Top 5 Best Herbs For Hair Growth

Looking for the Best Herbs that Promote Hair Growth?

For centuries, people have used herbs as “healing potions” to solve a million remedies, such as curing sleeplessness, alleviating depression, and curing a common cold. One of the most popular ways herbs were used was by an application on hair and scalp to promote beautiful hair growth. Today, we know for certain that the people way back in ancient times were on the right track…natural herbs and herb applications are gentle enough to cleanse and nourish your hair and scalp. Using herbs over other potentially synthetic or damaging products can be a healthy alternative to infuse your hair and hair follicles with the nutrients and minerals needed for healthy hair in the long run.Best Herbs that Promote Hair Growth


Using products containing natural herbs allows you to repair damaged hair and enjoy the beautiful scents generated from using such herbs. All natural ingredients, like herbs, are key when boosting volume, increasing manageability, and growing hair out to longer lengths. You’ll enjoy the benefits of herbal products by experiencing softer, richer hair that smells delicious. Additionally, you’ll notice that your hair will grow longer (potentially faster!) while minimizing dandruff and scalp irritation. While thousands of herbs exist in the world, we’ve done the work for you to find four fantastic products that promote hair growth with their unique herbal formulas.

Alter EGO the Herb Ego Fresca Lotion

Ever Ego (Alter Ego) Italy Herb-Ego Fresca Energizing Treatment

Made in Italy, we loved Alter EGO’s Herb Lotion so much that we stocked up. Natural herb extracts massage the scalp with the aid of mineral salts, vitamins, and essential oils (the rosemary is the dominant scent and leaves your hair feeling fresh and light). With elements of menthol, your scalp feels invigorated and allows dry, lifeless hair to come to life. The application is best after shampooing and light towel drying; leave the lotion on your scalp for a few minutes before rinsing to feel and experience the benefits of all of the herbal elements of this lotion.

Vadik Herbs Amla Hair Oil

 Brahmi Amla Hair Oil (8 oz) by Vadik Herbs

Vadik’s Amla Hair Oil increased hair thickness, hair growth, shine, and moisture from the get-go. With a stronger fragrance (some people liked it, while others preferred to add lavender or rosemary oil), this oil is powerful, as it’s raw materials of the high-quality pack the power. Hair will feel more luxurious and sustain longer hair growth, as follicles and hair strands are truly strengthened with Amla’s oil.

Godrej Nupur Mehendi Powder 9 Herbs Blend

Godrej Nupur Henna Natural Mehndi

Godrej Nupur Henna Natural Mehndi for Hair Color with Goodness of 9 Herbs 120gram X 3Packs

Godrej’s blend of 9 powerful herbs, including aloe vera and hibiscus, will leave your hair feeling silky smooth and extend your hair’s length to allow you to try new styles that you’ve always wanted to try. With a great deal of natural Mehendi powder, your hair will be treated to a botanical infusion of herbs. This blend promotes hair growth and actually might darken your hair while improving the conditions of your hair immensely.

Gaia Herbs Hair, Skin, and Nail Support Liquid Phyto-Capsules

Gaia Herbs Hair, Skin & Nail Support, Vegan Liquid Capsules

These small but powerful photo-capsules help you experience beauty from the inside out not only with strengthening your hair, but strengthening and protecting your skin, as well. The herbs in this blend help promote the normal turnover of cells with these naturally occurring nutrients that support growth. Herbal antioxidants in Gaia’s blend, like nettles, horsetail, and alfalfa, give you the unique triple power of helping hair, nails, and skin be at their best.


Experts agree that, while all four products are helpful in maintaining a healthy scalp and promoting hair growth, the clear choice is Alter EGO’s Herb Ego Fresca Lotion for its pleasant scent, easy application, unique infusion of menthol, and it’s ability to give lifeless hair its life back. The combination of salts, vitamins, AND oils is unique and will have you looking forward to the refreshing application, as well as its benefits, for the long run.

Treatment Types for Natural Hair Growth

2 things can damage a man’s self-esteem. One is a failure to perform in the bedroom. Another is a hair loss and male pattern balding.

Unfortunately, most treatments for male pattern balding can cause sexual dysfunction. For any man who tries to find a hair loss treatment to combat their lower self-esteem, risking sexual dysfunction is simply not acceptable. And since it takes six months or more even to know whether or not the treatment you are using is working, spending that long only to find out you risked these side effects for nothing is disconcerting at best.

To avoid these side effects, the best course of action to combat hair loss is a natural hair growth treatment, made from safe, effective, all natural ingredients.

Natural Hair Growth Treatments

They may sound too good to be true, but unlike many herbal medications that are expected to cure illness and prevent again, natural hair growth treatments work.

One of the leading causes of hair loss is a hormone known as DHT. This hormone, though important at birth, does not play much of a role in an individual’s everyday life. However, the hormone can still be overproduced, and this overproduction causes the unused hormones to bind to your hair follicles and prevent them from receiving the nutrients they need to grow correctly.

DHT is created when testosterone combines with an enzyme known as 5 alpha reductase. Chemical products affect testosterone levels, which is one of the causes of sexual side effects. Natural products, however, like Procerin do not affect testosterone levels. Rather, these natural hair growth products simply prevent the enzyme from combining with testosterone, preventing the only production of DHT rather than your testosterone levels.

By only effecting DHT, your natural hair growth will come back. Any hairs that have been lost for too long may be lost forever, but all hairs that were dying due to a lack of nutrients will likely regain the nutrients they lost and being to grow freely again.

These natural hair growth products are significantly safer, and without the sexual side effects of their chemical counterparts, they do not carry as much risk for the same amount of reward.

Procerin is the best of all the natural hair growth supplements available. It is made from proteins, herbs, and minerals that easily prevent DHT production and are proven to work, so you can be sure you are using an effective product without the risk of its chief competitors.

Natural Hair Restoration Products

The natural hair restoration products arise as the body ages. Although one may be genetically predisposed for hair loss, slowing down the aging process can have a large effect on the speed at which hair is lost. The healthier your lifestyle, the less likely you will lose hair because of stress, a poor diet, or a lack of exercise.[amazon_link asins=’B016LQBZZ0,B012UQJNMC,B00L1KFQKC’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’70b7cabf-b8af-11e7-bba8-4f88442d3cfd’][amazon_link asins=’B01DODFXWY,B017DTBQLM,B01GP6MGD6′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’793f2ba2-b8af-11e7-8014-a7e971b72444′]

As a whole, we live in a society that is destined for disease. We push ourselves to work harder than ever, eat fast food and never enter the gym. When our bodies suffer, our hair suffers too. The need for hair restoration is greater when the body is out of shape and lacking the proper nutrients for hair to continue growing.

To avoid hair loss caused by anything other than male patterned baldness, or androgenetic alopecia, stop eating processed foods that contain sugar, additives, and oil and start going to the salad bar instead. People who eat a variety of healthy foods and exercise regularly are less likely to suffer the same rates of hair loss as their couch potato counterparts.

One of the worst habits around that will accelerate the aging process, and therefore promote hair loss, is smoking cigarettes. Yes, you’ve been told over and over that smoking is bad for you, but now you are being told that smoking may contribute heavily to your lack of hair. Quit now while you still have some active hair follicles to work with.

There are some foods that aid in hair restoration and they should be eaten whenever possible. Super greens such as kale, chard, and spinach, along with broccoli, berries, garlic, and ginger are all effective foods at slowing down the aging process, and will in effect, slow down your hair loss.

Many of you will want to turn to expensive prescription drugs or shampoos like Propecia or Rogaine that promise to help restore hair. Before spending your money on these expensive options, consider a natural hair restoration products call Procerin. Procerin that provides some nutrients while inhibiting the production of DHT in the body.

Natural hair restoration products that deal with hair loss on some levels have been proven as the most effective. Since hair loss can stem from several underlying factors such as nutritional deficiencies and stress, an herbal blend that attempts to address these issues is the best way to deal with a need for hair restoration.

Unfortunately, there is no magic hair restoration solution for everyone. Eventually, your genetics will take over, but natural hair restoration can help you look your age instead of like your father. There is no reason you should have to cover up a balding head, especially when there so many safe products on the market.

You can delay nature by having a good diet, exercising regularly, and maintaining your stress levels. Products like Procerin can help your body by providing support to a system that is capable of producing healthy, vibrant hair. Even if you start small, you will feel the effects of a better diet and more exercise quickly.

Learn Some Tips on How To Stop Hair Loss Naturally

Are you just noticing that you start losing your hair so quickly? Do you want to know how to stop hair loss effectively? In this article, you will see some effective tips to stop your hair loss and grow it back. Only in this article, you will find the reason why you lose your hair, what you should do to prevent it, and what you need to do to stop your hair loss right NOW. Don’t wait too long to act right now before it is too late.

First, you need to know that many factors can cause you to lose your hair and lead you to the baldness problem. Your hair loss can be caused by disease, stress, radiation, chemicals, medications, and much more. But believe me; the primary cause for your hair loss is genetic. It might be very difficult for you to prevent it because it is the matter of your genetics. However, it is very possible for you to stop your hair loss now. So Why Do You Think You Need to Try and Stop Your Hair Loss Right Now? The reason is very simple. You need to stop it from now to avoid further damage to your hair follicle that can lead you to the baldness problem. If you allow your hair loss to continue, you will have fewer options that you can use to stop it and regrow your hair back.

How Can You Stop Your Hair Loss Effectively?

Having a healthy diet: The first way to prevent your hair loss is through a healthy diet. Your healthy diet will help you to stop your hair loss. There are several nutrients that you need to consume to prevent hair loss. – Consume Vitamin A and C to help you to stop hair loss and regrow your hair back naturally. You can find vitamin A and C from many fruits and vegetables.- Take more iron to nourish your hair follicle. If you want to keep your hair healthy, you should make sure that you have enough iron in your daily diets. You can find iron in many vegetables, such as spinach, or you can also take iron supplements to give you enough iron.- Protein is also very useful to help you to regrow your hair back. It can be used to keep your hair healthy. You can find protein in many foods, such as cheese, milk, egg, meat, soybean, and much more. If you don’t have any chance to consume high protein foods, you can also take protein supplements. There are many protein supplements out there.

Reduce your stress level: Many experts also believe that stress can promote hair loss. If you have hair loss problems, you might want to try some alternative remedies to keep your stress level low. Try to do meditation or relaxation to reduce your stress level. There are many aromatherapy products that you can use to stop the hair loss and stimulate your hair follicle to grow faster.Those simple tips above are really useful if you want to know how to prevent hair loss and regrow your hair naturally. Just make sure that you only use natural treatments to treat your hair loss to avoid any further damage to your hair follicle.

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