How to Prepare Your Items for Storage

Moving is a process that involves a lot of things. For instance, you need to pack all the items properly, hire reliable commercial movers, and prepare your belongings for storage.

Preparing your items for storage is very important. You will make sure they are well protected for a long time. If you do not prepare them for storage, you will be disappointed when you take them. So, whether short-term or long-term, ensure you prepare them well.

When planning to store your items, make sure you involve skilled people. Luckily, you can hire professional movers to help you pack and store your belongings. Since they are professionals, they are qualified, trained, and have suitable packing materials.

Nevertheless, it is vital to learn how to prepare your things for storage. Below are ten tips you need to follow.

10 Tips on how to prepare items for storage

  1. Clean your belongings

Whether you are planning to store the items for a short or long time, make sure you store them when they are clean. Nevertheless, most people do not need to clean household items before storage.

Cleaning the items comes with numerous benefits. First, it will ensure your items are kept well. In addition, you will make sure you get rid of any insects hidden on the items. Then when unpacking, your belongings will have less dust to wipe off.

  1. Get the suitable packing materials

Before you store your items, you need to make sure you have suitable packing materials. Keep in mind you might store the items for a long time. Hence, get strong boxes, the correct packing papers, and moving blankets.

With excellent packing supplies, you will ensure your belongings are stored firmly. For instance, you need moving blankets to store TVs, computers, mirrors, and other fragile items.

  1. Study all storage restrictions

Before packing and storing your items, you need to go through the storage restrictions. This is because some items cannot be stored. Hence, it is essential to check the list of restricted items.

Most storage units do not store gasoline, explosives, fertilizers, paints, narcotics, chemicals, and a few other items. They do not store flammable items and perishable items such as food, medicine, or plants.

  1. Prepare an inventory of things to store

When preparing to store your belongings, you need to have an inventory list. It is beneficial because you know things to store and those you cannot store. In addition, you will know the size of the storage unit you require. You need a large storage unit if you have more items to store.

An inventory is essential because it will help you stay organized. Also, make sure you have a copy of the checklist and one in the storage unit. This will ensure you bring it up to date when you add or take out your item.

  1. Label all the boxes

Another important thing you need to do when preparing your items for storage is label the boxes. By labeling, you will identify the boxes when adding or taking out some of the items.

When labeling, be specific. For instance, do not just label kitchen items. You should be specific by stating where cups, plates, or pots are. This will save you time when searching for a particular item. Moreover, your boxes will be well organized.

  1. Protect the items

Some storage units are climate controlled while others are not. So, if the unit is not climate controlled, make sure you protect your items. Some of the elements to protect the items include mildew, dust, and mold.

Clean the items and make sure they are dry before applying protective spray on several things. Also, make sure the boxes are well sealed to stop dust and moisture from getting in.

When storing items such as laptops, TVs, and computers, make sure you use plastic bags. The plastic bags will prevent moisture from damaging the items.

  1. Dismantle the large furniture pieces

If you plan to store large furniture pieces such as beds, dining tables, couches, make sure you dismantle them. It will help you pack them well, save space in the unit, and protect them from wear and tear.

  1. Do not store valuable items

How to Prepare Your Items for Storage

According to professional commercial movers, they do not store valuable items. Although most storage entities are well protected, storing valuable things in the storage unit is not good.

  1. Have a cover

It is vital to get insurance cover for your items. Therefore, check whether your items will be covered in the storage unit. If they are not covered, get a cover for you to be safe.

  1. Store the boxes in a strategic manner

When keeping the boxes in the storage entity, pack them well. It is a good idea to pack them cleverly. For instance, your oversized items should be at the bottom while the lighter ones at the top.


When storing your household or office items, you need to prepare for the process. When you prepare well, you will pack them well and properly keep them.

Engaging professionals might be a good option if you are doing it for the first time. By hiring a professional company such as NYC commercial movers, they will help you pack, move, and store your belongings.

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