The Best Tactical Boots Review 2019

The Best Tactical Boots You Can Buy Dad

Today we are going to discuss outstanding quality boots, we all have attention to fine detail. We’re proud to introduce a boot that sets a new standard for construction, durability, and price. The Breach 2.0 is built upon years of top caliber manufacturing and industry experience.

The Best Tactical Boots
Combat Boots for the 21st Century

Whatever you want to call them — tactical boots, combat boots, army boots — you’ve got a ton of options when it comes to buying rugged boots for Dad that can handle any punishment he can dish out.
You can spare no expense and buy him the Cadillac of boots in the Danner 8″ Rat GTX or instead get him a pair of Wellco X-Force boots that are one of the top-rated and best-selling pairs of boots on the market.
Don’t let all the military talk fool you. These may be rated for combat-missions and used by troops in the field today, but any hunter, camper, or outdoorsman is guaranteed to break out into a huge smile when they find them under the Christmas tree.
All of the boots featured here also manufactured in the good ol’ US of A. Buying them supports the US economy and keeps important manufacturing jobs right here in America.

The Making of Danner Boots

The Making of Danner Boots

Before you gasp in sticker shock, check out the video below to see just what you get in every pair of Danner boot sold, whether it’s a hiking boot or the absolute best tactical boot money can buy in the Danner Rat:

The Technical Specs
If you like to see the down and dirty technical specifications, here you go for each boot:

Danner Rat GTX
Made in the USA
1,000 Denier nylon and full-grain nubuck
Vibram 360 outsoles with Dri Ice
Danner’s hand crafted stitch down construction
Moisture wicking lining with quick draining medial vent holes
Polyurethane coated leather over toe and heel
Fiberglass shank
Wellco X-Force
Made in the USA
Fabric panels and suede upper
Compression molded EVA midsole
Non-metallic stealth technology
1,000-denier Cordura nylon uppers
Moisture wicking lining
Contoured polyurethane footbed
Don’t See the Military Boot You’re After?

Danner Ft. Lewis Uniform boot while the above are two of the best combat boots money can buy the right news is that you have plenty of more options (including different colors, styles, and knee high and mid calf options), many of them also made by Danner.
Amazon stocks the full line of Danner boots, including uniform boots such as the famous Ft. Lewis boot as well as boots designed specifically for certain climates and terrains like mountain and desert boots.

That includes plenty of color options as well, from sage-green to tan to olive mojave and anything and everything else in between.

Not Just for Dad

Madden Gewelz boots one thing to remember is that military boots aren’t just for Dad. More and more women are sporting boots such as the Madden Gewelz shown here, which add a little flair to the classic rugged look.
Plenty of celebs and models are seen out stomping around in their boots, with women getting the bonus of being a fashionista each time they pull them on.
As far as more traditional looks, most boot makers offer both a version for both men and women, so it’s a snap to buy a pair for Dad or Mom — or even both!
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