What are the benefits of Prenatal Vitamins for Hair Growth?

Health professionals recommend prenatal vitamins for hair growth to ensure a mother and her baby’s health and well-being. These vitamins contain beneficial substances that not only promote the growth and beauty of mom’s crowning glory but baby’s overall health as well.

It is a known fact that the baby in mom’s womb needs all the essential vitamins and minerals to ensure its health and safety. This can be a hard time for moms, whether she has vitamin deficiencies or not. It’s the time when expecting moms begin to suffer from too much hair fall. This extends to baby’s first year when his hands clutch at mom’s tresses.[amazon_link asins=’B008OPK8EQ,B001F1G6SI,B01400LX6A’ template=’ProductCarouselwithoutheader’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’0885a595-b89a-11e7-8299-290479cca4f6′][amazon_link asins=’B0106FIYCY,B01CWACGEI,B01HCFBMB6′ template=’ProductCarouselwithoutheader’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’0d5f8e97-b89a-11e7-a3db-49bd8d20c7a1′]

This is why prenatal vitamins for hair growth are recommended for moms to be. Obstetricians even suggest women take these vitamins even before they plan their pregnancy to prep up their body for the demands of child-bearing.

Do prenatal vitamins help hair growth?

The answer is yes; these products to promote hair growth. Although no scientific proof exists that prenatal vitamins for hair growth make hair longer, shinier or healthier, some experts and users believe that these supplements do deliver their promise of stronger and healthier crowning glories for moms to be.

Studies show that it’s not the vitamins, but the hormonal changes in a pregnant woman’s body that does the trick. Still, there’s no evidence to disprove the benefits that some experts and users find in this type of prenatal vitamins. Pregnant women who use these products attest to their effectiveness in hair growth.

Are prenatal vitamins good for hair growth?

Yes, it is. These supplements have Vitamins A, C, D, E, Biotin, Iron, Zinc and other vitamins and minerals that are essential for hair growth. Taken regularly, these vitamins can not only enhance the growth and beauty of your hair, but these can also provide you with more energy, beautify your nails and skin and promote baby’s health as well.

What are the best prenatal vitamins for hair growth?

The best prenatal vitamins for hair growth are the ones which contain the following:

Vitamin A. Vitamin A encourages the natural oil, also known as sebum to increase. This substance makes the hair shinier and dandruff-free.

Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps clean the body of its impurities and helps in the promotion of healthy blood circulation consequently strengthening the hair roots.

Vitamin E. Scientific evidence shows that Vitamin E stimulates the blood, enabling the fast transport of nutrients to the scalp, thus enforcing the hair follicles.

Biotin. Like other vitamins, biotin, also called Vitamin B7, strengthen the hair follicles. It also rejuvenates cells, making it one of the best vitamins when it comes to giving hair that added oomph and shine.

Iron. Why do hair vitamin manufacturers include iron in their products? It’s because this can help improve the hemoglobin content of blood, enabling it to supply nutrients to the different organs and tissues faster and more effectively.

However, some women fail to eat foods containing the above-mentioned vitamins and minerals due to a busy lifestyle, a very accessible fast food industry, or simply dislike certain food groups. Do you fit this bill? Then, you need to drink multivitamins not only for your hair but you and your baby’s welfare as well.

Our Recommendations for the best prenatal vitamins for hair growth

Rainbow Light Just Once Prenatal One Multivitamin

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This product boasts of 100% natural and vegan contents – no animal or artificial ingredients added. It’s easy to digest, so it doesn’t upset the stomach. For a mere 22 cents per tablet, Prenatal One gives you folic acid, iron, B-complex, calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D.Buy From Amazon

Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins

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With natural flavors like berry, lemon, and cherry, this vitamin makes your consumption of Omega 3, folic acid, vitamins A, C, and D a lot more enjoyable. These are easy to digest and easy on the pocket too, as it’s only priced around $15 for a bottle of 180 tablets.Buy From Amazon

Nature Made Multi Prenatal, Tablets

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All you need is 60 cents of your daily allowance to get the essential vitamins for you and your baby’s health. Each tablet contains folic acid, iron, and zinc. These nutrients can help boost your energy and baby’s health. It has no synthetic ingredients, yeast or gluten.Buy From Amazon

Is it okay to use prenatal vitamins for hair growth even if you’re not pregnant?

A lot of non-pregnant women swear that these vitamins are safe and effective. They attest to the fact that these made their hair grow faster, look denser and shinier too. Even experts say the same thing, and even encourage women who are planning to get pregnant to take these vitamins in preparation for childbearing.

Some Tips to Keep Your Hair Beautiful and Healthy

Aside from taking vitamins, you can stimulate hair growth with the following tips:

  • Don’t wash your hair daily. Doing so removes vital natural oils which help keep the hair shiny and tangle-free. Beauty experts and medical professionals agree that hair cleaning should only be done twice a week or when oil starts to show.
  • Massage your scalp daily. Make it a habit to massage your scalp once a day. This has been proven to stimulate the skin beneath the hair follicles, consequently allowing healthy blood circulation. It also removes leftover substances from various hair products. Do it whether you’re shampooing or applying oil to your hair. Start massaging from the temples down to your nape.
  • Moisturize your hair and scalp. Often, women tend to condition only the middle to the lower part of their hair. You should also apply conditioner to your scalp to moisturize it.
  • Comb your hair gently. You should always be gentle to your hair whether it’s wet or dry. Use a wide-toothed comb when it’s wet and an evenly-spaced, blunt-tipped hairbrush when it’s dry.


Prenatal vitamins for hair growth can provide a pregnant woman like you with essential nutrients that are aimed not only to enhance your crowning glory’s appearance, but also to ensure you and your baby’s health.

Prenatal Remedies For Hair Growth – Help From The Beginning

Prenatal remedies for hair growth are something that most people don’t know about. In fact, many women don’t even realize that there are a variety of vitamins that can promote healthy hair growth and even regenerate certain cells in the scalp that may have died along the way. Understanding how these vitamins works can be the key to helping others struggling with hair loss look for solutions to help with the regrowth process.

Consider what makes up these vitamins below, isolating 3 major components, and you can start to see why most people are looking into this more closely than ever.

Calcium – The increase levels of calcium during pregnancy is crucial to the growth of a child and a mom. Pregnant women utilize the calcium to strengthen bone mass and pass on to their child. Women need the boost to carry a baby to term. Prenatal remedies for hair growth seem rudimentary with calcium at the helm, but it helps in the long term.

Folic Acid – This increase can be helpful for a baby as it prevents one of the many congenital disabilities that can strike, including spina bifida. Many children are born with this problem, but it can be avoided entirely by simply taking the prenatal vitamins.

Iron – Iron is increased as well because blood flow is crucial to the delivery of oxygen and other nutrients through the body and since a woman will be caring for two, it’s crucial to look into this option. A prenatal remedy for hair growth helps in a variety of other ways besides just growing hair.

The above 3 options might not seem to affect hair growth directly, but it works in a variety of ways. The combination is just 3 of the components that make up the prenatal vitamins, but alongside the powerful trio, many other things help the cells in the scalp grow quite well. The vitamins boost immunity in a lot of areas, including the scalp, where cells can be damaged and die off.

Prenatal Vitamins Hair – Closing Thoughts

Prenatal remedies for hair growth aren’t anything too complicated. For women that are planning on taking the regular course of vitamins, hair growth is just a perk that is associated with the process of being pregnant. It’s important not to neglect to add these crucial pieces to the overall diet plan. Without them, a healthy birth and overall health are going to be rough. A doctor can give more information about the importance of dealing with all sorts of prenatal conditions, vitamins, foods, and more. You can generate a long lasting release of cells in the scalp to create hair growth long after the baby is born.

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