Corn Snakes

Top 3 Safest Snakes to Own as Pets

When looking for snakes for sale, one of the first things on any future keeper’s mind should be safety. After all, the safety and well being of both the human and animal should come first in any pet/owner relationship. Fortunately, there are many docile, non venomous snakes that are often safely and happily kept in pet homes. Whether you’re looking to purchase one of these reptiles as a first time owner, or simply want to learn more about these diverse, amazing creatures, this list will give you an idea of snakes for sale that you can enjoy the company of with minimal risk.


Native to the jungles of Central and South America, boa constrictors are adaptable to a wide variety of habitats, and are both terrestrial and arboreal. While they do fall on the larger end of the spectrum (some maturing to around 10 feet), they are known to be docile. This is especially true for well socialized snakes that have been handled from a young age. Being diurnal, they prefer to keep active during the day and rest at night, which many keepers find convenient. They are also known to be less picky eaters than certain other snakes, adding another element of ease to their care.

Ball Pythons

Unlike boa constrictors, ball pythons are considered “old world” snakes, old world referring to species that originate from Southeast Asia, Africa, and Australia. Like boas, however, these snakes are content to sit still for hours basking in the heat, they are as content on your shoulders and arm as a branch in their habitat. Growing to a manable 4-5 feet, ball pythons are more portable and easier to care for than some of the larger snakes. While they can be very tolerant of handling, ball pythons can be a bit more shy than some other snakes, prefering to cozy up in a hiding place.

Corn Snakes

Although they resemble the infamous, deadly copperhead, you can rest assured that the common corn snake is completely nonvenomous. While corn snakes may reach around the same length as ball pythons, they remain at a more svelte 2 lbs compared to a ball python’s average of 5 lbs.

What to Consider When Looking for Snakes for Sale

While all of the snakes listed in this article are safe and appropriate for pet homes, it’s important to remember that housing any animal should invite some safety precautions. After all, any snake (or dog, or cat for that matter) can bite. To prevent aggressive or predatory behavior, be sure to handle your snake gently, keep them well fed, and avoid interactions when in mid-shed.

If you or someone in your vicinity has been bitten by your pet snake, gently remove it and immediately tend to any wounds. While your snake may not be venomous, dangerous bacteria in its mouth could cause a serious infection if the bite goes untreated. Thoroughly but gently clean the area with soap and water, and flush the wound under the sink for several minutes. Be sure to contact your doctor immediately if any problems persist, such as continual bleeding or signs of infection.

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