Healing Benefits Of Tea: Adopt For Medicinal Solutions

Tea is a drinkable hot beverage that is prepared by pouring leaves and herbs in boiling water. It was originated in China and has been quite admired by Asian countries for its medicinal and healing properties. According to the information gathered, it was originated in 10th century and since then, it has been a regular intake for all the Asian resides. There are different types of tea available in current era. Due to the thoughtful impact of this beverage on Asian regions, other countries also adopted the trend for best results. They have formed many other types of beneficial teas that can be adopted in everyday life.Adopt For Medicinal Solutions

Current studies says that tea have epic benefits on the health of individuals. They can help with diabetes, weight loss, cholesterol, cancer, heart diseases, etc. Regular consumption of tea can also bring mental alertness. That is why people who work at stretch for long hours like to consume tea in order to stay focused on their work. It is also said to have antimicrobial qualities. According to many renowned scientists, there are no shortcomings or disadvantages of consumption of various types of teas.

There are different types of teas that we people use in routine life:

Basically Tea or Chai name is given to the any beverage prepared with the help of herbs and a lot of brews. Well, according to the purists, only Green, Black, White, Pu-erh, and Oolong are the forms that are considered as the purest form of teas. The reason for all of them to be considered as the purest form of tea is because they are made of Camellia Sinensis plant: The original tea plant. It is Indian and Chinese native shrubs that are rich in antioxidants, more popularly known as Flavonoids/EGCG. These shrubs also have a certain amount of caffeine that heightens mental alertness.

Let’s peek-a-boo into the health benefits of different types of teas:

Green Tea:

Green Tea is prepared with streamed tea leaves that are added in boiling water and all the extracts of the leaves are sucked out by the water. Studies say that Green tea leaves have high concentration of EGCG. There are countless benefits of this tea type. They resist in the growth of bladder, colorectal, breasts, lungs, stomach and pancreatic cancers. It also put off clogging of the arteries. Green Tea is also the main source to reduce wait in minimum possible time. It also diminishes the risk of neurological disorders.

Oolong Tea:

Oolong tea is not much popular in every area. There has been a study on animals about oolong tea which resulted into a big success. It said that Oolong is best suitable for people with bad cholesterol. It was further said that it is also the best supplement for weight loss. Therefore, Oolong also has many interesting health benefits and it can be added in the menu of routine products.

Black Tea:

There are many people fond of taking Black tea. It is made with fermented leaves. In many Asian countries, black tea is the only routine usable tea that is consumed by maximum number of households. It has the highest content of caffeine and creates the basic Chai tea. It protects lungs and also diminishes the risk of stroke.

White Tea:

Unlike other teas, white tea is unprocessed and unfermented. It has many potential anticancer properties that keep you at minimum risk. It is considered as the most useful form of tea for highly ailing people.

So, these are some of the commonly used teas in routine life and their respective health benefits. Consumption of tea has always been considered as a boon to the health of individuals. It must be added in your daily meal chart if you wish to maintain a handsome distance between you and basic health troubles.

These days, there is a lot of trend of instant teas. These are the ones that contain preservatives and you don’t have to prepare them before consumption. Well, the instant teas usually have a lot of artificial sweeteners that can cause ill-effects to your health. You need to read the ingredients of instant tea before buying it.

How To Prepare Tea?

The making of every tea is not identical to the other. These days, you can also get tea bags that consist of the brew, which is to be added in boiling hot water. We will here describe the making of Chai Tea, more popularly known as the Indian brew.How To Prepare Tea?

There are two ways of preparing Indian Tea or Chai Tea.

#1. According to the primary approach, you first have to set the water to boil. When the water is boiled, you have to lower down the flame and add tea leaves or processed tea granules in the water. You have to let the brew boil and merge into each other finely. Now, you can take out the solution into a tea pot. For Chai Tea, Milk is the mandatory ingredient. You can then add half cup of the tea solution along-with half of the cup of milk. Also add the sugar or any other sweetener as you like and your tea is ready to be served.

#2. According to the traditional approach, when you keep water on for boiling and add the granules into it, the third step will command you to add milk in the kettle only. You can also add the sweetener into the boiling solution. Many Indian households follow this approach to make tea. After adding milk to the solution, you will have to wait for 5 minutes and bring the liquid to boil. It is recommended to boil the fluid for 2 times. Stain the tea into cups and you are ready to serve them.

No matter which approach you like to follow, tea will serve its benefits to you. It is quite essential for good health so, you must add it in your routine consumable diet.

Shahid Maqsood


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