Top Running Tips for Beginners

Running is always the most efficient way to get that perfect body you dream about. Be it weight loss or to get relieved from the stress, the reasons may be many, and running proves to be your companion every time you want to achieve a goal adhering to any of these reasons and more. Hitting the road doesn’t take much more than a set goal, motive and the courage to take that extra mile! However, if it is your first time while you are planning to hit the roads, you must follow some quick tips to get the best results.

Top Running Tips for Beginners

The First Thing: Get Hold of the Perfect Sports Shoes!Top Running Tips for Beginners

Yeah! This is the first thing that must be taken care of. The selection of the best sports shoes needs an expert eye. Getting the proper cushioning is very much important to avoid the shin splints during your run. The mistake that you may do as a beginner is to choose casual shoes for running. This may seem perfect at the beginning but may hurt you when you take to the pavements and tracks in the woods where there are pounding on the tracks. This may also cause a knee pain in the long run which is obviously something that must be avoided.

However, getting perfect sports shoes doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune. You can also get the best shoes for a price which is affordable; all you need is an experienced eye.

Once you have the shoes, take on the roads slow!

After you have got the perfect shoes, all you need is a perfect approach. You must be able to understand that running entails a lot of strain on your body, and thus, letting your body getting used to it is the foremost and the most important thing.

Start with a very low walk for a few hours and a few miles. This leisurely walk can be further increased to the level of brisk walking and increased distance and hours or say few minutes, as per your body’s stamina to handle the strain. And then, once you feel you are ready to give your body that extra push, start your jog and cover a few more miles and increase the time on the clock. This jogging can later be transformed into running once you feel fit to handle the stress on your body. This step-by-step formula is very much important when you begin your story of running.

What next? To log your miles!

You must start to log your miles right from the first step when you take to the roads just for a walk. This record keeping must be followed for every step and the entire journey till you keep the running exercising alive in your routine. Logging your miles refers to recording the distance you cover and the time taken to cover it. This is important because it gives you the idea of your progress and works as an invigilator always by your side. You can easily progress with this time- distance formula.

Worried about how to log the miles perfectly? It is a worry you may shred now. Today, there is a number of apps and devices that help you to keep the record of the distance you have covered. Some of the apps come with free download whereas the devices can be spotted easily in the nearby gadget store.

Following a program? Yes, definitely!Following a program? Yes, definitely!

It is the most advisable thing or steps for a beginner. Following a program helps you to get the proper guidance when you start the exercise. Running requires proper understanding of the stress which your body can take without harming itself. And thus, enrolling into a running program is the best idea you can think of. The advantages are many but some of the most important ones are that you get the proper management of your weight, stamina and also save yourself from injuries. Following the exact schedule of the exact timings, hours of running and the distance to be covered helps you boost your fitness level and in the long run reach the perfect level.

Enroll in a running club? The perfect idea.

Running clubs are seen sprawling around every city today. If you are a person who loves to share the experiences with the other people and grow along with them, this is what you must choose. Do the proper research, and get your name written on the runner’s list. Being a beginner, this is best for you because it boosts up and saves you from getting demoralized as everyone around you is striving to get the perfection. There is a number of programs which these clubs conduct during weekdays and weekends; this helps you get the relaxation and also socialize with the people who share the same love for running as you! Go, choose, the perfect club for you and make running more fun!

You need to consult your physician!

Consulting your physician is a very important part of the entire story. Before hitting the tracks, make sure you visit your physician and help yourself know your strengths and weak sides. Running is a very rigorous exercise, so if don’t have proper knowledge about do’s and don’ts specific to your body, it might turn into a nightmare in the long run. The advice is also of letting your physician know about any disease which you must be suffering from and get the proper advice.

Last but not the least- set your objectives!

You have started running with something or the other in your mind which you want to achieve. It might be weight loss, proper shape, increasing stamina, etc., go ahead and note it down. Before starting the run, have a look at it and then, go for the tracks. This will help to keep motivating you to achieve your goals and help you level your progress. Setting goals or objectives should be on your priority list as this will help you reach the perfection in an easier way.


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