Top 10 Best Toilet Safety Frames And Rails

Did you know that approximately 40,000 toilet injuries occur worldwide every year, with 14% of the accidents occurring while people are standing? Even though homes for the elderly cater for a greater proportion of these cases, ordinary homes are also a major threat, particularly if the elderly and people with degenerative bone diseases such as arthritis are residents. Fortunately, with the development of toilet safety frames and rails, the risk of toilet-related injuries reduces significantly for several reasons. They, for instance, are stable and have supportive systems that aid users whilst standing up. They are also ergonomic, manufactured using heavy-duty steel or aluminum, and are easy to install and use in many types of toilets. The 10 best to buy in 2018 include:Best Toilet Safety Frames

10. Lumex Graham Field Toilet Safety Rail

Lumex 6465A-1 Versaframe Toilet Safety Rail with Adjustable Height, Brown Box

Manufactured using heavy-duty steel, Lumex Graham is a functional Field Toilet Safety rail that works well in both household and commercial toilets. It is durable, affordable, and has a simple and ergonomic design that is easy to install in various types of toilets. Out of the box, all you need is a standard screwdriver to set it up. For those with kids and the elderly and toilet safety is of primary concern, this safety rail never disappoints. It has an adjustable height (28-inches to 32-inches) that you can customize to meet the demand of users. It also has adjustable arm width (18-inches to 21-inches), padded handles for comfort, and a stable design that lasts long.

9. MedMobile Stand Alone Toilet Safety Rail

As its name suggests, MedMobile Stand Alone is a durable freestanding toilet safety rail with a light and portable design that is ideal for travel. It is durable, has an easy to assemble design, and has a freestanding frame that supports colossal weight whilst in use. Well-assembled, this stable rail does not wobble nor shift. The high density and well-finished material used to manufacture it resists rust and corrosion, while its longer rail distance (28-inches) works well in both elongated and standard toilets. You also get sturdy padded handles for optimal comfort, a convenient magazine rack, and a classic U-shaped 22.5-inch bottom opening that boosts its functionality.

8. Ideaworks JB4349 Deluxe Toilet Safety Support

North American Health and Wellness - JB4349 Deluxe Toilet Safety Support

Home to some of the most functional safety frames and rails in the market, IdealWorks is a reputable brand, sought-after by homeowners worldwide. If you are shopping for a safety rail and want to share part of its success, this deluxe JB4349 model is one of the best around. It is durable, has a multi-functional freestanding design, and sturdy and well-padded arms that boost comfort and its functionality significantly. As such, if you have an elderly resident or a person with a debilitating degenerative bone disease, this one of a kind accessory will serve you well. It has slip resistant non-marring feet, a magazine rack, and a stable design that supports up to 300 pounds.

7. Carex Health Brands Toilet Support Rail

Carex Toilet Support Rail, Steel Support Rail with Adjustable Width, for Assistance Sitting and Standing from Toilet

Considered among the best therapeutic products in this niche, Carex Health Brands toilet support rail is an advanced medical-grade accessory made of heavy-duty steel. The material is durable, well finished to resist corrosion and rust, and has an ergonomic and easy to install design that attaches directly to toilet seats. The risk of slipping, topping, and injuring yourself is therefore slim to none, with this one of a kind accessory installed. For optimal support and safety, Carex Health Brands Toilet Support Rail has an adjustable 16-inch to 18-inch handle. It also has Hypalon-cushioned hand grips that optimize comfort and a sturdy frame that supports the colossal weight.

6. Invacare Toilet Safety Frame

Invacare Toilet Safety Frame

A sought-after safety frame worldwide, Invacare is a valuable household accessory with an adjustable 25.75-inch to 30-inch frame that benefits individuals of all cadres. It is durable, made of rust and corrosion resistant aluminum, and has a stable two-legged design that supports up to 250 pounds. It also has adjustable arms (between 17.5-inches to 20.5-inches), an easy to install ergonomic design, and clutter-free low profile build.

5. Buckingham Foldeasy Toilet Safety Frame

Windsor Direct Freestanding Foldeasy Portable Toilet Safety Frame

Are you looking to improve the safety rating of your bathroom? Instead of renovating it of buying expensive accessories that individuals have relied on over the years, consider purchasing this Foldeasy Buckingham toilet safety frame instead. It is affordable, durable, and has a unique folding frame that eliminates clutter in toilets. It is also easy to assemble and use, has a unique freestanding design that benefits individuals of all cadres, and has durable and well-padded armrests for added comfort. You also get an adjustable height mechanism (26.75-inches to 34.75 inches), a corrosion and rust resistant build, and an 11-pound construction that supports colossal weight.

4. EVA Medical Deluxe Toilet Safety Frame

Deluxe Toilet Safety Frame

Talking about the top 10 best toilet safety frames and rails in 2015, EVA Medical Deluxe is a trusted toilet safety frame that benefits the young, elderly and the sick alike when using toilets. The 1-inch aluminum used to make it, for instance, is light, durable, and supports up to 250 pounds without losing its shape or functionality. Its ergonomic design is fun to use, while its ease of use and affordability makes it an ideal safety accessory for all individuals with special needs. You also get well-padded arms that fold backward for easier cleaning, easy to set up aluminum brackets, and secure hand supports.

3. Medline Toilet Safety Rails

Medline Toilet Safety Rails, Safety Frame for Toilet with Easy Installation, Height Adjustable, Bathroom Safety

Featuring a sturdy frame; a rotatable and adjustable handle that support a range of motions; and an adjustable 26-inch to 31-inch design, Medline Toilet Safety Rail is a high-performance toilet accessory that works better than most standard models. It is durable, works well for both adults and kids with special needs, and has an easy to clean aluminum frame with adjustable brackets that secure it well on to toilet bowls for added support and safety. You also get comfortable closed cell foam padding, sure grip finish, comfortable 16.75-inch arm depth, and 250 pounds weight capacity.

2. Guardian GU30300 Sunrise Medical Toilet Safety Frame

Designed for use in both bathrooms and whirlpools, Guardian GU30300 Sunrise from Guardian Technologies is a multi-functional toilet safety frame with a comfortable cantilevered arm design that maximized user comfort and flexibility. It is durable, fully adjustable (26-inches to 31-inches), and works well on both elevated and standard toilets. It is also affordable, has closed foam armrest that enhance grip and comfort further, and has a durable, and rust and corrosion-resistant construction that offers users value for years.

1. Drive Medical Stand Alone Toilet Safety Rail

Drive Medical Stand Alone Toilet Safety Rail, White

This standalone safety rail by Drive Medical is our pick of the best in 2015. It has a striking and low maintenance white theme that blends well with contemporary d├ęcor, has a convenient magazine rack, and has a light freestanding design with padded armrests that maximize user support and comfort while sitting or standing from elongated or standard toilets. It is also affordable, supports tool-free assembly, and supports up to 300 pounds.

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