have to be replaced.

They are rather expensive. If you are used to purchasing a typical vacuum that only requires an initial investment to run for years, expect a different experience with automatic vacuums.


If you have never used an automatic vacuum before, it takes awhile to adjust to them. For example, they can navigate around a room, but they can get confused sometimes. I have never found a model that holds a charge as long as I need to in order to clean a large room. I was prepared for the differences in the way an automatic vacuum works when compared to a typical vacuum that you push or pull around the house.

Anyway, I am not comparing this unit to another type of vacuum. I am comparing it to my experiences with some less expensive brands and models. In my opinion, the Neato XV-21 stacks up fairly well against its competition.

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Neato XV Signature Pro Robot


The Neato is notable for its ability to learn a room without needing to bump into wall or furniture, which is a big selling point for many buyers.

It features a laser guidance system that prevents it from coming within an inch of solid objects and obstructions, guiding it around and along these portions of your floor.

 Its greatest strength actually causes the biggest drawback of the Neato. Its no-bump feature makes it difficult for it to clean close to walls and furniture or to reach dirt in corners. However, it is a relatively autonomous bot and will return to its charger before running out of juice.

Neato Robotics, who is popular for its line of the successful robotic vacuum cleaner, has created another flagship product in the form of the Neato XV Signature Pro. It is state-of-the-art and improves on the design and features of previous robotic vacuums.

This makes cleaning less of a chore and more like an activity that you can easily forget about due to automation.

The XV Signature Pro is an essential vacuum to have due to its great guidance system, new brush, and incredible suction power.

Main Features

Neato automatic vacuums are known for having good suction power, but the XV Signature Pro takes suction to the next level, featuring a 50% suction increase when compared to previous models. This powerful machine glides closer to the floor, allowing it to pick up more particles and debris.

For homes with excessive pet hair, the three brushes can help get the hair out of any surface. It also uses two filters that are specially designed to attract allergens, such as dander and dust, leaving your floor much cleaner than before.

The battery inside this Neato can run for 45 to 90 minutes without needing to be charged. The runtime varies depending on floor type, the previous battery charge, and the number of obstacles in a room.

A charging station is included with the machine that makes it possible to perform self-charging. The vacuum detects its power level, and when this level gets too low, it will go to the station and recharge itself without any human input.

The battery will take about two or three hours to recharge, and the machine will even remember where it stopped cleaning before the recharge and return to that area to finish its job.

 If a problem arises with the battery, Neato customer service will offer assistance or send a new battery.

Pros of Neato Signature Pro

The XV Signature Pro is easy to operate with its five-button interface and easy to read LCD screen. The buttons are used to set up three cleaning options: general clean, spot clean, and scheduled cleaning.

Pre-programmed cleaning allows the user to set the bot to clean at a certain time of the day for the entire week, which is convenient if you are going to be away from home and want to have clean floors and carpeting.

General clean is the most basic option that cleans a room once when the start button is pressed.

Spot clean is used when the user wants the robot to clean a specific area while ignoring the rest of the room, saving battery life in the process.

It will move in a small rectangle around the designated spot until it is clean. It can also be connected to a computer via a USB port, and its software and firmware can be updated.

This machine is easy to assemble and maintain. Regularly cleaning debris from the brushes and emptying the dust bin will be enough to keep it running smoothly.

 It can move from surface to surface without any problems, making going from carpet to hardwood to tile easy.

Like most vacuums, it makes a bit of noise, but not enough to be a problem.

In order to navigate through obstacles in a room, the XV Signature Pro uses a laser mounted on its body. Rather than bumping into every object and turning around, it uses a laser to determine the best path around a room and updates this plan regularly.

It can even detect where stairs and another drop off points are, keeping it from falling a distance and damaging itself. If this isn’t enough and you desire extra precautions, you can buy magnetic boundary strips that will keep the robot from entering certain areas.

Cons of Neato Signature Pro

It seems to be a general consensus among owners that the Neato has more cleaning power than Roomba, especially when dealing with pet hair. However, users have complained about the battery life.

In the beginning, you will only get about 20 mins before the unit goes back to the charging station to recharge itself. But it will get better in time. You just have to run it until the battery issue resolves itself after a few charges.

Also, the docking station needs to have ample space (at least 3 sq. ft.) for the vac to find its way back, otherwise it’ll get lost.

You have to clear the floor of potential hazards like socks, clothing and other loose items where the machine can get stuck.

This is the case for most robot vacuums, so it’s not really a downside for the Neato. It actually doesn’t get stuck as much as other cleaning bots like the Roomba.

Be aware that this unit does not have a remote control so you to chase it in order to turn it off which can be annoying for some.


The Neato XV Signature Pro is one of the best options for anyone who wants a robotic vacuum. It has powerful suctions and brushes that make floors exceptionally clean. It can map its way around a room and clean using specific commands which are easy to implement.

 It can even charge itself when the battery becomes low. The only possible down side is that it costs more than others, but it’s definitely worth the price for what it can do.

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Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, 4200

Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, 4200

This is the top of the line floor cleaner for those more concerned with the cleanliness of hard-surfaced floors such as hardwood or linoleum. It had the functionality to utilize Swiffer brand wipes to keep floors clean and polished.

It is notably quieter than other models and is prized for its ability to function in complex floor spaces.

Even though it is criticized for the limitations of its cleaning cloth, which loses its effectiveness if it is not changed on a regular basis, the Mint 4200 is a good option for those who have large areas of hard-surfaced floors.

Do you like sweeping and mopping your floor every day?

 If not, you may be ready for this handy little robotic floor sweeper. It cannot do everything that Rosie the Robot can do, but it is a good start!

The main advantages of the Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner include a variety of different functions, a fairly long battery life, and the fact that it avoids obstacles and drop-offs. It is also small to make storage easier.

 It even runs quietly so you do not have to endure some loud motor while your floor is being cleaned.

Mint 4200 Pros

Because the Mint 4200 has both dry and wet pads, it can actually take turns sweeping and mopping your floor. As you know, it does not do much good to mop a floor that still needs to be swept. All you do is turn your dirt into mud.

Alternatively, just sweeping your floor will not pick up the dirt that needs to be removed with water and cleaning solutions. This machine handles both of these tasks, but not both at the same time.

Because you can run it as a floor sweeper first, and then run it as a mop, it is a much better solution than some products that only do one thing.

Simple wet and dry pads can be changed out so this one machine is both a sweeper and a mop. It is pretty easy to switch out pads and change the function of this cleaner.

I also like the fact that the charge lasts for about three hours, although it depends on which setting you’re using.

Many models seem to fizzle out after less than an hour which is not nearly enough time to really do a good job in a larger house.

 In my opinion, a good battery charge life is one of the primary reasons that I would purchase a machine.

The Mint 4200 has a built-in GPS system. This means that it will clean next to your furniture, rugs, and walls. But it will not keep bumping into them.

Better yet, if you have stairs or another drop-off, the machine senses these automatically and will not take a plunge. I always like a floor cleaner with a sense of self-preservation!

Mint 4200 Cons

As a note, some people I spoke with felt that the unit moved slowly so it did not really do a lot of cleaning in the allotted time. It is impossible for me to know the condition of their floors though.

The unit works with a GPS system that helps direct it around furniture, rugs, and the edges of floors.

I would imagine that the harder that this GPS system has to work, the more time and energy it takes. That makes sense, because that is the case with cell phones.

If the GPS is on, it drains more power. It may be that the company is advertising the long battery life and cleaning effectiveness under the most ideal conditions.

If your floor is very dirty because of dogs, kids, or just general use, you may not get it spotlessly clean by using this device either. In this case, you may want to prepare the floor by going over it lightly in advance.

Alternatively, you might let the machine work first, but then figure you will have to work behind it later. Either way, it will save you time and effort even if it is not as efficient as you are at picking up each spill and speck of dust!


You can find this automatic floor washer for sale at many retail outlets, including online stores. If you can get a good price, it is really a fairly inexpensive considering the features that it has. You might compare price and functions with other brands and models of automatic floor cleaners.

Even people who did mention some problems usually said it was a good product for the amount of money they spent. If you want an affordable, versatile and automatic solution to floor cleaning, you should consider the Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner.

If your budget allows, I suggest you get the upgraded Mint Plus 5200, although it costs at least $100 more. It has better battery life, charges faster (with the option to charge even much faster if you buy the Turbo Charge Cradle separately), has room memory so it can resume cleaning where it has left off (useful when you pause it to change the cleaning pads), comes with a “Quick-Clean” mode, and best of all, it has a liquid reservoir to keep the mopping pad wet throughout the cycle.

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Our pick bObsweep PetHair Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

If price isn’t a concern for you, we recommend the bObsweep. We believe this product is the best robot vacuum for pet hair because of its unrivaled suction ability, especially on high- and low-pile carpet, and updated navigational features.

Best robot vacuum for pet hair on high-pile carpet

5 factors to consider before purchasing a robot vacuum for pet hair

Battery lifeUsingRobot

When it comes to keeping up with your furry friend’s shedding, battery longevity is key. The Neato Botvac and the Roomba 980 offer the longest run time of 120 minutes.

Weightrobot vacuum Weight

You shouldn’t need to pick up your robot vacuum aside from transporting it between floors. That being said, we believe it’s important to consider the heaviness of any vacuum. The candidates for the best robot vacuum for pet hair don’t differ more than a half a pound. The Neato weighs the most at 9.04 pounds while the bObsweep Pet Hair Plus weighs the least at 7.72 pounds.

HEPA filtrationHEPA filtration

If you suffer from allergies, consider investing in a robot vacuum that comes with a HEPA filter. A HEPA filter can trap 99.97% of microscopic dust and allergens, giving your floors a more precise clean.

MaintenanceRoomba Maintenance

If you’re in the market for a robot vacuum, chances are convenience is a top priority. Thankfully, all of the vacuums we reviewed are low-maintenance. Aside from regularly emptying out the small dust canisters, the only other maintenance tasks you’ll need to perform are replacing the filters every few months. The Roomba filters can be hand-washed with cold water and need to be replaced about every two months. The Neato filter can also be hand-washed.


When it comes to accessories, the Roomba 980 has what we find to be the most appropriate for pets. It comes with two dual-mode virtual wall barriers that let you section off areas of your home. You can use the Virtual Wall mode that creates a barrier, preventing the Roomba from passion, or the Halo mode, which is ideal for sectioning off areas around your pet’s food and water bowls. The Neato also includes a barrier that comes in the form of a 13-foot magnetic strip that you can cut and place in areas you don’t want the Neato to cross.

Frequently asked questions

Can robot vacuums spot clean?

Yes, the Roombas and the Neato have the ability to spot clean.

Can robot vacuums clean in the dark?

It depends on the vacuum brand. Roombas have a hard time functioning properly in the dark, but the Neato Botvac D7 has advanced navigational and mapping capabilities that allow it clean without light.

What is the Roomba Pet Series?

The Roomba Pet Series provides unprecedented efficiency, coverage, and cleaning performance. The models come with AeroVac, a single chamber vacuum bin that holds more debris than previous models, and a virtual wall to prevent the Roomba from cleaning areas you don’t want it to go.

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