Use of CBD in Cat Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a cruel disease that takes millions of lives every year. Our beloved pets are not spared either. A comforting fact is that this health disorder usually occurs in senior animals. It’s not a widespread disease in cats, but it can happen. The most common types of carcinoma in cats are lymph node cancer, mast cell tumor, melanoma, and bone cancer.

Use of CBD in Cat Cancer Treatment

Carcinoma is a disease that develops at the DNA level. A single damaged cell that grows can cause major pathogenic changes. Cancer begins to spread and attack healthy tissues, which worsens your pet’s overall health.

As in humans, the percentage of tumor cures in cats depends on timely detection and accurate diagnosis. Your kitten can get appropriate treatment and live for a long time if these two conditions are met. Besides conventional drugs, you can use some natural remedies to bring relief to your beloved ball of fur. About that, here are the findings of the benefits of using CBD oil in cancer therapies.

CBD Is Not a Conventional Drug

As much as you want to help your pet, you should know that CBD oil is not a medicine that your vet will prescribe. That does not mean that you cannot use it, but that this preparation has not yet been thoroughly researched as a potential drug for tumors.

Cannabidiol certainly has a beneficial effect on cats suffering from cancer. CBD can reduce the rate of spread of pathogenic changes in the body. At a certain level, it can even repair damaged cells that cause the problem. Research is still ongoing, and humankind can hope for good news in the future.

Until then, you can use CBD oil as a safe addition to traditional cancer treatments. You can give it to your cat after surgery or during medication or chemotherapy. These two methods can sometimes be very aggressive and leave many consequences. Regular use of CBD can strengthen the immunity of your pet and help them recover faster.

Benefits of CBD Oil after Surgical Procedures

In severe cases of tumors in cats, surgery is the first solution. If performed professionally, it can significantly improve the life of your pet. Due to the invasiveness of these methods, the recovery of some animals can be slow, and some side effects may occur.

On the following page, see how to take care of your cat after surgery:

The first thing that can happen to your cat after surgery is pain. When the anesthesia ceases, the spots on the animal’s body where the tumor was, can become painful. Local inflammations are also possible after the surgery. These are signs that the organism is starting to fight the disease on its own. 

Cannabidiol is known for its mild sedative and anti-inflammatory effects. It will help your feline get through this period more easily. Get a quality preparation, establish a routine, and find an adequate way to give your feline a dose of cannabidiol.

CBD Oil Brings Relief after Chemo


Depending on the stage of the disease, it is sometimes possible to treat the cat with chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is not a physically invasive method, but it can exhaust your pet. After the chemo, they will probably not be in a mood for eating or petting. 

During the chemo, drugs used in this treatment can cause anxious behavior in a furry patient. The animal may be so depressed or frightened that they can start to refuse food. You shouldn’t let that happen, as healthy nutrition will re-build your pet’s immunity

Your pet cannot understand the importance of chemotherapy. It is crucial that you make them comfortable to go to it. A few drops of CBD oil will gradually increase your pet’s appetite. Also, this plant-derived will improve the mood of your feline. Fur loss is usually not a common side effect in cats on chemo. Cannabidiol is beneficial in that case too. 

Some studies show the ability of cannabidiol to prevent the recurrence of cancer. Since everything is still in the realm of speculation, don’t rely only on CBD oil if your furball suffers from this disease. Use this natural remedy along with conventional treatments, and always under the supervision of a vet.

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