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Best Solar Lanterns

We’ve been always concern about lightening our indoors such as bedrooms, drawing rooms and even bathrooms. But what about lightening up outdoors? A beautiful source of light can be a real beauty enhancer of your lawn, garden or driveway.

But, it costs money as long as you prefer to pick an electrically powered up lanterns. What if you think about a solar power source? A best solar lantern that will power it up automatically from the daylight and lighten the garden at night?

Yes, I know you have been curious about solar lanterns and understand it’s essence already. And to help you out in this process is the sole intention of writing this entire post.

What we’ve done in this article is, we did a week-long research on all the available products of the market and picked out a set of most popular ones. Then our experts did a thorough analysis and sorted them out based on performance and price-quality ratio. Finally, we have a detailed list that contains the best solar lanterns of the market of USA.

Keep going through the article and we’re more than sure that you will have one that fits perfectly within your requirements.

10 Best Solar Lanterns in 2021

Let’s get started with a glimpse of 10 of them at once-

1. Smart Solar 3960KR1 San Rafael II Solar Mission Lantern

Presenting the #1 best solar lantern of the current market- the Smart Solar 3960KR1 San Rafael II Solar Mission Lantern. What motivated us to keep the pick on the top of the list is its ultra consistent performance and a unique and elegant design that can withstand any kind of environmental hazards. Apart from these two, there are some more features that received applause from the users. We will break them down below-

First of all, let’s have a closer look at the design. The 3960KR1 is made of all-weather poly and a seeded glass. The advantage is, it will look all the same even after years of use. In fact, that’s what we all expect from an ideal garden lantern, right?

Moving forward, this solar powered illuminator is made to be an automatic darkness remover. What it means is, it will turn on at the dusk and turn off automatically when it’s dawn.

As a source of light, there is a couple of high-performance lamps(LED). And when they’re on, they create such a glowing effect that makes your beautiful garden even more delightful.

No matter it’s the garden pathway or the midst of a garden you can always use it as a source of visual beauty. The mission style design will a plus to the greens of the garden or driveway.


  • Elegant mission style design
  • Made of weather poly and seeded glass
  • Can be placed ground or hung with hooks alternatively
  • Turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn
  • A perfect lantern for lawns, gardens or driveways
  • 2 high performance LED lamps
  • Durable till all the night


  • Can’t be used as a portable source of light

SUAOKI Led Camping Lantern Lights

Camping lanterns are one of the most important essentials that backpackers had always kept with them. But the problem with traditional camping lantern is, they are either too bulky to carry along, or comes with a very high price. We didn’t find any portable light source that can both of the problems together. Until we met the new SUAOKI Led Camping Lantern.

It’s not made to use to increase your lawn’s beauty. Instead, it’s a backpacker’s essential. The foremost feature that turned out it to be so is, it’s adjustable dimension. You can collapse it into a size of iPhone 6+, and even fold it down to carry in the backpack easily.

Moving forward, we found three different lighting modes as per the situation’s demand. The settings are called High, Low and SOS, which pretty much explains the purpose.

To protect the lamp from overcharging, over discharging or any other problems regarding circuitry, there are a set of smart protection chips included. So don’t worry if you forget to unplug it from charging.

We have saved the best two features for the last.

First one is, you can charge it in two ways- the solar power, and through any USB ports of 5V. Usually, lamps like this come with a 5V USB output, but can’t take power input through such low voltage sources. But somehow, the engineers at SUAOKI made it happen.

Secondly, the most attractive feature of the SUAOKI Led Camping Lantern is its price. It costs very less than what it actually should. So, grab your one before the company decides to tag a higher price on it, however.


  • Both solar and USB 5V power sources
  • A fillable and compact sized lamp for outdoor enthusiasts
  • Three different modes of light intensity
  • Smart protection from electronic mishaps
  • Can be used both in indoor and outdoor
  • Very cheap price range
  • Comes with a uniform light distribution from the lamp
  • A backpacker’s best kit when he’s on an outdoor night out


  • No USB power provider source to charge phones

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