Trayvax Element Wallet Review


I carry big, bulky wallets that bulge out of my pockets. It especially looks unsightly when I wear a nice suit, and before long the leather is bent, scuffed. To be honest, it’s no wonder that I get embarrassed if anyone points it out. I needed to find something slim, compact, looked stylish and would offer me longevity, with enough space for all my cards and cash. This is how I discovered the Trayvax Element wallet would be ideal for me.Trayvax Element Wallet (Black | Tobacco Brown Leather)

If you find traditional wallets bulky and unfashionable then you might find that a slimline design can be the best minimalist wallet for men. It could be an ideal option for you if you’re considering upgrading. These wallets improve the silhouette of your outfits, generally look more fashionable, all without too much limitation in what they allow you to carry.

Minimalist wallets are ideal for those of us who only carry a few cards or a small amount of cash at any one time, but if you’re somebody who uses different credit cards daily, carry plenty of cash, or need to keep track of your invoices, you might be more suited to a stylish travel wallet or a large, high-quality billfold wallet instead.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a minimalist wallet you should think about the number of cards and cash you need to have with you on a day to day basis, and the overall capacity of the wallet.

should also consider what style wallet you’d find the most appealing and what materials would suit your lifestyle. Most of all, you should consider which wallet would not only be practical, but also look great, and leave you feeling confident and turn heads when you reach into your pocket to buy the drinks.

The Product

The Trayvax Element wallet continues to uphold the brand’s reputation of delivering high quality, robust products that offer you stylish and practical apparel.

Trayvax, along with high end wallet accessory competitors like Dango, lead the way in the market for rugged, functional accessories and are the clear leaders for some of the best slim wallets for men in 2021. The Element could be the ideal wallet for you if pride yourself on making every bit of space count and appreciate ergonomic design; but look elsewhere if you carry a lot of cards, as the capacity is understandably more limited than with larger wallets.


  • Holds up to ten cards
  • High quality frame and leather
  • Integrated bottle opener and money clip holds up to five bills
  • RFID shielded
  • Lifetime warranty guarantee


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