9 Best Medical Alert Bracelets For Kids Reviews (Updated 2022)

Medical Alert Bracelets Comfortable For Kids Added Peace Of Mind For Parents

A medical alert bracelet can save your kids life. It is not a pleasant thought to consider, but we never know when a medical emergency will occur. If your child is involved in an accident or another medical emergency, you may not be present, or you may be unable to answer questions regarding your child’s medical history.

A simple medical alert bracelet can respond to these questions about your child’s medical conditions when you are unable, saving valuable time, and ensuring they receive the proper emergency care.



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Medical Alert Bracelet for Kids

Medical Alert Bracelet for Kids

  • First responders in an emergency situation.
  • Made of durable 0.5” wide nylon webbing
  • Many Designs Available
  • Wristband is long enough to fit a 6.5” wrist
  • 1/8” x 5/8” tags hold up to 4 lines

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Editor’s choice

Egg Children's Medic Alert Allergy Awareness Bracelet

AllerMates Kids Medical Wristband

  • Bright and fun colors allergy bracelets 7″
  • 3 adjustable snaps
  • 100% latex free & nickel free
  • Meet and exceed U.S. and European safety standards for children’s

Click Latest PriceWrist ID Elite and Medical Alert Badge

Road ID Medical Alert Bracelet

  • Best for heart disease, epilepsy, autism, diabetes, and more.
  • Emergency ID bracelet
  • Adjustable to fit children
  • Stainless-steel black watch clasp and faceplate
  • Silicone band
  • Available in 6 colors

Click Latest PriceMedical Alert ID Bracelet, Adjustabe

MyIDDr- Kids Medical Alert ID Bracelet,

  • Orange Medical Alert ID Bracelet
  • Any age kid with a wrist size of 4.25″ to 9″
  • Adjustabe
  • Medical ID Wallet Card Incld.
  • Made from 100% Latex-Free material

Click Latest PriceChildren's Medical ID Bracelets Free Engraving

3 Pack Kid’s Medical Alert Bracelets

  • Choice of 3 different bracelets
  • Save Money and Add Style!
  • 1/8” x 5/8” tags hold up to 4 lines
  • Perfect for those with metal allergies
  • Easy to change medical ID tag between all three bands

Click Latest PriceStainless Nylon - Identification Bracelet, ID Wristband

Road ID Bracelet

  • Laser-engraved or readability
  • Stainless steel faceplate
  • wristbands can be adjusted to fit most wrists
  • 3 Different Size: Small, Med, XLarge
  • Come in four 4 colors.

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Who Should Wear a Medical Alert Bracelet

I had never considered the importance of medical alert bracelets until my daughter was recently diagnosed with diabetes. The doctor recommended that she wear a medical alert bracelet because her condition could affect the treatment she should receive in the case of an emergency.

I hope neither you nor any of your loved ones ever find yourselves in any medical emergency. However, if your child has a chronic medical condition, allergies to medications, or severe food allergies having that information available on a medical alert bracelet can be invaluable in an emergency situation.

So, who should wear a medical alert bracelet? If you or your child has been diagnosed with any of the following conditions you or they should be wearing a medical alert bracelet.

DIABETES                                                   ASTHMAPEANUT ALLERGY                                   FOOD ALLERGYPENICILLIN ALLERGY                            SULFA ALLERGYALLERGIC TO CEPHALOSPORINS      ALLERGIC TO MORPHINEBEE STING ALLERGY                               HEMOPHILIAHEARING IMPAIRED                                COCHLEAR IMPLANTSIGHT IMPAIRED                                       ORGAN TRANSPLANTHYPERTENSION                                         HYPOTHYROIDISMADRENAL INSUFFICIENCY                     AUTISMCOPD                                                              SEIZURE DISORDEREPILEPSY                                                     AND ANY OTHER CHRONIC MEDICAL CONDITIONS

Adjustable Medical Alert Bracelets For Boys

Vital ID Medical ID Wrist Band - Child (Camo Green)

This type of medical alert wristband is simple to use, unobtrusive and easily adjustable. The durable waterproof construction and secure Velcro closure can withstand the most rugged activity.

These medical alert bracelets do not require engraving, making it easy to update your child’s medical information as needed.

[su_box title=”Kids Medical Alert Wristband Tip” box_color=”#1ea9f3″ radius=”6″]Most of these adjustable medical alert bracelets are advertised as being waterproof and for the most part they are. However, most children have an uncanny ability to quickly and efficiently foil just about any waterproofing system. Therefore I would suggest laminating the medical information card before slipping it into the bracelet.[/su_box]

Adjustable Medical Alert Bracelets For Girls

These medical alert wristbands for girls offer all of the same great features and durable construction of the boy’s wristbands above. The only real difference is that the variety of bright colors says fashion statement, rather than the life-saving medical device. These stylish wristbands are sure to appeal even the most fashion conscious.

Medical Alert Bracelets For Kids Save Lives

This goes for adults as wellI am sure that if you think about it, you know at least one friend, or family member, who suffers a condition that medical personnel should be aware of in the case of an emergency.

Traditional Stainless Steel Medical Alert Bracelets For Kids

Traditional stainless steel medical alert bracelets are available in blank engravable styles or pre-engraved for a variety of medical conditions. Stainless steel is hypo-allergenic and durable. Any jeweler can easily adjust these bracelets for size as needed. This unobtrusive, stylish jewelry may appeal to fashion-conscious teens and tweens.

Silicone Medical Alert Wristbands For Kids

Silicone medical alert bracelets come in a variety of colors kids love. They are affordable, durable and lightweight. Kids will love them because they look just like the popular rubber bracelets everybody’s wearing. Parents love them because they quickly convey important medical information should it be needed.

Silicone Medical Alert Bands Are Available In A Variety Of Fun Colors

Medical Alert Dog Tags For Kids

If you child is not too keen on wearing other more obvious medical alert jewelry, dog tags offer another medical alert option. Dog tags are also available in a variety of colors and for some conditions.

Do You Have A Friend Or Loved One Who Should Wear A Medical Alert Bracelet?

Medical alert bracelets save kids lives. I would love to see a bracelet on the wrist of every child who needs one. You can help with this mission by passing this page along to somebody you know who needs to hear this message.

I Always Appreciate Your FeedbackMaybe you would care to share with other readers how a medical alert bracelet has made a difference in your life.

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