6 Best Spiral Vegetable Slicer – Buyer Guide 2021

A spiral vegetable slicer is a great idea if you enjoy cooking and preparing ingredients. It is also nice if you want to make cute spiral vegetable garnishes for salads.

Best Spiral Vegetable Slicer

Vegetable spiralizers are used to accomplish exactly what one would guess they do by hearing their name.

They cut fruits or vegetables into spirals so that they can be used to more easily garnish your meals or for certain recipes that would be impossible without them.

Use it to transform potatoes into curly fries or to make wafer-thin julienne cuts.

Use a spiral vegetable slicer to slice fruit or vegetables, and choose from various types.

A julienne spiral vegetable slicer means you do not have to spend hours slicing everything into thin pieces by hand.

Instead just use the spiral vegetable slicer and save yourself a lot of time.

A vegetable spiralizer may also be referred to as a spiral cutter or simply a spiralizer.

The term describes a group of kitchen appliances that share the same function yet operate in different ways.

The recipes which you could make with a spiralizer include certain salads as well as zucchini pasta, a healthier alternative to the typical grain-based Italian dish.

Even if you do not need a spiralizer for these reasons, spiral cutters also tend to help make vegetables fun for children who are picky eaters.

There are many types of spiralizer available, and we will go over them later on in the article. There is no single best vegetable spiralizer type, as it usually depends on the user’s preference.

We will now move on to the reasons why it is important to find a spiralizer of good quality.

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Our Recommendations

Although there are many options to choose from when purchasing a vegetable spiralizer, we have a few top picks based reviews, specs, quality, and price.

OXO Good Grips Spiralizer Review

OXO Good Grips Spiralizer Review

There are very few people who would argue that pasta is not delicious. One of the most famous examples of Italian cuisine, the dish is highly enjoyable, but it is also unhealthy.

If you are trying to improve your diet regarding healthiness as well as improve your weight, pasta is usually one of the first things that need to go.

Regardless of whether you are a fan of spaghetti, macaroni or fettuccine, you will find that they all tend to be equally unhealthy thanks to their high carb content.

Usually made from a combination of flour and eggs, your traditional pasta noodles will be rather unhealthy when compared to possible alternatives.

Pesto, for example, is a sauce which can be substituted with your typical meat sauce to result in a healthier meal.

If you are trying to make your pasta even healthier, you will, unfortunately, have to opt for changing the makeup of the pasta itself as opposed to the sauces that you serve your pasta with.

There are many different pasta compositions, and some can even be hybrids, however many of these are made for flavor and not for actual health benefits.

For example, pasta that has vegetable mixed into the dough will exhibit a green color and will have a different flavor, but it will not have more than a slight health benefit.

Spiral Size

One of the more important considerations to make before making your spiralizer purchase is the size of the spirals which are cut by your spiral cutter.

This usually depends on the fruits and vegetables that you will be cutting, and the types of meals that you intend to make with your spiral cutter.

The sizes of your spirals can either be defined regarding specific measurements, or they can be defined as sizes of pasta.

For example, some spiral cutters are made to cut your vegetables into the size of spaghetti or linguine.


Another important aspect to take into consideration before you buy your spiralizer is the price point.

As every customer has a different budget, this is a rather personal choice but there a few tips we can provide on getting the best possible product for your money.

Some customers are under the mistaken impression that a higher priced product will necessarily be better than a product at a lower price point.

This is not always the case, as you can often find a better deal if you take some time to research the products at your disposal thoroughly.

The Product

If you want healthy pasta, there are few better options. For example, you can use a spiralizer to make a type of pasta that is made of zucchini.

Spiralizers can be used for a lot more than that simple application, however, and we will go over some of them over the course of our review, but first, we will look at some important spiralizer features.

Spiralizer Features

  • Features 3 options regarding cutting blades (⅛ inch, ¼ inch, and ribbon)
  • Includes a blade box to keep your blades both organized and clean
  • Features a toothed food holder to keep your fruit or vegetable in place
  • Includes a suction cup to keep the spiralizer in place while in use


This three blade spiralizer is manufactured by OXO. OXO is a cookware company based in New York and founded in the 1990s. Don’t let their relatively short history fool you because they still manufacture products of excellent quality.

As you may have noticed by the name, this product’s most noticeable feature is the inclusion of three separate blade types depending on your spiral cutting preferences. Also included is a suction cup which is mounted underneath the spiralizer to keep it in place while in use.

OXO Good Grips Spiralizer Review

Kitchen Saviors Spiralizer Review

Kitchen Saviors Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer

There are many ways to spice up your cooking in the kitchen. The moment that cooking becomes boring is the moment that you start to lose your passion for the activity. No cook wants to fall out of love with cooking, but it can sometimes get a bit dull if you have not made something new and challenging in some time.

You have quite a few options when it comes to improving the variety of the meals you cook. For example, you can choose to vary some of your pre existing recipes so that cooking them becomes a fresh challenge. This includes switching ingredients around or even changing your cooking methods. Who knows? The recipe might even turn out better than before.

Another way to make cooking more enjoyable when you are growing disenchanted with it is to start using different tools while you cook. Making use of different appliances and preparation tools in the kitchen is a great way to bring new life into an old recipe either through cutting down on your work or necessitating a change in your preparation method.

Do not be afraid to experiment when it comes to cooking, as experimentation is one of the easiest ways to improve a recipe unknowingly. You would be surprised by the number of famous recipes which have come about due to experimentation and trial and error.

Vegetable Spiralizer


You will always want to try and invest in a spiral slicer which is as versatile as possible since it is a bit of a niche product. We do not mean this as a negative, but most cooks will not be using their spiral slicer every day, so it helps to opt for a product that accomplishes more than that single task when used in your kitchen.

There are many possible applications for fruit and vegetable spiralizers beyond slicing food into spirals. For example, some spiralizers can be used to cut your food into slices, speeding up your cooking and food preparation process.


If you have at least some experience cooking, you know that being a good cook is all a matter of proper timing. This is doubly so when preparing a meal as you have to ensure that each part of the meal is ready at the same time, especially when your meal is meant to be served hot.

This brings us to the issue of speed. You will want to opt for a spiralizer that has a smooth and fast style of operation as this will make it easier to use and will make spiral slicing far less tedious than it would otherwise be.

The Product

Regardless of the methods that you choose to revamp your kitchen experience, there are many tools available to help with your quest. One of our favorite kitchen implement which may be considered unusual by the layperson would be a spiralizer. Here are some of the more important specifications of a good spiralizer.

Spiralizer Features

Spiral Slicer Cutter
  • Made of BPA free plastic and high-quality metal
  • Includes a bag, ceramic peeler, and a cleaning brush
  • Product comes with a complimentary ebook
  • Features a cap that reduces wasted vegetables
  • Features Japanese style blades for easier slicing
  • Minimizes clogs and jams


This spiral slicer is meant to be a little more versatile than most of the other spiral slicers that you would come across. It is manufactured by Kitchen Saviors, who have a mission to make cooking easier and more accessible because everyone should be able to cook and enjoy doing it.

Unlike other types of spiralizers, this product features two different types of blades depending on your preferred spiral dimensions. This product includes several other features so that your food preparation goes more smoothly.


The Kitchen Saviors Spiral Slicer is an excellent product if you are looking to make the process far easier than it would otherwise be. Consistent with their mission, Kitchen Saviors has made a product that is as user-friendly as possible.

For example, one of our favorite features of this spiral slicer is the cap. Due to the method of operation of this spiralizer, you will not be able to spiralize an entire fruit or vegetable without risking injury to your fingers. This is where the cap comes in.

You simply detach it from the device, push the spiked end into your vegetable, and proceed to use it as protection for your fingers as you turn it. The peeling process is also very convenient, as you simply need to place a fruit or vegetable against the blade and start turning it end over end.

What Others Say

Customers had quite a bit to say about this product in their reviews, and most of it was positive, thankfully. Most customers were impressed by the array of extras included with this product, such as the ebook recipe list, the included cleaning brush and the ceramic vegetable peeler which may be used before spiral cutting.

Regarding negatives, customers had some complaints regarding the method of operation of this model. Due to the way it works, it is hard to spiralize certain fruits and vegetable when compared to an electric spiralizer. While this is unfortunate, most users will not have difficulty using this spiral cutter with more common vegetable such as zucchini and cucumber.

Buying Advice

This product is typically priced around 30 dollars, and it can be found on several retailers such as Amazon. It may also be found on sale for as much as 57% off, or about 13 dollars, which is a steal for a product of this quality.


This product is an excellent choice for anyone looking to purchase their first spiralizer. The combination of good build quality and ease of use comes together to make this product the best option for beginners. If you have any questions or remarks regarding this product, feel free to leave them down in the comments.

Original Spiralizing Zoodle Maker Bundle

KitchenAid KSM1APC Spiralizer Review

Eating healthy foods is one of the best ways to improve your health. It is certainly the easiest way to ensure that you live a healthier lifestyle.

One of the most common misconceptions about eating healthy foods is that you have to sacrifice tastiness and creativity. This is quite honestly false.

KitchenAid KSM1APC Spiralizer

It is far easier than you think to make enjoyable and varied dishes while eating healthy. There are many ways you can go about this, and you can sometimes get more creative than with less healthy dishes. Since you have to put thought into recipes which are healthy as opposed to using ingredients without thinking about the long-term ramifications.

When people think healthy foods, most would think first of fruits and vegetables, and they would be right in thinking about these as some of the most healthy foods. Fruits can be filled with delicious natural sugars that are far healthier than the typical high fructose corn syrup and other types of processed carbohydrates.

Vegetables are also highly versatile, as they can contain anything from fibers to improve digestion to even proteins, which most believe are only available in significant amounts in meats. While we have established that fruits and vegetable are indeed far healthier than many other types of foods, we have yet to address how to prepare them better.

Different Blade Types

If you are looking for a spiralizer which is versatile and does more than spiralize your vegetables, you will want to find a model which features different types of blades which may be used. This allows your spiralizer to do more than its intended purpose, making it a very effective all in one tool for a cook.

These different types of blades can be attached to the spiralizer, replacing the default spiralizing blade. They can accomplish many other tasks which are useful for both fruits and vegetables. Other blade types can be used for peeling skin, coring, and even slice.

Type Of Spiralizer

There are several types of spiralizers as well. This is usually dependent on the manner in which the spiralizer operates. For example, manual spiralizers make use of gearing and mechanical advantage to make it easier to spiralize and slice the vegetables and fruits you wish to use in your recipes.

Type Of Spiralizer

On the other hand, you can choose powered spiralizers, in which you do not need to use a handle or gears so that they spiralizer can function. While these types of spiralizers are certainly more convenient, they also tend to be more expensive and may even require a food processor to function.

The Product

You have many choices when it comes to implementing healthier ingredients in your cooking. You can opt for stuffed vegetables, replacing more common ingredients and many other options. One of our favorite choices is the use of a spiralizer. Before we move on to our review, we will talk about some of the more crucial features to look for in the best spiralizer.

Spiralizer Features

Best KitchenAid Spiralizer
  • Works with all KitchenAid stand mixers
  • Can spiralize, peel, core and slice
  • Comes with a convenient storage box
  • Spiralizer is dishwasher safe
  • Product features a one year warranty


This spiralizer is made by KitchenAid, one of the most well-known manufacturers of kitchen appliances worldwide. They are famous for their line of stand mixers which may be used with a wide variety of possible attachments. The KSM1APC spiralizer is, in fact, one of these attachments.

To use this product, you will need to have already purchased a KitchenAid stand mixer. The mixer provides the power and an attachment point for this attachment. It is an excellent choice if you would like an option that won’t clutter up your kitchen drawers, as you can store it in the included storage box.


While we expected this product to be good thanks to KitchenAid’s standards when it comes to quality, we were honestly surprised by just how effective it is. Regardless of whether you are looking to use the spiralizer for vegetable noodles or some of the alternate functions like peeling, this product is an excellent choice.

Thanks to the additional attachments, this is far and away the most versatile model of spiralizer that we have ever seen. If you decide to purchase this attachment, you will not need a peeler or a corer, which reduces the amount of money you will have to spend as well as cutting down on the amount of clutter in your kitchen.

This spiralizer attachment is also highly durable since KitchenAid always makes their products out of high-quality metal which is meant to withstand the rigors of the kitchen. All in all, this is one of our favorite spiralizers, attachment or otherwise.

What Others Say

After going over reviews and customer testimonials, we have found some of the more pertinent praise and criticism about this spiralizer. Regarding positives, consumers were highly impressed by the build quality and the durability of this product, as can be expected of most KitchenAid appliances.

On the other hand, customers took issue with the fact that you need to own a KitchenAid stand mixer to use this spiralizer. Many customers wished that there was an option for manual use so that you do not always need to make use of your stand mixer, as unpacking it and setting it up can be a somewhat cumbersome process.

Buying Advice

This attachment can be found online from retailers such as Amazon. It is typically priced in the range of 80 to 90 dollars, which may seem a little pricey, but it is certainly worth it regarding build quality and materials used.


While it may not be a standalone spiralizer, this product from KitchenAid is an excellent choice for cooks who already have a KitchenAid stand mixer at home. We hope that this review has proved to be informative and helpful for you and if there are any questions, do not hesitate to leave them down in the comments below.

 KitchenAid Spiralizer

Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer Review

Regardless of whether you are a new cook or a veteran of many years. It is always fun to try something new in the kitchen. This can range from a minor change in your cooking habits to trying an entirely different cuisine. Regardless of your choice, you will find that changing things up regularly will make cooking much more exciting and less tedious.

Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer Review

There are many cooking implements and tools that you can use to make cooking more interesting. One of a unique options at your disposal is a spiralizer, also known as a spiral cutter. Spiralizers accomplish exactly what it sounds like; they cut food into spiral shapes of varying thickness for one of several reasons.

Many different kinds of spiralizers function in different ways. The most simple type consists of a handle with a glade similar to a peeler attached. You simply press your fruit or vegetable against the blade and twist it. This is more simple than the other options, but it takes more practice in terms of technique.

Other spiralizers consist of stationary blades with a food holder that both rotates and moves horizontally so that you may spiral cut your fruits or vegetables. These leave less room for error and can either be powered manually with a handle and gears or powered electrically.


One of the most important features in any product is reliability. You will always want to opt for a model of spiralizer that will last you a long time, as this will cause you less of a hassle further down the line. You will find that products lacking in reliability have to either be sent back to the manufacturer or in the worst case, repurchased.

Beyond the hassle of sending a product back for repairs, your wallet may also suffer when you purchase an unreliable product as the warranty may expire, necessitating the purchase of an entirely new product. This is a situation which can easily be avoided by spending slightly more money up front and opting for a better quality product.

Storage Size

Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer storage box

Kitchens can be cluttered areas, and it helps to have appliances and cooking tools which can easily be stored. This makes it far easier to find what you need while you are cooking and it also allows you to organize your cupboards and drawers more easily.

Improperly stored cooking implements can also result in inadvertent injuries due to blades or other sharp edges. It simply makes your life easier to have a well-organized kitchen, regardless of whether you are cooking, cleaning up or even looking for something.

The Product

Regardless of the method of operation, you prefer for your spiralizer; it is an excellent investment. When it comes to fruit and vegetable based dishes, a spiralizer can have a massive effect on the aesthetic value of your dish. Beyond that, a spiralizer can be used to make unique dishes like zucchini spaghetti.

Spiralizer Features

Buy Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer
  • Features four types of blades (⅛ inch, ¼ inch, 3/32 inch and ribbon cut)
  • Spiralizer is made of heavy duty plastic free of BPAs
  • Features a base with strong suction
  • Features a compact folding design for better storage
  • Features a storage box for blades which are not in use


This spiralizer is made by Paderno World Cuisine, an Italian kitchen appliance manufacturer that has existed since 1925. This product rather effectively represents their long and experienced history. For example, this model comes with 4 separate blades for differing applications.

This spiral cutter also features a strong suction base to keep it in position during operation. When coupled with the folding design, you will find that this spiralizer is very user friendly while in use as well as in storage.


This is one of the better models of spiralizer that you will find available for purchase in its price range. Everything from the build quality and materials all the way down to details like the powerful suction cup base.

smoothly the mechanism of this model functions

Our favorite part of this spiralizer by far is the inclusion of a storage box that makes it far easier to store the included blades, especially when compared to some of the competition. This makes it so that your blades will not rust, get lost or otherwise damaged, ensuring that your spiralizer stays in as good of a condition as the day you first bought it.

We were also impressed by just how smoothly the mechanism of this model functions. The handle turns as smoothly as any model of spiralizer we have tried in this style, so if the mechanism is one of your primary concerns, you can rest easy.

What Others Say

After looking through many customer reviews, we have found that the consensus is that this model of spiralizer is on the upper tier of available models. Regarding praise, most customers were happy with this model’s blades, remarking that they remain sharp after longer periods of use.

Another positive is that suction base remains attached to most surfaces, sometimes even when they are wet. Regarding complaints, we noted that some customers were not impressed by the speed of this model. While we agree that it can be slow depending on what you are slicing, you will find that the speed is rather serviceable.

Buying Advice

This product can typically be found for about 40 dollars, which is a rather standard price for high-quality spiralizers such as this one. You can purchase this spiral cutter on Amazon or any other suitable online store that stocks kitchen supplies. We would say that this product is well worth the price.


The Paderno 4-blade spiralizer is an excellent model if you are looking for a good blend of versatility and convenience when it comes to storage.

The collapsible nature and included storage box go a long way towards making this a good choice for those strapped for room in their cupboards. If you have any questions regarding our review, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Why You Should Choose Your Vegetable Spiralizer Carefully

As with any other type of product which will be used in food preparation or the kitchen, you should pay a good deal of attention to the product and its reviews. Unlike many other types of products, you will find that those which are used in the kitchen can make you sick if they are made of poor materials.

For example, plastic containing BPAs can leak into your food, causing negative side effects and a higher chance of disease in the long term. Ensuring that you are in good health should be your foremost concern, beyond all other aspects. Shaving a few dollars off the price can not make up for permanent health damage.

Beyond ensuring that you are in good health, it is also important to take care when selecting your spiral slicer if you do not wish to waste time and money purchasing new products. A spiralizer which is built to high-quality standards will typically last you far longer than one which is built in a cheap fashion.

This does not mean that an expensive vegetable spiralizer will be better than a cheaper model in all cases, however. 

What To Pay Attention To When Buying A Vegetable Spiralizer

Keep in mind that there is a difference between a product which is cheaply priced and a product which is cheaply built. The objective is to find the best-rated vegetable spiralizer at the lowest given price point.

Vegetable Spiralizer Types

There are many types of spiralizer which accomplish the same end goal but do it in different ways. For this section, we will give a short overview of each of them.

Handheld Vegetable Spiralizers

Handheld models are the most simple vegetable spiralizers you can find in terms of construction and design. They are typically designed as a blade with a holder, similar to a peeler into which you push and twist your vegetable to get it to come out as a spiral. They are reliable, yet simplistic.

Vertical Vegetable Spiralizers

Vertical vegetable spiralizers are made so that you place a fruit or vegetable in a holder and then turn a handle so that it is simultaneously pushed and rotated into the blade. They are so named because the vegetable is usually positioned vertically, with the blade positioned on the bottom of the appliance so that gravity can aid the cutting process.

Horizontal Vegetable Spiralizers

Horizontal models are often roughly similar to vertical models in that they make use of a vegetable holder combined with a gear and handle system to make the process easier. The difference lays in their positioning, with horizontal models relying on either heavy weight or suction cups to keep them properly positioned while in use.

Electric Vegetable Spiralizers

Spiralizer models which function using electricity are the most convenient to use, but they are also higher priced than the other options that we have gone over. If you are looking for the best professional vegetable spiralizer, a lot of the options available are electric spiral cutters, since you can process a far larger number of fruits and vegetables.

Noodle Container

An aspect which greatly helps user accessibility but is unfortunately rather uncommon in all save the more expensive models of spiral cutter is the inclusion of a container for your spirals. Most spiralizers are made with at least some room for a bowl to be placed so that they can catch the cut vegetables once they come out of the appliance.

In the case of spiralizers which include a noodle container, there is an integrated bowl which fits into the area where the spirals are deposited. Unlike bowls, they are meant to fit ideally and not let any of your cut spirals fall onto the floor or your counter.

While a noodle container isn’t the most important feature to search for in the best vegetable noodle spiralizer, it certainly helps make the spiralizing process a lot more simple. You also don’t have to make use of a separate bowl, which goes towards making your spiralizer that much more self-contained.

Ease Of Use

The inclusion of a noodle container brings us to our next point, which is ease of use. You always want to search for a product which is easy to use, regardless of what you are purchasing. Even if you have been using spiralizers from quite some time, you will still want to search for one which is easy to use.

Think about it, a product which is easy to use, regardless of purpose or complexity of the operation, will be a product which you are willing to return to. On the other hand, a product which requires a great deal of complex effort to be put into its operation will be more likely to discourage you from making use of it.

If you would like to get as much use as possible out of your future purchase, do your best to ensure that it is simple and easy to use. This also applies to the assembly process, as nobody wants to enlist the help of six friends to assemble an appliance that they have just purchased online.

Ease Of Cleaning

Another aspect which is important to search for in a top rated vegetable spiralizer is an easy cleanup process. A vegetable spiralizer which is easier to clean will, more often than not, be a spiralizer which you use more often, as you will not dread the inevitable cleanup process once you have finished your food preparation.

Dishwasher Safe Parts

Another important consideration to make when purchasing a spiralizer is whether or not it is dishwasher safe. Most spiralizers which do not function with electricity will be dishwasher safe, but it helps to make sure that they are by checking their included instructions or by contacting the manufacturer.

It always helps to ensure that your spiralizer is dishwasher safe before putting it in the dishwasher as it may be permanently damaged and the warranty may be voided in certain cases. Before your purchase your product, take some extra time to ensure that it is compatible with dishwashers if you do not wish to hand wash it.

Interchangeable Blades And Versatility

The aspect of versatility comes up a lot when discussing the best vegetable spiralizer. This is because a spiralizer is a product which is ripe for improvement in terms of versatility. This is at least the case with vegetable spiralizers that include replaceable blades, which is most besides the basic handheld models.

These interchangeable blades can have a variety of purposes, the most common ones simply change the size of your spirals, whereas others can have more specialized functions. This includes peeling fruits and vegetables, which is an integral process before you spiralize certain vegetables.


World Cuisine A4982799 Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer

Spiral Vegetable SlicerTry this spiral vegetable slicer for apples, sweet potatoes, onion, celeriac, cucumber, zucchini, carrots, radishes and anything else you can think of.

Not only does it make spiraling veggies a pleasure, but it is also easy to use and clean.

Try making zucchini spirals as a healthy alternative to pasta. You can still twirl them on your fork, but they are much lower in calories.

This is one of the best-selling spiral vegetable slicers, and it gets consistently good reviews.

The one minor quibble some people mention is that you lose a thin piece from the center of whatever you are cutting because of the way the spiral cutter is designed, but in the case of apples or cucumber that means the cutter removes the seeds which are actually a bonus.

In the case of carrots, you could simply eat the uncut part or save it for another recipe.

Apart from that, this spiral vegetable slicer works exactly as it is meant to and seems very well made and durable.

More About Spiral Vegetable Slicers

Plastic spiral vegetable slicers are cheaper than metal ones but will eventually break because plastic is not so durable.

A lot of them do come with a year or two warranty though, so do not expect it to break right away.

Something else you might want to consider with the plastic ones is that if you are going to slice colored vegetables like beetroot some of the colors will stain the plastic over time.

Although this might not matter to some home cooks, others might not like it.

Spiral Vegetable Recipe

Do you like sweet potatoes? If so, you might want to test out your new spiral vegetable slicer by making this recipe. Spiral cut a sweet potato and coat it with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil.

Sprinkle over some salt and black pepper and add some lime juice and chili powder too if you want. Bake for half an hour at 350 degrees F, or until crispy and golden.

One question people often have about their spiral vegetable slicer is what to do with the leftover bits of vegetables.

When you spiral-cut something, you are going to end up with the stump or a piece which is too small to spiral-cut. You can use these to make stock for soup or compost them.

Paderno World Cuisine Rouet Spiral Slicer

Buy Paderno World Cuisine Rouet Spiral SlicerThis is another commercial quality machine, which will not let you down. Transform your fruits and veggies into long, curly ribbons.

As you would expect, the Paderno World Cuisine Rouet Spiral Slicer comes with a variety of blades so you can choose the desired thickness.

Make continuous spirals or thin julienne cuts or slices. To use, just put the fruit or vegetable on the prongs then turn the wheel as you push the base towards the blade.

This is not a flimsy gadget.

The rubber feet keep it secure on your countertop, even if you are spiral-cutting dense veggies and applying more pressure. This is a high-quality device which can cope with pretty much any fruit or vegetable.

Paderno World Cuisine Dual Ribbon & Spiral Slicer

This spiral slicer is the answer if you are looking for a commercial grade, professional quality slicer. It costs more than the others, but that is because it is a heavy duty machine.

If you are catering for a lot of people and you wish to product spiraled vegetables with no fuss, this is the machine for you. It is dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a breeze too.

Make long ribbon cuts of zucchini, carrot, cucumber or anything else you like.

This gadget does not balk at anything, so you can trust it to do a great job and last for many years.

New and Essential Tri-Blade Spiral Vegetable SlicerBest Essential Tri-Blade Spiral Vegetable Slicer

This spiral slicer is a budget alternative to the more expensive ones, so if you are looking for something to spiral cut the occasional vegetable rather than something for daily use, this one should suit you just fine.

It can slice soft, medium and hard veggies, although you need quite a bit more force for the more difficult ones such as yams or beets.

This gadget is simple to use.

You make a flat end on your vegetable and then center it on a tube above the blade.

Slide the handle down until the spikes make contact and then spin it.

Rinse the slicer right away after using, and then you will find it easier to wash later.

Paderno World Cuisine Spiral Vegetable SlicerWonderVeg - Spiral Vegetable Slicer - Veggie Spiralizer - Zucchini Spaghetti Pasta Noodle Maker - Cleaning Brush, Mini Recipe Book, 6 Spare Parts Included

Use this vegetable spiral-cutter to make thick or medium-thick noodles using vegetables.

Have you heard of the Spirooli?

That was the original name for this Paderno World Cuisine spiral vegetable slicer; it has just been renamed and rebranded.

This one is a reasonable price, and you will also find it simple to use on any vegetable you wish to spiral-cut.

There are 3 blades so you can pick out whichever you like, depending on how thick you want your veggie noodles or whether you prefer them sliced instead of spiraled.

This is one of the most famous spiral cutters because it gives consistently good results and is durable.

Choosing a Spiral Vegetable Slicer for Your Kitchen

There are lots of different spiral vegetable slicers to choose from, so it is good to familiarize yourself with the different options you have. Your first consideration might well be price range. If you plan to use the slicer occasionally, you will probably not want a high-end model with lots of features and a high price tag. If you want to spiral-cut veggies daily or almost daily, you might want something more heavy-duty. These slicers are becoming as popular as kitchen knives. Although they were not around just a few decades ago, spiral slicers are found in many kitchens these days, and they are used to spiral-cut vegetables for many different recipes.
A plastic slicer is going to be cheaper than a metal one but it is not so durable, and it will get stained by vegetable juice more easily. These slicers will create decorative ribbons from zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples and more, and even the most basic one is going to be able to handle that. The width and cut are going to be uniform, which means even cooking. It is possible to spiral-cut using a knife, but it is not easy! A high-end spiral slicer will have more attachments and options so you can choose the width of the spirals and choose from different slicing attachments. Most of these will work on hard fruits as well as vegetables.

There are also different ways of using vegetable slicers. Some of them are quite basic, and you will have to wind a handle while pushing the vegetable into the machine, while others are easier to use and all you need to do is add your vegetable and it does all the hard work for you. Of course, the price reflects the ease of use and convenience of the slicer and not just the quality of the slicer itself. Some of them allow you to choose whether you want your vegetables in slices or spirals, so if you are considering a slicer as well as a spiral-slicer, you might like to get one machine instead of 2, something which can do both.

Spiral Vegetable Slicer Video Review

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More to Consider

As well as thinking about your budget and whether you want to spiral-cut only or to spiral-cut and slice, there are more factors to bring into the equation. Do you prefer a horizontal or vertical slicer? Are you going to cut vegetables into noodle shapes or just use the slicer for making garnishes with fruit and veggies? Once you decide how you are likely to use it, you can go over the choices and see which one ticks all the boxes for you. Once you have it, you are sure to discover even more uses for your spiral cutter, and find all kinds of vegetables and fruits which are perfect for spiral-cutting.

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