Indian Halloween Costumes

Authentic Looking Indian Halloween Costumes

Indian Halloween costumes are a perfect idea for a family or a group of people. Are you planning on attending a Halloween party with your spouse this year? Indian costumes are great for couples he can go as the great war chief with the feathers and war paint, and she can go as the exotic Indian princess that all the Indian Braves fight over.

Be the best couple or family costumes when you have everyone dressed up in Indian Halloween costumes this year.Indian costumes are also great for early American heritage day celebrations or any other type of Native American celebrations. Indian Halloween costumes are available in all sizes to fit any member of the Native American Tribe.

Ideas for Indian Halloween Costumes

Perhaps you are totally stuck for ideas this Halloween, but you really ought to decide what you are going to go as before all the best costumes are taken! Indian Halloween costumes are great for anybody, regardless of age, gender, shape or size. You could dress the whole family as Native Americans or wear an Indian costume to work if you are having a Halloween celebration there.

The odds are that nobody else will be wearing such a costume, and yours will, of course, be greatly admired. Include tribal face paint, a bow and arrows, and feathers wherever you want to have them – on your outfit, in your hair, or decorating your arrows. You can be creative with Indian Halloween costumes and come up with something that looks fantastic.

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The Best Selling Indian Halloween Costumes

Native American Indian Warrior Costume

You will get a tunic with this costume, which is made from faux buckskin. The tunic has boot covers, pants, and a fringe. You will also get a beaded chest plate, a feather headdress, and a waist sash. If you like, you can also get a spear, although you will need to get that separately. This costume is a lot of fun, and it is not just for Halloween either. In fact, this Brave Indian costume would be great for any fancy dress occasion like Thanksgiving or a birthday party. The fact that it is roomy also means a big guy will not have to struggle into something tight and uncomfortable. Halloween is all about having fun, not having to wear something that chafes or constricts. This costume is well-made and a great choice if you want something a little bit different. There will be lots of witches, cats and devils at the Halloween party, but likely only one Indian Brave.

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How to Make an Indian Headdress

If you have an Indian costume, you might like to make a headdress to go with it. Making your headdress is not difficult. You will need five 54-inch long laces made of leather, suede or string, some large feathers which can be ones you have found, vintage feathers or even faux ones, some large beads, a needle which can pass through the beads and some clear nylon thread. All of these are available online or at an art and crafts store.
First, tie the laces together with a knot at one end. You can use up to 8 laces if you want the feathers to be more secure, but use 5 if you are new at this because this is easier to weave. You need to braid the laces together to make a strap. Use different colors if you want a colorful strap. Tie the strap with a knot when it is done, then wrap the end to cover the knot. You now have the band.

Weave the feathers into the back of your band, then stitch on the beads using the nylon thread. Secure each one with a knot. If this sounds like too much hassle, you can also buy headdresses online, or choose an Indian costume which comes with a headdress.

Thinking Of Getting An Indian Costume?

Wearing an Indian costume is an awesome idea for any fancy dress party, and especially at Thanksgiving. Indian costumes come in all shapes and sizes to suit all tastes. For the ladies, there are those sexy little outfits. Maybe, you are looking for something more modest for your daughter to wear to her play. Whatever the occasion, there are plenty of high-quality Indian costumes to choose from that will last year after year. An Indian costume is fun and particularly fitting for Thanksgiving events.


The Top-Rated Indian Halloween Costumes

Indian Warrior Costume

This costume is a lot of fun, and you can make your warrior makeup as scary as you want. You will get the pants, shirt and waist sash with this outfit, but you will need to buy (or make) a headdress, and wear a pair of your shoes. Indian makeup is pretty easy to do, and you can get away with a couple of different color stripes on each cheek. Choose a colorful headdress or colorful beads and any Red Indian outfit will be complete. This is quite lightweight, so it is fine whatever climate you are in. If it is especially cold, then simply wear something else underneath. This Native American warrior costume is sure to be a hit at any Halloween party, or you could wear it when you are taking the kids trick-or-treating.

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Noble WarriorCalifornia Costumes Men's Noble Warrior Costume

This noble warrior costume is a great choice for Halloween. You get the pants, top, tabard and arm bands, and the costume is available in 3 sizes. You do not get the ax or headdress shown in the photo, but they would be easy enough to buy, and you might as well just order them at the same time. This noble warrior is barefoot, but you might like to wear some moccasins or plain brown slip-on shoes to finish off the outfit, especially if Halloween is not barefoot weather where you live. Finish off this outfit with a couple of warrior stripes on the face, painted on using face paints or just lipstick, and you will have a wonderful costume.!

The Best Indian Costumes for Women

Dress up in a beautiful Indian princes’ costume this Halloween!

Dressing up as a Native American for Halloween will allow your imagination to go wild. Not only are there dozens of beautiful costumes to choose from, but there are also lots of fun add-ons you can include such as Indian headdresses, headbands, jewelry, weapons, moccasins and more.

On this page, you will find some of the best Indian costumes for women available for purchase on Amazon. Every one of these costumes has received a high rating from satisfied customers, so you can be sure that the costume you receive won’t disappoint!

Native American Maiden Indian Costume – Adult StdForum Novelties Women's Native American Maiden Costume

Dress up as a modern version of Pocahontas in this wonderful costume, and you will certainly be one of the best-dressed guests at the Halloween party. Including colorful accents and fringe detail, this Native American costume is cute and fun. This will fit most sizes because you can loosen or tighten the belt. The neckline is quite loose though, so plan to wear a top underneath if you have a petite frame. This costume includes a dress, boot covers, headband with feather, and belt. You will just need a tank or cami to wear underneath the top and some boots you can wrap the boot covers around. This is a great outfit which everyone will be impressed with.

Rubie’s Costume Characters Sexy Native American WigRubie's Costume Characters Sexy Native American Wig

This wig is made of synthetic fiber to keep the price low, and it has long, black, straight hair. One size fits just about everyone including older children, and you can hand wash this wig with regular shampoo between uses and just let it dry naturally. Add this to your Native American costume to finish it off and give yourself a realistic Indian look. Not only can you use this wig to compliment your Native American costume but you can also use it as part of other costumes, such as a Cher or Cleopatra costume for example. The wig will fit your head and stay in place without the need for any bobby pins. This is great for any costume party, and it finishes off lots of wonderful costumes perfectly.

Leg Avenue Costumes Disney 3Pc. Pocahontas Includes Dress Belt and HeadbandLeg Avenue Disney 3Pc. Pocahontas Costume Includes Dress Belt and Headband

This Pocahontas costume comes in small/medium or medium/large. There are 3 pieces in this costume, so you get the dress itself, the headband and also the belt. This is made of 100% polyester so you can hand wash it between wearings. It is close enough to the original Pocahontas dress you will remember from the movie, and the ‘colors of the wind’ ribbon trim detail is especially nice. Pocahontas might not be a typical Halloween outfit choice, but if you do want something different from the usual witch, ghost and zombie costumes, then you might like to try this one. It is a fun option, and the costume will look perfect on.

Women’s Native Indian Princess Costume

Created by DreamgirlDreamgirl Women's Native Indian Princess Costume

This lovely Native American costume for ladies comes with a stylish faux suede dress with a zipper back, a feathered headband, and beautiful neckline beading. You’ll love how this dress will make you feel cute and sexy while remaining tasteful. Keep in mind that this dress runs slightly small, so if you usually take a medium, for instance, go for a large.

Women’s Tribal American Indian Princess Costume

Created by DreamgirlDreamgirl Women's Tribal Princess Costume

This black and white Indian costume comes with four items – a dress, a feathered headband, a tomahawk and an armband. The comfortable and light-weight faux suede of the dress allows it to stretch to perfectly fit your form. Since the skirt is quite short, you may want to wear shorts with it to keep all your important bits covered! Overall, an excellent item for the budding Indian princess!

Roma Costume Cherokee Warrior

The perfect costume for the daring Indian princess!Roma Costume 5 Piece Cherokee Warrior Costume

This sexy Cherokee costume comes with a beaded top, fringed beaded shorts, armbands, a headband, and a necklace. With this costume, you can guarantee that all the guys at your Halloween won’t be able to take their eyes off of you! Keep in mind that the shorts are booty cut, so you may want to wear another pair of shorts over top.

Leg Avenue Women’s Indian Princess Dress

Created by Leg AvenueLeg Avenue Women's Indian Girl Dress

This cute and sassy Indian princes’s costume comes in three parts – a faux suede top with underwire, a skirt, and a headpiece. It will fit you best if you have a slim build, but you can always adjust the size by tightening or loosening the red stitching on the front.

Adult Women’s Pocahontas Costume

Created by BrandsonSalePocahontas Costume Adult Native American Indian

Here we have a simple Indian costume for a down-to-earth woman. It comes with a spaghetti strap dress with a decorative fringed hem. According to one customer, it also comes with an add-on necklace and belt. A lovely costume if you are looking for comfort and style, all wrapped up in the same outfit.

Women’s Indian Costumes & Halloween Costumes

Women’s Native American Indian Costumes for a POW WOW Indian woman’s costume, and dressing up like an Indian Princess in the Halloween costumes. The sexy women’s Indian costumes are quality made; you might want to wear them around the house. I enjoy the traditional native fashion styles for the ladies.

Sexy Native American Indian costumes are nice, but they are not just for American Indian Halloween costumes. Wear them around the tipi, and I hope you dance in a pair of Teepee Creepers.

These costumes are nice for Pioneer Days out in West Fargo, ND at Bonanzaville historical museum.

“Tiger Lily or Pocahontas Native American Princess Halloween Makeup” Video Guide

Watch this video of How to do “Tiger Lily or Pocahontas Native American Princess Halloween Makeup.”

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Authentic Native American Footwear

Adding Native American footwear to your costume not only gives your outfit an authentic touch, but you will be able to wear them often. Although clothing varies a lot from tribe to tribe, the Indian moccasin is found in almost everyone. A moccasin is a sturdy shoe shaped like a slipper, and it is made from tanned leather. Most Indian tribes have their native word for this type of footwear, although the word ‘moccasin’ comes from an Algonquian Indian word because the Algonquians were the first Native Americans which Europeans found and communicated with.

All the shoes were made of deerskin or a similar soft leather, and sinew was used to sew them together. Moccasin patterns were a bit different in each tribe, and Indian people would have been able to look at the design of another Native American’s shoes and tell their tribal affiliation. Some of the differences included the quillwork, beadwork, fringed and painted designs. Some tribes used hardened rawhide on the sole while others used rabbit fur or sheep skin as a lining. Moccasins were worn by both men and women. Indian women on the plains also wore moccasin boots which were thigh-high leggings sewn on to the moccasin shoes.

Invest in Some Moccasins

If you like moccasins you will find yourself wearing them often, perhaps paired with leggings and a sweater. You can also wear them with a Native American costume for a truly authentic touch. They are still being worn by Indian tribes today and are also in mainstream American fashion. You can either buy some made by Native American if you wish to support them with your purchase or you want to ensure you have the real thing, or you can order them online or find them in some stores. Choose between heavier-duty boots known as mukluks or moccasins. Either option would compliment your Native American outfit and can be worn many times afterward.

Indian Costumes for Kids For This Halloween

India has a rich, colorful and unique heritage of garments which represent the diverse dresses of any particular region. Indian costumes truly reflect the grace and colorfulness and the style of which amaze the onlookers. For years, most kids attending the Halloween parties are either seen wearing outfits of their favorite movie or comic characters. In fact, they are quite common each year. It’s time for a change and to try out the Indian costumes for kids at this year Halloween.

Kids Native American Indian Brave CostumeKids Native American Indian Brave Costume

Available in all sizes from toddler to large child, this Native American outfit is sure to appeal to your little one. You get a top and pants made from faux suede with fringes, as well as a patterned headband which matches the trim on the rest of the outfit. Add a couple of stripes to the cheeks using a lipstick or face paint, and a pair of moccasins and the outfit is complete. This costume is well-made and very cute to look at. Wearing something with a high collar under the top is a good idea, else the trim might scratch at the neck a bit. Not only is this a fun costume for Halloween, but it is also nice for kids who enjoy playing dress-up. That is the great thing about Halloween costumes which are cute rather than scary – the fact they can be worn at any time just for fun.

InCharacter Costumes, LLC Indian MaidenInCharacter Costumes Girl's Indian Maiden Costume, Tan, 4

Perfect for a little girl, and lots of fun to wear, this Native American costume would be ideal for Halloween or any other costume party. The dress features printed beadwork and fringe details, as well as a belt with detachable conches, fringed boot covers, and a headpiece with feathers. This is a good quality outfit which looks authentic. Of course, this is not just for Halloween, and it is also a fun piece to add to your child’s dress-up box, and your little girl will love to put this costume on and channel her inner Native American. This is worn with a pair of boots so the boot covers can go over them, and perhaps a black, white or brown top underneath if it is cold outside, else just as it is.

Simple Indian costumes for kids

Wearing a Superman trunks and Batman suits are common sights at Thanks Giving and Halloween party every year. No doubt, all these outfits are attractive, but they are common, and people don’t pay much attention, especially if they find more interesting costumes for kids to wear at the Halloween.

With the Indian costumes for kids, every kid is quite sure to experience an overwhelming attention and affection showered by people attending the Halloween from a different neighborhood. Indian costumes for kids or Halloween kid’s Indian wear are simple brown clothing that includes a few trademark designs and stitches which go on well with the clothes.

Indian Halloween Costumes

Kid’s Indian costumes to wear at Halloween are usually designed simple but can be distinguished from any other kind of costume. They may not be that extravagant and colorful like the other costumes of Cartoon and Disney characters, but Indian costumes for kids has its appeal and are known to be a priceless alternative.

Indian Halloween costumes don’t require any other essential designs. The simplicity of designs and the detailed stitches are quite enough to make people remind of the beliefs and ideas which the dress wants to portray.

Native American Indian Costume

The best part of buying Indian costumes is that they can be reused on a variety of occasions. You don’t require buying an Indian costume if you have time you can design it yourself. But, if you are running out of time, its best to opt for the ready-made Indian costumes for kids.

Be sure to use the costume for school plays, dress up plays and even at Thanksgiving. Who knows these costumes can prove handy in helping your kid win the best costume award at the event. Indian costumes offer a different look to a child. And Halloween being one of the favorite events when you are free to experiment with different costumes, selecting Indian costumes won’t be a bad idea.

Who knows your selected Indian costume can become the best part of the Halloween costume party or Thanksgiving play or the reenactment. Personally speaking, kids dressed up as a Native American or an Indian look so cute and adorable. These Halloween costumes can be even better for your pocket, especially at a time when we look to save money in every possible way. You buy Indian costumes at a relatively cheaper rate.

One Last Note on Indian costumes

Kids Bollywood CostumeIn terms of style, the traditional Indian costumes vary on climate and use of the natural fibers grown in any particular region. For instance, a person from Jammu and Kashmir, inhabiting in a cold environment wear thick and loose shirts that are known as Phiran which keep them warm from the cold climatic conditions. While people representing the Southern states in Indian wear mundu or sarong type cloth and women dress up in saree or the traditional Indian dress.

People in the north-eastern Indian states where the colorfully woven sarong-like clothes and shawls which symbolize the identity of the respective tribes. On the other hand, people in dry regions like in Gujarat and Rajasthan wear dhoti and kurta. Men usually wear their traditional turbans which add to the shine of their personality. Women wear pleated skirt or ghagras and covers heads with dupatta or orange.

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