Shaving Cream Warmer Buying Guide

5 Best Shaving Cream Warmer Reviews – Buyer Guide 2021

One of the most common early morning rituals is a shave. You get out of bed in the morning, take a shower and proceed to using your favorite shaving cream for removing hair from your chin. Often, a hasty and uncomfortable shave results in a cut on your skin.

Especially in cold weather, you are more susceptible to dry and irritable skin that makes it hard to achieve a smooth and clean shave.

In order to facilitate in shaving, there is a supply of consumer products on the market. These products make it easier to achieve a good shave, make your skin smoother and remove excess hair from your skin without any physical damage to your skin.

One such product is a shaving cream warmer or hot lather machine.

What is a Shaving Cream Warmer?

A shaving cream warmer warms your shaving cream to the perfect temperature, which opens up pores on your skin, reduces the tugging sensation when hair is pulled out and makes the job of a razor blade easier.

Types of Hot Lather Machines

There are two types of hot shaving cream dispensers on the market.

The first one has enough room for your shaving cream can, and warms it to the perfect temperature that will prove comfortable for your skin.

 other category is the one in which you can manually pour shaving cream and bring it to the right temperature.

Both of these are available by different reputable companies and can fit standard size to bigger shaving cream cans.

The Benefits of using a Shaving Cream Warmer

The benefits of a shaving cream warmer include the following.

  • Warming your shaving cream opens up pores and makes it easier for the shaving razor to tug out hair from the skin. This makes shaving less painful for the user.
  • If your shaving cream has been warmed, it provides you greater control over the razor, which makes for a better grip, hence a smoother finish.
  • It is more convenient to shave your facial hair after a hot shower. But for days when you don’t have time to pop into the shower before going to work, a hot lather dispenser will make for a time effective shaving session.
  • These machines have different control settings so that you can adjust the warmth of your shaving cream according to your preferences.
  • If you have sensitive skin, then a shaving cream warmer will break down the toughness of your shaving cream, and make it easily spreadable.
  • Accidents during shaving are common. During cold weather, your skin can become dry which increases the risk of cuts during a shave. Warmed cream will spread on the skin more evenly, and you will be able to achieve a closer shave without any cuts or burns.

Things to consider before buying a Shaving Cream Warmer:

There are several companies selling shaving cream warmers/hot lather machines on the market. With extravagant exterior designs, a run down of complicated features and availability in a spectrum of the price range, it can be hard to decide which product to buy, or which would suit your requirements best. Below, we have put up a rundown of things you should consider before investing in a shaving warmer.

  • It is important to find out the voltage requirements of an electric appliance before you invest in one. You need to make sure that its power requirements are suited to your country of origin, and if the kind of plug it comes up with will suit the sockets in your area.
  • Shaving cream warmers come in all sizes. If you want to buy the sort that fits a shaving cream canister, then buy one that can fit standard, travel and extended size cans in order to avoid inconvenience later on.
  • Invest in a machine that is not too bulky. This way, it won’t only take up less space on your countertop, but you can easily carry it in your suitcase when you travel to a different country.
  • The duration of time that a machine takes while heating up lather is important. If it doesn’t heat lather quickly, then it will consume a lot of power, which could lead to an inefficient consumption of your energy resources.
  • It is also important to check the consistency of the lather that comes out of the machine. If it is super aerated, it will spread more smoothly and it will be easier to get a close shave.
  • Most modern machines come with variable temperature settings. This allows you to have a greater control over the temperature that your lather attains, and you can set it according to your preferences.

conair hgl1nr/hgl1r conair gel and lather heating system (best shaving cream warmer under $30)

Conair Shave Gel & Lather Heating System

Conair HGLNR/HGL1R has a simple black stem-like construction with buttons on the top of the lid. The lid needs to come off and the shaving cream can is placed inside the dispenser.

The machine has a variable temperature control that can be adjusted according to preference once you figure out how the machine operates.

The machine works best with standard size cans and it can be hard to fit cans of different sizes inside the stem. It dispenses both lather and gel effectively. There is an indicator light that goes on when the lather is ready to use/ heated to the required level. If you like your lather to be very hot, it is better to wait a few seconds when the ready indicator light goes on. But there is a built-in timer, and the heating will turn off so that the cream doesn’t burn. That means that the cream needs to be utilized soon after being heated or it will cool down to room temperature.

Aesthetically, the machine fits in with your bathroom interior. It is sleek and takes very less counter space. Watermarks do not show up on the black body unlike the chrome version of the machine.


  • Indicator light specifies when ready to use.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Buttons on the top.
  • Temperature control.


  • Works for standard size cans.
  • Can be messy
  • Risk of clogging.

Conair Shave Gel & Lather Heating System

campbell’s lather king hot lather machine

Campbell’s Lather King is a brand that is more than fifty years old. The old machine has been discontinued but the Latherking Next Generation carries on the legacy with a mechanism that provides the best shaves.

The machine consists of an enclosed universal motor that protects the internal mechanism from heat, dust and corrosion.

The motor lasts as long as possible since it is free from external damage.

Not only that, it is also waterproof so there is no risk of electric shock in case water gets into the machine.

It comes with a hand activation system that allows a long, uninterrupted flow of warmed lather or cream and can supply two barbershops a day.

The machine has waterproof heather and an easy to fill soap cup.

This makes it convenient for a busy barber who doesn’t have time to fill a machine frequently or to handle a complicated operation mechanism.


  • Can heat up lather fast.
  • The operation is simple.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Heavy duty.


  • Needs to be cleaned frequently.
  • Not convenient for a single time use.
  • Expensive.
  • Large and heavy.

The Latherking Next Generation, Charcoal


Conair HML10 is one of the best shaving dispensers that has an on/off button on the top. It works with both standard and large size cans to warm shaving cream in a convenient duration of time.

The bottom plate of the machine allows adjustment for different sizes of shaving cream cans so that takes away the inconvenience of buying a shaving cream only to find out it doesn’t fit your hot lather dispensing machine.

The machine warms up the cream in literally a minute and it has an inbuilt thermostat to adjust the settings. To use it, you just have to pop out the lid, place the can of shaving cream inside and plug in the machine.

This makes it easy to replicate the barbershop experience at home. You can get a close and smooth shave in no time, and the machine will do all the work for you.

Aesthetically, this is one of the best-looking shaving cream warmers on the market. It is white and sleek and takes up minimal countertop space. The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t work with shaving gels.


  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Can warm small and large size cans.
  • Heats up in a minute.
  • Adjustable thermostat.


  • Does not work for shaving gels.
  • Expensive.

Conair HLM10 Hot Lather Machine

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