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The water may contain the bacteria, viruses and the other microbes that are not good for the health.

Similarly, if you are drinking a glass of water which is seemed to be clean and clear but that is not sure that it will be free of chemicals or the harmful bacteria.

So for that purpose water filters are used to filter the water and to kill the harmful microbes.

If you are on a camping tour and you are planning to drink the water from any lake, then do not use it to drink only you can splash your face with it.

The purpose of making these best water filters is to make the people aware of the water borne diseases and to make the drinkable water free of chemicals.

1. iSpring RCC7 water filter system

 iSpring  5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Filtration System

If you are looking for a perfect water filter to get a source of clean water, then there is no other best option other than this iSpring water filter.

This water filter has reverse osmosis feature, and it is the cost effective way to get a suitable water filter.

Similarly, the 5 stages of the cleaning system of this filter and the solid construction make it ideal to buy this best product has following main features:

5-stage Reverse system

This osmosis system of the water filter does not allow the contaminated particles to pass through. The first filter blocks the sand and the rust. The second carbon filter blocks the chlorine particles to enter into the water.

The third filter uses the carbon block technology while on the other hand, the fourth filter which has high rejection membrane does not allow the particles to pass through especially which are larger than 0.0001 microns.

Any bad or persistent taste or odor is prohibited by the fifth filter of the water filter. These entire stages combine to make the filter awesome to use, and it gives the better results than others.

Water storage tank

The main thing about the water filter is its convenient use. It comes with a water storage tank, so if you need a glass of water, then you can take it from the tank. You are not required to wait for it to complete the whole filtration process.

Auto shut off valve

One of the major features of the water filter is its auto shut off valve which immediately shuts off when the storage tank is filled.

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2. APEC – Top Tier water filter system

APEC Water Systems ROES

This filter is one of the best water filters as it gives you the pure and 99 % contaminant free water within affordable range. You do not need to buy the bottled water. You can enjoy a perfect taste of water at home by using this water filter. It gives the cost effective way to remove all the contaminants including the bacteria, cysts, microbes and other metals from the water. In this way, it gives you the fresh and best quality water that will help you to enjoy perfect taste of water without the aroma of plastic after taste. This superb product has following main features:

5-stage reverse osmosis filtering system

This water filter also has a 5 stage reverse osmosis system that cleans up the water at various levels from many types of contaminants. Like at the end you will get the pure water that will be free of any metallic or microbial contaminants. It completely removes the arsenic, cadmium, mercury, bacteria and the radium. It also improves and restores the taste of the water.


After reading the water filter reviews it can be said that this filter is versatile. It gives you the multiple features like one of them is its storage tank. It stores the clean water and you are not required to use the whole filtering system again and again. Similarly this water filter is also able to treat every type of water either it is well water or tap water.

Sturdy nature

This water filter is sturdy in its construction while it is silent in its functioning.

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3. Watts Premier 531130 water filtration system

Watts Premier 531130 Filter-Pure UF-3 3-Stage Water Filtration System

According to the water filter reviews; this water filter is made for those people who love to drink the tap water but without contaminants. Now you can invest a little to make your drinking water free of hazardous chemicals instead of buying the expensive mineral water bottles. This water filter has replaced the need for these bottles. The quick and easy installation process will enable you to install this superb product and get its long lasting benefits. This product ha following main features:

3 stages of filtering

This model comes with 3- stage filtering system. The the first filter of the system will not allow the muddy and sandy particles to pass through the filter. On the second filtering stage, the chemicals will be blocked to enter into clean water. And at the end, the membrane of the filter will restore the taste and all the particles that are larger than the water particles will be removed from the drinking water. You will get the result in the form of clean and clear water without any contaminants.

Auto shut off valve

This product has a feature of auto shut off valve. This valve shuts off when the storage tank is filled with the clean water. In this way, it prevents the clean water from wasting.

Easy installation

The water filter comes with all the important accessories that are needed to install it. In this way, it makes the installation process easy and fast.Buy From Amazon

4. Home Master TMAFC Reverse Osmosis

Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

The water filter reviews have revealed that this filter has replaced many customary concepts of the water filters. It has changed the traditional use of water filter. The traditional filters use the reverse osmosis in a limited way, but it has doubled the flow of the water by occupying the large space of the tank. The other water filters also change the taste of the water as they demineralize the water but at the same time acidic too. This acidic nature affects the internal manufacturing of the tank and makes the taste of the water bad. But this water filter is best in that way because of following features:Home Master TMAFC Reverse Osmosis

Full contact technology

The patented full contact technology circulates the water to restore all the important nutrients of the water that are beneficial for the health.

Tremendous purification

This water filter gives the better results of water filtration as it removes the heavy metals and other contaminants up to 98 % and restores all the important nutrients. This makes the water ideal for drinking and other cooking purposes.

Quick assembly

This water filter comes with all the important accessories that are required for a quick set up of the filter.

Faster than others

The advanced and fast reverse osmosis technology of the filter makes it able to perform the functioning at a faster rate than others.Buy From Amazon

5. Watts WP5-50 Premier Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

This is one of the Best Reverse Osmosis Reviews you can find on this site. Watts WP5-50 Reverse Osmosis System Reviews is a go-to-choice for those with Affordable Budget. It is one of the Best RO Unit that works similarly compared to earlier models. It features 5 Stage iSpring Filter that consists of 5 Stage Water Filtration Process.

It features coconut-shell carbon, sediment filter, membrane, and carbon block filter. This features High-Quality GAC Filter and Membrane that last longer. It has a manifold design which offers powerful removal of 17 different connections. Overall, this is one of the Best Reverse Osmosis System. You can read about Whole House Water Filter as well.Buy From Amazon

We hope you will find the water filtration guide useful in selecting a system for your home

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