Best Womens Sweater Jackets Reviewed 2021 & Buyer Guide

Stylish Yet Functional Women’s Sweater Jackets

Olivia Sweater Jacket

Does your lady love sweaters? Why not get her a sweater jacket for Christmas? They come in many styles and colors and go with just about anything from dresses to blue jeans. We have gathered several different types of sweater jackets for you to look thru and see if you can find one that would look good on your lovely lady. They make great gifts for any holiday.

Not only is a sweater jacket cozy and warm but you can choose from a wide range of designs. There is something to flatter every shape, whether you are shopping for an hourglass, a curvy lady or someone slender.

Women’s sweater jackets can be worn during the cooler months as an alternative to a conventional sweater or jacket, or you can wear it outdoors in the evening in the spring or summer, once the sun has gone down and the air has become a bit fresher. This versatile garment is found in many women’s closets.

A sweater jacket is softer than a coat type jacket, so you do not have to find a hanger and space to hang it. Instead, store it rolled or folded up with your other sweaters and cardigans, and save your closet space for heavier items or those more likely to wrinkle. Sweater jackets can also be machine washed, so you do not need to take the garment to the dry cleaners once a month with your other outerwear, which of course saves money. Some can also be dried in a dryer, but it depends on the fabric so always check the label before doing the laundry to make sure.

It can be said this garment is halfway between a sweater and a jacket so that you can enjoy the comforting softness of the fabric teamed with the snug warmth a jacket offers. With one of these garments you get the best of both worlds, and you can either treat yourself to one or choose one for a special lady in your life, someone who deserves to be cocooned in the warmth and luxury of such an item. Available in all colors, sizes, and styles, this trend defies age and looks just as good worn on a young girl over a T shirt and pair of jeans as on a more mature lady over a top and skirt or day dress.

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The Best Women’s Sweater Jackets

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A cross between a coat and a soft sweater jacket, this rip-stop polyester jacket is filled with goose down to keep you toasty warm. It is streamlined rather than bulky and the moisture-wicking collar and chin guard help to keep you snug. Enjoy the soft fabric-lined zippered hand warmer pockets and the interior zippered pocket, as well as the adjustable Velcro cuffs, elastic draw-cord hem, and wind-flap behind the front zipper. You can rotate your arms all the way around, and this jacket will not ride up. This jacket is ideal to wear over a vest or light top on a cool day or outside when the air temperature has dropped after a warm day. You can choose from a whole range of colors too.

How to Wear a Sweater Jacket

This garment is unique in that it offers a cozy yet polished look, pairing the comfort of lounging around with the cut of something more elegant. A worthy addition to any woman’s wardrobe is the sweater jacket. If you are new to this particular garment, you will be pleased to hear about the benefits as well as discover just how many different styles and designs are available. Some sweater jackets are more like basic sweaters while other are more formal like jackets, and some are just in the middle, offering a perfect blend of elegance and comfort.

The more rigid the sweater jacket, the more formal it will look, while the softer the material, the more casual it will look, but you can change how it looks by choosing what to wear underneath with care. For example, pair a jacket or a sweater jacket with a pair of skinny jeans and some knee-high flat leather boots and you will have a casual look, but as soon as you swap the jeans for black pants, the look is more formal. Add a pair of heels, and you have an outfit you could easily wear to the office and then out for dinner afterward. If you are wearing a colorful sweater jacket or something featuring a pattern keep the clothes underneath plain color, perhaps all black or all beige, then the sweater jacket can be the focus of your ensemble and draw the eye to its design.

A good quality sweater jacket can be teamed with an elegant dress if you are attending an outdoor event but expecting the last couple of hours to get slightly chilly. Just wrap it around yourself when the temperature drops after sunset and you can be warm in style. There is no reason to limit yourself to just the one either. This garment is so versatile and comfortable you will probably want to get yourself several, in different styles and colors.

What Not to Wear It With

Although this is a versatile wardrobe staple, the sweater jacket is not suitable for all occasions. Avoid if for a job interview, for example, because it is not quite formal enough, at least not for an office setting until you have got the job. A longer one (at least thigh length) can be worn over a pair of leggings but avoid wearing a hip-length sweater jacket over leggings because it is not flattering. A hip-length one looks great over pants or jeans though, or team it with a dress for a beautiful and stylish look.
Top Women’s Sweater Jackets

Timeless Elegance and Classic Comfort

Available in light or dark gray or purple, this is a nice sweater jacket. The shaker knit is cute, and there is a rib knit double layer collar to keep those drafts out. Natural and synthetic fabrics (cotton, nylon and lamb wool) are combined to offer the best softness and durability. This garment is thigh length to keep you warm, and there is a front zipper all the way up and buttons too which you can close over the zipper. The front of the sweater jacket features a pair of large pockets which are certainly roomy enough for a cell phone, wallet and house keys. This garment comes in a choice of 4 sizes but if you are between sizes then pick the next size up, not down, for the best fit.
Popular Women’s Sweater Jackets

Here Is Another Great Choice!

Lucky Brand Women’s Embroidered Jacket

This embroidered sweater jacket is a great choice for the winter. The embroidery offers a rustic charm, and this looks great paired with all kinds of outfits. It is also nice if the weather is too warm for a coat but too cool not to wear anything over your shirt.

Made from cotton and polyester for durability, this garment is thigh length to keep out drafts and provide good coverage. The embroidery goes all the way around the sweater jacket, including around the hood and the hem at the back.

There are 2 front slit pockets to keep your hands warm, and the weight of this sweater jacket means you will stay comfortable and toasty warm without sacrificing your sense of style.

Greylin Women’s Olivia Sweater Jacket

This sweater jacket features a front diagonal zipper for a modern, quirky look, and there are front side pockets and a cowl neck with a snap button too. It is made from a combination of polyester, acrylic, nylon, cotton, wool, and lurex, for the right amount of stretch and comfort, and you can choose any size from extra small to large.

This is a hip length sweater jacket which would look elegant worn over black pants with some heels perhaps, or you could wear it over a dress or skirt.

The cowl neck design and diagonal zipper are especially attractive on this garment, and this is something you will want to wear frequently, not just for the comfort factor but also because of how cute it is.

Champion Women’s Favorite Jacket

This sweater jacket is a real bargain. It is machine washable and comes in some sizes and colors. This cotton jersey jacket is thinner than some other sweater jackets, which is good if you live somewhere warm or if the chilly months are coming to an end and you want something to take you into the spring. It will keep you warm and cover any garment you wear underneath without any show-through.

This is a lovely jacket for keeping the chill off, and it is ideal for jogging or running. Of course, this is not the jacket if it is freezing outdoors, but if you want a thin jacket which will be cozy to wear, keep the chill off and be yours for a fraction of the price of some others, this is the one for you. Order a size up if you are between 2 sizes.

Tips for Keeping Warm

Some people never seem to get cold; you know the ones you always see in a T shirt and sandals when the weather is not all that great? Others will only bare their arms or legs when the sun is blazing overhead. You know yourself how chilly you get, but never mind if you seem to be the first to put on a sweater because some of us are just like that! Perhaps it is a warm spring day, but the temperature drops a few degrees as the sun goes down. Some people will hardly notice while others will reach for our sweater or coat, but if you are dressed semi-formally, you will not want to throw any old sweater on over your dress, which is why a sweater jacket is so useful.

Simply roll it up and keep it in your bag and then you can quickly whip it out and put it on without fuss, instead of having to ask the host to retrieve your coat. One of the most important areas on your body to keep warm is your midriff, and a top that reaches down to your thighs or at least your hips is better than one that finishes around the waist. Every time you reach up to get something off a shelf, a shorter top will ride up, exposing your middle, and you know how that makes you feel cold. Something finishing further down the body is more flattering too.

If you get cold hands and feet, ensure you have gloves with you and are wearing warm enough socks. We also lose a lot of heat from our heads, and you can get hats for all occasions from the quirky beret to a stylish felt hat or even a wooly bobble hat for mid-winter temperatures. A scarf wrapped around the neck can also help keep you snug, and again these range from the very casual to the very dressy.

Dressing in Layers

This is one of the best things you can do to lock in the heat. If you get too warm, you can strip a layer off. If you are not warm enough, you can add another one. Layers also help to insulate your body from the wind and keep you warm that way too. Over your underwear you could wear a short sleeved T shirt, then a long sleeved shirt and finally a sweater. That would be warmer than just underwear and a heavy sweater on top, and it means if you are too warm you can remove the top layer. A sweater jacket in your bag ensures you will have that final cozy layer just in case you need it.

Jones New York Women’s Boiled Wrap Jacket

This 100% wool wrap jacket is stylish and elegant, yet you do not have to sacrifice any measure of comfort because the wool is soft and snug. Conveniently enough this is machine washable as long as you keep the temperature low.

Choose any size from small to X-large. This sweater jacket features a leather detail around the belt and outside of the lapels and cuffs. Wear it wrapped and belted or leave it open.

This is a classy looking garment, and it finishes just below the hips to elongate the legs. Team this with jeans or pants or even wear it over a dress to keep the chill-out.

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