Face Care Tips at Home for flawless skin

Oh God, Why with me? I am using all type of best facial cream, home remedies but still my skin is not Charming. Is glowing skin just too much to ask?

Oily skin, anti ageing skin, dark skin are not enough that you give me combination skin too.

Face Care Tips

Sleeping too much makes my skin oily. Sleeping less give me dull skin and wrinkles. What do you want from me?

I tried all type of medicines and homemade remedies but still nothing happens.

If you talk like this, then you are lucky today.Our basic and easy tips are going to excite you. From my personal experience, I can say all these techniques are not only going to work but will change the look of the whole world towards you.

Well, being honest you will not look like miss world, but you will be not less than her.

All these Homemade remedies are adequate to every type of skin.

Well, let me tell you something. Every big and great devices are developed with a base solution of any problem. Similarly, your skin solutions are based on basic remedies.

Now relax and have a solution for your temporary problem.

Ultimate Ways to make your Skin smooth like a butter

1. Wash your face with natural face wash

Wash your face in every two hour. Don’t rub your skin hard. treat it with extreme care. Always wash your wash before sleeing and after getting up.

You can also use peels of fruits to clean your face. Peals of Papaya, Watermelon, Orange, Lemon, lychee, etc. are very helpful. It cools your skin and makes it healthy ad smells good.

From cool, I recall one more thing. My grandma believes Fuller’s Earth(MultaniMitti) is very helpful if you have oily skin or pimples on your face. It is a perfect solution for it

Now a day we purchase costly cosmetics to protect our layer, but it’s amusing that these useless peels of fruits are far better than all non-organic facewash.

2.Proper exercise helps to glow your skin

Oh yes, I know you are very busy. You don’t have time for exercise in the early morning. Well, don’t get worried. I am your good Friend.

I am not telling you to do exercise in the morning hours; you can also do it in the evening.

If you don’t have a habit of waking up early in the morning, then don’t try it in a morning. As our regularity matters more than doing it once.

Try to exercise in an open place or garden. As Natural Sweating opens your face pore.

Do yoga and jogging regularly.Stretch your face gently in multiple directions for 2-3 minutes.

Yes, It still sounds you hectic but trusts me after looking at the result you will be in love with me.

3. Take Proper Sleep

Maybe you are reading this article at late night. But let me tell you, Awakening in late night and sleeping till late morning may result to dark wrinkles.

It is a proven fact that working in the night cause to dull skin.Take proper sleep don’t risk your skin.

Improper Sleep may lead your beautiful skin on the path of ugliness. Sleep 6-7 hours a day as it makes you and your skin healthy.

Waking up late in the night can close the pores of your face. When we tired, our skin also gets fatigue. It results to a shrinking of skin pores.

Don’t let a darkness of night shed on your skin. If you do any late job, then try to wash your face every hour in a gentle and polite way.

4 Always Eat and drink healthy

Radiant skin is not far now. You just need to integrate some healthy diet in your life. It’s good to have a  friendship with fruits, what do you thing?

Eat  250-grams fruits a day it brings natural glow on your skin. Eating fruits in morning breakfast is very much worthy. My grandfather still looks very young after the age of sixty. He always eats fruits, especially in the morning.

Fresh vegetable, fruits, quality milk, curd contain massive vitamin and protein. Low fat and Vitamin C is the master key for a gorgeous appearance. Just have a look at any celebrity diet plan you will always find it very healthy.

If you love your skin, then it’s time to say no to oily and fried food. Avoid spicy food and pickle too.

Trust me and follow my instruction and those days are about to come when people would love to pull your cheeks. I know it sounds good. smile.


Drink at least eight glass water in a day. It not only good for your skin but also good for your health. Don’t you think it’s cool to have a fresh juice daily? You should also try coconut and lemonade.

5 Protect from Sun rays

Don’t forget to apply sun cream when you are moving out. You know it, right?

UV rays can hurt your skin. It is not necessary that your car window will protect you from UV exposure. Use a laminated glass of minimum 50 SPF.

Whenever you go outside, apply suncream of minimum 15 SPF. Your cream must block both UVA and UVB. Remember, vicious rays can damage your skin badly. They are not as friendly as me.

Don’t let your suncream block pores of your soft face. Make sure your suncream has a tag of non-acnegenic or non-comedogenic.

Oops, I forget to tell you just don’t use suncream if it’s rainy or cold outside. While on beach or snow cover your skin with minimum 30 SPF.

6 Use Makeup remover before sleeping

No doubt Makeup is a born right of every woman. Yes, you can smile.

Makeup is a boon for us, but it can be a bane if used in excess. Always remove makeup before sleeping on a bed. Your skin should breathe in the air of freedom.

If your skin sleeps under a blanket of makeup then, it may cause to blackhead or blemishes. And this is what I don’t want.

Clean your makeup gently. Don’t rub your skin too much. Removing doesn’t mean you just take any cloth and clean it.

You should use pH-neutral make-up remover which is formulated to cleanse your epidermis politely.  If you don’t have it, then use olive oil on a small piece of cotton pad and gently massage it. It is also helpful to get rid of dust.

7 King of  All remedies

One thing you are missing in your hectic schedule. An ultimate tool that can bring 300% glows on your face. If a person takes too much tension in its life then when it will enjoy the beauty of life?

I know you also want to enjoy. Use this weapon; it will make you charm and glow like a child, but you have to smile like them.

If you don’t like fruits and healthy vegetable, then it’s ok but doesn’t forget to have a smile on your beautiful face.

Remember, in ancient time people don’t have cosmetic like us but they were much healthy in looks.

8 Quit Smoking

Smoking is not only hazardous to health, but it is also dangerous for skin. It damages your heart kidney, liver and your thinking ability too.

Another effect of nicotine is it narrow your blood vessels. It causes to stop blood flow to the skin. It is nutrition and oxygen which makes your skin lustrous.

Smokers look aged as smoking accelerates the skin age. Lines near to eyes (crow’s feet) and lines around the mouth (smoker’s lines) increase very rapidly due to it. It reduces vitamin A level and moistures of skin.

Stop smoking, after all, caring means living.

9 Myth about skin care

There is an extensive list of it, but I am writing only major myths.

The cosmetic company claim to make their products based on age. It is not necessary that elderly people have dry skin.  If you have dry skin and you are using emollient products. It will only make your matter worse than before.

Tanning booths can protect you from UVB rays. But it is a myth that it also cover you from UVA rays. UVA rays can still penetrate deeper inside. It can lead to premature ageing and skin cancers.

Makeup causes acne is not right. If you’re taking it off correctly and consistently then it is not harmful.

The costly product doesn’t have any relation with quality. Your product is expensive than it doesn’t mean to be of better quality. It’s all about formulation. Even a cheaper product can be better than a costly product.

Shahid Maqsood


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