Top 10 Fishing Tips For Beginners

Many people would love to go out to the waters and catch some fish, maybe just to pass the evening or as a sort of employment, but lack of the general knowledge and the skills required in fishing hold them back.

If you’re passionate about fishing and you don’t know where to begin, worry no more, because this list of top 10 fishing tips for beginners will get you started.Top 10 Fishing Tips For Beginners

Do Proper Research

Before you pack and head for the waters, make sure you understand, if not everything, a lot more about what you’re engaging yourself with. Unlike in the olden days, new fishers have the best resources they can use to optimize their catch.

There is a lot of information about fishing is available everywhere for beginners. There are a lot of new beginner fishing guidebooks, TV shows, and also blog and web articles. Conduct detailed research before you begin.

Take a good time to know more about fish behaviors, best seasons to go fishing, the best time in the day, how to choose the ideal fishing location, and also understand the fishing terminologies.

Learn the Basic Procedures and Skills

Now that you have read a lot about fishing set out to practice what you learned. You can choose where to begin, whether to go real fishing or spend the day home practicing how to tie the knots and how to set the bait on the hook. When you’re confident in matching the different types of knots, you can go to the nearest pond and practice some real fishing.

Learn casting skills; it is highly recommended that you watch a lot of “How To” videos about casting, because no matter what style of fishing you take, you must be an excellent caster. Understanding this necessary skills and procedures will make you a perfect fisher in no time.

Pick the Right Gear

Don’t be the kind of poor craftsman who blame their tools for an inferior end product. Expensive gear is not the right gear. You can have the best modern fishing tools and still go home empty-handed. There are specific reels designed just for beginners, don’t go for more complicated ones, like the open-faced reels.

If you conducted your research the right way, you would not have trouble finding the proper gear for beginners. Fishing with the perfect tools makes the exercise more fun.

Choose the Right Bait

Bait is the spinal cord of every fishing exercise. Again, back to research. Knowing the kind of fish, you want to catch and what lure attracts them is key to a successful fishing. For instance, you want to catch a catfish; you will need to use a chicken liver as the bait or a bait made explicitly for catfish.

You pick the wrong bait, and your fishing exercise is doomed to fail.

Check the Weather Updates

Understanding your local weather is not only going to make your fishing trip successful, but also a safety guarantee. Most of the pro fishers have their regional weather patterns on their fingertips. While you can still catch some fish during other weather conditions, one of the proven states to catch more fish is during an overcast sky.


Understand different types of fishes and where they mostly stay. There are those that live on the surface of the water while others will go deep at the bottom of the river. There are also the types of fish that live just along the river.

Understanding the ideal inhabitants of a particular fish will make your fishing trips comfortable and enjoyable. Again, the research you began with will remind you of what type of fish lives where. This knowledge will also help you in deciding what kind of bait you take with you to the river.

Make Use of Your Local Tackle Shop

It is okay to research from the web, but your local tackle shop guy knows your area better than the internet articles. So before you buy a fishing gear from an online store or away from your local, make sure that your local tackle shop doesn’t have it.

Don’t go to the shop like a pro, tell them you are a beginner, they will even guide you on the right gear and, if you are lucky, they can also link you up with a pro fisher for guidance. The best way to learn a new skill is to watch someone perform it.

Dress Properly

Proper dressing while going out fishing includes putting on protective gear. Number one on the list is gumboots. Since you’ll be standing next to water, you will need boots in case you accidentally step into it.

Also, put on layers just in case the weather changes. If you have long hair, it will be good if you put on a Marvin or tie your hair in a back ponytail. You can also put on had gloves for holding the fishing tools.

Adhere to All the Legal Requirements

Fishes are resources that are protected by the government. As a beginner read all the laws that govern fishing in your state. Understand what licenses you need to acquire, what areas are prohibited for fisheries and those that are not, what fish you can catch and that that you can’t, what time to fish and so forth.

Read these laws from the web or an experienced fisher.

Pack Some Lunch

If this is your first time, you might spend a long time before your floater shakes. Unless you come with something to eat in the midday, you won’t have the energy to continue fishing; you don’t want to go home empty handed on your first trip.

Trolling Motor

When you grow the right experience and become a pro fisher, you might want to upgrade and use a trolling motor boat to go fishing. A battery powers the trolling motor. And if the battery is not reliable, the boat might experience some mechanical problems while in the middle of the sea. So make sure you have the right trolling motor battery.

If you are wondering which battery is perfect for you than here is a trolling motor battery review and comparison

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