Super Gripper From Ivanko-Buyer Guide

The Super Gripper from Ivanko

You use your hands every day in a wide variety of activities. It might be working around the house or at work, or it could be in one of many sports. Regardless of your age, keeping your grip strength up to par can make many tasks easier to manage.

Opening a jar can be difficult for many, especially those who are older and have lost some strength in their arms. Doing some grip exercises can help you maintain some strength for simple tasks like that.

If you are serious at trying to increase the strength of their grip, you should check out the Super Gripper from Ivanko. It is unique in that you can adjust the spring location to decrease or increase the tension, therefore giving you more than one tension to work out with.

Super Gripper Benefits

Being how grip strength is as important to everyday activities as it is for sports, everyone should be doing what they can to improve it. One tool available for this is the Ivanko Super Gripper. What is unique about this gripper is how you can adjust the two springs that are on it to give you various tensions or strengths to workout with. The two springs are moved up or down the gripper in different combinations to allow for over 50 levels of strength.

In comparison to other hand grippers such as those from Iron Mind or the Heavy Grips which are excellent products, with the Super Gripper you can use the same tool but just change the springs as you get stronger. With the other ones, you have to purchase a new gripper.

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I’ve done a lot of research on various exercise equipment and owned quite a few of them myself. All I can say is that this is by far the most powerful training device for your grip. You can even buy more springs to increase the squeezing difficulty.

I was considering the ‘captains of crush hand grippers’ but came across this bad boy. It’s is adjustable, heavy duty and solid. There are so many increments that you can use pyramid/stripping methods for your workout. I wonder if I will ever get to its toughest setting.

As important as it is to have great grip strength in sports, it does not stop there. Going about our daily tasks can benefit from a stronger grip as well, regardless of your age.

Using The Super gripper

You would use the Super Gripper the same as you would with the regular styles grippers.

Used on a regular basis, you can develop a crushing strength in your forearms and hands.

1. You could do sets and reps if you can squeeze it easily 10 to 15 times move the springs to increase the strength.

2. Use them to do negatives where you set the springs to where you just can’t squeeze them with one hand. With your two hands squeeze, it closed then let go with the other hand. On the one hand try to slow down the handles opening.

3. Do Over crush where you would squeeze the super Gripper all the way closed and continue squeezing hard for 5 to 10 seconds.

Ivanko Super Gripper VS Iron Minds Captains of Crush

Some of the more well-known hand grippers are the “Captains of Crush” series from Iron Mind. They are a very well made product and come in 10 different levels of strength. You can start off with the level that is good for you and progress up from there as you get stronger. You would have to purchase the next gripper in line from the one you currently use.

Another brand hand gripper is from Ivanko and is called the “Supper Gripper”. The benefit of using the Super Gripper is you de not have to buy other grippers as you progress in strength. It allows you to adjust the spring tension so you will have over 100 adjustments you can make. This allows you to make incremental increases as you get stronger.

Both the Iron Mind and Ivanko products are good and will do their intended job. The benefit of the Super Gripper is you buy one product and adjust the tension as you get stronger. With the Iron minds, you must purchase another gripper each time you move up.

The “Captains of Crush” are the standard by which many uses for proving their strength. Being able to squeeze close the really tough ones is pretty impressive. But the Super Gripper would be great to fill in between the levels to help you push past that barrier that is stopping you from progressing.[amazon_link asins=’B0037AWU6M,B00K02CYRU,B00HFYAD6U’ template=’ProductCarouselwithoutheader’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7036e09c-8464-11e7-978d-c5c77cca0ddc’]

Est Your Grip Strength

You have been getting a stronger grip, and more powerful arms like you have never had before. Training your grip strength has improved your ability to lift heavier weights; your progress has been going great. What else is there you can do to find out how strong your grip strength is getting?

How about ripping phone books in half? If you can learn the technique (which is pretty straight forward you can learn to rip a phone book in half. Now, to be realistic, you may have to start with a smaller book and work you way up. Maybe start with a thick magazine to practice technique and keep going thicker until you reach your max.

Some guys are bending large nails and bending re-bar. Do you think you are up to that? Yes, these items are bendable when you have the strength, and again, proper technique. Bending steel is a great way to impress people with your strength. You should start with something easy to bend and work you way up as you gain more strength.

You may find some grip strength contests in your area. This is a good way to meet other like-minded people and try your hand at competition. If you’re not ready to compete at least show up to see how it’s conducted and show your support.

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