Used Golf Balls- New Vs used golf balls

Used Golf Balls

Used golf balls are everywhere. They are on every hole of every course you play. When you come across one, do you pick it up and play with it, or do you pass it up? If so, that very same ball is resold to pro shops and golf stores to the same golfers who most likely passed by them on the course.

Purchasing used golf balls is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, there is a large percentage of golfers who play with used balls. There are several different grades of used balls that will dictate the price.

Grade: Perfect – Like New Balls

This grade of golf ball plays as it has never been hit before. These balls are perfect color and are still very shiny, with a glossy finish to them. They almost look like they are out of the case.

Grade: A – Near Perfect Balls

Grade-A levelly is just below the perfect ball. They look very close to the “like new” ball in color and gloss. The only difference is maybe some markings or very small scuffs on it. Any level player can play with these and experience good to above average performance.

Grade: B – Slightly Flawed Balls

The next level down is the B grade used balls. They are still somewhat shiny but may have some minor flaws and marks. Still somewhat shiny finish, but the brand logo may be faded. This ball is suitable for the high handicapper, or someone is just starting to play golf.

Grade: C – Very Used Ball

The lowest level is the C grade used the golf ball. This ball has many scuff marks, has lost its shine and most likely has no visible logo or print anymore. This is a perfect ball for practicing with or when you have a high-risk shot during play that you don’t want to waste a good ball.

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Where to Look for the Best Used Golf Balls?

Since golf balls are manufactured in such a durable manner, there is no point to wasting your hard earned cash always buying new ones.

The difference between new and used golf balls

As opposed to most sporting equipment, a used golf ball will perform in the same manner that a ball directly from the package would perform. Therefore, what would be the point of spending more money than you truly need to on brand new golf balls when you can get the best-used golf balls from many different venues? When you purchase used golf balls from a driving range, there is a good chance that they won’t be refurbished and that you will be buying the balls directly from the range. If you are not a stickler for quality, this may be enough for you, but many golfers will not stand for that. Therefore, purchasing from an online store that specializes in the sale and refurbishing of used golf balls may be your best bet.

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