8 Best Tactical Boots Review-Buyer Guide 2021

The kind of tactical boots that soldiers, DEA agents and SWAT team members use on their line of duty can either make or break an operation. It can also be the cause of death in some occasions.

Tactical boots, better known as zip boots are known to provide traction, comfort, protection and mobility to anyone who uses them. Without all these things in a zip boot, the lives of soldiers can be compromised.

Anything less than the quality provided by tactical boots can mean life or death on the part of soldiers and police forces.

These boots were designed to withstand tough terrains, extreme weather conditions and even long periods of continuous use.

Selecting the right boots is crucial to any operation. Despite the different brands alongside the improving technologies that consumers can now choose from, a lot of uniformed personnel are still wondering what is the best for their needs.

Despite the common denominator in every brand that these shoes were built to last, there are a lot of concerns that users need to look into.

From anatomic factors to the level comfort that the boots are going to give to the user, these should all be reviewed to achieve optimum performance during a tough mission.

We researched and tested plenty of the major vendors of tactical boots out there; Oakley, Rothco, and Rocky, just to name a few and found plenty of differences between these manufacturers.

5.11 Recon Dessert Boot

5.11 Men's Recon Desert Boot

One of the most popular products by the company is the 5.11 Recon Dessert Boot.

What makes this a stand out on the line of 5.11 tactical boots, is its lightweight and heavy duty footwear design.​

This product is popular to SWAT, military personnel and security forces. Ideal for both mountainous and daily urban use, it made use of a central stance that prevents injuries and facilitates mobility.​

It has been engineered with one of the toughest exoskeleton structure that can compete with the industry’s best, HELCOR.

Aside from the durability that it offers, it is also no secret how it was aimed to meet the convenience of the end user with its speed lacing system and medial side fast rope zone technology.

5.11 Men's Recon Desert Boot

5.11 Waterproof Taclite

5.11 Waterproof Taclite

If you enjoy both the modern and the traditional 5.11 tactical boots in the market, then another standout from the line of tactical boots of 5.11 Tactical is the Waterproof Taclite 8” boots.​

Made of fully polished high grade leather material, this waterproof 5.11 tactical boots make use of technology that prevents pathogens from being harbored inside the shoe.​

Using resistant membrane together with its breathable design, it prevents an environment where microorganisms can grow and potentially cause infection.​

Other than its waterproof feature, it also makes use of an adjustable lace that provides comfort to its user.

5.11 - 12037 Men's Waterproof Taclite 8" Boot

Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS 1.5

Under Armour Men's Valsetz RTS 1.5 with Zipper Military

One of the best products provided by Under Armour is the Valsetz 7” Tactical Boots.

Among the line of Under Armour Tactical boots, this product never fails to grab the attention of different markets.

From those who love the outdoors to those who go to the hills of Afghanistan, this product never fails to meet, if not surpass expectations.

Using ArmourGuide technology to help users minimize impact on their feet, it ensures the right strike and propulsion to decrease the potential wear and tear on the feet during long hours of usage.

Also, Ortholite technology was used in these Under Armour tactical boots in order to provide additional cushion to facilitate movement and versatility in the field or in day to day casual use.

Unlike most tactical boots that can be quite heavy, the Valsetz 7” Tactical Boots approximately weighs 15.5 oz.

With durability without sacrificing performance, Under Armour even added an easy on/off technology with their speed lacing shanks to always safeguard the proper fit for the foot’s protection.

5.11 Men's Recon Desert Boot

Speed Freak 7” Tactical Boots

Speed Freak 7” Tactical Boots

Under Armour tactical boots have been known to withstand the cold early season conditions. In order to ensure what users need during the hot season, Under Armour Tactical Boots came up with the Speed Freak 7” boots.

What this product provides is unparalleled comfort especially for the outdoors during the warmer days.

It is a lightweight footwear that makes use of waterproof leather overlay together with Gore-Tex lining to guarantee breathable lining that can reduce chances of infection.

Since the contour of each foot differs from one person to the other, the Molded Ortholite footbed of the Speed Freak 7” Under Armour Tactical Boots were designed with a memory foam top in order to customize the comfort according to specific anatomic difference of each end user.

Under Armour Men's UA Speed Freek Tac 2.0 GTX

Elite Assault Boots

Oakley Elite Assault Boot Coyote Size

The line of Oakley tactical boots became synonymous not only to performance but also to flexibility.

The Oakley Elite Assault Boot is a testament to this. It is a footwear, as the name suggests, for assault missions.

These Oakley tactical boots compliment the endless punishing marches, high to low altitude jumps and other activities seen in actual combat.

Tested in several geographic locations from mountainous terrains to urban settings, it is a testament to the top of the line shoes developed by Oakley.

In terms of technology used in these Oakley tactical boots, the company included a puncture resistant sole design in order to withstand unexpected sharp objects that can potentially pierce and cause injury.

Also, the inner layer of the tactical boots was made of Carbon X material. Carbon X has been known to protect firefighters worldwide.

This heat and flame resistant material not only guarantees protection but also comfort on the part of the user.

Oakley Elite Assault Boot Coyote Size

Oakley LSA Boot Water

Oakley Men's LSA Water Boot

Oakley spent their time doing research regarding specific adaptability of their products to different scenarios.

Over the years, since the 1980s, one of the things learned by Oakley is to create footwear that can be used on the go for different terrains.​

Oakley LSA Water Boot is the type of tactical boots that has been known for its aquatic adaptability and quick drying structure.

The Oakley LSA Water Boot utilizes drainage pillars that can easily keep the feet dry at all times.

Also, it has a slip resistant design that guarantees mobility and minimizes the tendencies of having an injury.​

This type of Oakley tactical boots also made use of EVA foam in order to provide cushion and support during running, jumping and walking.

Oakley Men's LSA Water Boot

Tactical Research TR966 Hot Weather Lightweight Tactical Boots

Men's Khyber Hot Weather Lightweight Tactical Boot

The TR966 is one of the best Tactical Research boots in the market today.

With a superb price that can compete with some of the best brands in the market today, the TR966 is an outstanding testament to performance essentials delivered by the Tactical Research boots.

Aside from its modern shoe design, it features an overall comfort and durability meant for the humid, and hot locations.

It makes use of full grain cowhide leather custom fitted for occupations with high physical demands.

The TR966 is an exceptional footwear because it utilizes the lightweight technology that can ensure minimized stress on the legs and feet.

Also, this is one of the Tactical Research boots that have an Eva midsole and exclusive Vibram outsole configured for comfort and the best traction.

Because of anatomic differences in the way each foot is constructed, TR966 made use of the TR-1 orthothic insole technology to reduce stress during long hours of use.

Tactical Research TR966 Hot Weather Lightweight Tactical Bootsssault Boot Coyote Size

Tactical Research Kiowa Desert Tan Assault Boot

Hot Weather Sage Green Tactical Assault Boot

The Kiowa Desert Tan Assault boot by Tactical Research features a sleek and low profile design engineered to guarantee the comfort and the mobility of users. It has a height according to the military standards.

As the name suggests, it was meant towards military use. This product also makes use of TR-1 high performance insole that helps in the stability and correct pronation of the user.

In addition to the ergonomic features, this type of Tactical Research Boots was given the multi-dimensional lug design in order to become fit for uneven terrains.

It is an ACU approved product that could attest to the kind of work Belleville invested in the past 100 years.

Tactical Assault Boot Buying Guide

Since different feet have different needs, there are some unique qualities that each brand possesses that may be liked or disliked by a consumer.

Majority of people who need the zip boots, typically have to try different brands from Under Armour to Converse just to find out which design best fits their needs.

What To Look For When Shopping For Tactical Boots?

Aside from choosing the brand, there are a lot of factors to consider when shopping for your boots. The best tactical boots can only be defined by comfort, versatility, durability, and, of course, the price.

All of these factors should all be considered given the requirements of most people who use these boots. When you have a life or death situation on your nine to five occupation, these factors will all have to be weighed in order to shop for the best tactical boots.


One of the things that most people notice is that zip boots used by the military, the swat or by mountaineers are typically heavier than most footwear on a casual day.

However, the best tactical boots will stand out with a lightweight design that allows the users to run. Mobility is an imperative factor that plays out especially on dangerous situations and extreme conditions that most users need to face.


Different feet may have different fit to different shoes. Generally, you will never be able to find out the comfort of a shoe until you tried it yourself. The user reviews online can say a lot about what the shoe is all about.

The amount of cushion that it provides on the soles of your feet can make the difference. Since some users are expected to use the footwear for several hours at a time, the best tactical boots should provide not only the best comfort in your midsoles but also stability on the ankles.

Resistant to Extreme Conditions

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or military personnel in need of the best tactical boots, it is necessary to always consider how the product would fair against the extreme conditions.

Whether it is a dry and hot weather or cold and wet condition, the boots simply need to last on different environmental topography.  Most boots have designs resistant to water in order to increase comfort and reduce incidences of infection.


Zip boots were made in order to protect your feet. In order to know if the product is going to produce enough support for your feet, you need to know the construction of the head part of the shoes.

The best brands of boots will typically provide a safety toe design that can deliver a layer of protection in case something falls on your feet. But of course, different brands have varieties of designs and may also have different focal points.

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