How To Update USB Port Driver In Your PC

Simple Steps to Update The USB Port Driver In Your PC

If you are unable to recognize USB in your PC, don’t worry, we have step by step solutions for this issue. Just follow these steps and reconnect your USB for a safe and swift work in home, office or everywhere. If you have a speedy internet access, then it can be helpful to solve this issue quickly.Simple Steps to Update The USB Port Driver In Your PC

1. Diagnose the Symptoms

Check the USB, whether it is working or not. Simply check it in another PC, if it is working correctly, then the problem is available on your PC, not in USB. Most of the USBs have a tiny bulb in inside which blinks; this blinking light can inform you about its life. If your USB is alive, then come back to your PC.
As the USB port symptom arrives forward then checks the USB port of your PC, whether it is in good condition or damaged. If it looks proper, then go to the next step.

2. Restart Your PC

Restart your PC and plug-in now your USB. Check whether it is detected and working properly or the same issue is there. The If the issue remains same then go to the following step.

3. Uninstall the USB Setup or Program

Windows and latest other programs have auto systems for USB recognition and working. Simply go to the start bar at the lower left of your PC. Click on right side Control Panel and go to Programs. Here, you will find uninstall programs. Click on it and find the USB installed version. Uninstall it and go to the next step.
4. Install the Latest USB Drivers Version for Windows
Get the latest version of USB drivers from internet and download it. Now, install this latest USB Driver into your PC. Just follow the simple step during installation of the driver. If you do not have an internet connection, then get these drivers from a CD.

5. Restart Your PC

The next and final step is restarting your PC. Restart it and plug-in your USB into the USB port. Sometimes, there is no need of any driver, as you plug-in the auto installation process starts. Hope, you will find a successful detection message from lower right side of your PC.

Go to My Computer, double-click on your recognized device and enjoy its use.

Things to Remember During the Use of USB in Your PC

These are some important points which should be remembered during the use of USB in your PC.

  • Always plug-in USB properly and never use broken multi-wired ports of low quality.
  • Scan your USB before opening.
  • Always open from My Computer.
  • Remove safely with given option in your PC at lower right side.

These were some simple steps and instruction for upgrading your USB. By the use of these tips and steps, you can solve your little issues personally and no need of any technician or expert. It saves time and money and gives you know how about the hardware and software of computer system. Follow our simple and friendly solutions for your computers and enjoy an easy life.


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