Best Watches under $500

I have to start off by debunking the preconceived notion that in order to get a solid watch you have to do some serious damage to your bank account. I’m talking about thousands and thousands of dollars. Even though major brands will do their best to force you into thinking that that’s the way of things, it isn’t. Precisely because of this ludicrous idea, I thought that it would be wise to show you my list of 10 best watches under $500.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of watches apart from these 10 to choose from, but in this price range, these are the creme of the crop. Most importantly, I will list some wearables that aren’t manufactured by obscure Chinese companies selling watches for $15. You’ll see some major brands on my best watches under $500 list!

However, prior to delving deeper into the list, let us first address a few very important questions about this particular price category. What makes it so great? What are the things worth looking out for? How does one choose the best under $500 watch? What expectations should you have? Questions like those.

What Makes $500 The Best Price Range?

Let me present you with a simple fact. For a watch, the worst price range to choose from is between $500 and $3.000. Period. That’s where the shady stuff is. Basically, you get to pay a pretty penny for a watch whose price is purely brand-driven. Some major brand decides to make a watch for the common man and in order to make it worth their while, they invest as little as possible into the manufacturing process. Consequently, you get crappy materials, flimsy construction, and so on.

Shahid Maqsood


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