Going on a Luxury Komodo Cruise? Here’s what to Expect at Night

Many people know what they should expect in their days-times on a cruise ship. However, not much is said about the nightlife on a cruise ship.

Evenings on a luxury cruise ship like the luxury komodo cruise are filled with an air of dancing, dining, winning, and conversations surrounding fine art. What’s more, guests can even enjoy theatre presentations in Broadway style. You will listen to good music, be able to watch movies on deck, and even enjoy some jazz played at the supper club.

The best part is that you have a chance to spend evenings in a new region making new friends with other travel companions.

An Intricate look at the Night Energy on Luxury Cruise

If you’re looking for revved-up nightlife on a cruise ship, you are in for a surprise. Most nights on cruise ships are laidback and low key more so on luxury cruise ships. This is partly because luxury cruise ships have way fewer people as compared to mega-ship carrying about 4,000 people. As such, there are also fewer activities that are staged.

Most lines have an all-inclusive charge. That way, people are encouraged to make the most of nightly activities, including cocktails before and after dinner. When there are formal nights, you can expect to see full-capacity lounges. Almost all guests show up at the planned activities.

Most luxury cruise ships also have Discos. Even so, it is not always as full of activity as one would expect. The only time it will be a hub of activity is when a group of people decides to visit it. Such attendance isn’t a regular thing.

·         Onboard Musical Entertainment

Different cruises have different music genres. One thing’s for sure is that there will always be a duo at the lounges playing contemporary and standard hits. They usually play pre and post-dinner. Some cruise ships also have all-seasoned piano bars.

However, you will find that the number of musicians on board will depend on the size of the crowd. As such, larger ships have many musicians and multi-genre bands. Some groups comprise storytellers, dancers, and singers found in some cruises.  

·         Gambling Onboard

If there is one thing all luxury ships have in common is the availability of a casino. It will still have gaming tables for famous games like roulette, craps, poker, and blackjack if it is a smaller ship. So, if you’re looking for higher energy, consider staying in larger vessels. Moreover, some cruise ship casinos offer training sessions for newbies in gambling.

One thing to note is that the law dictates that ship casinos do not operate when the ship is at a port. The casino can be opened when the vessel is in motion.

·         Cigar bars

 It’s not a luxury cruise if it does not have a cigar bar. Cigar bars give out a low-key club vibe but can be deafening quiet during the daytime. That is why you will find people with books there because the silence makes for a good reading space.

In this bar, you will be greeted by premium cigars being sold. There are also beverage services available. So, next time you see that ‘Connoisseur’s corner,’ pop in and enjoy a delicate puff or two.

·         Ball Rooms

Luxury cruise ships also have ballrooms where people go dancing their favorite salsa or swing moves. Even though dancing has always been closely associated with luxury cruise ships, it’s more emphasized now than ever. You will find well-known bands playing n these ballrooms each evening. You can be sure you will enjoy the dancing and live music found in these luxury cruises hips.  


The nightlife you find in cruise ships is not always constant in terms of energy. Some nights are laid-back and quiet, while others are bursting will people making merry. The good thing is that you get to choose which nightlife you are present for and which one you aren’t.

Shahid Maqsood


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