The Perfect Wine Bottle for Each Occasion

What comes to your mind when you think about wine? For some, weddings, other lavish parties and others think of anniversaries. Mostly red or white wine. But guess what, wines are more than just that. Choosing wines for a party can be hectic sometimes. Especially because a wine’s taste is so personal, based on an individual’s palate. Wine can be quite sweet to one and tasteless to the other because our taste buds and personal preferences are quite different. We can choose to go buy a wine bottle in a wine shop or order one from an online wine retailer.

Perfect Wine Bottle

There are different types of wines for any type of occasion, meal, the season of the year and even budget, ass people say, ‘to each his own’. There are the most commonly known wines, red and white, there’s a sparkling wine, sweet and the fortified wines. Wines can be categorized as full or light bodied and as per their ages namely, the old or young. Depending on their sugar content, dry wines which have a very minimal sugar level and sweet wines with about 22% sugar. Wines are made from grapes, some purple grapes, others red, very ripe to the most unripe ones. This attributes to the different tastes in wine.

We have put a few pointers to help you choose the specific wine depending on your occasion.

Wines of introduction

These are wines are popped at the beginning of a meal course. They prepare the palate before the main course is brought to the table. They also act as conversational wines, lighting up the mood in the table. White wines are lighter than red wines and are the perfect choice to start off your evening with your guests. Hosting a family dinner? Go for white wine.

Pretext wines

Known as entertainment wines, they evoke the party beasts and party mode in people. Unlike introduction wines which people take moderately, just a glass to prepare the stomach for a meal. These wines can be taken in more glasses but controllable. Settle for a red wine to do the trick since they are full-bodied.

Corporate wines

Once in a while, we host corporate meetings or a party where our corporate friends will be invited. This alone makes us more cautious when deciding the type of wine bottle to settle for. Go for a more expensive bottle of wine for such an occasion. 

Wines come in handy when it comes to occasions and entertainment. Whether sipping it at the fireplace with our significant others or with friends in a club, wine never disappoints. We should, however, do it controllable. The wine we buy should be specific to the party. The environment completes and complements the taste of the wine and both should align. Choose your wine early before the event to avoid the last minute rash. It is important to have a trusted online wine retailer who we can bank on to help us in choosing the perfect bottle for the occasion and have it delivered to us in time.

Shahid Maqsood


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