The dos and don’ts when decorating your bedroom

 Have you ever walked into a beautiful hotel room and thought “Wow, I could live here forever”? Modern hotel rooms are comfortable, even more comfortable than some of our homes. This is because hotel rooms are well planned. Everything is designed or chosen to be perfectly proportionate and a lot goes into the design of the room. Furniture serves as function and also as part of the aesthetic. Do you want your room to look the best it ever has?

Here are some dos and don’ts when styling your bedroom


Buy the right size furniture

Decorating the bedroom can be a bit puzzling. One thing to keep in mind before you purchase any furniture for the bedroom is to measure the entire room. This will help you decide the right size of furniture and the specific type to get when furnishing the room. If you are living in a tiny space, it is best to avoid too many furniture pieces as this will overcrowd the bedroom.

Invest in a comfortable, high-quality mattress

Having a good mattress is an absolute must. Depending on the make, mattresses are meant to offer back support, or pressure point relief when you sleep.  If you are not well rested after a full-night’s sleep an issue could be with your mattress. A poor-quality mattress can cause body ache, fatigue, restlessness and keep your body from rejuvenating while toy sleep.

Mattresses come in multiple designs made with different materials. You need to get a mattress that will suit you based on your sleeping needs. Purple customers say that purple mattresses offer the best pressure relief and support, making them a top choice for many modern homes. These types of mattresses allow easy movement and has comfort layers with a conforming grid.  It is great for providing support for side, back and stomach sleepers of all body weights.

Use Natural Fabrics and luxurious linens

Having good bedding is also as essential and promotes good, healthy sleep. Regardless of material, you should always consider quality sheets as they are much more comfortable and will last you longer than lower quality ones.


Don’t skimp on the storage

Storage is one of the most essential aspects in many rooms, especially the bedroom. Having larger storage spaces help to organize the bedroom. They help you keep away items that you do not need use at the moment. All your items get designated places to ensure the room stays organized throughout.   Also, you are able to access the items faster without having to throw things around the room. With enough space, you never have to worry about sleeping on a pile of clutter or going home to clean heaps of clutter after a long, hard day at work.

Don’t overcrowd the room

Overcrowding is very easy, especially when you are working with limited space. I’m not talking about regular clutter where your clothes are everywhere, books on tables and shoes under the bed. It is easy to overcrowd the room with excessive furniture or simply items that do not belong in the bedroom. Keep your gym items and your work out of the bedroom. Having too many furniture pieces will overcrowd the room making it harder to move around and will cause anxiety and stress preventing the much-needed rest.

Don’t overlook a lighting plan

The bedroom is solely meant for sleeping but modern designs incorporate study areas and lounges among other spaces. If you have a multifunctional layout, you need to consider varied sources of light in specific parts of the room. You can do mixed lighting variations hat include overhead lights, table lamps and wall lamps. Adding different lights on various parts of the room allows you to switch on the specific lights only when they are in use.

Don’t neglect the ceiling

Who says you cannot decorate your celling? In fact, many people overlook the ceiling when furnishing and decorating the bedroom. Somehow, when it comes to the bedroom nobody considers the ceiling a fifth wall. There are so many ways you can choose to decorate the ceiling in your bedroom. You can add hanging lights over you bed, add a wallpaper that suits your décor or even a tapestry over your lounge area in the bedroom.

Shahid Maqsood


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