If you are avid runner like us, then you are probably looking for a good pair of running shoe.  Shoes that are not only comfortable and fit you perfectly but also superior in technology to enable you to go that extra mile.  

It is our attempt to educate and help the reader understand what are some of the options for the best running shoes.  

We have tested most, talked to a lot of people, reviewed tons of websites on the net and have outlined some of the best running shoes for men 2021.


This year bring the best running shoes for men right on your track with strong competition from high-end brands.

From technology, quality, and outer design, each brand has its goodness and weakness in presenting a suitable running shoe for everyone.

Of course every brand has tried their best to create a comfortable yet supportive insole, stylish yet durable outer design as well as strong yet responsive out sole. But still, what is the best of the best option for runner’s each need?

Before you determine your criteria for best running shoes for men, you will need to know and understand several points bellow:

  • What kind of running will you be doing and how long a distance would you travel
  • Are you looking for fun, exercise routine and how long a period would you want to do the activity
  • Are you plagued by any recent injury or physical limitation
  • How is your foot arch type and condition

It is not about the best brand or the price tag, those point above are the key points to determine the most suitable running shoes that you need.

Take time to browse and read expert review and tester opinion will also help giving a deeper view of the choices. You do not have to pick the first interesting type that come to your attention, comparing it with other type or brand will not hurt you.

For your convenient, we round up 10 best running shoes for men depending on usage and physical condition.


Saucony Men's Ride 9 Running Shoe

For daily use with neutral arch, one of the best running shoes for men is Saucony Ride 9. It offer lightweight and comfort for daily use and come in a very worthy price.

The new Tri-Flex Out sole stabilizes ground contact and has great durability utilizing two type of rubber.

Even though it has more rubber, the shoe still is can maintain its flexibility.

For Upper part, Ride 9 use Flexfilm instead of sewn thicker fabric they have used before.

Many testers have said it is a versatile shoe that is easy to use under different speed and distance.

Also, it has good ventilation and RUNDRY material which is very useful to keep moisture away.

Style wise, this line comes in several color option and have decent design.

Saucony Men's Ride 9 Running Shoe



Other option comes from Adidas with its Energy Boost line.

 Adidas Energy Boost 3 is suitable for wide range of usage, such as running session, workout, aerobic, or casual walk.

The out sole is quite solid and give a fine grip and moderately responsive upon impact. The mid-sole technology can make each step lighter and bouncy.

This shoe is also considered as the best running shoes for runners in all level with its comfortable middle sole topped with an EVA rim as well as reliable out sole grip.

In terms of visual, many users think that it has quite cool model and color.

Men's Energy Boost 3 M Running Shoe


Flat feet owners are more prone to injury without a reliable running shoe support.

In a common case, the foot arch will be the absorber of ground contact, but flat footed runners will collapse their arches when they hit the ground while running. 

This condition can lead to ankle sprain, muscle sprain and knee injury due to overcompensating if the runner does not use a proper shoes. 

The best running shoes for flat feet runner must have excellent stability to help secure the feet and avoid extra rolling movement.

A good support is also important to provide decent cushioning for ground contact which their arches failed to do.

Mizuno Men's Wave Inspire 11 Running Shoe

Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 has a perfect combination of comfort and support.

The interior padding is designed to help stabilizes foot on ground contact also enhance the cushioning.

The padding comes with removable feature which make cleaning process easier.

The heels still using Mizuno’s “Infinity Wave” technology that deliver a great balance of responsiveness and transition, which allows smoother motion.

As one of the best option, Wave Inspire 11 will provide everything needed for your running experience.

Mizuno Men's Wave Inspire 11 Running Shoe


Men with high arches have to deal with uncomfortable effect after a daily running exercises, such an ankle sprain, shin splits, or even ligament rupture.

This may happen because of lack appropriate support in that particular arch.

The requirement for the best running shoes for high arches is comfortable neutral running shoes with reliable support; a mid sole cushioning that can handle extra shock with excellent absorption.

Some prominent arch mound also has to be one of the shoe features.

It will support your foot muscle and avoid unnecessary pain in the middle of the foot.


Brook Glycerin 14 has an ultra comfortable ride due to its sock-like fit and plush interior.

It is also lighter than the previous type, which help maintaining longer running distance.

The mid sole are highly cushioned using a heel to toe insert that contain gel like compound.

That insert allow the midsole absorbs the force of impact quite well while still be able to preserve its flexibility.

Some testers also have proven its durability for daily use in road terrain.

All in all, this line makes one of best running shoes for high arches feet with its near pillow-like cushioning and dependable support.

Brooks Women's Glycerin 14


Pronation is the way your foot rolls inward excessively after receiving impact from landing.

For men who have flat feet or low arches, their inner edge- mainly big toe and second toe- will do the major work instead of ball of the feet.

Motion control types will be the best shoes for over pronation runner, which more emphasizing in stability and sturdy heels.

If the shoe has more room, lightweight, and breathable enough for long run will be a nice plus point.

Brooks Mens/Womens Adrenaline GTS 17

The 17th upgrade of Brook Adrenaline GTS is one of the best shoes for men who want to combat their over pronation problem.

Its cushioning system is acknowledged for being responsive, supportive and durable.

Despite its bulky look, Brook Adrenaline GTS 17 is a lightweight and comfortable ride.

The fore front section is roomy enough for moderate pace and long distance without causing blister or pain.

Brook also elaborates the inner section with their “Progressive Diagonal Roll Bar” that will help correct your steps and give more natural running session.

The visual also praised working well enough and reflective for night time running.

Brooks Mens/Womens Adrenaline GTS 17


For men who have a wide feet, a well fitting and roomy shoes is very important for keeping their performance while running.

Too tight fore front will cause blister and uncomfortable, while lacking of grip makes the movement lousy and less bouncy. 


New Balance 1080v6 proposes a perfect balance of comfort, support and fitting cushion for those who have a wide foot.

It is recommended for long run without stopping and other sport activity like work out, aerobic and fast walking.

The upper fabric gives a secure feeling that wrap around the foot’s contour snuggly. Though it seems quite bulky to accommodate wider feet, surprisingly it is lighter than it seems.

New Balance use fresh foam cushion for this model that promote ultra cushion for neutral user.

This technology makes the ride smooth, steady and robust even after many uses.

It is available for men in 2E and 4E- the widest width fitting, which make their line best running shoes for wide feet.

New Balance Men's Fresh Foam 1080v6 Running Shoe


Shin splints refer to a pain along the inner tibia that cause by exercising.

Commonly, long time runner or those who does not increase their distance gradually will get this problem.

The muscle, tendon, and bone tissue around shinbone got some inflammation that will cause medium to severe pain from your muscles in inner tight along a mild swelling.

This will also get worse if you have a flat foot or do not wear proper running shoes.

ASICS Women's GEL-Kayano 21 Running Shoe

For men who want to prevent shin splints or already diagnosed with that problem may consider Asics Gel Kayano 21.

With Duomax Support System, Asics present higher sole density that will give better support and reduce the effect of landing impact for inner heels.

The FluidFit technology holds your feet firmly and comfortably using its multi-directional stretch mess and reinforcements.

In addition, Asics also use durable rubber technology on the outsole for more formidable exterior in all weather.

With such a high technology and super comfortable support and design, choosing Gel Kayano 21 as one of best shoes for shin splints is not overrated.

ASICS Women's GEL-Kayano 21 Running Shoe


Supination sometimes considered as hereditary issue will cause the outside part of your foot handle all your body weight when you are running.

For men with this issue, they can opt for curved running shoes to help balancing body weight and ground impact.

The shoes also must be well cushioned and have prime flexibility that allow foot move freely riding them in each strike.

The shape and mechanism of insole cushion of best running shoes for supination is a key point since it needs to maintain foot position as natural as possible to avoid shin splints, fracture, or ligament injuries during practice.

As mentioned above, Asics promotes best technology in designing running shoes for special case, like supination. It Kinsei lines has proven by many tester as one of exceptional choices. 

ASICS Men's GEL-Kinsei 6 Running Shoe

Asics Gel Kinsei 6 has gender specific midsole for more detailing shock absorbing feature.

Furthermore, the gel substance of Asics FluidRide 2.0 ensures responsive and springy stride with more dispersed ground impact.

The heels cup hold perfectly and give secure feeling even on fast paced or long run.

Spacious front areas are built for variant user foot size with its roomy and breathable design.

It also uses wonderful High Abrasion Resistant Rubber which deals quite well with elements and grounds.

Bonus point is their vibrant colors and nice design that will get all attention on the track to your ride.

ASICS Men's GEL-Kinsei 6 Running Shoe


Lighter shoes are very important for running with specific goal, such as marathon or sprint.

For that reason, a marathon shoe usually need to be lightweight, comfortable, and provide some arch support and springy. 

Nike Flyknit Racer - 526628 731

Nike Flyknit Racer designed with sock-like fabric around the foot that minimizes the chance of getting blister and irritation.

Nike Flyknit Racer - 526628 731

With responsive and springy cushion, most reviewer feels assured riding this shoe both for competition and daily use.  

It also has great ventilation that makes your feet stay dry during long run and distance.

Most importantly, it uses light material with fancy color and design which make this line one of the best running shoes for man and pro runner.

ON Running Womens Cloudflow

Another great champion racing shoes is ON Cloudflow Sneaker with its high level performances. It is a comfortable companion for long distant running, and a responsive one.

It has lower profile than other shoes and a very pleasant daily wear as well.

For competition, the cushion provide good support, firm grip and quite bouncy in each stride.

The sole unit uses Cloud-Tec sole which translated to 18 “cloud” items could help reduce pressure and ground impact.

The material for upper is a seamless springy mess that works very well with each motion.

The best part of ON Cloudflow is its capability to response in all terrain such as gravel, pavement, dirt path and even wet surfaces and snow.

ON Running Womens Cloudflow


However, in choosing the best running shoes for men that will suit your need and physical condition will require more care and effort.

Every man born with different foot contour and outline which lead to different preference of best cushion and sole grip that work best for them.

Even if you have similar foot problem or injury, you might find some other brand has better grip and more comfortable than what other thinks working quite well.

To make sure you get the best running shoes, try as many models as possible and feel their grip and response.

Do not forget to measure the correct size and give your toe plenty room to stretch naturally.

Too tight shoes will cause blister and irritation, while lousy one can lead to ankle or muscle strain. Exercise regularly and gradually extend your running distance for the best performance.

Even though you can buy any of these shoes from a local shoe store or one of the many chain stores in your area, we suggest buying from one of our links to support us and all the students who we support by giving out scholarship.

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