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The Mega Rig Shark Ship is a building system that connects and combines to create over 40 different vehicles. Every vehicle has wheels and also floats for kids, so kids can play on land or in water and enjoy very much. Although  Matchbox play set comes with a lot of fun so that 28 water-friendly pieces including a chomping shark,  sailors, a firing harpoon, and much more.   With the use of this game building system, you can connect and combine your mega pieces to build over 30 vehicles. There are many boats, and every boat has wheels and also floats, for play on land or in water. Your kids were diffidently interested in car toys, ocean exploration, or construction.

Matchbox Mega Rig Set

Mattel Matchbox Mega Rig Shark Adventure

The Matchbox Mega-Rig series includes several play sets with interchangeable modular pieces. Each set can rearrange into several types of vehicles, and together the possibilities are endless. The ultra-fun Shark Ship is the perfect example of how one game can bring imagination and creativity into a toy without feeling too much like a learning toy. Your child will choose this toy, and create different vehicles, boats, etc. The parts are easy to connect and disconnect, even for a small child. The pieces are durable, and this quality toy is filled with small details not immediately noticeable.

This is the toy you want. As far as I am concerned, the other sets are all accessories to this one, (but the submarine is great as well). Even without using the shark, this toy is fantastic. With so many possible variations that can form from the pieces, this is such imaginative set. Given these pieces, a child can take the upper deck off and use it as its own smaller boat, making this a toy that multiple kids can have with at once.

Your mission is to rescue your diver from the jaws of an enormous shark. Part of a building system, you can connect and combine your mega pieces to build over 30 vehicles. Every boat has wheels and also floats – so play on land or in water. Comes with huge boat, chomping shark, men, firing harpoon and more. Not for use with some Matchbox sets. Colors and decorations may vary.

Matchbox Elite Rescue Wave Cruiser Vehicle

Face it; some kids are just drawn to cars, planes, trains, and trucks more than blocks or puzzles. With these sets, they can use the vehicle pieces to develop the same types of creative and problem-solving skills as they would with puzzles and blocks. They learn to assemble the ship or submarine, like a puzzle and then use the pieces like building blocks to build many other vehicles.
And, does your kid have a great submarine set already? This is something a little different.

The Mega Rig Squid Sub is motorized and drives on or under water. Perfect for the bath or swim day! Part of a building system, all pieces combine and connect – so you can build over 10 different boats and subs! Plus, attach the motor to other Mega Rig? sets, and power your adventure! Ages 3 and over.
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Auctions for Mega Rigs

Auctions are often the cheapest ways to get mega rigs. Additional modules can be a fun addition to your mega rig, and often incomplete sets are available at fantastic prices.

There are many games are available for kids in Mattel Matchbox Mega Rig Sea Rescue with Shark Ship and Squid Sub with Extra Shark, Missile, Winch, Matchbox Man 2-in-1 Adventure Create over 100 combinations Every boat has wheels and also floats – so play on land or in water Includes Extra Shark, Missile, Winch, Matchbox Man 1 AA battery required . So you can buy this product

Tough jobs get done when you have 20 trucks in one! The Wrecking Rig! Pieces combine and recombine so you can build all kind of construction equipment. Plus, you can transform into a mega-high wrecking crane with a ball that really swings and makes the sound on impact! Include Matchbox man. Part of the Mega Rig? System, combines with any other Mega Rig? Set. Ages 4 and over. Not for use with some Matchbox sets.

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